Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Is it Still a Secret if Everybody Knows? #BB18

As usual, there are several credible leaks reporting information about the "secret" taping that happened on stage outside the Big Brother house last night.

As expected, Victor was evicted 2-0, which should not be a surprise for anybody, unfortunately.  I think he got one of the best BB Comics that I've seen, though, so at least he can be happy about that. The artist got the face and the tattoos right.  Victor is taking these clowns to Muscle City, apparently.

I heard Victor say he barely recognized himself in his comic, because the guy was so handsome.  We all recognize you, Victor.  We're no dumbells.

Someone on Reddit got tickets to the taping, and reported what she could say about it, trying to stay within the bounds of the CBS Rules and Regulations.  The taped "secret" show is usually filled with CBS employees, in an attempt to prevent spoilers, but I'm hearing that about 30 lucky "civilians" got tickets to the taping.

But some others aren't quite that discreet.  And as usual, lucky for us one of those blabbermouths is Twitter's own Miss Cleo.  And Miss Cleo has been in attendance for many of these secret tapings in past seasons, so he has a proven track record of getting the secret scoop for us.

Yes, Paul won HoH!  I'm hearing chatter that Nicole was "freaking out", but I can't confirm that part of the news.   I can't NOT confirm that, though, because with Paul as HoH I'm willing to bet Paul's stipend that Nicole and Corey will be taking a seat on the block today.  Or maybe they took that seat last night....not sure about the timing of everything, but we are scheduled to watch a live eviction tonight on CBS.

Who will it be?  I'm willing to bet Corey's stipend that either Corey or James will be joining the Jury.  And once again it all depends on the PoV.  Let's take a look.

HoH - Paul
Nominated (expected) - Nicole and Corey
Voter - James

If Nicole or Corey win the PoV, then James will go on the block after they save themselves.  And then, ONCE AGAIN the NiCorey duo will CONTROL THE VOTE, for the third eviction in a row. If this is the case, James will probably be evicted.   I do think there is a chance that Nicole will be evicted if Corey holds the voting power, but those odds aren't great.  I think Corey would have no trouble making that choice if it would help him out, but he can probably beat Nicole in the end with the Jury votes, so giving her the boot would be the wrong game move.  Fun to watch for us, but not good for Corey's chances.

But if James or Paul win the PoV, James will have all of the voting power.  And he would be expected to evict Corey.

So...Nicole and Paul are probably going to the Final Three, but who will join them?  I think  the PoV is being played today, while the feeds are down, so unless some Production employee really goes rogue, we won't know who won the PoV until we watch the show tonight.

But hooray for Paul, right?  I like Paul's BB Comic, too.  The artist did a good job on his face, and gave Paul a nice physique in his comic.  He looks powerful, and his voice must be piercing to cause all this damage.  Your boy is pissed, ya'll.

And here is Nicole's BB Comic.  My first thought is that they could have come up with a better concept for Nicole, but my second thought was, "about what?"  And I couldn't come up with anything.  I"m not sure why they put her BB16 Germantard costume on display back there...it certainly wasn't that iconic to me.   Supposedly that Germantard is also featured in Corey's BB Comic, too.

Any guesses as to what "Her cones will bring you down!" means?  We can choose the easy, obvious option, but I think Nicole's "cones" helped Corey slide right to the end this season, rather than bringing him down.

I think they could have gone for the "Nicole is a Whiner" angle, making her say "Coooorrreeey" or something like that.  Or they could have made fun of her being a nurse that doesn't know much about being a nurse.

When the PoV players were discussing the BB Comics last weekend, I heard Paul say "they went in on Big Meech".  And indeed they did.  Look at those guys running from Big Meech.  I don't think she'll have a problem with the tears, or the vomit.  It's the chubby baby body that she's going to obsess on here, right?

At least her hair looks great.  That's something.  But someone needs a nap!

The nosy FeedWatcher in me keeps wondering what Hayden Voss thinks about all of this.  I guess a lot of people have been wondering that......but it seems that Hayden has deleted his Twitter account.  I've been monitoring this off and on all summer, and I noticed Hayden only tweeted once, way back in late June, to wish Nicole luck, as follows:

And then that's it.  I did find this, though:

I know Andy Herren said that Hayden was getting a lot of shit from the fans in every direction this summer, and that he was just trying to get through it all.  Some of the more rude fans were sending Hayden pictures and (**ahem**) video clips of Nicole and Corey so he just took the high road and tapped out.  I don't blame him for that.  It's a much better option then trying to fight back.

Victoria is a close friend of Nicole's so I peeked at her Twitter account to see if she was watching and supporting her old friend.  I think the answer is probably "no", but not for the same reasons that Hayden might be skipping the show.  Victoria has been in Israel on vacation.  And she looks great.

These sunglasses are everything.

She has some sort of fashion blog, and is still running her own photography business.

And naturally I wondered what Jozea has to say about Nicole's race to the finish this season.  Jozea has been featured more positively in random speeches in the last month than he was during his time in the house.  Let's not forget that it was Big Vomit Crybaby Meech who told the world that "Jozea was right...Nicole is a SNAKE" on live TV.

It sounds like Jozea knows how to deal with the internet trolls.

I just tried to imagine what question Julie will ask Jozea on the live finale, and what he might say, and even what he might wear that night.  That might be one of the few finale surprises out there, right?

And apparently this is some of Jozea's recent work...we certainly could have used this type of dramatic makeup this season on the girls.

(Oh my god...did Jozea the MESSIAH  get a BB Comics poster?  I can't even imagine....)

This is just Twitter Troll 101, people.  Jozea should have reached out to Hayden to give him some tips about how to deal with the smacktalking losers.

And Frank seems to be enjoying himself this summer, taking an active-looking vacation with his girlfriend Ashton.  I heard Corey giving props to Frank last week for being 32, but having a 24 year old girlfriend.

She's lovely.  It doesn't even feel like Frank was on this season, he was evicted so long ago.  I'm sure he's glad he's not stuck in that Jury house, cooped up with all of that drama.

The voting for America's Favorite Player should open up after the end of tonight's CBS episode.  Do the right thing, people.

If we split the vote, we might not be happy with who wins AFP (again).  I know RHAP and Big Brother Gossip have both endorsed an AFP win for Victor.

I'm jumping on board for that, too.  Just imagine his smile when Julie makes the announcement...it would be something for all of us to feel good about as we shake off this long, long summer.


  1. Big Meech will need years of therapy to get over that comic and it's such a shame because her hair did look great! If only she could learn to focus on the positive but I guess when your one of three and they got mom's attention. Therapy should help her there.
    America please do what's right and give Vic AFP!! He deserves that and so much more, I definitely hope to see Vic on TV again sometime soon!

    1. I agree with you 100% and I am really hoping Victor wins AFP!

  2. I'm sure you realize this but tonight isn't a live eviction. Tonight will be Vic's eviction from yesterday. I assume we'll see the HOH comp as well. We won't know who won veto until the feeds come back tonight at 10pm PT. Tomorrow is a live eviction.

  3. Love the connotations and inuendos. El Fit Vic comis does look good, so does Paul. And I'm not attracted to such big muscles. Victor is a decent bloke and has lived through some traumatic experiences. He's lost things we all take for granted and bounced back from those experiences. Victor as AFP also shows that the non-typical, not blond, dude with an accent, can win too. He's done a lot of people proud, I'm sure. I totally endorse the Victor for AFP. He deserves it.

  4. I'm backing Victor for AFP as well. When he returned to the house, he was a different person who learned from his first eviction. He grew on me as the show progressed.


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