Friday, September 30, 2016

Season Kick Off - An Infection Sweeps the House. #BBOTT

OK.  I know I'm late but I've been really busy.  And I kind of enjoyed just watching the live feeds like a casual viewer.  I have been tweeting about the season quite a bit as I watch the live feeds, though, so that's something, right?

And I was wrong about the move in date being taped and then re-broadcast.  The move in happened LIVE, but it was excruciatingly SLOW. Julie Chen taped some bogus footage outside the house that was clearly pre-taped.  We never saw the house guests outside, only when they came through the front door.

Scott was the first one in, which is considered the "cursed" spot, since the first player to walk in the door has never won the game.  (Michelle was that person last season.)  He ambled around and talked to himself, until finally Morgan came in. And then it was the two of them alone for what seemed like an ETERNITY.

Anyway, the pace was slow, but this is what the live feeders have been whining about for years, wanting to see more of the action and all.  It was strange to watch the beginning and feel like there was no one in charge around there.

Cornbread was a big hit in the house, right from the get go.  He just seemed to fit right in, because by the time it was his turn to come in everyone was dying for a some new energy.  I've heard him tell the story of his name quite a few times now.  Something about a man at his first job pointing at him and saying "that boy can handle this, he's corn fed".  And then the nickname stuck.

This is Neeley, the girl who works in the Nordstrom accessory department, and who waltzed into the house all made up, wearing an afro.  But this is Neeley getting ready for bed, with no makeup nor wig.  It's important to note that although Neeley's bio says she is "33", she decided to introduce herself as "28", for some reason.

Does this lady look 28 to you?  She doesn't even look 38 to me.  Neeley has a lot of energy and seems extremely confident.  She says she has lost from 70 to 80 pounds, "depending on the day" and seems to be at a good place now.  She said she brought in a lot of wigs, one for every day, but that seems like an exaggeration to me.

I did hear one of the girls (Kryssie, maybe?) talking about how neat and organized her luggage was before Production searched it.  It sounds like they just shoved everything back in there, but I guess that is their job.  If that was my job, there are several people whose luggage I would be extra diligent with...let's just put if that way.

(Fun Fact:  During BB9, Adam (who won the season and later went to prison) was in the backyard talking to Matt (who also went to prison right along with Adam).  Adam told Matt in whispered tones that he brought some "Oxy's" in the house with him, hidden inside a roll of tube socks.  An immediate outdoor lockdown was called, and Production made those pills, and probably the socks, disappear.)

Scott did a pretty good job keeping up the chatter when he was alone with Morgan, and for the next few arrivals.  But Morgan was THRILLED to see hottie Shane come through the door, and then things just got louder, especially when Kryssie came blowing in.  She was chattering a mile a minute about herself and it wasn't long before Scott was kind of sitting on the edges of things.

But there were other outsiders, too.  Justin seemed kind of weird, dressed like a pimp complete with a hat.  To be honest, he seemed really, really stoned, kind of walking in circles and repeating the same phrases over and over.  Since he owns a restaurant, Justin seemed to stay close to the kitchen, looking in cabinets and such.  And Scott joined him there at one point, just the two of them wiping down the counters.  Scott ended up scraping all of the veggies into the trash, which is really a shame.  He could have covered up the platter with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge to eat with hummus later.

But maybe there were ants all over it though.  I heard one of the girls say an ant crawled on her in the DR, so anything's possible.

This is Danielle, who seems to be the only person on the cast who has a child. She is very smart and sassy and seems to have gotten off on the wrong foot with some of the girls.  She was the last house guest to enter the house before Jason, and she didn't seem to fit with the girls.  Some are saying the girls are jealous of her, but it's not like there aren't any other pretty girls in that house.

Justin the Pimp Cajun Chef took an immediate liking to Danielle and it seemed they had a little attraction going.  People noticed it.  But that was two days ago, I guess, because this afternoon (Friday) Danielle was virtually joined at the hip with Shane, the long-haired hottie roofer from North Carolina.

This is the former Tokyo Room, which looks exactly the same, but with different paint jobs. Paul knows.  He was watching live with us, which is cool.

And there was some chitter chatter in the room about which bed was NiCorey's last season.  No one wanted to sleep in that bed, but someone had to.  There are 13 house guests but only 7 beds right now (until the HoH and Have Not rooms open up).  Big Brother has even allowed Jason to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag until the bedding situation changes.

Jason:  We can't avoid using it, people.  We only have seven beds.

That is Kryssie on the bed with Jason.  She was pretty assertive about seeing the biggest bed in the room and putting her bag on it to claim it.  She said she is unable to sleep without having someone next to her, so she was already begging one of the girls to be her cuddle buddy.  Not sure that worked out, though, so I think she's been trying to get Jason to sleep with her.  Kryssie is 31 and says she's the "Grandma" of the house, but of course we haven't heard what she REALLY thinks about Neeley's age.

Just about everyone was in this bedroom...still called the Tokyo Room, I guess.  There was a lot of loud chatter as everyone enthusiastically told jokes and got to to know each other.  They had several bottles of champagne, too, so that surely helped the mood.

That is Whitney on the left, who has a SEVERE Southern accent, and some of the slowest speech I've ever heard.  It takes her forever to get a sentence out.  Whitney seems to be an actual fan of Big Brother, since I've heard her mention early seasons, and asked Jason if he's met Janelle, or Dick and Dani Donato.  She probably should have kept that to herself, though. There is friction between them now, just a touch, but it's there.

Whitney is talking to Shelby, who is wearing the cute PJ set.  Shelby's voice sounds EXACTLY like Liz Nolan's, to the point where after two days I still expect to see Liz on screen when I hear Shelby laugh.  Shelby is from Arizona, and just graduated law school.  She's working as a waitress until she passes the bar, but she told the house guests she's just a waitress.  I don't think she's confided the truth to anyone, but she has told Jason she's planning to act like a ditzy LA-wannabe so no one will realize she's playing the game.

Jeff Weldon from BB17 was watching live, too.

And that is Neely again, sitting next to Shane, who looks like Austin's innocent nephew in the picture below.  He's actually looking a little like Survivor's Joe Anglim now, though, with his hair in a man bun much of the time.

When it was just Scott, Morgan and Shane in the house, Morgan asked Shane what he does for a living.  I saw a change in her body language when he said he was a roofer and worked for his dad's company.  I'm pretty sure Morgan was hoping he'd say he was a musician or a video game designer or something.   Shane felt her energy change, too, so he made a point of saying that he loves working with his family, and that his dad understands if he had a late night and can't get there first thing in the morning.

(But roofers make good money, so Morgan shouldn't be so snotty about it.  With all of the storms in the south, lots of homeowners get new roofs paid for with insurance money, so they collect most of the money owed to them, too.)

Scott is from Maine and does debt collections over the phone.  I know this because I heard Scott say this over, and over, and over again as each new person came into the house.  But until things start to get going in there, I guess you do have to repeat yourself.

Scott also described the decor of the living room as "gold and silver....very regal looking" about seven times too many, but whatever.  Jason said the interior was "plush" when he burst in the room.  Only a few house guests recognized him, but according to Scott's DR, he wasn't happy to see Jason, as far as the game goes.  Scott said he thought Jason might have too much to prove this season.

And of course, Julie Chen told everyone that there would be no Jury this season.  Once you're evicted, you go home, and America will vote to choose the winner.  So Scott can't be too happy about that....he knows that Jason just won a contest to return to the house.

Shelby is aligned with Jason, Justin, Danielle, and Scott.  But I don't think they know that Scott is aligned with Shane, Monte and Cornbread.  And I think Scott is already starting to rat out Jason with the bros, letting them know some of Jason's plans.

If the rumor is true that America will choose someone to be Safe each week, Jason may need us already, because the people in power are not Pro-Jason.

This is the guy who won HoH today...Monte.  And this is the London Bedroom, with snazzy new checkered duvets.

Monte is strange to me.  He was busy looking at things in his luggage, all alone in the room while the big Talk Fest was happening next door.  I expected him to be more social, but to be honest he comes across in a stilted manner when having conversations with some people.  Maybe he's just shy though, and a little put back by all of the conversationally-aggressive people in the house.

The bed Kryssie and Jason are on is the former Zaulie bed, of course.  We don't know what happened to the Zaulie Bumper Car, though.

I think those are The Sisters perched on the NiCorey bed, Morgan and Alex.  When Alex came in the house, she introduced herself to Morgan like she didn't know her, so they're planning to play the game like that, I guess.  Jason already noticed that their pictures on the Memory Wall look alike, and of course he's already run his mouth about that with the people he apparently trusts with that info.  He doesn't know for sure that they're sisters, but since it's true it's probably a deadly rumor once it gets traced back to him.  How long will it take for The Sisters to hear about it, and target Jason?

Some habits die hard, I guess.  Where ever you go Jason, there you are.

But maybe America can save his trash-talking ass.  Every time Jason opens his mouth it feels like a quote-worthy situation to me.  He is so colorful and expressive.  I just love him and hope he doesn't let me down like Frank did last season.  Or maybe it will take him longer to let me down than Frank did...because that felt fast to me.

On the second day Jason and Danielle were the first ones up.  They looked at the yoga stuff and I later heard someone say they they're not allowed to take the yoga mats, blocks, or balance balls out of that room.

(I told ya'll they were there for decoration only.)

These two bonded very quickly, and have an easy rapport.  Danielle had a hard time sleeping and was starting to suffer from exhaustion.  I think all of the people crammed in the rooms, and the sound of the cameras whirring around is hard to get used to.  I heard Jason try to describe to Cornbread today how the cameras are behind the wall on a track but Production didn't want us to hear that.

Production is starting to block things they don't want us to hear though.  But they did let us hear Whitney tell the girls that she can remember one of their names because she saw it backstage on a name tag that was laying around, and that she knew there would be a "Neeley" because someone called her that name by mistake in an interview.

(Letting people know she's quick-witted like that might be a bad idea right now....)

And this is Justin the Cajun Chef with his hair pulled up, which is more of a normal look for him.  When he has all of that hair hanging down on his face, it doesn't make me want to eat at his restaurant, so the man bun helps.

Jason said something to Justin early after meeting him and added a "Girl" to the end of the sentence, and Justin didn't like that.  But now they seem to enjoy each other and Justin's stories and colorful language telling them is even better than Jason telling a story.  Even Jason said Justin might be his favorite person ever after telling them his wild party stories and his troubles with the law.

I think Jason was saying early on that he "quit" smoking, but I'm not sure how long he abstained.  Maybe just during sequester.  But it was long enough for him to say that when he smoked his first one in the backyard, he got a head rush.  So that's a long time, right?

He said he brought enough for 40 days, so they better keep him in the house longer than that so he can run out of them and quit for good.  He says at home it will be hard because his mother smokes, and his friends smoke, too.

It is SO HARD to quit if everyone around you still smokes.  But I am so glad Jason is even thinking about quitting.  For one thing, he said each pack costs $10 in Massachusetts, because of all of the taxes. That adds up fast...such a total waste of money.

He talks to himself in the backyard, and talks to us. He knows what we want to hear.  You can count on this every morning that he's in the backyard, and most of the late nights.  He's always making conversation, that's for sure.

Scott is a smoker, too, which probably led to Jason thinking he could align with him.  Justin wants to smoke after seeing Jason do it, so he's been bumming some here and there, but I'm sure Jason includes that sort of thing in his cigarette projections.

Jason says he's never heard someone with a stronger accent then Whitney, saying she's the "Borat from Kentucky".  Jason has already been picking up Justin's Cajun drawl, with a noticeable change in his cadence and undertones, particularly right after he talks to him.

Here is Roofer Shane with his man bun.  He seems like a very clean guy, with an organized kit of toiletries.  I saw some modeling photos of him with short hair, so he's done more than roofing , I think.

OK, here are the pictures I saw.  Not sure how Miss Cleo knows this is Shane, but I trust his sources.

It's shocking.  I'm shocked.

The BB18 Final Three tip board is in the Lounge, and has been mocked quite a bit by certain house guests.  They don't know who won, though, because Jason said he wasn't allowed to watch the Finale.

I heard one of the girls said that her handler told her the person who won BB18 was a jerk, or something along those lines. But maybe the handler thought Paul won?  Because other than getting the money, I think Paul did win BB18.

These are the two sisters, who seem to have low whispers while they both dig through their luggage now and then.  When you see them next to each other, particularly wearing bikinis, their bodies seem identical, so I can't believe the secret will last much longer.

From left to right, Shelby, Morgan, Whitney and Alex.  The Willett sister's abs are incredible.  That kind of thing must run in the family, because you don't see women with virtually NO belly fat like that.

Alex looks like Kate Hudson.

And Shelby reminds me of a cross between Parvati from Survivor and Kaitlyn from the Bachelorette, mixed with Liz Nolan's voice, of course.

Alex oiled up Shane out there.  They joked about how hot it was, and how Production told them they'd get to experience fall in California.

Jason thinks Zingbot might serve them Thanksgiving dinner, and they all expect to be in costume for Halloween.

(Now THAT should be interesting.)

Krissie complains A LOT, but I think that is just her personality.  She has a tattoo of Robocop on her arm and was told to wear long sleeves until further notice.  I think they're trying to get clearance to show the design on camera, since it's a trademarked character.

I think Kryssie also has allergies to the sun, but that's not everyone else's fault.  She makes it sound like it is, though.  Lots of sour grapes.  Didn't this bitch know what the show is all about?  And who would be there?

According to her, she watched one episode and that was it.  She talks about her band a lot, too, and how she and her boyfriend have sex on every surface of the house.

Kryssie:  I'm sure my family is listening to this, and they're not surprised. They know how nasty I am.

And here comes Cornbread.  He is engaged and I think the date is 11-4-17.  Her name is Jessie.

Cornbread and Monte slept in the same bad "hole to hole", as Cornbread put it.

Cornbread:  I told him we can't sleep pole to pole, or hole to pole, but if I call him Jessie during the night he should just go with it.

Everyone laughs at Cornbread's stories.  He told the girls he's never ashamed of who he is or what he does, even if it's different from everybody else in the house.

Was Jason comparing everybody's abs out there?  They were in the backyard all day yesterday, but knew the HoH competition would happen any second.  Yet the girls still seemed to think it would be an elaborate endurance competition like The Wall.

So imagine their surprise to get called inside and see this blue bottle of liquid.  Someone had to drink it.  There was much discussion of who would do that, and how the liquid looked like Windex.  Jason sounded like he was willing to drink it if no one else was.

Jason:  I mean, they've never killed anybody in here before, but this is a new show.

Shane finally just jumped up and chugged it down.  An alarm sounded and said Shane had "been infected" and had to go to the DR.

Interestingly enough, I never heard anyone ask him what it tasted like.  They all sat nervously waiting for him to return so they could see what would happen next.  There was speculation that he would come back in costume, maybe as a hospital patient with an IV bag.

But instead he came back wearing this T-shirt with a red crab or tick on it, and a necklace with a large red crab or tick on it. He read the instructions that said when the alarm sounds, he must "infect" someone with the necklace.  No one could refuse to wear it.  Once infected, you can't be HoH.  After 12 infections, the last person would be HoH.

So there's some strategy there, and everyone has to take their turn picking someone to infect.

Later I heard Jason address Da'Vonne, saying that he is going to try and win this for both of them.

He'll need to try hard, because I think Jason will be in trouble on the very first vote.  

Yep, the first vote.

Ooops.  Here is Kryssie's sleeve, but I'm not sure if the other arm is covered with ink, too. She was putting her jacket on when I saw this.

She was telling the girls how to put the awnings up or down.  On the first morning Production asked OVER and OVER for someone to do it, but Monte, who was standing right there lifting weights, ignored the request.

And as they came into the house on premiere night, BB asked them at least THREE times to check the storage room so they could find the champagne and start getting drunk.  No one listened to the strange voice coming over the intercom.  Idiots.

So Kryssie did a lot of talking here, but not much helping.  Do you think the girls noticed that?

Justin made a big chicken dinner for everyone and they seemed to like it. I can't remember the BB18 crew EVER having a group meal like this one.  I guess having a restaurant owner on board helps, because Justin doesn't seem to break a sweat cooking for a crowd.

And here's another day, another look for "28 year-old" Neeley.  She was standing up making a HUGE production about how now that she's wearing The Crab, she has to pick someone, and if they don't come forward and volunteer, she's picking names out of a hat.  She SWEARS she'll do that.

OK Neeley.  Get a grip, hon.  Everyone else has to do it, too.

After Jason got infected, he whispered with Scott about who he should choose.  Whoever he picked would be the one to decide who would be HoH, so for some reason he wanted to choose Whitney so that Monte would be HoH.

I think this may be a BAD move on Jason's part, but he thinks Whitney wants to keep him around to hear his BB stories, since he knows she's a fan now.  And he may be right, but he shouldn't tell Scott that....

And here's Whitney after getting infected by Jason, headed to the DR to get her crab T-shirt.  That's Shelby in the back with the booty.

And from the front.  All the girls love her swimsuit.  Shelby says in Arizona you're always by a pool, so she has a lot of swimwear and buys some of it online at a very good price.

And here's Whitney, waiting for the alarm so she could infect Morgan, I think.  Morgan understood, but wanted Whitney to talk to Monte to cut a deal first.

A deal so they could both shower upstairs this week.  These idiots don't even know that everyone does that every week, anyway, unless you'e sworn enemies.  Of course Monte will let the girls frolic in his shower.  Duh.

This update was way too long for me, so please don't expect this much every day.  Now that I'm sort of caught up with the action, I'll try to do a short post just about every day.  And of course, the tweeting.  You can find me on Twitter at @FeedWatcher.

Thanks, y'all.  Let's try to have some fun this fall.


  1. well, I just learned the sum total of what I know about this bold new experiment in bold, new experiments. actually, I only skimmed parts of your musings, so I have something to look forward to--- going back and reading your post in full. I want to be compelled to sign up for CBS all access, for this big brother hybrid as much as the Star Trek reboot show, or whatever it is.... you definitely pushed the "compel" button, so I once again thank you.

  2. I don't have the live feeds but I just watched 3 truncated episodes that were available for download. I like Kate Hudson, Alex - Morgan's sister, and I don't like Macho Monte, although he's very handsome, he feels like another Paulie Calafiore to me - just southern fried. Scott looks like he just left his checkout job at Sam's and rushed right over. Jason should be one of thee first to go because he's a vet with a distinct advantage, since America's voting, and he's a bit of a tattler. (No wonder he still lives in Mom's basement. I'll bet he really hates Scott too.) I haven't formed any opinions yet but it feels third rate. More UTR (Under The Radar) than OTT (Over The Top). :-) I don't see my Live Feed sitch changing any time soon.

  3. So far so good, I'm able to follow along even without having heard the house guests' voices or seen much of their faces. I think combined with RHAP I can get into this. Who knows, maybe some drive by youtubers will post videos.

  4. I can't watch the live feeds so I am glad you are. I thought Whitney said someone called her Shelby. Anyway I love Jason, but it would suck if he was done in by sisters two seasons in a row. I like Justin!


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