Monday, September 5, 2016

The Power to Do Nothing At All. #BB18

The PoV ceremony will be held later today, but we shouldn't expect anything exciting to happen. Corey is not expected to use the PoV, leaving both James and Natalie on the block for eviction this week.

***UPDATE*** The PoV was not used.  No big shock there.  And once again they had to film the PoV ceremony twice, but Production didn't want us to hear about it.  Nicole thought it had something to do with a face that Natalie made during the ceremony.

And we can forget about EVER being able to enjoy a proper blindside this season.  I am nearly positive that Nicole will give James a heads-up that Natalie is leaving, in order to grease the skids with him for next week, in case he wins HoH.  I was actually one of the dummies who thought Michelle's eviction might have been a blindside, but we all learned on the Sunday night CBS episode that the beans indeed got spilled all over the place.

Natalie came out to the backyard to talk to Paul and Victor, telling them that she was there to campaign to be voted out so James could stay in the game.  She told them that it "sucks being on the block next to your best friend".

(Well DUH and Michelle put Paul AND Victor on the block together less than two weeks ago.)

As soon as Natalie went back in the house, Nicole and Corey joined Paul and Victor on the patio to get the scoop about Natalie's latest plea.  (Note that just the night before, Natalie visited the guys in the HoH room and apologized for stabbing them both in the back, saying that she trusted James' judgement and was very sorry about that.)

Victor:  Take a seat.  We have a fresh batch of B.S. for you, right from the oven.

Paul:  Natalie just sat here and told us that she wanted to campaign for us to evict her so James could stay in the game.

Nicole:  She said WHAT?

Paul:  Yes, and she said it really sucks to be on the block next to your best friend....and that we don't understand, because she and James cuddle all of the time!  What about us though bro?

Victor:  I fuck Paul every night, and we were on the block...

Everyone laughs.  It's funny.  (And a JOKE, obviously.)

They also reported that Natalie told them she wanted to win the PoV so she could use it to save James.

Corey:  Oh my god.  James said exactly the same thing to me about her....the exact same thing.

Paul:  Bro, they're both doing the same thing so they can look like the big heroes....they are both FISHING HARD to get America's Favorite Player.

Nicole:  What?  Why can't America vote for someone feisty for AFP instead?

Corey:  Well, don't let them look like heroes.  I shut that down so damn hard.  I told him I never wanted to hear him talk like that again.

Paul: Yeah, I told her that no one is getting any sympathy votes from me.

They all agree to try and proactively shut down all attempts by Natalie and James this week, and to make it clear that the person who will be evicted is will be determined  by their own choices, not because either Natalie or James begged them to do it.

Paul:  And let's stack the votes...

Nicole:  Yeah, all votes are going on one person, so it's clear.

Just then Natalie came outside with her towel wrapped around her, preparing to lay out in the son.  The Final Four conversation sputtered out, with Paul saying something about how unusual he found the discussion they were having.

Within minutes, both Nicole and Corey went back inside, putting an abrupt ending to the Final Four chatter session.


Natalie does appear to be the new target, and the Final Four have been discussing their strategy for managing James this week.

Paul thinks that James will be sad, and they should gradually start letting him know some of the things Natalie has said this summer that indicate she might not be a genuine as he thinks she is, but Nicole says she thinks James already knows.

But Victor thinks they should try to make James miss her more, so that his competition performance will be impacted in a negative way.

Be prepared for a potential shock:  Nicole's sunglasses have prescription lenses.  She actually bought them on purpose, and paid extra for the special lenses.


  1. Ms. Feedwatcher, the only blindside this year was how poorly the game's been played by all the veterans. They should have been more scintillating instead of so infirm and bedridden. The viewers got cheated.

  2. PS: If it wasn't for your blog, I wouldn't be watching this season. Thank you for making it enjoyable.

  3. Natale is suck s fake person, She is always acting,
    Poor me (give me a break she been using james all season long. I kind of hope she gone since she so annoying

  4. Well, doesn't seem biased at all.

  5. I haven't liked Natalie all season. She came off as fake to me right away. Now she's saying that she should have played her own game when in reality James is the only reason she has made it this fat

    1. Did you see James yesterday. He looked like he was going to cry, you could hear it in his voice.. I was talking to my tablet, "no James no, just walk away, don't beg for attention/answers/etc."... so emotional.. The force is weak in him right now (sigh)

  6. Those sunglasses would actually suit my sister. She's into funky things like that and they look good on her.

    Wanna bet they had to refilm the meeting because they don't want miss perfect to get a bad edit if she actually did do a face? It would be nice to see a REAL meeting and not a fake montage. Real people, real meetings, real DRs. This is reality TV , is it not?

    Gosh, thank goodness for your blogs and for RHAP. Did you watch/listen to Rhappy Hour? Brent goes on one about Natalie and his ''YOU'' is epic!

  7. I really love you blogs. I've been following them for I don't even remember how many seasons. You have a real gift.
    Will you be doing updates for the online season? I sure hope so!
    Thanks a bunch for these awesome updates!

  8. Wasn't Jozea's eviction a blindside?

    1. Nope. Someone told him right before (shrug).. I don't recall who but you can see it in his mannerisms on eviction night...

    2. I love these blogs too...Always saying what I'm guys are the Best!

      P.S. I hope you do blog the online one...

    3. Yes, but only because he was blind to the reality of what was going on in the house and blind to his actual "powers" (or lack there of). Poor, poor messiah!

    4. I know! He was fun to watch... Scenarios!! lol!

  9. Please tell me someone is watching this... "I should have never csmpaigned to save you, she says.... Then he says well do you want me to go talk to Victor...then she says, No I'll do it myself because if you wanted to for me you would have done it already"...Whoa.. Is this the same showmance

  10. It's so awful to see James following nat around, he's begging and it's pitiful.

  11. JAMES needs to stop begging for nat to like him.


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