Thursday, September 15, 2016

HoH Part #1 Aftermath: Tiny Troubles and Big Egos. #BB18

Production gave the live feeders The Finger once again, by not letting us watch a competition that we've ALWAYS been allowed to watch before.  About an hour after last night's live CBS episode ended, the competition series to determine the final HoH started, but the feeds were blocked during the entire competition.

BOOOOO!  We got to watch this comp in BB17, and we got to watch this comp in BB16.  And we also got to watch it in BB15 (even though it was AWFUL), and we got to watch it in BB14.  I'm sure you get the picture...the live feeders got shut out, and we're mad....DAMN MAD about it!

I'm not really that mad....I'm just putting on a big dramatic show like Da'Vonne did last night.  But we'll get to that later.

Paul won the first HoH competition, which is usually an endurance challenge.  He's on a hot streak now, and won't have to compete again until Finale night, where he will face either Nicole or James in the battle for the final HoH of the season.

Maybe all you Paul fans should head over to his website to buy a celebratory T-shirt.  It certainly seems like they have created some special merchandise to commemorate Paul's Big Brother experience.  And while you're there, watch the video at the top of the page to see our friend Paul swig "Jack Daniels" straight from the bottle and give us The Finger while a super cool French pop song plays.  Love that song.

(I say "Jack Daniels" because I think it's really iced tea...I could believe a few good swigs are genuine, but chugging the whole bottle?  That would cause alcohol poisoning for a small guy like Paul.)

But isn't endurance James' "specialty"?  Apparently not anymore.

In the past few years the house guests have just needed to hang on to win this competition.  I was thinking that if this season's HoH Part #1 competition followed suit, Nicole would have the edge, because it is very uncomfortable for the guys to sit on that little round disc.  It's not pleasant for the girls, either, but I think it's much worse for the guys.  Because anatomy.

But there were some new elements in play this year.  From what I've heard them chattering about, it sounds like there was an element of cardio, with some running around, and there was also a speed element that made them have to hurry and climb up the rope.  Or something like that.  Last year the girls were hurt pretty badly by rope burn, so maybe they changed it up to prevent that.  Or maybe they tried to reduce crew overtime by making it a shorter comp.  Who knows.

Oh, and the rope started swinging, which was apparently Nicole's undoing.

Paul:  When it started swinging, I knew I had it.  I could stay up there all day.  Ropes are like my thing.

Paul explained that when he used to fight (MMA or boxing?) he used to train by climbing up a rope and staying at the top, then doing it again.  He said his nickname was "Monkey" when he used to fight.  You can see that James may be shell shocked.  Or maybe he is pretending to be shell shocked.

(I am having painful flashbacks to the old President's Physical Fitness Test, where they made us crawl up a big rope with absolutely NO PRIOR TRAINING on how to do that.  Ugh.  My nickname was "Shrimp" for years and those damn annual Fitness Tests used to make me physically ill, not fit.)

Nicole said that she doesn't have the upper body strength to win that comp, but that the running part was made for her.   After the live show ended I watched the live feeds for a short while, and Nicole was whining about how hard it is to be in the house when the person who you hang around with all of the time isn't there.

James:  I know Nicole.

Paul:  Yeah, we know.

Nicole had Corey's sweatshirt and a towel hanging over the shower door, but while she was drying off both items fell, and she asked for one of the guys to help her.

Paul:  I'll get it.  But I won't try to look at your butt.

Nicole:  No, I have shorts on.

Paul:  Well dammit.  (ha ha ha)

Paul says he is starving and is snacking like a mad man as he walks around the house.  He says he'll cook chicken for them if someone else will cut it up for him.  I've heard that Boom Chicka Pop popcorn is good, but I've never tried it.  The bag is too big....that is a recipe for disaster for me.

I haven't mentioned it yet, but the house guests have kitty whiskers painted on their faces, and I guess Paul had a pink-ish nose painted on.  James had a pink nose too, but not as dark.

They still have champagne left in the fridge and Paul wants to "kill it" since Nicole and James probably won't compete for the Part #2 HoH comp until Friday.  One of the three glasses they drank out of earlier still had wine in it, and they think it was James' glass.  Paul took it down the hall to James and asked James to chug it so they could all have more.

James did chug it, so that was one successful mission for him tonight.

Nicole asked James what happened out there during the comp, and he apparently told her that he just "dropped".  It sounds like Nicole fell first, leaving James and Paul to battle it out.  Nicole got the impression that James threw the competition to Paul, but Paul set her straight about this later, denying it energetically.

While James was in the shower, Paul and Nicole met to strategize.  Paul has been telling Nicole that James will surely win if he goes to Final Two, pointing out that James already has at least four Jury votes in the bag (Natalie, Bridgette, Michelle, Da'Vonne). He says the only sure votes the two of them have are from Corey and Victor, so taking James is a big risk for either of them.

Nicole is glad that she's playing the next comp, which should be mental, against James.  She feels she can win it, and Paul encourages her to study, study, study.

(The next competition traditionally features wearing a harness to climb up a wall and put a puzzle together, but does typically require at least a basic knowledge of the events of the season.)

Paul is INCENSED that James would DARE to imply that he threw the competition to Paul.

James: If that happened, then why would I be encouraging you to win the next one?  I'm not working with James. FUCK JAMES!

Nicole thinks James is trying to "be Derrick" mentioning that Derrick let Cody win the HoH Part #1 competition before easily winning the Part #2 competition against Victoria.

(Well, Nicole is no Victoria, and James is CLEARLY no Derrick.)

Paul:  James is shitting his pants right now that he's going to have to compete against you in a mental comp.  Guaranteed.  He's shitting his pants.

Nicole:  He thinks he can lose though, and we'll both take him.

Paul says that James doesn't have any blood on his hands, and knows that the Jury hates both of them.  Nicole agrees and says James planned it to happen this way.

(Personally I think James landed ass-backwards in the Final Three, without having to plan or do anything game-related, but I guess that could be a strategy, too.)

Nicole: You're not going to help him study for anything, are you?

Paul, sputtering:  What?  HELL NO!  FUCK JAMES!

Nicole says she knows that neither of them have a chance to beat James in the final vote.  Paul wants to help her study every chance they get, when James is in the DR, or otherwise engaged.  Paul has already started drilling Nicole, asking her all sorts of questions about the items in the various rooms of the house. For example:

*  How many cameras in the Nairobi Room?  How many camera lenses?
*  How many neon signs in the Tokyo Room?
*  What color are the ceramic cats' collars?  How many collars are green, and how many are pink?

Paul also wants Nicole to memorize the Departures board, because he thinks that might be part of a puzzle based on the way some of the numbers repeat.

Nicole:  I'm confident.  I'm VERY confident I can beat him in a mental comp.

Paul pointed out that he's noticed James walking around the house, studying things.

Nicole:  Well, he may be bringing his A game, but I'm bringing my A game, too.

Victor's Memory Wall picture proudly looks on as Paul enjoys his third competition win in a row.  Sure there are less people to beat as the season wears on, but that is when it is most important to win.  All three of these players had the same odds to win all three comps, but Paul is the one who pulled through.

Da'Vonne looks on, too, smiling, but she just wants to get her camera time. We all saw that on yet another volatile Jury House segment on last night's CBS show.  Here's a question for you....why is Da'Vonne so invested in who Zakiyah chooses to consort with?  We all knew that Zakiyah was going to jump back in bed with Paulie in the Jury House, so why is Da'Vonne so twisted about it?

It was all a big noisy blur to me, but as best I could tell, Michelle made a snide remark about Paulie not using his PoV on Zakiyah, and that set Da'Vonne off in such a manner that either their handlers or the camera crew had to get involved.

And for what?  I know Da'Vonne's image is to be the sharp-tongued home girl, but why did she need to get up and hover over Paulie like this, only inches from his face?  (see picture below) And all that fucking fake hair dangling over's fucking TOUCHING him.  He put his hands up in a manner to show Production that he's not going to touch her, but I think he's also trying to get those nasty braids away from his face.

WHY would someone get right up on someone like that?  And for absolutely NO REASON?  What if a man did that to another man? Or what if Paulie did this to Da'Vonne?  This behavior is NOT empowerment, ladies, getting all up on somebody while screeching trash talk.  If I just saw this picture without watching the show, I would have thought she was giving him a lap dance. She's standing between his OPEN LEGS!  I mean, WHO DOES THAT?

And part of what they were arguing about is how "CLASSY" Da'Vonne is.....because clearly she is classy, right?  What a fucking joke. And Da'Vonne went from AGGRESSOR to VICTIM in about 5 seconds after Paulie asked how her actions would appear to her daughter.

Well, someone had to think about that, because clearly Da'Vonne wasn't considering that.  Nor was she thinking about any prospective employers, or even the CBS brass.  This little performance may have ended Da'Vonne's chances for further work with CBS.  I hope so, anyway.  I was a BIG Da'Vonne fan last season, but she is just  RACHET and DESPERATE now.  I can't even stand to watch her DR "performances" anymore. I was really looking forward to Da'Vonne being on this season, but once again she let us all down.  And I'm sorry for the fans who have still been supporting her, because I know it's getting harder and harder to defend that stance now.

 It's time for her to go back to Inglewood, and stay there.  Just a few more items about this:

1.  Ya'll know I am NOT a Paulie fan, so it's not like I'm taking his side. However Paulie was trying to take up for Zakiyah, which I found quite refreshing.

2.  WHY did Paulie shave the sides of his head again?

3.  The Califiores were STEAMING MAD at Production after the last Jury House fight that was televised between Paulie and Da'Vonne, so I can't imagine how they feel now.  That first fight was what Cody was talking about when he told Big Jeff that "after what he saw last night, he'd never consider being on Big Brother again".

4.  Can you imagine the SCENE in the Green Room on Finale night where the families sit and watch the show together? We need a live feed of that room, because there are a lot of hard feelings out there involving some of the family members.  And between certain family members and Production, and also CBS.

5.  I am LOVING Big Meech's platform wedges here.  They are the star of this horrible picture, actually.

We also got two Jury segments on last night's show, with the second segment featuring Victor's arrival on the scene.  I can't remember seeing the fifth place juror's entrance like that before, so that is good for Victor.  It did appear that he had quite a few votes locked up if he made it to the end.  Corey probably won't get that treatment...the person who leaves in fourth place usually "surprises" the Jury during the "deliberation" segment that should be filmed sometime this weekend.  The Jury will move to a hotel today or tomorrow to prepare for that---it's actually filmed on a set at the CBS lot.

(I suspect part of the reason for the 2nd Jury segment was for Da'Vonne to "apologize" to us for her conduct in the first segment.  I wish I could just be a naive TV viewer, but those days are long gone.)

I took the following picture because BBAD does some online games and quizzes during the show, and at one point must have asked the viewers who they'd like to win America's Favorite Player.  These are the four leading candidates, per their poll:

Da'Vonne, Natalie, Victor & Tffany

Don't forget to vote every day, people, so we can all do the right thing here.  I don't know how representative this poll was, but clearly the BBAD viewers are into online activities so it makes sense that they might be heavy AFP voters.

I don't know if you can see it, but apparently there is a tiny piece of turkey bacon that is on the floor right between Nicole's calves that has drawn an army of a thousand ants.  Paul sprayed them dead for her, but I'm not sure anybody bothered to pick up that tiny bit of bacon.

Those poor BBOTT players....Production doesn't have time to change the decor and also do a bug bomb in just a week.  I'm hopeful that the spectacular "ribs" survive the change over...maybe they can just swap out the Departures board and leave the ribs there.  Perhaps a nautical theme next.  Who knows.  But we do know the ants will certainly be returnees, probably delighted with another batch of messy slobs moving in just days after the Finale.

I love champagne, and this is a good one.  No need to pollute this brand with OJ.

Paul wanted it to be a fair pour, making sure all three glasses were equal.  He did drink a sip out of the glass on the far left to make that work, though.  But in his defense he was the only one who seemed to want to finish the bottle.

I guess winning will do that to you.  Losing will too, though.  Just saying.

While the chicken was cooking, Nicole enjoyed a crunchy piece of avocado toast.  That's not very Ubly of her, is it?

I went through a phase last year where I had avocado toast every day for lunch for about six weeks.  I jazzed it up with lemon juice, red onion and red pepper flakes, though.

***IMPORTANT UPDATE***  I'm excited that some readers want to try avocado toast now....I didn't mention the salt and pepper but of course you need to use that, particularly the salt.  I think Nicole just scooped out the avocado flesh and put it right on warm toast without even salting   Also, Alpine Valley Multigrain bread is my favorite to make toast gives a nice, satisfying crunch when toasted but is still chewy on the inside.  And there are sunflower seeds on top of the loaf!  I buy it at Costco and keep it in the freezer.  I am such a dork I would probably ask for it in my HoH basket, too.

I've been telling you about some of the shady tweets that BBAD airs certain nights of the week.  (the "Orwell Games" nights, apparently)  Here are just a few of them, for your infotainment.

I did not realize that my stupid watermark was covering up the tweets, however, until just now.  Sorry about that.  This tweeter thinks that Paul in the kitchen touching his beard is disgusting.  Paul is always touching his beard, no matter what room he's in.  People with beards need to keep them and the germs to themselves, in my opinion.

This tweeter cautions Paul against taking Nicole, a slithery snake, to the end with him.  But in this scene Paul was actually giving Nicole the hard sell, assuring her that he wants to go to the end with her and telling her to be confident for the next competition, because she has to believe she's going to win it.

About Nicole's eviction speech last night....I watched her recite that stupid speech at least 20 times yesterday.  I even had it memorized, too, but then Nicole fumbled during the recitation and forget a few lines.  I think Nicole is going to be super-flustered when it's her turn to speak on Finale night, especially if she gets some rough questions from the Jurors.  This will not be the case for Paul, I assure you.

(My department at work took a public speaking course one time, where a woman came in and filmed us making a series of short speeches.  Then we all had to watch the tapes together and critique each other's performance.  The HORROR!  The course did help me though, and I eventually had a position with that company where I flew around the country making presentations to our employees--up to 100 at a time.  One of the keys to it is knowing your material beforehand, but being loose enough to go off script and paraphrase.  And if you make a mistake, DO NOT call attention to it like Nicole did.  Just keep rolling with it and no one will know.)

And what a crappy kiss Nicole gave Corey at the end of his speech!  I think Big Meech showed more warmth towards Paulie when he dipped her then Nicole did towards Corey. And Corey and Nicole have kissed many, many, many times before...Nicole acted like Corey had cooties or something.  Why not just send him off with a real smooch for the fans?  And for Corey, too.

(I mean, she KNOWS that WE KNOW, so what difference does one good smooch make?)

Once again, sorry for the G.D. watermark here.  This tweeter thought Paul was acting way too arrogant, even more arrogant than Victor did.

Well, as Deion Sanders used to say, "it's not bragging if you can back it up".

And this screen shows the results of a stupid BBAD poll where most of the viewers thought Paul would be an excellent car salesmen. I think out of those choices, the LA tour guide would have been the best fit for him.  Paul has a great appreciation for history, and also where to find the best pizza and craft beers, so that's the kind of tour I'd like to go on.

I did hear Paul tell Corey that he's going to show everybody "the time of their life" while they're in LA, and I believe him.  I wish I could party with the house guests in LA.  Damn.

This tweeter said she couldn't stand listening to Nicole and Paul talk smack about James, because "James hasn't done anything".

Well, I agree with that last part.  James has indeed done nothing.  And Paul and Nicole aren't talking trash about him...they are strategizing about how to win the game, which includes assessing their opponent.  Paul did tell Nicole that he thinks James hates him, and has done nothing but mimic and mock him all summer.

Paul:  If he wins the final HoH, I guarantee you he won't take me...fool HATES me and always has.

Nicole:  Really? You think so?

(Paul needs to learn when to shut up, because Nicole didn't need to know that part...Paul needs her to feel like winning Part #2 is life and death for her in this game.)


A very clever Reddit poster created this picture the first week of the season, "proving" that Paul would be the winner of BB18.  Apparently everyone made fun of the concept then, but now it's raising a few eyebrows.

If it's true, no one will love this more than Paul.


  1. Hehe I can see next year's BB player who's picture is in that position get the first boot. ''I have nominated you (blank) and you (pawn blank) Pawn blank, you're just my pawn. Blank, you're in the winner position on the memory wall and if the rest of us want a chance to win, you need to go this week.'' lol

    About Da,Vonne... Things looked more like a battle of EGOS more than anything else. Paulie has a big ego. Da'Vonne has a big ego. I think Day sees it that if Zakiyah is with Paulie, he has one over on her. It just felt off and wrong. I'm not a Paulie fan either, and he should be more respectful, but if Z has issues and acts a certain way beyond that, it's her thing. Day cannot control another person. Suppose it was all true, suppose she saw Paulie treat Z badly in jury, she cannot control him nor her. Day can only control herself, and obviously she lost it. My husband had to leave. Go outside. He said it made him feel awful. I had never seen a jury segmment like that and I told him. He came back after 5 mins. But it goes to say a lot, when someone leaves the house, not just the room.

    And then Victor walks in all lovey dovey with everyone, completely unawares. I think he can be the person who will say ''I love you both, you are both my friends, please don't squash me in your sandwich of hate.'' And politely stay out of it but mention subtly to take a chill pill. If the casual viewer was considering voting for anyone but Victor as AFP, they are surely voting fr him now and justly so. Go El Fit Vic.

  2. You and those ribs hanging from the ceiling. You need to write CBS and ask if they are for sale!

    1. Unfortunately the ribs don't fit with my decor...and as we all know they are HUGE.

      I am going to reach out today to a few house guests in an attempt to get more info about the ribs.

      During BB16 I wondered about the "rock wall" in one of the bedrooms and Joey told me via twitter that the rocks were hard molded plastic and whenever they tried to climb them they got yelled at by Production.

  3. Paul would be a fool to take Nicole. She was nominated only once with Corey,won 2 HoHs and a 2 Vetos so she has a solid resume. Plus there has not been a female winner since Rachel Reilly which some jurors may consider.

    1. I don't think any women have won Big Brother if they are sitting next to a man in the end.

      If Paul doesn't win, I want Nicole to win, but you might be right about her votes. On RHAP someone said the Jury fights may split up the votes since Day won't want to vote for who Paulie and Zee vote for (Nicole), so who knows.

    2. There was one clip of Day acknowledging Nicole must be doing something right and seemed impressed. Implication was she would put aside her personal feelings when voting. That was, however, before, the shouting match between Paulie and she tho, haha.

      Day has been fairly restrained this season IMO, and she was funny in DR interviews. She got emotional having reached her limit with Paulie, but no more so cumulatively than others. Apple throwing Meech for example.

      Was rooting for Victor, hope he gets AFH. Paul to win. Thank you for your updates!

  4. I just watched to share that I have enjoyed reading your updates. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. It is quite typical for a black women to get in the face of a man as if she wants to fight him all because he said something that she didn't like.If Paulie got in her face like that there would be a movement to have him removed from the house,but society seems to think that it is ok for a woman to provoke and get into the face of a man and the man is expected to be the bigger person and just take it. I don't understand why men are held to such a high standards and women, in particular black women, are given a free pass to provoke and antagonize whom ever they want and there be no consequences behind it. Had Paulie hauled off and hit her he would be the bad guy, but if a man got in his face like that it would have been considered self-defense.If women wants equal rights then they should start preparing themselves for equal lefts.

    1. What the f do you mean its quite typical for a black woman to get in someone's face. How dare you make that generalized statement

    2. Yeah, I almost didn't post this comment because of that, but if you take out the racial bias I like what Vader is saying about the gender inequalities here. If Paulie had acted that way towards Da'Vonne, people would be talking about pressing charges, and he would certainly have been removed from the house.

      As far as the racial part goes, I've only seen Jerry Springer a few times, but I recall seeing white girls getting up in someone's face like that in every episode, too.

      It's a bad look for anybody, and you lose your power when you lose your temper.

      Point blank AND the period.

    3. It is a bad look to get in anyone's face, I don't think anyone would disagree with that. BUT, to add commentary about her "nasty braids," "acting like a street thug" and "typical for a black woman..." that's veering right into racial territory. And I'm not her for that, so y'all enjoy yourselves! Bye!

  6. Davonne should be removed from the game all together! Period, end of story!! Her vote should not count and the public should vote in her place. She acted like a street thug! Can't stand her behavior and I am not a fan of Paulie and never was.

    1. I like Davonne but have to agree, it was over the top. However, if I had to live weeks in the same house with Paulie I have no clue how crazed I might get. Such a poor, poor excuse for a human being.

  7. I'm a long time Da'Vonne fan... mostly because at least some of her diary rooms didn't sound scripted, even if they were. All the rest of them are terrible - Corey can't give a scripted read if his life depended on it. I think Da'Vonne's reaction was over the top for the cameras mostly and little because she did feel a friendship with Zakiyah. Also, it's rare to actually have two black women on BB at the same time and I don't think Da was fond of one of them being so outrightly played... but I might be reading too much into that. All I know is I'd rather have a crazy Da'Vonne than a season of Corey and Nicole in bed and James's "funny pranks."

  8. Day need to mind her own business
    If Z want to be with paulie that her business

    Day was 100 per cent oyut of line and should of been removed from the game for it

    1. I kind of think that when Z gets upset with Paulie she goes to Da and complains... That creates issues, and Da had enough. At least it is another option to look at. I just don't see Da getting into Paulie's face over nothing.

    2. Another scenario could be that when Z has an issue with Paulie, she runs to Da and the other girls to complain. I just don't see Da getting that worked up over nothing.

    3. Sounds like you're on same page. 'Unknown' said just that.

    4. Ugh. We've all had that friend who wants to cry on your shoulder about a guy but then you don't hear from her for weeks when things are going well.

      Maybe what Da'Vonne REALLY wanted to do was verbally attack Zakiyah. She did end up yelling from the sidelines, after she had been "removed" from the seating area, stuff about how Paulie made Zee look like a "BLEEP" on national TV.

      (I was thinking, what are you looking like on national TV Da'Vonne?)

  9. GO Nicole win this game girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. In no universe could nicole even come close to rachel shes not even a elissa. Use to like Nicole but she and james played the same game sleep, worry about a boy/girl, and betray people

    2. I am not a Nicole fan at all this season and I have no desire for her to win (if she and the girls could have gotten together, this final three could of been all girls with her, Michelle and maybe Natalie... or even better Bridget as a fun final three) BUT I feel like BB History totally forgets how Rachel was almost handed the game by Pandora's Box / production. Once Shelley turned on BB Gods Jordan and Jeff, they totally screwed her over with that twist and made it so Rachel and Jordan were safe when they had zero chance. I always want to be happy with our last female winner, but I feel like BB totally threw it to her :/

  10. BBOTT is not being played in this BB house. CBS has created an entirely new space for this fall edition.

    1. Do you have a source on that? I know RHAP announced this first, but later retracted the statement after Hamsterwatch objected to the "new house" theory.

      The logistics of a new house make sense, but the cost involved doesn' cameras, wiring, etc. But Heath Luman did say yesterday on Twitter that the competition set ups would be simpler for OTT since they don't have to build the riggng and cover the yard. So maybe that does support the "new house" theory.

  11. I have loved your insightful commentary all season and this update continues to meet the high stanard you have set.

    1. Thank you so much. Sometimes I'm not happy with a post, but when I read them back weeks later I laugh out loud. I don't even remember writing half of this's mostly stream of consciousness style, but I do want to write some short stories this fall. (which is why I'm not thrilled about BB OTT...)

    2. I also appreciate your style. One writer who I won't name, uses what my father used to call "$2 words" every chance he gets, like he's trying to impress someone. Isn't the general rule of thumb to write at the 10th grade level? Don't use a 4 syllable word when a 2 syllable word will do? Just makes his work a pain to read.

  12. I disagree that Day was more at fault in the fighting match. While she certainly shouldn't have stood up and got in his face, he was a complete azz. Defending Z? Seriously? He was looking for a fight and he has zero respect for Z. Day and Bridget had it right that he is out of line. Regarding the comment he made about her daughter, it was not said to keep the argument from escalating or that he cared, but was said as an insult meant to push her buttons. Again, Day lost her cool but it's almost understandable given the disgusting, condescending approach Paulie took. Wish she had not reacted that way but if picking sides, Paulie's the villain, not her.

  13. OK call me a prude and I don't understand why I feel this way but I hated hated hated that Nicole stayed in bed with Corey so much. And so much coitus going on ...... I was glad to see all of the returning vets and wanted one to win. I agree that it's time for a girl to win but I don't want Nic to win strictly because of her bed activities. I don't know why I feel that way - I just wanted her to have more respect for herself and represent her small town and family better. So I guess I'm pulling for James because I hate Paul's germy beard - yes, call me shallow !!

    1. Hi shallow! Jk! Victor didn't like it either when anybody spent a ton of time in bed but for the simple reason they weren't socializing and seemed lazy. I don't care what they did in bed but am surprised they don't when they know there's live feeds.
      My issue with Nicole is she's not loyal which arguably could be a positive to some and that she alienated all the girls. Seemed she wanted to be only female to go to end. I also didn't like her comment she didn't want to go to jury because she doesn't have any friends there. 1, whose fault is that and pretty sad since everyone's there but final three and 2, what about Victor and Corey? She doesn't consider them friends? I don't know how she expects to get jury votes when she did nothing to build relationships. Now here's my shallow comment; her whining is sooooo annoying.

    2. I wasn't a Paul fan initially either, because he was so loud and also, I must admit, I absolutely hate that beard. But he grew on me and has played ten times the game Nic has, and fifty times the game James has (except anything times zero is still zero, so that doesn't work.)

    3. I agree with you Shallow about Nicole and Corey's being in bed all the time. It really disappoints me to see that and ruined much of the game play and interaction between housepets. I would hate to see Nicole win after that showing. I also think James just played dumb and doesn't deserve to win. I was not a Paul fan at the beginning, but he grew on me and since Victor can't win I am hoping for Paul.

  14. I, too, would love to see a woman win Big Brother again, but first and foremost they must be a worthy player of the game. I am not sure Nicole meets that standard.

  15. BBOTT is a brand new house (studio locale) so that shows just how much you know.

  16. I hate Paulie. But he was absolutely accurate. SOMEONE needs to point out the obvious: Day is perpetuating the angry black female stereotype so much so that her daughter is bound to continue the cycle. Clearly Paulie is the last person that should be giving her a reality check & it will most certainly fall on deaf ears. But dammit, he's right. Day makes us black women look a fool. Ratchet is putting it mildly.

    You are genuinely so very talented with your storytelling. Accurate, funny, relatable & incredibly informative! I LOVE the little "life hacks" you inject now & then! Congrats on another season well done! Xx

  18. Thank u for your hard work all season! Your views are intelligent, candid and always entertaining. I am once again left without a horse in this race. What an ego! Paul is the poster child for little man syndrome. I only hope that the teacher that he brags about wrongfully getting fired in a revenge scheme ( little SCUM, strutting, snot nosed punk ) comes out and sues the ever loving pants- albeit little bitty short pants, off of him. Yes, I'm married to a teacher, proudly! And Nicole, what a little snake of a coward she is. Walking around spitting out, "He's dirty!" like a good little snake puppet to her little gnome every time he stomps his foot and demands it. Poor James, would that I could say he deserves the money, but never has a good guy played worse. Be embarrassed, my favorite player. You'll still get our votes, but sheesh, James. Where was your head. OH, yeah. This was the season that may have broken the casting couch of Big Brother, finally. Bullshit! Expect more of the same. I think somebody's Big Daddy owns somebody's balls.

  19. who's taking who,,,I'd like to know

    1. i hate that everybody thanks that Corey and Nicole had sex they did not

    2. Sure they didn't honey. Whatever you say....

    3. And you know this how?

  20. Thanks for your recaps. They have been the highlight of the BB summer. Even when the feeds were boring, your commentary sure wasn't! I found myself looking so forward to your summaries. Your humor and insight have brightened many of my days. You've got a real literary talent coupled with such a sharp wit. Definitely pursue short story writing and consider adding a PayPal link to your web page. I'm sure many of your readers would be happy to send a little $$LOVE$$ your way. You hung in there through almost three month of "friendship" coupled with Nicole's whiiiinne. You earned it! Look forward to seeing this thing through with you till the end of the season!

  21. I feel like BB is really invested in a woman winner this year after all the misogyny and will sway the jury to vote for Nicole if/when she makes it to final 2. That being said , I was so unimpressed and underwhelmed with her game this season. She made NO attempt to bond or engage any of the other hamsters this season besides Cooorrreeeyy. (Btw, did anyone ever see them have even one real conversation?) And I'll be surprised if she doesn't go home with bed sores. Very lackluster playing. At least paul worked hard to win and tried to be entertaining. He put in real effort during his "punishment" as a secret service agent to liven up the feeds. Will be so bummed with a nicole win. Ohhh my gossshh. It will be such bull craaap. I'll be so fricken maaaddd. ��������

  22. Am I the only one who heard Paulie say something about Davonne's daughter? That's what I thought sparked her to really go nuts.

  23. Oh yeah...he went there. Said she sure was being a good example for her daughter. That's when she went full out POSTAL on him. Not a good look for either of them.


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