Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's Day 84, Let's Get to Know Each Other. #BB18

It's really just the same-old, same-old in the house right now.  I really question the network's decision to make the season so long....the extended days might be what CBS needed to fill some blanks on their September prime time schedule, but I'm not sure that Production pulled through with enough content to make this longest-ever season work, particularly with the two extra Friday episodes.  The first Friday episode was chock-full of Battle Back excitement, but the second Friday episode was chock-full of cringe-inducing douche chills for me.

Anyway, the house guests are bored, too, and have been working hard to find things to talk about. And it's kind of surprising what they do and don't know about each other.  Nicole, Corey and Paul had a long talk about their suspicions that everyone in the house has "a secret".  They think Michelle's parting words that she is "Dan Gheesling's cousin-in-law" is some sort of important revelation.

But even if Michelle was "cousin-in-laws" with Dan Gheesling, isn't that a Big So What?  (Shout out to BB3's Roddy Mancuso with that expression.)  Nicole says that Dan's influence is surely why Michelle won that Care Package, because Dan must have urged his Twitter followers to support Michelle.

Well, turns out none of that is true.  You can read this article for more information about Michelle's little joke, but here is an interesting snippet from the article.

Dan tweeted that he might swing by the Jury House this week, but then abruptly said his trip was off just two days later.  Maybe Production told Dan to hush it up, so they could "surprise" us all with a special jury segment featuring Dan.  Or maybe they're going to have Dan himself host the Jury deliberation to get some mileage out of Big Meech's crazy comment.  Or maybe none of that will happen. Who knows.  (I'm sounding as suspicious as Nicole here.)

Nicole, Corey and Paul also discussed Natalie....they don't understand all of the inconsistencies in some of the things that Natalie has said this summer, and Nicole points out some of the competitions where Natalie has performed surprisingly well.  They all agreed that Natalie's claim to be poor is false, and question all of the various tidbits they know about her life.  Before continuing, note that all three of these house guests want Natalie to leave this week, so I believe that objective underlies all of this speculation.


*  Natalie attended Seton Hall University.  Nicole claimed that she never even knew Natalie went to college, but both Corey and Paul knew Natalie attended Seton Hall.  Paul explained that Seton Hall is a private Catholic college, and that it costs at least $40,000 for annual tuition.  Corey confirmed this, saying that he actually considered attending Seton Hall, and had done some research on it. (It's a big basketball school, so maybe Corey had some skills in that area.)

*  Natalie's attitude towards cleaning, and her behavior in the kitchen raise suspicions for all three ot them.  Nicole says that the fact that Natalie wastes so much food is proof that she's not as poor as she says she is, because she frequently leaves food out to waste, and keeps opening up new packages of items like tomatoes while there are plenty available to use from other packages.  "She acts like someone who has other people cook and clean for her", Nicole says.

*  Nicole reports that Natalie has had a new pair of false eyelashes every single day this summer, pointing out that even Zakiyah ran out of eyelashes while she was in the house.  Paul wondered if the eyelashes were expensive, guessing they might cost $10 for each pair, but Nicole said she has no idea and has never used false eyelashes.  (Aren't they reusable?  I have no idea, either.)

*  Nicole pointed out all of the makeup that Natalie brought in the house, estimating that it must cost at least $1,000.

*  Paul pointed out how often Natalie talks about being in pageants, but says that is sketchy because she said she's only been in one pageant, and usually pageant girls spend their lives involved with that lifestyle, noting how expensive it is.  Corey pointed out that she doesn't have the body type for the typical pageant girl (too short).

*  The three of them are still unclear about Natalie's claim to have been an NFL cheerleader, and have no idea what team she was supposedly cheering for. (How can they not know?  What else do they have to do in there?  I would have had Natalie teaching me cheers and dances all summer long.)

Natalie walked through the room while they were talking about her, and stopped to chat and answer their questions.

Natalie:  What's my secret?  You think I have a secret?

She explained that Seton Hall gave her a scholarship and/or financial aid relating to being from Venezuela, and living in a single-parent home.  (Or something like that.)  She also added that she "barely passed high school", and told them about some guy who did some of her homework for her.

She also went into detail about her non-profit work, telling them about how the organization is related to Madison Square Gardens and involves all of the local teams and sports, putting on events for children, etc.  She also discussed her job dancing at bar mitzvahs in the New York area, saying the company's name is "Unique Music".

She said she met Paulie's ex-girlfriend through that job, and at the time that girl was a dancer for the Philadelphia 76'ers, but she later joined the New York Knicks City dancers.

Natalie:  Paulie and I knew the same people....we had that in common.

James and Corey chatted while they rode the exercise bikes last night.  Corey has been on a mission to forge a bond with James, to prepare for next week when Corey and Nicole will need his support to both stay in the game. (Because no matter who wins HoH, at least one of the Final Four will take a seat on the block, with only two people voting to evict.)

James told Corey that he and Natalie are "having trouble again", and Corey wondered why.

James:  For some reason, Natalie is sure that she's the one leaving this week, and she blames me for it.

Corey:  She blames you?  That doesn't even make sense.

Earlier, I watched Corey lay out a calendar for the rest of the season, using what appeared to be  mini-Oreo cookies to represent he days remaining in the season.

At one point, Paul pointed to a tiny cookie, asking, "so this is today?", and when Corey nodded, Paul grabbed the cookie and ate it.  Corey was trying to show them when each eviction was expected to take place, but Production didn't want us to listen to them talk about the "secret midweek eviction" so we had FISH a few times.

Nicole was openly mocking Corey as he gave this demonstration, saying it was funny to hear him talk about the game this way.  Nicole said she needs a pen and paper to keep up, laughing at Corey's serious tone of voice.  At first I thought that Nicole might have done this so that Paul didn't realize how much of the game Corey does understand, but I don't think Nicole put that much thought into it.

Supposedly Natalie and James have been bickering but I'm not sure how much of this is some sort of strategy to set her up in the game with new allies.  Just know that any relationship issues with them are totally driven by Natalie and her moods.  James just tries to go along with everything, looking beaten and hen-pecked about it.

Victor appeared and wanted to play some pool with the guys, specifically "Cut Throat".  We all saw Victor's family on the CBS episode where they discussed how Hurricane Katrina devastated their lives.  I actually saw Victor tell Paul about this a few days ago, and Paul was shocked and fascinated by Victor's story.  Once again, this was such a big event in Victor's life that it's surprising that a close friend like Paul is unaware of the situation.

Victor said that Hurricane Katrina ruined their family home, and the town was devastated as well, including the schools, which led to his parents' decision to send Victor and his sister to live with their grandmother in Puerto Rico.

Victor:  They gave my grandmother a Power of Attorney over us.

Paul:  They did?  Wow.

Victor: Yeah, they had to...we went to live with her. But my sister is feisty...she ended up going back to Louisiana on her own so I just lived with my grandmother alone for awhile.

Victor said his father's job with the Navy qualified him for a college scholarship, so that's how he attended college.

I don't know how much Paul remembers about Hurricane Katrina, since he was only about 12 or 13 at the time, but I could tell from his reaction to Victor's story that he was moved by it.  That is one really great aspect about Paul...he relishes a good deep conversation and displays a genuine interest in learning about people's experiences and motivations.

I lived in Florida for the first half of my life, so I am no stranger to hurricanes.  Instead of wondering if a hurricane would strike your life, it wasn't a question of "IF", but "WHEN" and "HOW BAD".

And Hurricane Katrina was very, very bad, and New Orleans wasn't built for that type of storm.  If you watch Vanderpump Rules, then surely you know Stassi Schroeder, who is also from New Orleans.  Stassi's family also lost everything after Katrina, and moved to California where they had relatives so that the children could get back in school and the family could rebuild their lives.

(Of course there were THOUSANDS of people whose lives were blown to pieces by the storm ---I'm just mentioning Stassi because we might know her in common.  Plus, I'm shallow, so there's that.)

Supposedly the team that created the recent blockbuster series about the OJ Simpson murders is tackling the subject of Hurricane Katrina next.  I'm looking forward to watching it, and I'm also dreading watching it.

You can put The Juice behind bars for life, but you can't stop a hurricane from slamming into you.  And just as destructive are the numerous tornadoes that roll through town with a hurricane, too.  You can't stop those, either.  And you can't stop the trees from being yanked out of the ground and flying through the air like pick-up sticks.

Now that's an idea for something for the house gusts to play with in the house.....it's a lot quieter than the dominoes, which surely must be driving the sound technicians crazy with all of the clicking and the clacking when they shuffle the tiles.


  1. I have a couple links for you, hope it's okay to post them!

    There is a post on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/BigBrother/comments/51gikz/production_questions_validity_of_jatalie_showmance/) about this tweet (https://twitter.com/meechHuling/status/772574405260152832)

    What do you think about it?

    Thank you as always for your updates. I really look forward to them!

    1. Hi Andee. I don't allow links for various reasons, but I will include these today.

      After the RIDICULOUS edit that CBS gave the "Jatalie Showmance" on the last episode I doubt they would now do a hatchet job on the relationship, but of course that would be very entertaining. And certainly more realistic.

    2. Sorry 'bout the links... my bad.

      I am a sucker for production details.

  2. RHAP said it best: James is in the "best friend zone".

    It's funny they were all trying to build a lengthy case against Natalie. The only reason Paulie needed was that she is a "Jersey girl".

    I assume she had no defense for wasting food and opening new packages early. I think that is indefensible no matter how rich someone is, but I'm sure James doesn't have a problem with that, considering how he likes to tear up the kitchen.

    I feel bad for James getting so many guilt trips. When Natalie says her biggest mistakes were times she trusted James with something, that does not count as taking responsibility for her own decisions.

    I can imagine Natalie as a sincere fun person to be around, but she is not playing a good BB game and needs to give James credit for carrying her this far.


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