Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PoV Aftermath: James Calls For His Script, Forgets His Lines. #BB18

We knew it was going to happen, and it's not like we haven't been here before this season, but Victor was finally evicted for good last night during the "secretly taped" live eviction show. Victor left the game as expected, with class and the attitude of someone who knows this was only a game.  A game he wanted desperately to win, but part of being a good sport is losing gracefully.

And some people in the audience SCREAMED when he came bounding out, tossing his Big Brother duffel bag to the side, but asking Julie only seconds later if he should go back and pick it up.

The voting for America's Favorite Player should start tonight after the live show.  There are a number of notable Big Brother pundits (RHAP, Big Brother Gossip, Miss Cleo) who are endorsing Victor for AFP, and I am right there with them.  If we want him to win, we can't split the vote, and we must remember to vote the maximum every day until the finale.  Just imagine how happy the Puerto Rican Sensation will be when he realizes how much we appreciate his hard work this summer.

A few notes:

*  Victor got off on a bad start with me during the premiere episode.  Nicole was the first veteran to pop out of the blue trunk, and she was very awkward about it, obviously nervous and looking around to see who the other veterans were.  She chose to wander around and look at the bedrooms and immediately after she left the room, Victor told the other newbies that Nicole "already had a chance to win Big fact, she had TWO chances" to win and he wanted her gone immediately.  I thought this was WAY too aggressive to say in a group on the first day, and I didn't like him picking on Nicole. (I actually like Nicole.)  I'm just pointing this out due to the IRONY of Victor having THREE chances to win.  I predict both Victor and Nicole may be horrified but amused when they eventually watch this scene.

*  After Victor came back in the game the first time, he told Paul that he was having a much better time, because previously he felt so uncomfortable in every room, in every group the first time around.  Victor said he felt lonely and out-of-place, but when he returned he was having fun, enjoying himself and making friends.  As a live feed watcher, I think that was obvious.

*  Victor made a number of mistakes in his game, but one thing that can't be mistaken is that he wanted to win, and played that way. And he also wasn't afraid to address people directly with news of his plans, and was always informative without getting personal.  I watched Victor give some very bad news to people several times this summer, but he didn't waiver or blame his decisions on anybody else.  And in all cases the Bad News Recipients walked away feeling respected, some even shaking Victor's hand.

*  I think Victor could have won the season if he got to the Final Two, which is why he became such a big target in the final stages of the game.

*  If you're a Victor fan and you haven't watched him skip rope in the backyard, you missed a good show.  Surely someone captured that on You Tube....


After more than a 24-hour break, the live feeds returned last night soon after the PoV competition ended. And Paul was the winner again, for the second competition in a row.  Paul sure picked a good time to start winning competitions.  I think he plays a lot harder when he needs to win, obviously.

Paul nominated Nicole and Corey for eviction, and is not expected to use the PoV, leaving them both on the block for tonight's live eviction.

You could hear a pin drop in the Tokyo Room, as Nicole and Corey adjusted to their new reality of both being at the mercy of other players.  And with five players left in the game, it's the worst time for them to have the gun pointed directly at them.

It's tense.  You can feel the nervous tension in the room.

James will be the only voter on tonight's show.  I think he might even have to stand up and do it live in the living room, since there will be no reason for his vote to be hidden in the DR.  Julie won't have to do any math tonight to tally the vote.

Corey wanted to know what James was going to do, and James couldn't seem to spit out a complete sentence.

James:  Well, it's what Paul wants, and I, I don't know, it's up to him, and...

Corey: It's not up to him!  You can do what ever you want to do!

James:  Well, uh, I think that....uh....yeah....uh...I don't know....I'll have to ask him....

(I remember James having balls last season...don't know what happened to those in the last 12 months.)

They turned the light on, and that didn't help James find his balls any easier.  They wore shirts that said "BB Prankster" on them, but I don't know what kind of competition it was.  Probably another new one.

I have to say I loved the starry curtains that formed the backdrop for the last HoH competition.  There was three-dimensional  texture there, and some sparkle.  I think those curtains would be great decorating a banquet hall for a wedding reception or something.   Maybe even as the shower curtain in my guest bathroom.

Nicole is very quiet, often hiding her head under the blanket during the conversation.  She can't say she wasn't nominated this season anymore, which is something Paul and James discussed in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  Paul pointed out that if James and Nicole were both in the Final Two, Nicole would be able to say she never sat on the block this summer, but James couldn't say that.

Paul:  We need to take that argument away from her, James.

Nicole was concerned that Corey "would be mad at her" if she didn't make a plea to Paul to use the PoV, or even to sacrifice herself.

(I think those are two VERY different things, but it's tricky for her right now.  If she makes the case for Paul to target James by using the PoV to put him on the block, Paul could tell James that, which is not a good situation with James being the only voter.)

Corey said of course he won't be mad at her.  But he is irritated at James for being such a wuss about the situation.  I think Corey just wanted to know what the vote could be, so he could stop stressing about it and get some sleep.

Nicole kept saying that she needed to get some sleep to be ready for the Wednesday night HoH comp, but Corey said he wasn't tired yet.  Some people think that Corey finally got his Adderall prescription in the last few weeks, leading to an obvious improvement in his performance and conversational abilities.  But if that happened, I didn't hear about it.  I have heard Corey discuss his planned college tour road trip with Victor in the last few weeks, saying they would load up on "Adderall, Z-packs, and other stuff".

(I don't know what a "Z-pack" is for, but the trip does sound fun....)

Nicole left to go upstairs and talk to Paul, and Corey just sat and stared.  I think he knows he's going, but he just wants to hear the truth.  Nicole got a confirmation from Paul that he wanted her to stay, but of course Paul isn't voting tonight.  They made a Final Two deal though, agreeing to give James the boot when the time comes for that.

Paul:  Nicole, if you cut me at Final Three I swear I'll cut your bun off and sell it on Ebay.

Nicole giggled, but Paul better get those sharpened scissors ready, because Nicole and Corey talked about her Final Two with James several times last night.  Corey calls Nicole "Snake-ole" which is funny to me.  Did you notice that Corey said "frickin" on the CBS show last night?

Poor Nicole.  She really thinks that not sacrificing herself for Corey will make "the best guy she's ever met" mad at her, causing him to never speak to her again.  I hate to break it to her, but she and Corey will only be friends after the season is over.  They might be Friends with Benefits if the situation allows, but even though Corey is fond of her, it's not the love affair she wants it to be.  And all of us girls can relate to her situation in some way.  It hurts, but it's a delicious pain that will sweeten with time and make a great story on Nicole's Romantic Resume.

James went up to the HoH Suite with his tail between his legs, telling Paul that "they're down there going crazy, wantin' to know and stuff".

(I didn't see anyone "goin' crazy", at least not on the outside.)

I am showing you the next few pictures to pay homage to the shady editors who worked on BBAD this season.  They were always cutting back and forth to play up the drama, and the laughs.  And no one was shadier than the BBAD employee responsible for writing the "news crawl" that scrolls twice at the top of every hour.

This "news crawl" is intended to bring people up to speed with who is on the block, who is the HoH, and also any notable goings-on in the house at the moment.  All season long, the news crawl has been subtly shady about Nicole and Corey, making fun of Corey's blank stares and boring personality.

(And they made fun of other stuff, too...)

Take a look at the news crawl below...they are going to miss making fun of NiCorey, I'll bet.

But they're not afraid to poke some fun at James, either, saying that James is "asking for an easy way out" as far as blaming his vote on Paul.

James:  I just wanna say that you saved me by not putting me on the block, so I'm gonna do what you want me to do.

This crawl was too long to capture, but it said there was "trouble in Nico-adise", adding that Paul slept like a baby.

(An ugly baby, to be sure, but one who is well-rested.  It's good to be king.)

Also, there is at least one night per week where BBAD shows viewer tweets periodically at the bottom of the screen.  These tweets are often BRUTAL, slamming the house guests in a shocking manner.

(Not shocking to anyone who has spent longer than three minutes on Twitter, but shocking when compared to the saccharine tweets displayed on the CBS show.  BBAD don't GAF, ya'll, and I was here for it this summer.)

Corey came up later and is now pretty sure that he's going home tonight.  Paul told him about some girl he knows (maybe his sister) who is well-connected with the Disney child stars.  Paul assures Corey that she "knows EVERYBODY" and will be in a great position to help Corey boost his app.

(I talked about Corey's app way back in the pre-season.)

Paul also offered to forfeit the HoH Suite for the night, so Corey could stay with Nicole up there, but Corey said he prefers their little corner of the Tokyo Room.  Corey admitted he was superstitious and hopes sleeping in the HoH room last week didn't contribute to his situation now.

(Lots of athletes are VERY superstitious.)

They played some cards and joked about America's Favorite Player.  Paul assures Corey that he'll probably win, because he won a Care Package and is so well-liked by everyone.  Paul thinks Victor is too hot-headed to win AFP, and I don't remember what he said about James.  If he mentioned James, that is.

Paul:  Imagine fucking Zakiyah winning AFP?

Corey: Or Jozea, after all of the mentions he's gotten on TV.

They laugh and say they can't believe America gave Big Meech a Care Package.

(America couldn't believe it, either.)


I would be remiss not to mention Paul's fantastic speech last night.  It was really a roast of the house guests, and his comic timing was on point.  I know there are a lot of international readers here who may not have seen last night's show yet, so here are Paul's "roast" comments.

*  James - I know this isn't your first time at the rodeo, but it might be your last, because Natalie sure took you for a ride all summer.

*  Nicole - You remind me of an animal, but Ssssssssssssssssssss  I can't think of what that is.

*  Corey -  You say you are a baseball player, but it's been all summer and you haven't even gotten to first base with Nicole.

(In Corey's eviction speech tonight he plans to say that he won't leave the house without getting to first base with Nicole, before dipping her for a big kiss....their first public kiss of the season.)


  1. Paul used to date a Disney chick, Oana Gregory. I'm sure parents out there and/or the tween set may know the show (Crash and Bernstein) (???)

    Also, I think the "Z Pack" is an antibiotic (azithromyocin) that some states allow their doctors to give out like candy. I used to listen to a Houston radio show where listeners called in and talked about how easy it was to get whenever they had a minor infection.

    I don't even want to know what type of things Corey would need antibiotics for.

  2. A Z-pack?? Isn't that a high dose antibiotic that you take on a gradient dose? Like 3 pills the first day, then 2, etc? Are they planning on needing to knock out an STD on the road?
    A couple high points:
    -"Paul thinks Victor is too hot-headed to win AFP, and I don't remember what he said about James. If he mentioned James, that is."
    -"They laugh and say they can't believe America gave Big Meech a Care Package.

    (America couldn't believe it, either.)"

    Oh the shade of it all. I sure hope you're blogging BB OTT!

    1. I listen to the live feeds while I work, and the shady comments they say just jump out at me. I probably will do something for BB OTT, but I want to see who's playing and what the format is before I commit to anything.

      I know they want to bang it out before the holiday season, but I think a lot of the hardcore live feeder fans are burnt out right now. Maybe we all need a few Z-packs to pep us back up. Or better yet, some Adderall...yum yum yum.

      Speed is fun, but scary.

  3. Before I comment, full disclosure: I'm a NiCorey fan. I agree with your assessment that they probably won't be more than friends with benefits however, I think he truly does care for her. All summer I've read how he's just playing her and will drop her as soon as the season is over but I don't believe that. The last few times the guys have talked about the wrap party he always brought up Nicole and shook his head no when Vic talked about picking up girls.
    On another note, I can't stand James this year. His convo with Nicole and Corey last night was painful to watch. He is in the final 3 and STILL not playing the game. He is going to do what Paul wants? How about you do what is best for your own damn game? Although I think Paul has played a decent game, I think Nicole beats him. I think she beats either of them but would have a tougher time against James. It'll be interesting to see which final 2 deal Paul sticks with. I think he thinks he has a better shot against Nicole but I'm not sure that's the right move for him.

  4. I am so disappointed that Victor was evicted. He really fought hard to stay in the game and that is what I like to see in a BB player. I have a feeling we will be seeing him again in BB All-stars, Survivor, and maybe even Amazing Race with Paul, which would be fun to watch.

    1. Would love to see PaVi on TAR!

    2. OMG, that duo would make THE BEST pair on TAR ever! I can just imagine them navigating in taxis, figuring out instructions, getting lost, and the roadblock comps? What a wonderful and exciting energy and insanity they'd bring to TAR! Who do we petition to get them on the show? lol

  5. I think Paul had a better chance of getting to the f2 if he evicted Nicole (or told James to). I think Nicole and James will definitely take each other over Paul. They have history, a rumored f2, and are vets who made it to the end against the odds. If Corey would have stayed, he might have been mad at James for booting Nicole or grateful to James for saving him. Either way his response wasn't guaranteed like Nicole's will be. Z-packs are a strange thing to mention bringing on a road trip. Byob and don't forget the amoxicillin. Weird.

    1. I originally was sure Nicole would take James to final 2 if she got the chance, but after listening to Paul's rationale to her about why James would win if he got that far (as in who would vote for him in jury, who hates whom, etc) I think Nicole will take Paul because their chances with the jury are more equal. Too many people in Jury hate Nicole and love James and I think she feels James would win against her. At least, I hope she takes Paul and vice versa. As Paul said, James hasn't done anything all summer and shouldn't be rewarded with a final 2 chance to win.

      I'm SMH at myself because I really liked James last summer and I can't believe how horribly he's played this year and how weak and pitiful he seems. People complain that Nicole and Corey didn't do anything this summer but lay in bed, which they did, but they also played the game from there and have won comps when necessary, and made big and risky moves. I'd like to ask their haterz to explain what James did all summer other than follow Natalie around. "Biggest disappointment of the summer" vote winner? James Huling IMO, he doesn't deserve to win BB18 and I certainly couldn't respect his game or win if were to actually happen.

    2. That just means you've been played, because that has been James's game all along. Some people like big flashy things and others appreciate subtle gameplay. The object isn't to win comps, it is to win the game.

  6. Victor has received more than his share of preferential treatment this season from CBS. He complains about being a victim more than Natalie did.

  7. Victor earned everything he got. Something I can't say for others like Corey, Nicole and James. I hope Paul wins, and for sure want to see Nicole WITH NOTHING. She has had two trips so far and made a fool out of herself this time. I feel sorry for anyone who is hospitalized and has her as a nurse.

  8. "Z-Packs" are XANAX, people! Not antibiotics! Well, it means that too; for you an I, of course. However, Corey's reference about loading up on Adderall can only mean Z-Packs are for when they come down from the Adderall binge, no?

    1. That's why we need your help Holly! That nickname makes no sense, but the concept does. I guess Corey is a pill popper.

      But there is some sort of accelerated package of pills for sinus infections, etc. that was called a Z Pack at some point. I remember the box was purple.

    2. OK....I think I just got it.

      It's a "Zzzzzz" pack, because it helps you sleep after speeding on Adderall.

      Duh. Ha ha.

  9. Yes, those are also called Z-Packs because the antibiotic is called Zithromax (generic for azithromycin). I suspected Corey was being rather enthusiastic over some antibiotics!


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