Sunday, September 25, 2016

Everybody Wants a Piece of Them. #BB18

Back in the old days, it was rather difficult to find pictures of the post-season parties and festivities.  You couldn't just lurk on Twitter or Instagram for them.  But it's a whole new situation today. I'm still trying to heal and recover from the end of BB18, but as we all know the clock is ticking on that process.

A whole new cast will be revealed on Wednesday for BBOTT, so everyone's 15 minutes as it pertains to BB18 is ticking by quickly....even mine.

So let's go.

Nicole appeared on The Talk the day after she won the season.  I think she did a good job and seemed very relaxed, like she makes these sort of appearances every day.

Nicole says she needs to get a Financial Planner, because she has no idea what to do with all of that money (probably around $365,000 after federal and state taxes are paid).

Nicole: I'm going to take my family on a really nice vacation, because we all deserve it after this summer.  And then I'll save the rest of it for my future.

(That is the correct answer, Nicole.)

The ladies wanted to know if Corey was invited on the vacation.

Nicole:  Oh sure, Corey can go on the vacation.

(That may not be the correct answer, Nicole.)

There was quite a bit of ogling that went on as they all stared at Corey's half-naked body.  Nicole did make it clear that she doesn't necessarily consider Corey to be her boyfriend, but says they are very good friends.  There was also recognition about Nicole being the first female winner in Big Brother history to win over a man in the Finals.

In addition to easily-accessible post-season pictures, there is also tons of footage on YouTube of the house guests coming in and out of the cast party at Clifton's on Thursday night.  Nicole and Corey came strolling down the street and were surrounded by fans immediately as they approached the entrance.

They both kind of split up out there, each taking selfies and signing autographs for the fans.  (Although I'm pretty sure that the people who have these head shots ready for signing plan to sell them later.)  Nicole did the rounds, and then called out to Corey asking if he was ready to go inside. I didn't hear him answer, but he was obviously enjoying himself and taking time with everyone who wanted to spend a little time with him.

Several of the ladies told Corey he was really cute, and he said "thanks".  At one point Nicole announced that she was "going in now", but didn't follow through on that once she saw Corey was still busy with his fans.  On Reddit people were saying Nicole is often impatient and rude to fans when she meets them (complete with a few first hand stories about that after BB16), so I was watching for this when I watched this clip.  But I think she was having to do a second round of pictures with the same people out there, so I don't blame Nicole.  She was friendly enough, I think.  But Corey was definitely friendlier.

And I like that Corey didn't just scurry over to the door as directed by Nicole.  She may have won Big Brother, but Corey has plenty of Upper Hand in the situation, in my opinion.  People were also talking to him about Harry Potter, which already bores me to death, just like having to see that same "hilarous" sleep-talking scene for the 2nd through 87th time.

This girl only wanted Nicole to give the peace sign and then say "fight on", or something like that.  She actually counted down and they said it in unison and the girl just walked away.

I wish Nicole would ask before doing stuff like this....who knows where she is going to turn up now saying "fight on"?  I think it might be the USC slogan, but still....

Paul took some video of a drunken Victor, presumably after the party was over. It looks like they are sitting in the hallway of the hotel...maybe they got locked out or something?  For the record, Paul sounds sober in the video as he tries to get El Drunk Vic to say some funny drunken things.

But then this happened.  Ha ha ha.  This is how people lose their wallets.  And their phones.

And this is the kind of thing we can come to expect from following Paul on social media.  So there's that.  There are A TON of girls begging to bone Paul on Twitter that he is retweeting.  And when I watched some of the videos mentioned above it was very common for the house guests to ask, "Where are Victor and Paul", or "Why aren't Victor and Paul here?"

So the Sitting Ducks are still winning.

They showed up to the party, though, as evidenced by one of the videos taken of the arrivals. I wonder if Victor put his hair up to keep everyone from touching it...because you just KNOW that was going to happen all night.

There were rumors that Liz Nolan was hanging all over Victor at the party, but from the hallway pictures above I'm not sure that worked out for her.  Particularly since I can't find pictures of her hanging all over him...because that would have been a victory of sorts, too.

Now this girl found herself on the same airplane as Victor.  He didn't have a direct flight to New Orleans from LA...instead he had to fly through Oakland first.  According to this girl someone "blew up the bathroom" on that first flight, which caused delays before taking off again for Louisiana.

The girl told her friend, "hey, that looks like Victor from Big Brother", and her friend called out "Friendship" and Victor turned around immediately.

Frank showed up with Bridgette and they immediately got surrounded by the same crowd of people clamoring for autographs and pictures.  Bridgette responded to every request with enthusiasm, and as if they were the first person to ask for a picture, which is nice.

At one point she was looking round to make sure she "didn't lose Frank" but once she spotted him surrounded by another group of people she kept socializing, too.  Bridgette's sister Jessica was with them, too, and was wearing a cute denim jacket similar to Bridgette's jacket.

The Sitting Ducks and the Cabbage Patch Kids celebrate freedom together.

And Paul got mobbed for pictures and autographs when he showed up with Victor, too.

Paul and Bridgette had a complicated relationship in the house, but it looks like bygones are bygones now.  I think they're actually the only two house guests who live in the Los Angeles area right now, so I'm sure they might see each other around.

And here is yet another video that is rather disturbing...this video was from the end of the evening as people stood around waiting what seemed like a VERY long time for their car.  Or their Uber.  Whatever.

Here are Zakiyah and Amber from BB16, whose lipstick is VERY smeary and detracts from her overall appearance.  Amber also appeared to be a little unsteady on her feet.  I was like, "what the hell is Amber doing with Zikiyah and Paulie?", but then I remembered that Amber played BB with Cody.  So that explains that.

And Paulie was very busy directing the group and telling everybody where to stand and what to do.  As you can see he also shaved the side of his head again, apparently, for some reason.

The camera looked Zakiyah up and down as the lady on the left talked to her.  This lady is going to be an important part of the story in a few minutes, so please note her presence.  Note that she is slurring her words in a manner not unlike Zakiyah's everyday speech patterns.  I'm not sure what she was saying, but I think the gist of it involved something most of us would like to say to Zakiyah.

You know, something along the lines of "why did you attach yourself to that Douchebag Paulie?"

Some guy on the left tried to shush the drink lady, and Zakiyah tried to ignore her by clinging to Paulie like a life preserver.  Paulie started talking back to the lady, giving zero fucks that the camera was right there, rolling.

Paulie:  Somebody's had too much to drink.

Drunk Lady: sshcklileuo  sucuotle.ssss

Paulie: I can assure you that I'm sober.

But Drunkie wasn't finished yet.

Drunkie, to Paulie:  You think you some shit, but you're not...

Zakiyah started hugging up and kissing on Paulie, just to shove it in Drunkie's face, I think.  At one point she turned to the camera and mouthed, "What the fuck?"

What the fuck indeed, Zakiyah.  What the fuck.

And look at Creepy standing back there with his arms folded.  I know that there are places you can hang around in LA to see celebrities walk in and out, but isn't this kind of dangerous?  There are people whose hatred for some of the house guests is apparently out-of-control, and feelings are very hot right now.

Shouldn't they have security posted outside or something?  If nothing else, so that the crowd outside would be forced to buy tickets to get into the party ($50, I think) instead of getting a free Meet and Greet outside on the sidewalk?

I don't like Paulie or Zakiyah, and made this decision about 3 weeks into the season, but I don't want anyone to hurt them.  Or even approach them in such an aggressive, angry manner.

Let them live their lives, people, without inserting yourselves in such a negative way.  

And take one last look at the two ladies here, flanking Zakiyah and Paulie.

Now look at this picture of Corey with "Bridgette's fam".

Um....that is Bridgette's mom and dad in the Corey Sandwich, but that is Drunkie's right arm trying to grab a piece of Corey's man boob.

So....were these two Middle Aged Drunkies part of Bridgette's family?  Or did they just squeeze into the frame like Drunkie squeezed Corey's Moob?

I think I'll just end this post we can all ponder this mystery.  I have more stuff to post, and more interviews to watch, so I'd better hurry while there's still time...


  1. Wow, thanks for posting.

    If Paulie is even slightly a narcissist (just an educated guess based on what I know), those drunkies are wasting their time with him. He could also be very insecure and needing to control everything as a result. Again, nothing anyone can do. ONly he can do something to change that.

  2. Are you planning on blogging about BB over the top?

    1. On a limited basis....not the same coverage I've been doing for the "regular" BB seasons.

      I will probably post more updates on Twitter then I do now.

      Thanks for visiting Sarah.


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