Monday, September 19, 2016

Let's Get Drunk and Tweet. #BB18

Last night the Final Three clustered together in the backyard, talking a bunch of frickin' bullcrap, as usual.

Then suddenly Paul appeared in the backyard clutching a bottle of Merlot and three cans of beer.  Those white blobs are related to glare---I took this picture three times and they showed up every time.  Sorry about that.

Perhaps they are "orbs" that some people feel are evidence of ghosts or spirits.  However I feel it is more likely related to glare from the sliding door.  Who knows.

Nicole:  Is there a Coors?  Is there a can of Coors?  YES, there is a can of Coors.

Nicole:  See, Corey and I had the same favorite beer, we have the same favorite pie, and we've both never seen the movie Titanic.

Paul:  Maybe it's meant to be.

This little exchange kind of ties right in to the Mean Tweet displayed at the bottom of the screen.  That's right, last night was the "Orwell Games" on BBAD.  I recognize the name of this tweeter as the "Night Owl" who won a trip to the BB17 finale last year, so I guess getting your tweets published on the show can pay off.

(If I lived in LA and could go to the Finale, I might try to give the Mean Tweeters a run for their money to win that prize.)

Paul wants to get a tattoo on his throat when he's more "established" and can shave off his beard.  He says his friends told him that area doesn't hurt at all when compared to getting a back tattoo.

James:  But then if you grow the beard back you won't see it.

Paul:  Yeah, but I'd know it's there.  And that's what matters to me.

Paul showed them a tattoo he has on the inside of his lip, near the gum line.  "Now THAT one hurt", he tells them.  He also said that tats in this area don't last long if they are near the lips, where more fat is located.  (Or something like that.)

I find it strange that no one discusses the content of tattoos much anymore.  No one asked him what the throat tattoo would be, and there was no discussion about the lip tattoo.  Nicole did say she wants to get one that says "Love Stinks" and put it in a "private" spot.  (on the hip bone, I think)  Paul suggested "Love Sucks" instead, but Nicole doesn't want to use language like that.  James indicated that he wants to get a tattoo on his arm, but Paul told him he might as well get a full sleeve.

I don't know where BBAD gets the questions for these "Night Owl" polls.  I imagine a lot of evil cackling in the control room as everything plays out on POP TV.

This poll asked the viewers which female BB player is the best role model.  I am proud to say that Bridgette took the win, edging out Nicole and Natalie by a few percentage points.  Da'Vonne did not place well, even as the lone mother in the group.  And Zakiyah didn't even make the list.  Shocking, I know.

Each of them finished their can of beer and then they split the bottle of Merlot, with Nicole and James choking it down despite the taste.  Nicole kept holding the wine in her mouth before swallowing.  Paul said this would make it harder for her to drink it, but Nicole reported that Donny Thompson "taught" her that trick, saying that the alcohol would be absorbed by her gums.

(Um....what?  What kind of "advice" is that?  Have you seen what red wine does to your teeth and gums? That sounds like something you'd do in prison with the juice of rotten fruit.  I watch 60 Days In...I know how that works.)

As James drained his glass of wine and went inside to put a frozen pizza in the oven, he announced "Mama didn't raise no bitch", a clear call back to Corey's recent nomination speech.

BBAD would like to make it clear that BBOTT will not be broadcast on POP TV.  They have other plans, perhaps with Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns, based on the commercials that have been appearing lately.

Paul takes advantage of James' absence to discuss how sure James seems to be that Paul will take him to the end.

Nicole:  I know.  He's sure about it.  He mentioned it to me earlier that he didn't know who would win with the Jury if he was up against you in the end.

Paul just keeps on stressing to her that there is NO WAY he is taking James, and she seems to be genuine in her responses back to him.  Nicole certainly seems to plan to take Paul to the end if she wins HoH, but I heard her practicing her speech and arguments to the Jury and she said something interesting:

Nicole: I didn't nap all day, or chase someone around all of the time.

(Um....aside from arguing whether this sentence is indeed true or not, it would seem she's comparing herself to James, which she would not need to do if James is the last member of the Jury.)

And now it's time for another BBAD "Night Owl" poll.  Once again, I'm imagining a control room full of teenagers giggling and drunk with power.  I didn't see the results of the poll, but I don't think we need to...the only positive attribute to choose was "strong", and I'm pretty sure that wasn't the word chosen by the pollsters.

Nicole is getting very tipsy, and both guys admit that they feel buzzed.  Rather than enjoying the bottle of wine (which must not be very tasty), all three of them gulped it like taking medicine.  And there is another Mean Tweet calling Nicole out for being duplicitous.

James wondered if any Asians have ever won Big Brother.  Nicole responded quickly with Jun's name.

James:  Well, I made history by being the first Asian to win America's Favorite Player.

(I think James was implying first that he thought he would win the game this season, but no one commented on it.  To his face, anyway.)

Nicole starts with the drunken banter now, going on and on about how difficult it was for her to come into the game as a veteran this season.

Nicole:  I didn't know if it was going to be All Stars, or half and half...I had no idea.  So I walked in here and found myself outnumbered by 12 strangers!

Then they discussed James winning AFP for the 1,000th time this year.  Paul remembers that Johnny Mac was very popular, and wonders if James' win was at risk.

James:  Johnny Mac was nipping at my heels...I got out and saw some of his DR sessions..he was coming for me.

Nicole, with drunken anger in her voice:  I know who my least fave was last year...when I saw Johnny Mac's bio it said his least favorite players were Dan, Ian and Nicole.

Nicole: SHOUT OUT TO ANDY HERREN!   I hope you're watching me and rooting me on!  You're the BOMB.COM, Andy!

She launched into a story about how three weeks before she came in the house this season, she was out in Chicago with Andy and Hayden, and they called up Johnny Mac to have a chat.

Nicole:  I Let him HAVE IT about his CBS bio, and said I wasn't digging him at all.

Johnny Mac doesn't remember the conversation the same way Nicole does.

And while we're at it, here are Johnny Mac's comments about Nicole's DR sessions, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Matt Hoffman and Frank Eudy both had something to say about that "explosive confrontation" in the Jury House.  Stuff like this really makes me miss Matt....I would love to see him play BB again some day.

And Victor seems to have some fans among the veterans.  Brendon and Rachel have both been supporting Victor for AFP, too.  He made an impression, that's for sure.  Meg also says in the article that she is rooting for Paul to win the season.

There are tons of candid, rather shady comments in the article, which you can read in it's entirety here.

This Night Owl Tweeter had a sick burn for Nicole after hearing her comments a few minutes ago about wondering how many veterans would be in the house.  I always appreciate someone who uses restraint with hashtags.

And the Nicole haters are out tonight, aren't they?  (Along with more "orbs".)  I kind of wish I had paid attention to the "Orwell Games" nights on BBAD earlier in the season, where there were more "targets" for the Night Owls to hit with their barbs.

James mentioned that Victoria from Nicole's season "calls him all the time".

Paul: What, to get advice from you?

James: No, just to talk about life.

Nicole, with exasperation in her voice:  She calls EVERYBODY.

Paul:  Oh.

Paul also gave a shout out to Frankie Grande.

Paul:  Frankie, I think you're funny and cool as fuck.  I don't care what anyone says.

This afternoon I heard Paul ask Nicole if she still talks to Frankie, and if she can introduce them.  Nicole assured him that he'll be at the Finale, probably with Derrick and Cody whom he is still very close with.

The pizza is still cooking.  The guys wanted pepperoni pizza, but Nicole talked them into making a cheese pizza, and decorating it with cut up veggies.

Nicole is too buzzed to wait 8 minutes, so she grabbed some sort of leftovers from the fridge and started eating.  They wondered who set the oven to report in Spanish.

Paul:  Either Natalie or Victor.

James:  I don't think Victor would do that.

(I think he would, particularly once he knew he was leaving.)

Nicole: Spanish is the language of love!

(Meg would agree, I think.)

The tulips are pretty.  I think they must have been delivered with the champagne breakfast they enjoyed earlier this week.

Finally the pizza was ready, and Nicole was just chomping at the bit to get a piece of it.

It's obviously a knife-and-fork situation, with all of those chunky toppings.

And yet another BBAD poll, chock full of snarky hatred towards Nicole.  I have to laugh at choice "D".  They just don't like her AT ALL in that control room.

Damn.  Another brutal Nicole tweet.

The Final Three were all in bed in the dark London bedroom, chatting and laughing and complaining about how full they all were, when Nicole got called to the DR.  She spent some time putting on make up to get ready for the session, and luckily she saw that they left out a few pieces of pizza, uncovered and ready for the ants.  So she threw it away.

When Nicole was called to the DR while they were all in bed, James reacted to it.

James:  Not Orwell's stuff AGAIN....

(What an ungrateful little bitch he is....)

Then BB kept asking them to turn the lights on in the bedroom, since they were having a discussion, but Paul refused, saying he was naked and was not getting up.  Nicole mentioned James doing the "Humpty Hump" with Natalie this season.

James:  No...I can promise you there was no Humpty Hump with Natalie.

Paul:  Fucking Paulie, procreating with Zakiyah in here.

Then the guys were teasing Nicole about Corey.  Nicole promised OVER and OVER again that she DID NOT have sex with Corey.  Well, there's always You Tube,  Nicole.  Ever since CBS started airing the live feeds instead of Real Networks, they started keeping the live stream feed active for fans to use with Flashback, or just to follow along as the season replays.  It has always been available until the next season begins.  I'm actually hearing that the BB18 live feeds will not be available once BBOTT starts.

So that sucks for the players who would like to go back and watch themselves during key moments on the live feeds, or to "check the tapes" to see if they got played or not. But it might be good for players like Nicole, who might not want to see it all the way we saw it all.

Nicole kept doing this in the mirror while she was getting ready for her DR session.  She kept saying that she's getting fat, and that her face is getting too round, chastising herself for eating so much pizza tonight.

Nicole plans to wear this outfit for Finale night---it's the same outfit she is wearing in her intro video.  It's a cute vintage-inspired short set, but it's not something I would wear for a Finale.  It's just too casual for that, in my opinion. And she'll need  a change of clothes for the backyard interviews----they tend to go very late for the finalists, and it's sure to be be chilly out there.

(This picture was taken earlier this season, when James had shorter hair.)

Today the Final Three enjoyed the afternoon in the backyard.  This might be the final day they have access to it, since Production needs to set up the final competition sets for Finale night.  They also decorate the interview areas with various props from the season, which are always fun to see.

Did you know that Rob Cesternino will be in the backyard this season, conducting interviews?  That's a BIG, BIG deal for all of the RHAP fans.  Rob actually applied for Big Brother before Survivor, making it to the BB3 finals before being replaced by Josh Feinberg.  Then he got a call from casting asking if he'd be interested in being on Survivor instead, and the rest is history.

Paul brought up Big Meech getting so sunburned this season, specifically mentioning how badly her back was burned.  Paul described Natalie as a "lizard" for being out in the sun so much all summer.

James went in the house, leaving Paul and Nicole to discuss their plans for their speeches at the Finale.  They were told by Production that they each have up to a minute to speak, and this surprised Paul, and got him worried about his timing.

They had a good conversation about the game, and how they are relatively well-matched with competition wins and potential votes locked up.

Meanwhile James was inside, holding the door open a crack and straining to hear what was being said.

I guess James could assume that Nicole and Paul were playing each other with this conversation, both trying to get each other to take them to the end.  But I think James' body language may reflect that he knows it is the truth...that he's not getting to the Final Two with either one of them.

James has been saying things to them like, "I'm pretty much at the mercy of both of you right now".  I'd say the words "pretty much" don't apply here...James is in a tight spot that might be hopeless.  The only hope he might have is winning AFP, or at least being in the top three vote-getters.

Nicole, outside:  Paul, I love talking to you about all of  this.  You've been one of my favorite people to talk to about comps and strategy and stuff.  The only other person who likes to talk about it this much with me is Derrick.  I went to Derrick's house with Hayden and Hayden got mad because Derrick and I talked for hours about different strategies and stuff.

Before you you go.

(Pretty sure James "heard dat". And it's ironic that the two biggest blowhards about getting advice from Derrick this summer have been Paulie and James, dropping Derrick's name regularly.  But Nicole actually PLAYED with Derrick, and has spent time outside of the game with him discussing specifics about each step of the game they played together.)

James saw Nicole coming towards the house and backed up quickly so she wouldn't see him.  I did not hear him discuss what he heard with her.  Instead he started doing dishes quietly.

Nicole sat in the London room alone, practicing what she plans to say, and how she plans to respond to the various jury questions.  And Paul practiced his speech in the backyard, trying different words and phrases for maximum impact.

(He plans to mention the Secret Room twist, and the fact he found it first, and held the Round Trip ticket the entire time.)

And James played with Playdoh in the lounge.  But I think even if James knew he was going to the Final Two, I'm not sure he'd spend much time putting a speech together.  He thinks he has the votes to win, and was upset earlier when Nicole started counting the votes he has virtually guaranteed for himself.

James, mumbling to us:  Damn.  I was hoping she didn't know how many votes I have.


  1. Does James really have jury votes, though? Besides Natalie and Meech? I don't see anyone else voting for him, especially after deliberations and some rational discussions. What argument could be made for him?

    That said I don't even think he deserves second place, so I'm hoping it is Paul and Nicole at the end.

  2. Eff You, James. If I hear you say *one more time* that you're the first Asian to ever get AFP, I swear I will take my chopsticks and stick them up in you where the sun won't shine. I don't know how many times you mentioned "being the first Asian to win AFP" to Natalie.

    I'm Asian, and the very first time I saw you in your previous season, I immediately went from "He's Asian" to "He's a good ol' boy Bubba from the South." I haven't considered you Asian since that first day. You're just a Southern boy.

    I hope you don't win AFP. I voted as much as I could for Victor because he actually tried. James, you seem to do nothing but rest on your laurels as a previous AFP, thinking you're going to get it again. The last thing I need to hear is you saying that you're the first "Asian" to get AFP twice.

  3. Is Nicole really that stupid!!========!!!!!????
    If she wins final against Paul u have to take James!!===!
    Nothing like pissing away 450thou.

  4. Mentioning Frankie brought me back to his season and how he felt he had AFP in the bag. What a wake up call Frankie must of had realizing America didn't like him as much as he thought they did. James is in the same la la land right now.

  5. I know Nicole and Corey fooled around for sure, but did they have full-blown sex? Like girl, why lie about it, you know the cameras see everything. That being said, I also hate that she gets way more flack for that type of thing for the simple fact that she's a woman.

    I have to say, I'm kind of rooting for Nicole to win. There's a lot about her that irritates me, but I actually think she's played a solid game - has laid low when she needs to, has won when she needs to, aligned with the right people when she needs to, etc. I don't disagree with what Johnny Mac says about her DR sessions - I would like her a lot more if she displayed more self-awareness and owned up to the way she definitely did stab some people in the back to further her game. I have a feeling the jury members would respect her a lot more if she did that too.

    I wonder if she really does plan to take Paul to the end if she wins final HOH...I think she has a way better chance of winning against James.


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