Sunday, September 4, 2016

PoV Aftermath: Red Flag on The Field. #BB18

Yesterday afternoon Natalie finally made the executive decision to go up the the HoH room and make some moves.  Specifically, she is trying to put feelers out with Paul and Victor, trying to set up her game for next week after James is evicted.

Natalie was up there for a long time, and much of that time involved talking about sports.  Natalie knows a fair amount about football, for example, she was able to name all three New York-based NFL teams.  Paul knows nothing about sports, however, and definitely let Natalie know that he "never cared" about it.

But Natalie's main message for the guys was this:  She is sorry that she chose to trust James' judgement in the game this summer, and feels she made a lot of bad decisions because she worked with him.  She also said that she and James are just friends, and never talk about the game.

The guys listened, but after Natalie left they were both going crazy seconds later, saying that Natalie just shit all over James and threw him under the bus.  They saw Nicole and Corey in the kitchen on the Spy Cam and motioned for them to come upstairs.

Paul shared the news and Corey and Nicole had very different reactions.

Corey:  Let's vote her ass out now.  Let's do it.

Nicole:  Oh no.  Poor James.

Victor told Nicole that she should not feel bad about voting James out, because he's been gunning for her, but Nicole says that is not what is bothering her...she's just sad for James that Natalie could turn on him so quickly.

(For the record, I'm not sure Natalie is formally turning on James...she's just trying to align with Paul and Victor assuming that James is leaving this week.  She also told James he should do the same thing if she is the one to leave this week.)

Paul: I just want to let you guys know, because once James is gone, she's going to be trying to hang with us but I'm not even listening to it.....we don't even care about her and she's going home next.

They started doing some light Natalie bashing, pointing out all of the inconsistencies in the things she has said and done all summer.  They wonder if Natalie is really as dumb as she acts sometimes.  Victor pointed out that during the Zingbot competition that Natalie hosted, he was sitting right there next to her and could hear how much she was struggling with the lines she was supposed to say.  (Supposedly this made the comp take much longer than it should have....I heard Natalie apologize to everyone several times after that comp was over.)

Victor:  And she spoiled all of the lines....I'd see her listen, and then say, "so _____ is out now?...okay" and then she'd announce it out loud again.

Paul:  And what about what the Zingbot said about her?  She can say all she wants, but it was about her armpit hair.

Nicole:  Zingbot said she wasn't the brightest bulb, but she makes up for that in armpit hair.  But she's been shaving her armpits ever since then.

(I still can't believe that Production couldn't come up with a more accessible and acceptable slam on Natalie for the Zingbot to say.)

Nicole and Corey went downstairs and Paul said he's glad they told Nicole and Corey about it, so they won't get paranoid about seeing Natalie come upstairs.

Paul: And let's face it...she's probably going to be on our side after Thursday, so that's why I didn't tell them everything.  They might actually tell Natalie that they'll take her to the end, but we never really did her wrong, and they did, so we might be in a better position if she wins HoH.

Victor:  I don't want to risk it though.  Let's not risk it.


Hours later the PoV was over, and the Final Four were celebrating, because Corey won.  The PoV competition was still going on when BBAD started, but ended sometime during the first commercial break.

It sounds like they took turns completing a challenge, and after finishing, they watched the others compete on the HoH room TV screen, enjoying pizza and soft drinks.  The competition is apparently promoting the new MacGyver TV show that is premiering on CBS this fall.

(I say "new", but it's really a reboot of a classic TV series. MacGyver is a guy who can always use his wits to get out of a jam, making quick use of everyday items he finds laying around.)

Here's the Big Story: Natalie came very close to winning.  And this is all the ammunition Nicole needs to push her agenda to give Natalie the boot this week instead of James.

Corey is clean, so I'm not sure if he already showered somehow, or maybe he just didn't get dirty.  It sounds like they had to solve a puzzle by "going through lockers" and figuring out how to get a key out of something.  Corey says he noticed that the key chain looked like one of those squishy key chains that boaters use, so he immediately knew that he needed to put water in the container to make the key chain float.

It sounds like James really blew it.  Victor later said that one of James' problems was that he "didn't realize he needed the cord" when he went through the locker.

Nicole went first, and Natalie went second, but I heard Nicole say something about Natalie's turn taking so long due to "technical difficulties".  But her time to finish was very fast, and Nicole says she had to sit and listen to Natalie babble about it while they watched everyone else take their turn.

Nicole:  She kept saying, 'I'm from a third world country...if you give me a dollar I'll get to the United States with it", and 'I figured out Paris fourth', and I was like, yeah, okay...But then she kept saying that she knew she was going to lose, and she gets really mad if you say she's good at comps. She's all over the place.

They had to fill up something with water, and they discussed how many "shots" they each had to take.  They think that Production had to use new carpet each time, so that the competitors couldn't figure out the water angle from noticing wet carpet.

Nicole is very proud of Corey, and thankful that he won.

Corey:  Yeah, now I can use the PoV and you're going up on the block Nicole.  And then out the door.

They all laughed.  It's a joke, of course.

Nicole:  And she said that she did such a good job in the comp because she said she didn't give an Eff You Cee Kay about it...she said that.

Paul:  So she said she didn't give an Eff You Cee Kay?  You're  so cute, Nicole.

Victor asked out loud if he is supposed to leave the HoH room so "they" can put it back the way it was.  (I think the bed is gone.)

Victor:  Let's take the pizza downstairs and get it out of here.

Everyone wanted to save the barbecued chicken pizza but Victor said it was all gone.

Nicole and Victor started peeking in the boxes to consolidate the leftovers.  You can see that the pizza boxes all have the MacGyver logo on them.  Victor tossed a huge pepperoni slice in Nicole's pizza box and said there was a whole cheese pizza in the box on the bottom.

Downstairs James is re-hashing his efforts in the competition, saying that he could have won so easily if not for just one mistake.

Later I heard Nicole and Corey saying that they haven't talked to James in a long time, and they need to do that so they can "reel him back in".  I also heard Corey tell Nicole that he beat Victor at dominoes, and Nicole said that she told Corey that he needs to "keep letting Victor win".


Usually I can't fast-forward through the BBAD commercials fast enough.  But even then you still end up having to hear snippets of the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER again.  For example, that chorus girl singing the Florence and the Machine song....that one makes me crazy.  And also the Baywatch commercial, where David Hasselhoff is trying to give us valuable life advice.

But this one is a new one, and it's fun to watch the little cars rolling around the little glow-in-the-dark tracks. I don't understand how it works, but it doesn't matter because I won't be buying it.  It seems too inexpensive to work, right?

***CONSUMER TIP***  When you buy some of these items advertised on TV, they often tell you that you get a 2nd item free, if you pay only the extra shipping and handling.  Now THAT is what you need to ask about, because THAT is how they get you.  I have seen specific circumstances where someone says they do not want to pay the extra shipping and handling for the 2nd item, but they end up getting it free anyway, because it already comes packaged with the first item purchased.

I don't know if this is the case with Magic Tracks or not, just sharing some info.

Paul wanted to figure out whether Natalie or James would be the right person to evict for their games.  Victor said he wasn't sure, but Paul definitely seems to be pushing for Natalie to go, based on her ability to win comps, and James' lack of ability to win comps.

Paul:  James is not very intelligent....he just isn't.  He does horribly on mental comps.

Nicole: And look at this comp...his butt is ON THE LINE and he still didn't show up.

Nicole has made it very clear that Natalie needs to be the one to go....I know everyone is slamming Nicole for targeting the women, but once again I think her reasons make sense. Natalie is definitely a bigger competition threat than James is, but I'm not sure if she would be a better choice as far as Jury votes go.

But let's face it, once again the entire decision is up to Nicole and Corey, as the majority votes.  We can poke fun at their game play as much as we want, but the reality is that two crucial weeks in a row, they have had the deciding votes to evict.  Nicole is playing this game, ya'll.

The Final Four ended up tentatively agreeing that Natalie needs to go this week, but they want to make it a true blindside.  They all plan to say "I don't know yet" if they are asked about the vote.  They think Natalie is probably going to say all week that she knows she's going home, but in reality both she and James will be shocked if she is the one evicted.  They want James to be discombobulated for the next HoH competition.

Meanwhile Natalie is trying on clothes and fretting over which two outfits she should wear for the PoV ceremony, and then for the live show.  Natalie wants to look right when she meets Julie Chen. But she says things like that, and then goes on and on (and on) about how after James leaves she won't have anyone to talk to in the house.

(I think Natalie has been itching to be evicted for weeks now, to get a taste of the Jury life and to get away from the game.)

She tries the lace top, but it is tight and she thinks it is too much with the skirt.  She does want to let us know that the skirt is size 00, though.

She thinks her body is getting back on track, saying she only has 6-8 pounds to lose before being "back to normal".

The Final Four discussed Michelle for a little while, specifically how messy she left the house.  They all noticed that when Michelle was finished eating anything, she would sweep the remaining crumbs or pieces of food right off the table, on the floor, no matter what room she was in.

(Can you IMAGINE living with that?)

Victor:  That's why she had food stains all over her leggings.

Paul:  You know what my big problem with her was?  She would eat food by putting her whole hand in her mouth, like an infant.

Victor said he really liked Michelle as a person, but the game wasn't good for her and the stress sent her right off the rails.

Corey:  I'm tired of talking about Michelle.

Victor finally showered his PoV mess off, while Paul kept saying that he would really like a blunt right now.

Paul:  A blunt and a beer.  I would win every comp if I could have a blunt and a beer beforehand.

Victor:  That's what BB stands for...a blunt and a beer.


The time has come to talk about this "non-profit", since it's come up quite a few times this week, and is closely connected to the Big Brother community.

This "non-profit" organization first began making itself known after BB16 ended, with Caleb Reynolds doing a lot of promotion for the organization and it's events.  At that time, there were plans for some sort of TV show, but I'm not sure what the status of that initiative is.

You can clearly see on the Twitter profile on the left that it says it is a "501c Non-Profit" company.   Just so you know, you can't just "decide" to be a non-profit have to actually file paperwork and apply with the IRS for approval.  And the government oversight doesn't end annual tax filing must be made, and there are a number of public disclosures that must be made, including making the tax filing available to anyone who'd like to see it.  A non-profit tax filing (Form 990) includes information about how much money was raised, and what it was used for.  For example, how much of the money earned was used for the company's non-profit mission, and how much was spent on "overhead", as well as information regarding salaries paid to employees, and information about the Board of Directors.

These mechanisms are put in place to protect people---if you are going to donate your hard-earned money, you have a right to know where it went, and what it was used for.  I am all for charitable works....I donate regularly to causes that are important to me, and I also have a number of non-profit clients that I provide consulting and tax services for.  So I am quite familiar with the non-profit business arena, and I know what aspects seem ordinary, or in this case, extraordinary.

Here's what I know about Bullies Reality.  Let's start with the website (

First of all, maybe they just need to invest in a website update, because the current logo indicates that it's a reality show, while all of the current chatter identifies it as a "non-profit" or a "foundation".

And look who the Head Honchos are.....that is Derrick Levasseur's dad Tim and his wife Krissy.  Long-time readers know that I was a big Derrick fan during BB16, but this post has nothing to do with him.  In fact, I don't think Derrick is involved much, or at all with this "non-profit" organization.  I know he had some sort of fall out with his father after BB16, but I thought the source of the conflict was related to Tim's relationship with Caleb, but in retrospect I'm not sure about that, and Derrick certainly didn't say much about it. So I'm just going to leave Derrick out of this, other than to say that all I remember Derrick saying specifically about his dad on the BB16 live feeds was that Tim had some sort of business collecting and selling rare coins.

But apparently Tim is also a TV show creator and the CEO and/or President of a charitable organization.  These two also have an LLC that was created in 2015 that may or may not be related to the charitable effort----but apparently when the LLC was created the goal was to "make a movie".

And James considers himself to be heavily involved with Bullies Reality, and has discussed the charity and also his relationship with Tim many times on the BB18 live feeds  In fact, just last night on BBAD I heard James telling Natalie that he is careful to measure his words before speaking, so that he doesn't say anything to anyone that would cause him to not be able to make appearances with Bullies Reality.


I can't find Bullies Reality listed as an approved non-profit organization anywhere, not even on their own website....but they do say that on Twitter, and frequently identify it as a non-profit foundation every time we hear reality people talk about it.

As a CPA there are usually two places where I go to research non-profits for my clients, or to research prospective clients.

1.  IRS website - I recommend doing some investigation on any charity that wants your money, particularly small charities whose names are unfamiliar to you.  You can't deduct contributions to companies that aren't on the list, so there's that.

2. - This is another great resource that provides all sorts of information about qualified non-profit organizations, including access to tax filings and administrative information.

I couldn't find "Bullies Reality" listed anywhere, on either website.  It's possible that the corporate name is different.  For example, the "Hearts of Reality" organization operates under the GKTW, Inc charitable corporation.  Whenever I get a business inquiry from a non-profit organization, I ask for their IRS "determination letter", and they ALWAYS know exactly what I'm talking about, and asking them for.

So I tweeted some questions this morning, and will let you all know via an update to this post as soon as I get a response, one way or another.

Just to be clear, I'm ALL ABOUT helping people, but if donors are being MISLED or DECEIVED that is quite a different reality, and perhaps taking donation dollars away from organizations that are doing the right thing.


Before I even posted this, I did get a response from Bullies Reality, as follows:

If you start a business, one of the first things to do is to apply to the IRS for an EIN number, which is really just an SSN for a business.  It even has nine digits, too, just like your SSN, but there is only one dash in the series as you can see above.  It's great that Bullies Reality (i.e. Tim) replied to me, and in such a polite manner, but this has NOTHING to do with non-profit status.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  

So I'll let you know if anything is clarified further. As you know I am all about the facts.

 Rob Cesternino just did a whole podcast with Rodney from a recent season of Survivor, although Rob only introduced Rodney as a "friend of James", leaving many Big Brother fans scratching their heads.

And guess who else Rob didn't properly introduce?  Tim Lavasseur, who was with Rodney in the background of the podcast, since Rodney was apparently staying at his house.  Rodney (and Tim) wanted to discuss the way James is throwing his game away this season, and also to promote this big event they are throwing in James' honor in the town where he lives.

If you want to sell tickets to a party, and maybe donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity, that's one thing, but I find the whole situation confusing.  IS BULLIES REALITY A QUALIFIED NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION OR NOT?

Here are a few tidbits that I remember hearing about all of this over the summer, just off the top of my head.

*  James told Paulie that this Rodney fellow was moving to Texas (Austin,maybe?), telling Paulie that Rodney was looking for a roommate.

*  I heard James gush over how great a guy Tim was several times this summer, even mentioning once that if James ever needed any money, Tim was happy to give it to him, and frequently tells James to let him know if "he needs anything".

(I've worked, and do work, with 100's of small businesses, and that statement immediately got my attention. But maybe Tim is just really generous with his personal funds.  Who knows.)

*  Just last week James was trying to convince Natalie that she should move to Texas, mentioning that his friend could get her a job "at a non-profit".

*  I was under the impression that this organization was dedicated to empowering kids who are being bullied, but in the podcast Rodney said they are now going after "cancer, and anything else" that can harm people or kids.

Um....that's certainly a lofty ambition, but that's not the way a non-profit foundation works.  After I heard Rodney say that, I knew I was going to write about this topic. Something seems strange to me about all of this.

Look, if you want to take advantage of celebrity to do good things for people, that's great. But if you want to grab a piece of the limelight to mislead, or deceive, then the spotlight cuts both ways.  That's all I'm saying.

***UPDATE***  I wrote a follow up story about this, contained within this post.  Bullies Reality made some changes....


  1. I totally agree with you that this sounds a little fishy. I recently retired from a Texas non-profit after twenty-two years with the organization - with primary duties as the financial manager and participated monthly with our CPA. We both know there are multiple 501c designations - and it is suspicious to not name which one! Keep us posted -as I am interested in learning whether this is legit or a scam!

    1. Thank you for your input! I actually thought about getting into the 501c__ topic, but that is probably too much info for the casual reader who HATES tax stuff!

    2. I am an attorney who has filled out nonprofit paperwork many times. The EIN (which has just one dash) is indeed like a business SS number. And it does not indicate nonprofit status. In fact to become a nonprofit what is needed is to check a box on a state form. To become a 501c3 (or other) tax exempt nonprofit is another matter. It requires extensive paperwork and at least two rounds, a preliminary and review, which leads to the actual designation. It typically takes at least a year. It is not difficult to get particularly, but it does take time. Also, the only magic power it has it making it tax exempt and make donations tax deductable. A charity does not need to have this to be a charity, though typically a charity goes through this process. I don't know anything about this particular group, but I gather they are new and not having IRS tax exempt status is not conclusive of anything at this point. Additionally, they can still be a "nonprofit" without it.

    3. One of the objectives of being a non-profit company is the entity itself being exempt from income taxes.

      I'm certainly not an attorney, and don't give legal advice, but I would never file a Form 990 without proof of tax-exempt status. A "pending approval" 9990 can be filed if an entity can prove that they have filed the application and gone through all of the red tape you mention above. That process isn't free, either. I think the application fee is around $800 now, and it can indeed take years to get approval.

      Thanks for your legal info....everyone likes to talk crap about attorneys...until they need a good one.

  2. Is this organization what James is the "staff recruiter" for? He would be recruiting "celebrities", essentially?

    1. Hmmm. That is a VERY interesting question. I have heard James refer to Tim as his boss, but he usually says "friend". I've also heard James say he works in a big office with a bunch of ladies, so I always assumed he recruited workers over the phone... I think he would be good on the phone with his personality and deep voice.

      I also don't mean to imply that I think James is doing anything wrong....I do think he believes in what he believes to be a qualified non-profit, and has good intentions about it, of course.

  3. Okay so on top of writing the BEST Big Brother blog out there, you should be a detective for the IRS! They seem to need a few good people looking out to save the legit charities! Thank you for everything you do, but mostly for making me laugh!
    On a lighter note, I really thought you would have mentioned Victor's "look" last night after the comp. He showed another side for his acting career! I vote Victor for a cameo on this MacGyver show and I will watch.

  4. Thanks for the info on the "Bullies Foundation". This is the type of thing that really gets my goat **no ref to corey :)) Many Many Reality fans donate blindly because of a player they want to support, not because of the actual cause. I ALWAYS suggest if it's a cause someone feels strongly about giving to, go directly to the cause & donate to ensure 100% of it goes to the cause. In the case of "Bullies" I would assume a portion of the donations goes to Rodney & Tim Lavasseur in the form of "operating"costs. The BIG question is "how much?" Cant wait to hear what you find out. I feel a whole separate column needs to be dedicated to this topic & investigation. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  5. Just to add to your list, about an hour ago, Nicole asked James who would come to the finale for him. She assumed his roommate but he told her Tim is going to come.

    1. Wow. I know James really looks up to Tim.

      I'm sure Tim will be right there for all of the parties and events, too. I'm sure James can count on that.

  6. RE "Bullies Reality" I am really happy you posted about this and it needs to get out. I am also working for a non-profit and accounting, and felt exactly the same especially after listening to RHAP yesterday. I also did a little bit of research, with the same thoughts as you, though I am from Canada. They claim to have helped 134 kids, but there is no link to check on the names. I looked everywhere for Financial Statements and found None. I checked out the reality members involved, and they are B or C rate people, such as I view James. I feel this is a 'scam' that Tim has come up with bouncing off his son's win. The people involved aren't burning bright lightbulbs. Unless or until I see proof they are a legit nonprofit, I don't believe it, and people need to be cautioned.

    1. I'm in Canada too. In Quebec a non profit has to be part of some sort of order. Like a lot of things. The Provincial government regulates so much, it's insane. But it does weed out the sketchy folk when it comes to things like this, I presume. I didn't watch that RHAP. I know that Rob remains as neutral as possible when trneding sketchy waters, if he suspected it wasn't legit, he wouldn't let on, but might let CBS know privately. I saw a documentary once that showed a guy scamming people to work for him, calling people to get them to donate and the workers got paid, but after a few weeks, the guy would disappear and all the money received with him. He'd emerge somewhere else under a different name, different organisation, to get more money, pay people and disappear, leaving the ''employees'' scratching their heads.Sounds to me this is something very siimilar. Sounds to me Derrick knows his dad and if this is sketch, it could be the reason they don't talk. Derrick's dad migt be getting money through scams and Derrick the cop can't be associated with that and might not have enough proof to stop him himself. Who knows. But the fact that he stopped talking to his dad is telling IMO.

  7. Fyi, my son has the glow in the dark race track and loves it. It snaps together easily and works well.

    1. QVC promotes this cool toy at Xmas time. Hard to believe, because of the low cost, but twister tracks totally work. Bought them 5 Yrs sgp. Bought again as a gift, and will do so again. It's 1 of those things kids actually play with.

    2. Twister Trax totally work. I know, hard to believe, for the money.
      QVC sells them at XMAS tine. Bought 1st set like 5 Yrs ago. Gifted another set. And will gift them again. It's 1 of those toys they 'actually' play with.

  8. Sounds like a con artist to me.

  9. Preach my homie! I agree with you FeedWatcher! You always tell it like it is! =P xoxo...


  10. To quote a bearded man: SKETCH! Like the mosquito buzzing around me trying to get at me lol

    Keeping James is best for NiCorey. Keeping Natalie is best for the Sitting Ducks. But if they're all on the same page and want Nat out, they just need to ensure that James does not win HoH. My worry is if Nicole wins HoH again, she takes pity on James and doesn't want him gone. If Corey wins, he's broing down with F4 all the way. If Paul wins, it could go either way. The Sitting Ducks need to start thinking of the game plan once they hit F4, and all scenarios if whoever wins, who needs veto for them both to be safe. They might need to let Nicorey win for F5 so they can both compete for F4.

  11. PS, I'm an EX-Scientologist... I wish the IRS had you on their team to revoke it's 1993 tax exempt status that it still has.. Believe me, people like you would get the job done! Watch "Going Clear" documentary if you have no idea what I'm talking about... Much love (and respect) FW! =)


    1. Hey Rick...I actually read the book AND saw the HBO documentary.

      I'm not in any way comparing Bullies Reality to Scientology, however. But the deal with Scientology is that they are indeed a tax-free corporation, as are other church-related organizations. I know the critics say that if that tax-free status was rescinded, then the church itself would fizzle out, but who knows.

      You may find this old post from 2010 interesting, as it discusses how Brendon once worked for the Scientologists, and then Ragan chimed in that he was well-acquainted with an insider.

    2. Oh, saweeet... I never knew the story about Brendon, thx for the link FW!

  12. Wow - this is what newspaper journalism used to do in this country - congrats!!!!! I love your blog but this is sensational stuff - sounds like CBS is fostering this scam - WOW. Just my opinion, but enough here to paint James and CBS by implication and knowledge as involved in a not for profit scam. Just my opinion, sounds really dirty - wow - why did they bring James back? Why is there so much BB and survivor crossover? Under the table payments to cbs for casting? This has all the makings of a major scandal! Will anyone pick up the ball and run with it??????????

    1. No...CBS has nothing to do with this mess.

      They brought James back because thousands of people who are not me just loved his "funny" pranks and his "love affair" with Meg. He won AFP, for gods sake!

      And Julie Chen says he is Les Moonves' favorite player. That will get you on just about any show on CBS, I'm sure.

    2. Yeah, I got a little carried away there, but thanks again for doing this research and reporting on it. Please do follow-ups. Your blog is the best. It really was eye-opening and I think you are really on to something with that Bullies research. It will be interesting to hear Derrick's take on all of this when the blank hits the fan (my guess is that it will).

  13. Wow - sensational - James is a feeder for a scam non-profit? Is he funneling money to CBS people?

  14. Love the way most of the replies are anonymous. I feel you should have the balls to put your name with your opinion, but unfortunately this is how the Internet works. Feedwatcher how about solid proof before you go ruining peoples names. Guess you wouldn't have a blog if you did that.

    1. Thanks for your input, but I think you missed the part where I requested "solid proof" from the charity itself.

      Tim L. put himself out there as soon as his son made a name for himself playing Big Brother, and continues to do so, attaching himself to a wide array of CBS reality stars.

      Please feel free to go ahead and write him a big check if you want one is stopping you.

      And my blog is all about THE FACTS of what happened on the live feeds, with my opinions about it thrown in. If I really wanted to bury Tim L. I would have written a separate post about the matter and made it the headline, but instead it's buried at the bottom of a rather long and boring post.

      And just because someone uses their name on the internet, it doesn't mean it is their real name. I didn't even allow comments for years when I first started this, and only opened up comments to Anonymous posters a few seasons ago.

    2. Ha, loved your perfectly reasoned, polite reply to this "person." Hey Richard, I would like to correspond with you about your opinions - could you provide your name and street address? Like you I prefer postal mail to email. I'm sure you will have "the balls" to do that, right?

    3. What ya want to talk about Pete R? Talk to me right here. I wasn't addressing you personally so not sure what your beef is. My problem is with people with their opinions that constantly hide behind a fake names. Oh no I'm not a moron not going to post my street address or other info.

    4. That's not our fault, this site doesn't have disqus or any easy way to respond unless you have an account with some weird deal like live journal, word press...I don't know how you even get an account like that and why should you when you can easily answer under anonymous. Don't blame us, blame the site for giving us these options.

    5. Rest assured I will not clear any posts with addresses or contact information in them.

      I'm not happy with Blogger...they do not follow up timely on problems that I've had with posting and now there is an issue with my posts automatically being posted to Twitter.

      I'm tempted to switch to another blogger interface (if that's the correct term..not a techie) but I'm not sure it would be worth the hassle, or if it would improve anything.

      I wouldn't want to lose any historical content, so there's that, too.

    6. Richard - my "beef" is the notion that you complain about people posting under "Anonymous" but you also basically remain anonymous yourself. You smartly refused to identify yourself more fully than "Richard StClair," indicating that you believe bosting under a common name like "Richard StClair" somehow differentiates you from Anonymous posters. Do you really think it does? If so, would a posting by "Joe Smith" be any different than posting under Anonymous? I just wanted to expose the hypocrisy in your line of thinking.

      And I applaud Feedwatcher for the follow up not allowing personal contact info to be posted. That is not the purpose here. Neither is it too demean other posters who don't go to the trouble of making up a name to post under.

  15. Thanks so much for including the info about this "non-profit" organization in your column. I will be very interested to see what info you get back from them. It all sounds very fishy and something just isn't right. A dishonest non-profit is super disgusting and needs to be exposed. Thanks again, please keep us informed.

  16. Please keep us posted on this non-profit stuff. It's good that you're digging into it.

  17. James has mentioned many times that Tim represents him. I assume as some sort of agent. Several times now he has asked Tim through the live feeds to book him some meet & greets.

    I recall Derrick on the BB16 feeds saying he did not get along with his dad. Then post show discovered his dad had made regular visits to a local radio station in TX discussing BB. Caleb, Cody and Derrick were invited to be on that show and also made some type of club appearance. Caleb was presented a truck from Tim and subsequently began filming for a TV show (mentioned in your post.) According to rumor Derrick warned Caleb to be careful of his dad and it wasn't long there was a falling out between Tim & Derrick. Caleb chose Tim's side and Cody chose Derrick's. The TV show eventually fell through. Then last year the Bullies appearances picked up again but this time as meet & greet types and not as a TV show. And once BB17 ended it seemed Tim had connected with James and somehow became his manager.

    I do find the entire thing sketchy. I always fall back on Derrick's words of warning about his own dad. No idea what their relationship is now but many times Tim has been referred to as a "TV producer." Seems he has many titles. This charity thing just adds more mystery.

    Keep up the good detective work. I am curious to see where this leads.

  18. A taxable entity search for the State of Texas shows "Bullies Reality" as an active taxable entity. The key here is the word "taxable". The State of Texas is very friendly to non-profits. If you have an approved determination letter from the IRS, Texas will determine you to be non-taxable to the State as well. The only other reason a non-profit may be listed under the taxable entity search is if they have sales or other production/manufacturing tax issues. Considering their business model as vaguely described in all their public interfaces, other taxes should not apply. Furthermore, Texas has a non-profit database much like the IRS and they are not listed there. Also, Tim is listed as the Agent of Record and the taxable search shows them as active yet without the public information report that is required to be filed annually. It is all rather fishy. I am in the same line of work as you except as an EA instead of a CPA. Non-profits are the bane of my existence but I still somehow manage to not run them all off. In conclusion, let me wish you peace and sleep after Oct 17th. May all the procrastinators find their documents and and may all corporations provide you with an accurate P&L.

  19. I am the lawyer who posted above about 501c3 status. I am a feed watcher as well and vaguely remember Derrick talking about his father. I don't know any of these people, but I would hesitate to make assumptions. This guy Tim could be suspect, or he could be trying to build something. It's hard to know. TV producers and managers all seem a little sleazy, frankly, but that doesn't mean they are doing anything wrong necessarily. Everything new starts out new and both the entertainment industry and the nonprofit industry are difficult to succeed in. I'm not defending Tim (I don't know him), just saying that it's easy to read the worst (or the best) into a small amount of information and personal opinions. Derrick seems like a good guy, but he also parlayed his BB life into more entertainment opportunities -- which is totally fine -- but that could be looked at poorly too, if that was one's goal. Who knows? Family dynamics are very complicated.

    1. As a lawyer, do you know how we could get an investigation on this? I have met Tim, and I know for a fact that he has multiple houses in multiple states and vacations quite a bit. I'd like to know where the money donated to Bullies Reality is actually going...

  20. Well this is a prime example of Reality stars not knowing what to do after reality tv. It seems like their making up a fake organization to stay relevant, hang out with each other, and fund their lives. How about going to school; getting job. This is sad because I'm a huge fan of both Derrick and James but this "non-profit" does seem sketchy. I never never donate to an organization if they aren't willing to be transparent.

  21. is there any follow up to this? did anybody provide any documentation about their non-profit status?


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