Friday, September 23, 2016

The House Guests Show Up and Get Turnt Up. #BB18

I'm just now getting around to watching the post-show interviews, if you can believe that.  But I've tried to find some fun infotainment for you regarding the BB18 cast who are now free and on-the-loose after such a long season.  

I'll just get going here and see where it all takes us.

We have to start with Paul and Victor, right?  The community at large seems to be treating them as if they won the game.  Which in a way, they did.  They are the guys everyone wants to hear from, and take a picture with. They're Winners, obviously.

Here are the guys getting a touch up before the big cast party at Clifton's on Thursday night.   I really wish Victor had them shave off that scruffy beard, but it looks like he plans to keep it, at least for a while.  He's lucky to be hanging with Paul, because Paul knows where to go and who to see for important stuff like this.

And here's Paul with Nicole, who understandably looks very happy.  That purple shirt she's wearing is a custom T-shirt designed by her family. It features Nicole's iconic bun, of course, along with some words about being "so stressed".  I think this picture was taken in the hotel lobby.

Paul said in an interview that the only people he saw himself interacting with in the future were Victor and Glenn, of all people.  He said everyone else is crazy, neurotic, and immature.  Basically, that he never cared about them.

Glenn was talking some MAD SHIT about Nicole on a recent podcast with Rob Cesternino, so it made me kind of mad that he was standing right next to Nicole on the final shot of the CBS show, where Julie had the entire cast gathered together to close the season.  Glenn looked like he was trying to make eye contact to hug Nicole or talk to her, but she kept looking straight ahead at the camera.  I don't like disingenuous stuff like that....don't trash someone behind their back and then try to cozy up to them on national TV.  Go home and groom a dog, dude.  Or trim Victor's beard for him. 

This guy Phillip Alan has a long tradition of photographing BB house guests after the season ends.  I think he does it for free, probably contributing to some of their "books" or portfolios.  He has sessions already booked for several of them, including Paul.  Paul knows how to pose for the camera, that's for sure.

And here are the Sitting Ducks with James Rhine and Danielle Reyes from BB3.  James Rhine just loves to talk shit about every aspect of Big Brother, but he always seems to put his differences aside to show up for events and parties.  I guess he can say that is part of his job, since he does promotions for some club in Vegas, but whatever.  He also likes to put a hit on at least one female cast member of every season of Big Brother.  James was on BB6 and BB7, if you don't know, and he was the Competition King of his BB era.

I enjoyed Danielle on her season, and the world agrees that she got robbed of a win, taking 2nd place next to Lisa Donahue (who?).  Back then the Jury wasn't sequestered, so the house guests went home after being evicted and watched all of the episodes, and also the live feeds.  Danielle said some things in the DR that the house guests didn't like, so she didn't get their vote to win.

Starting in BB4 the Jury was sequestered in a house as they are today, which was a year too late for Danielle.  

I'll just say it...Danielle always seems very thirsty to me at these events. And I'll leave it at that.

And here's Danielle with BB17's Jase Agolli.  Uh huh.

I'm posting a lot of Phillip Alan's pictures in this post, but his Twitter account has a lot more to see, as usual.

Here's our Bridgette next to Lydia Tavera from BB11.  It's a bold new look for Lydia, right?  I heard Bridgette say on the live feeds that she wants to get a partial tattoo sleeve.  I hope she reconsiders this after spending time with Lydia.   

Bridgette is certainly getting a lot of good attention at the post-season events.  You'll never hear anybody talking smack about sweet Bridgette, that's for sure.

I hear that Bridgette arrived at the party with Frank, who got no love at all on the Finale.  I think it really stunk that none of the pre-jurors got a chance to speak.  I think the final HoH competition took up too much time to allow for that, since it seemed to go on FOREVER.  

Suggestion for Production:  Why not go ahead and show the HoH Part #1 competition during the boring "clip show" in the preceding CBS episode?  That would have opened up at least 10 minutes during the finale for some extra chatter that the fans would have loved to see.  For example, I like it when Julie asks the pre-jurors what they were surprised to see when they watched the shows (after the Jury votes, of course, but before they reveal the winner).

And Mr. Jenkins has some sort of new label on his coffee cup, pictured here with Glenn and Gina Marie Zimmerman from BB15.

I saw part of Rob Cesternino's post-season interview with Bridgette in the back yard that featured this exchange:

Rob: So Bridgette, what's next for Mr. Jenkins?

Bridgette:  Well, I'm gonna buy him a new pot.

Rob: Pot?  You're going to buy him pot?

Bridgette giggled. Of course. Because Rob is funny.

And here is Gina Marie again with the blonde bombshells from BB17, Julia and Liz Nolan.  

Cody made the trip out to California for the finale, and probably to escort his real Big Brother back home safely to New Jersey.  And Corey with that pointy-head hairdo that is no one's favorite hair style.

I saw a tweet about Miss Cleo telling Corey in person not to tell any more goat stories, and Corey shot back that "it was funny".  Sure it was, Corey, sure it was.

And you knew this one was coming, so here it is.

And another shot of Corey posted by Phillip, the professional photographer.

And here's Victor and Paul driving around loose in LA.  Victor just got on Twitter yesterday, I think, after a fan gave him the @elfitvic handle she reserved for him while he was in lock up this summer.

That was nice of her.  I wish I'd thought of it.  

And Victor says he has a headache today, because last night's party was so good.

Where are the ladies at, guys?  On the live feeds I heard both of these guys going on and on about how they couldn't wait to get close to some women after being released....I'm sure it's not for lack of available supply, that's for sure.

On the live feeds you may have seen Victor say hello to "Tahan", who is a beautiful former BB-Australia player.  Michelle really talked her up to Victor, saying she would be his type, and it looks like Michelle followed up on that by urging Victor to contact Tahan on Twitter.

But Tahan isn't up for it, apparently.  I'm sure Victor will get over the disappointment someday, if not last Tuesday.  So, see you next Tuesday, Tahan!

The semi-famous Drive By Shouter had some information for Paul that might have helped him in the game.  

Because in the final days of the live feeds, Paul told Nicole that he couldn't help remembering that the megaphone guy said that Bridgette, James and Nicole had an alliance.  It's a good thing Paul never cared about that, because he clearly heard wrong.

And this young lady went to the cast party at Clifton's and was lucky enough to take selfies with quite a few former house guests.  She said Victor was even better looking in person.  She posted the pictures on Reddit, and Michelle was already commenting in the thread, getting back into the swing of things with a comment here and there.

There is a lot of chatter on Reddit about the James and Natalie situation.  There are apparently fans out there who think "Jatalie" is real, and expect the two of them to be the next Jeff and Jordan.   Michelle was posting stuff about how she was "chilling with Natalie" and was trying to help things work out with Natalie and James.  I guess they already had a fight or something, possibly about James asking Victor to do some spying on Natalie in the Jury House to see if she was "being promiscuous with Paulie". 

Michelle neither confirmed nor denied this situation, but a Reddit poster who clearly has their ear to the ground about such things posted this, which I think some of you might enjoy reading.

It's all so childish, right?  James if you read this you are better off heading in another direction.  Save yourself some time, money and heartbreak and just move on. 

And Big Meech met Ian Terry, which you probably already know if you follow me on Twitter.  Howard Stern always said that the crazy type of girls are the most fun, and can be a real "wild ride".  So this might make for an interesting entry on Ian's romantic resume.

This is Michelle's notebook that she boldly showed Ian.  Ian now teaches high school science classes in Houston, so this sort of thing is something he's probably very familiar with.  I think I decorated the edges of a Geometry test with stuff like this, once upon a time.

Da'Vonne tweeted a link to a strange Instagram video that appeared to be shot in the hallway of a hotel.  Ian had his shirt unbuttoned and was caressing Michelle and kissed the top of her head.  I found it rather disturbing, but I guess they both feel they know each other after watching each other on the live feeds, I guess.

He's got his hands on her in many pictures that are posted.  I like this pairing, actually.  Michelle is spontaneous and unpredictable, which might be just the thing Ian needs in his life.  But I'm sure Ian knows that there will be a lot of crying and moody outbursts with someone like Big Meech. Hopefully he can find a way to mitigate damages if she really goes off the rails.

I have a friend who was dating a professional athlete who was traveling during the (football) season. Another girl called his apartment while my friend was staying there and would not identify herself.  So my friend went apeshit, assuming the worst, and took a pair of scissors and cut the crotch out of EVERY pair of pants this guy had in his closet.  The jeans..the khakis...even his CUSTOM SUITS.

And yeah, the guy was a cheater.  But I'm just pointing out what an irrational, slightly nuts girl can do with just a few grains of potentially incorrect information.

And if things with Ian don't work out, I'm sure she can date and then get dumped by James Rhine, who is an old pro at such things.

Fun Fact:  When James was cast on BB6, he lived in Atlanta and was a "loss prevention" security-type guy at Nordstrom's Perimeter Mall location.  He was cast to play as a "secret pair" with his girlfriend Sarah, who worked in the lingerie department at the same store.  James told some interesting stories on the live feeds about catching shoplifters, which was fun to hear.  I like it when the house guests have such specific jobs and are able to teach us a little something about it.

I'm not even sure Michelle has seen James' seasons, but she's certainly seen James in action now.

I really tried to watch one of Jeff's interviews like a normal person, without taking pictures and notes, but of course I wasn't able to do that.

At first Zakiyah told Jeff she was ready to relax and "turn up tonight", but only seconds later she said she was tired and couldn't wait to sleep.  

Well which is it, Zakiyah?

And of course Jeff has nothing to talk to her about except Paulie, and the Jury House battle, because there wasn't much more to her on the show then that, unfortunately.  When Jeff asked Zakiyah about her situation with Paulie, she said the following.

Zee:  With me and Paulie?  Hmmm...What did he say to you about it?

(So sad that she thinks so little of herself.)

She did say she is going to some sort of wedding as Paulie's date, but they'll have to wait and see what happens after that.

Zee:  And I know he's got a big ego, and he's got a huge temper, and all that, but I know a side of him that no one else can see.

(Um....we saw that on the live feeds, Zakiyah.  But maybe he's totally different outside of the house.)

She also said she thought she was cool with everybody on the cast, except for "half of the Jury", and plans to attend Paul's Halloween Party and "chill with everybody".

Jeff cautioned her that his dollar store gag gift might be kind of mean, but she told Jeff to bring it on.  It's a mug of Paulie's Toxic Poison, which Jeff cautiously said ruined Zee's game.

But she laughed, as you can see.

Jeff:  I put a PoV on there for you, too.

So shady, but Zakiyah took a long drink from the mug and then pretended to throw up.  (The red juice is contained within the walls of the mug, probably so you can freeze it to keep your real Toxic Juice nice and cold.)

In the pre-season Zakiyah said she loved Jordan, since Jordan is from North Carolina too.  Jeff told her that Jordan is super-pregnant right now and commented on how slim and beautiful Zakiyah looked on TV every time she saw her.

I know Zee appreciated that, and she did a shout out to Jordan that contained a lot of local slang.  She thanked her supporters for being so kind and non-judgmental about her.

(So, if you know anybody like that, please pass that along to them...)

Jeff, to us:  You live feeders be nice, now.

(OK Dad.)

I need to work my way through all of the interviews before the G.D. BBOTT cast is announced next week.  I'm not sure what my coverage will be like for the new season, but I'll be doing something.

The potential of Jason has made many skeptical fans more interested in watching BBOTT....a fact that Production has surely noticed.  I don't know if Jason needs your votes against Jozea, because I think it will be a landslide, but you should go ahead and vote anyway, just in case.


  1. I am voting for Jason 20x every day, because even though a lot of houseguests didn't seem to care, Rob was encouraging them to root for Jozea and say why he should get it.

    I wish I could vote for an ant farm theme in the BB OTT house! They could even put the sand back in the bathroom!

    From what Julie said about viewer participation, nominations and voting, it sounds like classic game strategies have to go out the window. I hope you do some coverage, FW. Your insight could really help viewers more than ever before!

  2. This post mortem on season 18 reminds me of all the years that I tell myself "this time I am gonna remember a lot of these houseguests". But the mentions and photos of past houseguests that mean nothing to me or that I have no recollection of makes it pretty unlikely that I will remember much of this cast, either. I am a fan, from season one on, but must come to the realization that I aint no superfan. But thanks nonetheless, Feed Watcher, for your delightful summaries and commentary.

  3. You have made my day with the announcement you are going to entertain us with something from the BBOT! Woo hoo! Your blog is the best and will be the only thing I miss from this season! Except maybe Vic but now I have Twitter! Thanks for the entertainment, you are the best!

  4. Hi! I am excited that you are going to be blogging for BB OTT!! I cant wait. Can you post a link to Phillip Alan's twitter for the BB portraits? That are so good and something I look foward too. Thanks! :-)


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