Thursday, September 8, 2016

Suddenly Everybody Looks Shady. #BB18

It's hard for me to understand how this season is going to go on for two more weeks.  That's going to feel like at least two months in Big Brother time. Even if you like all of the house guests who are still in the game right now, it's still a pretty monotonous stew of players when it's all mixed together.

Production must be struggling, too, because they gave the house guests a pack of cards to play with. Last year they didn't give them cards until they got down to the final three, but that was kind of exciting, to watch Vanessa Rousso shuffle the cards and teach Liz and Steve to play a few basic games, as well as a card trick.

The Final Four has got their shades on and are playing Texas Hold 'Em.  Victor says he actually feels better wearing the shades, since the lights are so bright in the house.

Nicole:  Yeah, that's what Tiffany said about it.

In case you're wondering, James and Natalie were in bed sleeping during the card game.

I did listen to an interesting conversation that happened yesterday, I think.  Nicole was telling the house guests about what it's like to get recognized by fans after the season is over.  She said that it happens quite often in the hospital, while she's at work.

Nicole:  By the time they say something to me about it, they've already got their phone out and want to take a picture.  But I have to tell them to stop, or I can get in a lot of trouble.

(Yeah, I guess taking snaps when there might be life-saving efforts going on in the ER is expressly prohibited.)

Nicole said one guy was in a life-threatening situation, going into cardiac arrest, and as he was getting wheeled away he was trying to talk to Nicole about Big Brother.

Nicole says she seems to get recognized the most when she's wearing her hair in a bun, since that's "her signature look".  She also says that people recognize her voice.  She gave an example of being at the grocery store with her mother, and going to the next aisle to find something and calling out to her mom to ask a question.

Nicole:  And then someone pops out from the end and says 'so that IS you!'

She says she went to the mall with her mother to shop for clothes for the show.  She said a bunch of people recognized her, and she got worried because she realized she had been holding up clothes and asking her mom if it "would look good on the show", and worried that someone might have heard her.

Nicole:  And Michelle was there that day, too, at the same mall!  She used to work at the Victoria's Secret in there!

They all agreed that if Michelle had spotted her shopping for Big Brother clothes, it might have caused trouble for casting.

James said that a bunch of BB17 people visited him in Texas and at one point they all went to Subway for lunch and James was apparently the only one recognized.  Nicole agrees that is funny when that happens, and I'm pretty sure she's referring to hanging out in Chicago with Hayden and Andy.

James says he does stuff like stop and point at the others, saying something like "HEY, THAT'S COREY FROM BIG BROTHER!"

James also said they should embrace it and enjoy it while they can, because the attention drops off with time.  The first month out of the house is really hectic, he says.

Nicole told them about the photo booth that they had for both the BB16 and BB17 seasons.  She said the quality of the pictures was very good, and they went straight to the internet and were easily accessible after the season was over.

Nicole:  We got to take the pictures for one hour each week, and no one else got to see them, so you could take pictures with people you were aligned with and do the hand signals, without fear of being discovered.

Paul really wishes they had the photo booth this year, saying he'd be taking "dick pics all day long".

Apparently the players in the poker game got a certain number of chocolates to use in creating the action, but if they went bust they could "buy in" again by doing 20 push-ups, as you see Paul doing here.  He did push-ups a few times while I watched.

Nicole started asking Corey what cards he was dealt so she could determine if taking that particular card would have helped her or not.  Then the others started doing that and Victor got annoyed, saying they might as well not bet at all if they're going to do that.  I think he realized he needed to give in after Corey said it didn't matter, but I could tell it bothered Victor.

He's competitive, even in a friendly card game.

Looks like someone already stole some of the pot, too.

I don't know what Paul is trying to do to Bridgette's picture here, but I like taking pictures of the house guests next to their own pictures on the memory wall.

Not gonna lie, it's going to be a tough two weeks, following the live feeds.  I'm still not sure how much coverage I'm going to do on the new Over The Top season that starts only one week after this season ends.

I heard that it's not even going to take place in this Big Brother's going to be filmed in some other location, which kind of blows my mind.  I actually thought they wanted to get more mileage out of the current BB house, by using it for an extra season.  But instead they are actually spending more, by setting up a new house location, and having to wire it for sound, and set up cameras, etc.

***UPDATE***  My "source" where I heard the rumor of the separate BB OTT house has retracted that statement, saying that this rumor is probably not true. Of course this can't be true----they just rewired the current house for HDTV--no way would they set up another one!  Duh...I shouldn't have fallen for this.  Sorry!

I get that they're trying to distinguish this new online concept from their flagship BB season, but I just find it confusing.  I've also heard that all of the players will be new, but I've also heard that all of the players will be former house guests who all left before Jury.  (Note that the BB OTT commercial says "all new players" but maybe they're just trying to let the casuals know that we won't see the current cast on OTT---which should be a relief for all of us.)

So who knows, really?  I'm already irritated by CBS starting to pester me to "upgrade" my All Access subscription to be commercial-free.  I know that if you try and watch an old episode of Survivor you have to watch a few commercials, but I'm pretty sure Production plans to interrupt the live feeds with commercials on this new series.  It's only an extra $3 per month, but on principle I don't recommend anyone doing this until we get a feel for what is going on with the new season.  And also a feel for the commercials, too.


This ended up being a more popular story than I thought it would be, because the tax status of business entities isn't exactly the type of topic that reality TV fans like to read about.  To answer a question I've gotten a few times, I have no current plans for further follow up on this matter.  I don't think it's necessary.  (In fact, my experience in business and life has taught me that everything ends up as it should be, one way or another.)

I addressed the Bullies Reality topic in the first place because the organization and it's representatives kept referring to it as a non-profit charity or foundation, which conflicted with a few other things that I've heard over the past two years.  When I did some very simple research about Bullies Reality, I found that it did not appear to be a non-profit charity or foundation, so I tweeted an inquiry about it, and received a response that did not properly address my questions.

I don't expect to hear from Bullies Reality again, although I appreciate the timely response that I did get from them.  I just did one more quick check, and both the Bullies Reality Twitter and website have been updated, as follows.

Here is the Twitter header last Monday, when I wrote the story.

And here is it today, just a few days later:

Clearly they removed the "501c Non Profit" wording from the Twitter heading.  And they got a few thousand new followers, perhaps due in part to the free publicity they got this week after I brought up the issue. And also the coverage they got from RHAP last week, too, of course.

And here is the logo on their website last Monday, up in the top left corner of this picture:

And here is the logo now, after some apparent tweaking this week. 

So to me that's an admission that they know they are not a valid non-profit organization.  

It is VERY common for people to start a business and make unintentional errors in that process. People often get bad advice, or no advice at all about the right way to do things.  I've had people tell me all sorts of convoluted things about why they did or didn't do something, or why they think they don't have to pay income taxes.  Just last week I asked someone where they heard that "small businesses don't have to pay taxes on the first $15,000 of income every year" and apparently the guy who came to clean the carpets told them that.

(Ask the carpet cleaner to do your damn taxes, then.)

If you get caught, though, ignorance may not an acceptable excuse as far as the IRS goes, though.   Someone on Reddit made a thread about the Bullies Reality topic, and here is an interesting snippet from the conversation.

I work with some very average American businesses and families, and I also have some clients who are multi-millionaires and own very successful businesses.  

But I don't know anybody who can afford to spend money like this.  So I'll just leave it at that.  And of course I'll let you know if something new and juicy comes up about this matter.  


Derrick stopped by to talk to Big Jeff about Bullies Reality.....JUST KIDDING!  I don't think we'll ever hear Derrick utter that name in public.  Just a guess.

Derrick is in California wrapping up filming of his new series Hard Evidence for the Discovery ID channel.  The first season is rumored to be an expose of some sort about the OJ Simpson case, offering some different viewpoints on who might have committed the murders.  

Derrick is actually going back and re-interviewing people about the events that happened all those years ago, so that should be interesting.  I think Derrick is in the right place at the right time, because the whole True Crime genre is blowing up right now.  I do watch Discovery ID sometimes, and I think they need someone extremely qualified like Derrick, who is young and TV-friendly to be a new face on the channel.

(Joe Kenda doesn't exactly keep me riveted to the screen, if you know what I'm saying.)

Derrick also has a book coming out sometime next year about how to use undercover police techniques to be more successful, or something like that.  Clearly Derrick made those techniques work for him in Big Brother, so it should be very interesting reading. 

Derrick saved up his vacation time from the Rhode Island police department in order to take paid time off to shoot this new series in California.  He invited Cody to come out and stay with him, so that is why Cody was out in California last week.  

Jeff wondered how Derrick spent his BB winnings, and Derrick said the first thing he did was to buy his wife a new truck to thank her for taking care of their family all alone that summer.  He also bought a hot tub for their home, and funded college educations for both of their daughters (they just had another baby, Peyton).  Derrick said his wife told him that he never bought anything for himself, so Derrick went out and just bought himself a new truck, a Ford F150 that he loves.

(Interesting to hear about the purchase of all of these trucks, without mentioning THAT truck, right?  See the bottom part of this post for discussion of the mysterious truck somebody bought Caleb, and also coverage of the beef between the parties involved.)

Derrick thinks Victor will be the winner of BB18, or if not Victor, Nicole.  He points to Nicole's growing confidence and also how smart and witty she is, making her a threat in the mental comps.

Derrick:  Why do you think I evicted her twice in my season?

(But in Derrick's season, Nicole had friends on the Jury....not sure that she even has one supporter on the Jury this year.)

And here is the BB coffee mug with the butterfly attached that Big Jeff gave Paulie weeks ago, after he was evicted.  Paulie left the coffee mug behind, so last week Jeff presented it to Cody.  Apparently Cody left the coffee mug behind, too!

So Jeff is trying a third time, giving it to Derrick, who laughed and said he would be handing the mug directly to Paulie himself.  I don't know if that will happen, but I know Derrick will not leave the mug in Jeff's studio at the end of today's interview.  I do think that both Paulie and Cody were offended by Jeff mocking the butterfly. Just a guess.

(Maybe Cody and Paulie threw the mug away backstage and someone fished it out of the trash?)

And Big Meech stopped by too, of course, but I was checked out during most of her interview.

She is disappointed in her 7th place finish, but Jeff tells her not to feel bad, because he finished 7th, too.

Jeff brought up Michelle's crying this season, and handed her a Kleenex with a butterfly on it.

Jeff:  That was from a joke that went south earlier this season, and we're just going to keep doing it all year.

Michelle also got an HoH mug and a tiny Zingbot key chain that talks. Available on the CBS website of course, with a discount (20% maybe?) if you use the code "BB All Access".


  1. Can you refresh our memory re: the butterfly? I feel like I should remember this, but I'm drawing a blank.

    1. When Paulie was on the block and really melting down, he sat outside in the backyard, talking to one of the guys. (James, maybe?)

      Paulie was talking about the aunt with a terminal disease, and all of his other issues, and a butterfly flitted by and made Paulie cry. That part of the scene was featured on the CBS show----the crying and the butterfly.

      But Paulie told Jeff that butterflies have some sort of special meaning for his family. During Paulie's interview with Jeff the staff kept lowering a butterfly onto the set and Paulie didn't think it was funny AT ALL.

      Jeff asked Cody if the Califiore family was angry with him, but Cody assured Big Jeff that they all love him. But he still rejected the butterfly mug, so who knows.

  2. Regarding tonight's evictees; what Julie, no questions for Mr. Jenkins?

    1. If we don't get to see Natalie deliver Mr. Jenkins to Bridgette in the Jury House, then we really should feel cheated about this.

  3. I always file my business income in income tax. I don't need tax numbers (GST and QST) until I make a certain amount per year, but I file it. The Quebe government decides if they deduce anything from it. Last year they took nothing, but it's there and legit and proves that my registered company is active. Wouldn't think of not doing it. Especially that if I spend a certain amount and earn a certain amount, I get a certain amount BACK.

    lol thanks for the post. All those shades, shady AF lol :p Friendship Shade. Friendshade.

    Don't ask...

  4. Did anyone find Corey's win of the McGyver rigged. When he entered the first room he didn't even look down at the floor he immediately looked to his right and took the pipe off the wall which unlocked one side of the manhole in the floor. He never even looked at the manhole before he grabbed the pipe. Was he told what to do, I believe so, they wanted him to win, no doubt. He was told it was timed so he didn't even take the time to look down and act like he saw the manhole first.
    Then the ice skating HOH, it's incredible how his shoes slid so nicely on the ice. Wonder what production gave him.

    I am done with BB for the year, it's becoming too controlled by production and by preseason deals between previous players.

    1. Spoiler Alert: Supposedly when you go to one of those "Escape Rooms" that are all the rage now, one of the strategies is to find items that aren't nailed down. So maybe that is what Corey was doing. Who knows.

      I don't think Production would go out of their way to help Corey. They know he is super boring and have mocked him for this all season on the CBS episodes.


    2. PUHHHLEEASE!!! Ain't holding my breath

  5. Here's a question for you, how the heck can I get a note to production to turn down the volume when the go to fish 800 times a day!!!
    Drives me crazy

  6. I would never give money to an organization that employs people who don't know when to use "effect" vs "affect".


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