Saturday, September 17, 2016

HoH Part #2 Aftermath: This is Adventure Park? #BB18

In a win that should surprise nobody, Nicole won the HoH Part #2 competition that was played last night.  The competition took place in the "BB Adventure Park", apparently, and sounds like it involved running around and putting pictures in frames, likely related to events in the house this summer.

Nicole:  That was the easiest competition I've ever played.

Paul: I don't even want to figure out how to play that competition.

James:  I just got smoked like a cigarette by Nicole.

So it will be Paul and Nicole facing off "on the scale" in the backyard on the Finale, battling it out to be the final HoH, sending someone straight to the Jury.

There is quiet tension in the house as they mill around, figuring out what to eat, and what to say around whoever happens to be in the room.  James was in the storage room with Nicole picking up items to make a pasta dish with, and he didn't say one thing to her about next steps in the game.  Not even a private congratulations....just a discussion about how much dry pasta he planned to cook.

Nicole announces that as a big fan of this game, to know she is playing in the final HoH competition on the live finale is blowing her mind, giving an ode to Corey with her language.

Nicole:  I'm gonna be up there like what's up motherfrickers!

James was grousing about having America see him get killed by Nicole in the comp, but Paul assured him he shouldn't feel that way.

Paul:  It's not like Jozea beat you...Nicole is one of the smartest players in this game.

(Ha ha ha...The Messiah gets hit with shrapnel left and right.)

I want to point out that the jug of orange juice on the table---it has been there since Thursday morning, I think, when they had mimosas for their special Final Three breakfast.

As soon as Paul and Nicole were alone, they had a celebration in the kitchen by hugging and saying "we won Big Brother", since they are supposedly taking each other to the Final Two.  That may be the case, but it might not be.  Who knows.  I know both of them have been talking about how cocky James has been, obviously not really trying to win competitions, and assuming both Nicole and Paul would drag him along to the end with them.

Nicole:  He really tried to win, I think, because he did it in 19 minutes, and it was a lot harder than the BB Comics...he timed out on that one.  But I'm glad he tried, because I legitimately wanted to beat him.

(Nicole finished in 7 minutes, with James finishing in 19 minutes.)

They both said "Final Two" to each other, and Paul warned her that James would not be leaving them alone together, but he assures her that it's a done deal for him.  Nicole says she might even tell James that she's taking Paul, if he asks.

(That may be a big IF, since James was on the block beside Natalie and never even bothered to talk much with Natalie or Corey, who were the deciding voters.)

Paul chuckles over how he tried to mislead James this week, after James told him the competition might feature a crossword puzzle of the  house guests' names.  James was concerned because he couldn't spell some of the names.

Paul, giggling:  I convinced James that Tiffany only had one F, and that Da'Vonne has two V's.

Paul vows that if he wins the final HoH, his speech to evict James will reference that Paul sat on the block 6 times, and out of all of those times he got two votes, and one of them was from James.  He will also point out that Nicole saved his life in the game, and he is thanking her now with his choice.

Nicole: I haven't even thought that far ahead, because I needed to win this comp.  But now I can.  I want to thank Big Brother for that competition.  It was fun, it was refreshing, and I enjoyed it.

So, the Final Two....that's the big suspense at this point...who will take a seat with the Jury live on the stage Wednesday night.  We really can't be sure, although there are certainly lots of opinions about it in the BB community.  And there is quite a bit of suspense about who will win America's Favorite Player, of course.

I did hear a conversation where the three of them said it would be funny if their Ride or Dies in the game were the ones who made it to the end instead of them.

James:  Well, that would put Natalie in here alone all week with Corey and

Nicole:  Yeah.  Wow.

(ha ha ha)


Last night's BBAD was mostly preempted again last night   Instead of starting the show with the live feeds, we saw a repeat of the CBS episode that featured Corey's "butter slide" HoH win and nomination of Paul and Victor.  I'm not sure why this was the case, because they didn't start playing the HoH Part #2 competition until an hour or so later.

We came back from commercial at some point and saw Paul and James playing cards, and mostly talking about playing cards.  

Those are Starburst fruit chews in that bowl on the table.  Looks like a lot of cherry Starbursts in there, which would not be the case if I was involved.  I love a good fruit chew.

Last year POP TV gave the Final Three special treats three nights in a row.  One night they got cheese fondue, and another night they got a kit to make caramel apples.  Apparently none of this Final Three are regular readers of this website (although James certainly read the parts about him....), because not only were they bewildered by the surprise gift of food, they were suspicious about exactly what POP TV is, and what it's intentions are.

On Thursday night, all three of them were in bed with the lights out, and James was woken up and asked to go to the storage room.  James found a sushi-making kit in there, with a card addressed to them from POP TV.  He had a HARD time getting Nicole and Paul out of bed, asking them several times to go into the living room so he could read the card to them.  I guess they expected a prank or something.

Nicole:  Why?  What is it?  A card?  But why would they give it to you?

(ha ha)

Paul:  Oh fuck me.  We're getting boned again.

They were excited to get the sushi kit, but obviously had NO IDEA what POP TV is.  When James read the card they kept asking "POP TV gave us something?  POP TV?"

Nicole:  Oh, it's the internet thing.

Do I need to point out that THEY ARE ON POP TV 21 HOURS EACH WEEK?  And that two former players who both appeared on POP TV in the past two years don't even know what it is!  I find that hard to believe...and I bet Nicole would have a heart attack if she realized she was sometimes rolling around with Corey in the dark right there on basic cable.  And with an evident NiCorey Hater writing the BBAD screen crawls about the two of them "makin' bacon", and other bullcrap, too.

They also got a stuffed Orwell owl that was obviously a high quality item.  (Seriously, like from a museum store rather than the Target toy aisle.)

James, ever the camera whore, walked around clutching him and addressing America, no doubt trying to shore up his votes for AFP.  He thinks that America fucking gave HIM the fucking sushi or something.  What he doesn't know is that last season they did it three nights in a row, with each of the Final Three taking a turn being called to storage to accept the delivery.

(And there is the jug of OJ again, if your'e keeping score at home.)

This was the footage on TV several times during the short time that BBAD featured live footage last night.  You know I find those spectacular white "ribs" exciting to see, but other than that it's a ghost town in there.

Then Paul got in bed and said fuck it, he's going commando, beginning to disrobe in the dark.  He then started telling James some stories about various interactions he's had with porn stars in Los Angeles.  (I think he lives in the Valley, which is where most of the organized porn is generated.)

BBAD didn't want us to hear these stories, probably learning from last night's mistakes (more about that later), so we saw Nicole lost in slumber for several long minutes.  Even if it weren't for the competition coming up, maybe POP TV didn't want to reward them with another special treat delivered to the storage room.  Maybe they didn't want to have to televise footage of the house guests trying to guess what POP TV is, with frequent exclamations from Paul about how the POP TV viewers are sitting at home fucking them, and laughing about it.

(Paul thought they were given a joke sushi kit because the instructions told them to put the rice in the wrong place.)

Then POP TV abruptly shifted to showing us the CBS episode where Victor was evicted.  I'm thinking that BBAD decision-makers just said screw these kids, let's do the competition now so we can air more interesting footage.

After that episode was over, they showed a few minutes of "Best of BBAD" footage, including Nicole's birthday celebration where the guys did a dance for her.

And Big Meech was watching this dance, brandishing a sharp, shiny paring knife.  Yes, a real knife.

We even saw this, too, where Paul taught everyone some new lingo, including saying "J1", when you mean "just one".  That didn't really catch on this summer, did it?


This article is interesting for what it says, and also what it doesn't say, about Dr. Will Kirby's now-annual jury-wrangling segment.  First, a snippet about the game itself:

Who do you think the unexpectedly bitter juror may be?  I expect most of them to be bitter about something at this point, so I'm surprised that Will was surprised about this. But the use of the word "unstable" is rather telling......I'm guessing we'll see another Big Meech tantrum here.  If we're lucky.

James attended the jury deliberations last year, of course, and I heard him say recently that "everyone hated Vanessa walking into the meeting" but left thinking she played a good game.  That's really what Will's role is, to help them see what might have actually happened in the game without layering on a bunch of personal feelings and bull shit.

But then the reporter asked a question about the shameful Da'Vonne vs. Paulie scene, and Dr. Will's response was intriguing, to say the least.

Legal reasons?  Really?  Will might be trying to entertain us by using that term.  But if someone was threatening some sort of legal action and I had to guess who it is, I would have to guess Paulie's family.

Paulie's dad was VERY unhappy with the first jury segment that Paulie appeared in, so the one that appeared on Wednesday night's CBS episode was like throwing gasoline on a fire.  I doubt they will cover this in the live finale, though.  But if they do I hope we get a split screen with the Califiores in the Green Room so we can see their reactions.

Cody tweeted this on Wednesday night.  I'm sure this is the horrible summer that never seems to end for the Califiore clan.  It's not your fault, Cody.  Sorry Boo.


Apparently there was some sort of gathering of "stylish New Yorkers" generated for publicity, and Frankie was one of them.  The writer tasked with covering this event wasn't very happy about it, and might be considering making some career changes.

But the most surprising part to me is that Frankie finally stood in front of a Step and Repeat with pants on.  And no visible pink (other than the Step and Repeat) anywhere on his person.  I think he looks great in this picture.

I think that's a step in the right direction.  Frankie  was getting a little long in the tooth for all of the outrageous costumes and glitter.  He just appeared on UK Celebrity Big Brother and made it all the way to the Finals....the British public apparently loved him.

Where will Frankie appear next?  America's Worst Cooks on the Food Network?  Couples Therapy on VH1?  Catfish on MTV?   So many options.


I tweeted yesterday after watching this scene on the live feeds, but didn't feel it was appropriate to discuss it here.

But then I was catching up on Thursday night's BBAD episode this morning, and there it was, broadcast on POP TV right there in the last half hour of the episode.  I was SHOCKED that the cameras didn't shy away, but they didn't.  Maybe the BBAD guys were taking a smoke break or something.  They wouldn't let Paul tell us a story about a porn star he met, but they let us hear about this mess.....whatever.

It's a conversation between Paul and James in the dark London bedroom, starting around 11:35 PM if you have the live feeds.  If it wasn't broadcast on TV  I wouldn't be doing this, but here are the highlights, or low lights.  Whatever.

*  James was just friends with his daughter's mother, until she got very drunk one night and ran into him in a bar.
*  She later showed up at James's window in the middle of the night, and was persistent until he let her in.
*  She was....persistent.  This part of the conversation happened during a BBAD commercial, so that's all I'm saying here.
*  James saw a post on Facebook a few weeks later where the mother thought she might be with child.
*  James was worried, but was told he was in the clear based on the dates.
*  The baby's mother thought the father was an ex-boyfriend of hers, and carried out a public feud with this guy ON FACEBOOK accusing him of being the father and calling him a deadbeat, and the guy telling her to "fuck off", and denying this.
*  James was aware of all of this because he read it ON FACEBOOK.
*  The day of the birth he got dozens of texts from the baby's mother and her own mother.  After responding he was told to "get to the hospital, because he was the father".
*  James did not sign the birth certificate, but in retrospect he wished he had, for legal reasons concerning access to the child and decisions regarding her care.
*  Fatherhood was confirmed later via laboratory tests.
*  James also discussed the baby's mother's relationship with various other men, including the father of her six year old son, who is 38 years old.


I'm kind of horrified by all of this, for a number of reasons..  I think Paul was, too.  He wasn't making jokes, that's for sure.

I'm not sure I'm going to leave this information up when the season is over, because once the live feed stream is reset for next season (probably BB19, rather than BBOTT, but who knows) it might be lost footage, which is probably for the best, right?


  1. I did see a statement supposedly from CBS that live feed flashbacks for BB18 will only be available til 9/28/16.

  2. I remember reading about the "Jame's situation" (which you discuss in the last couple of paragraphs) LAST YEAR. The way James explained it then was even harsher (in my mind at least.). He basically said that this woman (mother of his child) was such a "floozy/sleep around" there was no way she could have even guessed who the father was, and only when the baby came out and was obviously part Asian, did she realize James was the father. That's when she & her mother started calling & leaving msgs informing him that he was the father. He did not expect this surprise, but because he was "the only Asian guy around those neck of the woods", he knew he definately was the father.

    When I read all of this last year, any plans of him getting my votes for AFP went out the window. A decent person (& good parent) just does not speak that way about their own child's mother (no matter what that facts may be.)

    I used to be somewhat of a fan of James, but not after that. I think his sweet, innocent, good old country boy act is just that: An Act. While in the BB house he is constantly playing to the camera (although he's no Frankie Grande...thank FG is WAY MORE than enough thank you very much!) and trying to come off as the sweet little country bumpkin prankster. While anyone who has seen the feeds certainly knows differently...can anyone say "double-team the hooker! Don't get me wrong. I'm certainly no prude- I just find it annoying when anyone tries to present themselves as someone who is so extremely different from the person they actually are.

    Which brings me to the BB contestant who will be getting all my AFP votes this year: VICTOR!!!

    Victor has shown/proven himself to be loyal, sweet, funny, sexy, compassionate, kind, down to earth and above all REAL!

    With Victor, it's clear to me that what you see is what you get.

    The problem I have with Victor?: Every time I see him, all I can think is, "How can I get that?!?"

    1. Im with you... ive been In LOVE with "VEETOR" all season long... he is the Hottest !!!!...♥♥♥...

  3. You've mentioned a few times about James not being happy with what you wrote about him last year. Would you mind telling us what happened?

    1. Ironically, James was upset by my reporting EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID to Big Jeff in his pre-season BB17 interview. And also by my posting his mugshot, which as I recall was related to not paying child support.

      I discussed it at the link. I will say James was very polite to me and thanked me later for making changes, so I appreciated that.

  4. I'm voting for Victor too. He fought harder than anyone to stay in the game and his straightforward approach whenever he spoke to people

  5. I don't understand how Paulie is considered so horrible, when Paul called Michelle the C word and no one comments I that.

    1. Go watch the live feeds with Paulie the night before the double eviction. Or how Paulie talks to women in general - as clearly beneath him and beneath men in general. Paul calling Michelle the C word isn't acceptable... but somehow he got a pass because he's been a yelling psycho all season (remember him breaking Bridget down for hours about Frank's loyalty?). I don't think the women this season have been angels but the CBS show definitely downplayed Paulie's misogynist behavior and Paul's too.

    2. I really don't get where people are so upset about the "C word". It's just a word, and it only has as much power as you allow it to have.

      It's just a word...cunt....see? Who cares?

      In London I heard that word in every other sentence. It was a noun, and an adjective, and also appeared to be a verb.

      I don't think they should call each other names (at least to each other's faces!) but I fail to see the significance of these four letters strung together in that particular order.

      Personally I was much more offended by the way Paul AND Paulie treated Bridgette the week Frank left, but no one called Bridgette any names...

    3. Surprising I didn't take offense to it when it happened. Michelle was being obnoxious and trying to provoke Paul and Paul was having none of it. So he shut her down the fastest way he could.

    4. James has been giving me a weird vibe this season. He has told too many stories about his personal life and sexual encounters to make me want to keep a 10 foot radius around him. Even Nicole was skeeved out by his prostitute/3-way story. I think all the stories built up have slowly changed her opinion of him.
      I flashed back to the story you mentioned above and felt is wasn't as bad as it could have been. If anything his baby momma won't be happy about the re-tell (he mentioned she was p** last year) as she wasn't shown in the best of light. If anything I have more questions. How often does he see his kid? They live in different states. Are you held liable for child support if your name isn't on the birth certificate? (I guess so since he was arrested for not paying).
      If anything James should KNOW that what he says in the BB house is for all the world to hear, and if he doesn't like what someone wrote about him (verbatim) - he shouldn't say it! I would never go on television and announce my secrets. That's just dumb.
      I really hope it’s Paul and Nicole in the F2, with Paul winning. I don’t want either one of them to take James. AND I want Victor to win AFP, leaving the biggest FU to James for his sucky game play. Then he wouldn’t have the 2nd place money or the AFP money, only his overinflated stipend. I feel if James is in F2 and Victor wins AFP James will say Victor only won because James was in the F2 and not a contender. James needs to be knocked down a couple pegs.

    5. If it was just Paulie calling someone a C*** the outrage would not be as much but Paulie has had several incidents where his male chauvinism and abuse of women is evident. Any woman who has been in or witnessed an abusive relationship recognizes Paulie for what he is. He is an abuser of women and just isn't smart enough to be a smooth abuser who nobody suspects. He couldn't hide it even on national TV. The way he talked to Z on more than one occasion, the way he twisted what Bridgette said about feminism, what he said about all of Jersey's girls, his bro brigade, his insistence that all girls must leave the house, the way he talked to Natalie and the way he never has the courage to go up against a guy verbally in the way he does women...these are just examples I can pull out in 10 seconds or less...there are more. He's a spoiled (no I won't make pies) sore loser also. Of course his family is upset but CBS and BB didn't have to try very hard to paint him in this light. They had to use some footage of Paulie and it's all like this. He made it easy.

  6. Thanks for the post. I'm feeling weird, I'm all cramped up, but this blog made me feel a bit better. Maybe it's bonding over the end of a very long season, or maybe I'm intrigued about what happened at the jury deliberation, who knows. James should get his name added on the birth certificate. He'll be able to have better access to his daughter if ever his relationship with the mother goes sour.

  7. ...I think James could discuss his baby momma cuz she signed a release for her and the kids. If there's a release, then there's no issue. I'm sure she won't be HAPPY about James speaking about all their private lives and his own daughter in that way tho!!!

    And Paulie's DAD? WTF is his problem? He should worry about getting help for his son after this is all over and trying to fix these obvious problems when the season is over on Wednesday, before its too late. Paulie is a grown man, his daddy shouldn't be interfering! The son is a tool and a douche, that's NOT editing!!! Obviously, like father like son. Who the hell is he telling CBS what they should/shouldn't or can/can't do when it comes to their network/show? If they were worried about it, and know who their son is, then why did they ever allow him to be cast? Huge mistake!

    As for Nicole's activities and antics this season. I worry for her future. What hospital is going to hire her now? What a shit show that would be, patients wanting her to get under the covers with them and all, hee hee

    1. Anonymous, I agree with you whole heartedly about Paulie. I try not to judge people and I know that everyone has their triggers, having lived some pretty traumatic things myself. But those things do not give me the right to mistreat anyone. If Paulie has issues due to something he lived, which is what he alluded to sometime this season, then he needs therapy, for him, not for us. He will feel much happier in his life. I do not agree that his father would filter life for him in a way that would inflate his ego. I understand that his father wants to protect him, but if his son needs so much protection from bad criticism, then he definitely needs therapy. What will happen if Paulie sees the bad stuff people say about him? Is he going to lose it? Go into a rage? Will he go berzerker and start being violent? If those are the reasons his father is filtering his life for him, then Paulie needs therapy. He needs to be able to release those negative emotions. Once he is able to let go of whatever it is he is carrying, he can begin to respect himself better and therefore respect others as well. It all starts with the self and he acts like someone who is very unhppy with himself.

      About egos, here's a silly ego joke, just for the laughs: MY egos bigger than YOURS! :p


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