Monday, September 12, 2016

The Beginning and Middle of the End. #BB18

The live feeds went down around 9:00 AM BBT this morning, and will not return until after the special Tuesday night CBS episode.  This is the week of the "secret" eviction, but there's not much "secret" about what will happen.  Victor will be evicted, and there will be a new HoH when the feeds return.  And then we'll have another eviction on Wednesday, but this time it will play out live on CBS.

It's kind of shocking to me that the Final Four are Nicole, Corey, James and Paul, even though we've seen this coming for at least a week now. Nicole won the PoV, which was the BB Comic competition.  She's played that competition before, of course, and implemented Christine's winning strategy from BB16.

But James played the same competition too, just last year.  So I don't know what his excuse was for TIMING OUT on it this time.  That's right, James "timed out" and wasn't allowed to finish, somewhere around the 35 minute mark.  I am tempted to say that James obviously threw the competition, but he has been such a loser in the challenges this season that I'm not sure about that.  I know they were all still sore from all of the slipping and sliding in the HoH competition, so who knows what impact that may have had on their PoV performance..

Victor said he loved his BB Comic, and it was his favorite out of all of the house guests' comics.  I haven't seen any of the actual comics yet, but here is what I heard them say about a few of them:

*  Victor's comic features "El Fit Vic" and Victor said he barely recognized himself, the picture was so handsome.
*  Nicole's comic featured her Safety Cone outfit, and said something about how her "cones would get you every time".  She said she liked her comic this time, but didn't like her BB16 comic.  I wouldn't either...take a look at this:

*  It sounds like Michelle got one of the meanest comics, with some sort of "Big Meech" rendition that displays her "fat, crying and throwing up".  They know that Michelle will not be happy when she sees it.
*  It sounds like Bridgette's comic included cabbage in some fashion, and Mr. Jenkins makes an appearance, too.
*  Tiffany's comic featured an "emotional time bomb".
*  Paulie's comic featured some good old-fashioned pie-baking, which he is sure to love as well.
*  Frank's comic played off the "Eudy's Booty" idea, saying something about how Frank will "actually beat your ass".  (ha ha ha ha)
*  Paul's comic featured him as some sort of "loud mouth", and also his catchword "pissed".
*  Natalie's comic featured her as "Princess Pep".  (Remember when she was livid that Paulie called her a Princess in his eviction speech?"
*  Corey's comic was the only one that featured another house guest (Nicole) and it sounds like he wasn't thrilled about that.  It also featured Corey dressed like an Elf shooting missiles, and it sounds like he was pointing one missile at Nicole's cartoon rear, and it said "kiss your ass goodbye".

They all played cards with a new deck given to them by Production, and had fun telling all sorts of stories.  For example, Corey told a story about "dick wrapping" a buddy's car years ago, and it turns out they got the wrong car...they drew a huge dick on their buddy's dad's car by mistake.  And Victor told a story about standing on a street corner having a beer and talking to some friends.  A car drove by and someone asked if there was a party, and Victor said no.  Then moments later a big caravan of cars pulled up with cameras and crew, and it was a show called "MTV Busted", or something like that.

Nicole also whined non-stop about how Corey may have liked or disliked his comic, obsessing about whether he planned to hang it up in his room at home.  Corey was apparently not only perturbed that Nicole made an appearance in his comic, he also does not understand why Production is making Christmas "his thing".

Corey: Halloween is my favorite holiday, not Christmas.

He told them about the DR session where he discussed all of his favorite Christmas elements and everybody laughed at him.

Victor is in better spirits now.  He knows he's leaving, and he's being a good sport about it.  Both he and Paul planned some sassy speeches before the eviction, so we can look forward to seeing that on Tuesday night's show.

Victor got in bed wearing his underwear, and James was surprised.

James:  You sleep in your underwear?

Victor:  Yeah, every night.

Paul:  I sleep naked sometimes.

James:  Well, I've been sleeping in my clothes, because sometimes I slept in the bed with Natalie, and I didn't want to make her uncomfortable.

Victor:  What, for the five nights you slept with her?

James chuckled and took off his pants like the other guys.  Paul had a pretty good conversation with James in the wee hours (around 2:30 am, if you have the live feeds) where he made a great case for the two of them to work together to target Corey next.

Paul:  Corey will be just as strong without Nicole, but Nicole will freak out if Corey's gone.

James seemed to agree with the points that Paul was making, but who knows what James is really thinking.  He just wants to win AFP, I think, because that is all he's talked about all season.  But both of those guys need to think long and hard about how long and lonely that last week is going to be is they're stuck in that house alone with NiCorey.


Just a few items I remembered hearing that might be of interest:

*  Nicole said that if she was ever asked to come back to BB, one of her negotiation points would be that she won't come back if Michelle is in the house.  The guys immediately said of course she and Big Meech would both be cast together.

*  Victor came clean about his job...he's not really a personal trainer, even though he knows how to do that.  He is the Operations Manager at LA Fitness.  He explained that there are three areas at the gym---personal training, membership sales, and everything else.  Victor oversees "everything else" and didn't want to tell everybody that he has management experience.

Nicole:  L.A. Fitness?  You don't even live in California.

*  Victor remembers that when they played "Never Have I Ever" earlier this season, that James drank when the topic was "I've slept with someone who weighs more than me".  James now elaborates that she probably weighed 170-180, and he met her on Instagram where he only saw her face.  He said that the girl had watched him on BB17 and drove OVER TWO HOURS from Dallas to have sex with him.  James did say that he had fun with her, though, so there's that.

*  James also told a story about how he and his friend Rodney from Survivor had relations with a $45 hooker in a motel room just before coming on the show this summer.  Or maybe it was a hooker in a $45 motel room...whatever...not sure which is worse..


  1. Hiding your job when you're operations manager at a gym? Oh, brother.

  2. Once again, huge thank you for all your hard work this summer. I, among others, would love for you to continue as your commentary is more enjoyable then this season! You are an asset to the big ATL!

  3. What was Christine's winning strategy?

    1. I think the key part is organizing all of the posters so that you can study the comics for each person and determine what is different about each poster. Then when you zipline by the poster you can look to see if the "real" comic has those same attributes. And the order you see them, of course.

      Basically doing homework before spending time jumping or zipping around.

  4. First get all the comics in order, then decide which of the 2 copies of each is the correct one by identifying errors or colors or details that stand out.


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