Saturday, September 3, 2016

Every Man's Buzzkill: I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. #BB18

The first series of pictures were taken Friday, as the house guests all waited for the nomination ceremony to begin.  But the joke was on them, and all of us, because the ceremony didn't actually start until after 5:30 PM BBT.

And Victor put James and Natalie on the block for eviction, as promised.

Victor's HoH CD is a Drake and Future collaboration, and he's jamming out now, moving around and making various pointing gestures.  You can hear faint sounds leaking from his headphones.

Victor is also enjoying some Zapp's chips. It's hard to find those chips outside of the Louisiana area.  They're actually supposed to have half the sodium of standard potato chips because Zapp's is all about adding flavor, not salt.

Frito Lay, owned by Pepsi, is the big bully in the salty snack aisle of your local grocery store.  It's hard to encroach on Frito Lay's shelf space because they hold so much leverage with the retailers.  And Frito Lay also bought Stacy's Pita chip company so they would have a strong foothold in the snack display by the deli area, and hummus selection, as well.

But Zapp's doesn't GAF.  I just spent 5 minutes on their website trying to find the "Locate in your area"  section, but they don't even have one, apparently.  They just let you order directly from them, which is probably a much better deal for them as far as a per-package price.  They don't even want to play the Frito Lay game, it seems.

Nicole came upstairs to congratulate Victor again on his HoH win, and to say that she's glad they are all working together.

And let's face it, Nicole probably has a TEENY little part of her that is scared about all of the power Victor will hold this week.

In the kitchen Paul and Nicole were talking about what a nice guy Victor really is, and how he makes jokes about people, but he is never really mean to people and is quite genuine.

Victor:  He's kind of strange....he's so innocent.

Nicole agreed, and Victor came up behind her and gave her this hug.

Nicole:  You look like a big mean guy but you're really like a big teddy bear.

I tweeted this picture and comment from Nicole out yesterday, and it's funny how some of the BB fans interpret things.  There is a whole group of fans who apparently think Victor is in love with Nicole, and is going to fight with Corey over her.  They think that since Corey told Victor that he doesn't plan to have an exclusive relationship with Nicole, Victor is making moves on her.

(It occurred to me for the first time that some BB fans might also be fan fiction-types, and maybe that is why so many of them were into "JeJo" and probably "Jeg", and "Jatalie".)

But Victor hitting on Nicole?  No way.  After over 70 days, everyone just wants some physical contact.  And Victor was excited yesterday to use all of his various Axe Body products when he showered.  He felt clean and was enjoying how great he smelled, so he was just sharing that with Nicole here.

Victor is interested in meeting Nicole's friend Mariah, particularly since Nicole told him that Mariah has green eyes and long dark hair.

Victor:  Dark hair and light eyes....that's my thing!

Nicole also said that Mariah is a casual dresser who just likes to wear sweats and casual clothes, and that she likes guys who are athletes.

Victor: Hell yeah.

But then Nicole went into a long story about how Mariah never dates, and apparently has never been in love to the point where she is heartbroken.  Nicole's mother challenged Mariah to go out on three dates this year, to see what would happen.  But I think that year is up sometime this summer, and Nicole reported that when she left for BB this year, Mariah hadn't even been on one date.  Mariah read in Cosmopolitan that every girl needs to have her heart broken 7 times before she should get married.

Nicole:  SERIOUSLY?  Seven times?   I can't do it.  Once was too hard on me.

Nicole has that Small Town Girl Syndrome, and says that at 24 she is very worried about never getting married and being alone all of her life. Victor says Cosmopolitan Magazine is bullshit and they shouldn't waste time worrying about what they read in the articles.

Maybe Victor can be the first to break Mariah's heart.  I think that might actually make for the start of a very exciting Romantic Resume for Mariah.

Natalie eats a lot of oranges in that house, and can get the peel off the fruit in record time.  After she peels an orange, she just houses the orange sections and never seems to have to fish out seeds or excessive membranes out of her mouth.

It never works out that way for me, but whatever.  Paul wanted Natalie to throw over a few sections for him.  You can see the Triscuit box is there, too. I haven't heard much chatter about Triscuits this season, but in previous seasons this semi-healthy snack was a big topic of discussion.

For example, during BB13, Porsche used to hide the Triscuits and Big Jeff was none too pleased about that.  And who can forget JoJo plowing through a whole box during BB14, without even slowing down her conversation.

Paul has been mourning the loss of Pablo, since Michelle snatched him on her way out of the house on Thursday night.  The house guests saw her throw Pablo into the audience before the door closed.  Paul says he wouldn't mind doing that himself, but Pablo was Paul's property and he is upset that she took him.

(Production got Pablo back from the audience member, and used him for a photo shoot with Julie and Michelle.  I'll bet they'll put Pablo in the HoH room for Paul if he wins HoH, right?  At the very least Paul will get Pablo back in his box of keepsakes that Production will send him in October, but he'll need to be inflated, of course.)

Natalie has really been piling on James in the last 24 hours with all of the "I TOLD YOU SO's".  And what man doesn't HATE to hear that?  The cameras often close in on James' face as Natalie recounts all of the ways that James has ruined the game for both of them.  For example:

*  Natalie told James that she never trusted Nicole and Corey.
*  Natalie told James that he should have won The Wall comp, instead of handing to to Nicole.
*  Natalie told James that she was the one taking all the heat for putting Victor and Paul on the block.
*  Natalie told James that there would be a Jury Buy Back, but he didn't listen.
*  Natalie told James that she never trusted Nicole and Corey.

And so on, in a never-ending loop, although this loop will end one way or another this Thursday night.

Natalie is so passive-aggressive about her anger, telling James that this summer is the first time she has learned to trust a man.

(After she just pointed out how many times she trusted James in the game and got screwed over.)

They had a conversation in the HoH room yesterday about various comments that were made during the HoH competition.  Since Nicole was hosting it, she had an earpiece to receive instructions from Production.  Apparently she made a pronunciation error when she read a joke line about "eggs benedict" and the guys were laughing about it.

Nicole:  Well, I didn't know how to say it. Were you guys laughing at me during the comp?

They were.  Nicole claims that she refused to say a few of the things they wanted her to say.  I don't know who was working the live feed "shut up button", but they sure let this conversation go on a long time before realizing we weren't supposed to hear it.

And on BBAD Natalie peeled yet another orange and ate it, going another round of "I TOLD YOU SO's" with James, her mouth steadily slurping and pulverizing the orange sections.

Natalie: I told you that we needed to win that HoH.  ***slurp** But you looked like you were going in slow motion out there.

James:  But, if I hadn't put the egg in the Have slot, I'd be a Have Not right now.

Natalie:  ***squnch*** But I have a Have Not pass, James. ***slurp***  I told you that.

(This probably isn't even passive-aggressive, right?  It just might qualify as aggressive anger.)

I took the picture below to show you how the "news crawl" at the bottom of the BBAD screen boldly pointed out that "James offered to throw the HoH competition if Corey gave him $5,000", which is kind of hilarious now. When I was watching James amble through the HoH competition, taking water breaks as needed, I actually thought he might believe that he was earning $5,000 for throwing it.

James didn't know that Corey already gave the $5,000 bribe to Victor.  And I'll bet he still doesn't know, and probably didn't have the guts to follow up about it.  You know, just like he didn't have the gumption to follow up on whether Paul would be evicted or not last week.

Here's Some Potentially-Bad News:  It seems as if James is going to go all out this week pulling "funny" pranks, since he believes he is getting evicted, and wants to make sure America doesn't forget about him for AFP.  For example, he again put vasoline on the door knob to the Storage Room.  How "hilarous".

In the early days of this season, the BBAD news crawl was often very rude to Nicole and Corey, making all sorts of innuendos about what they were up to at night.  And once the crawl said something like "Nicole tells a story that is incredibly boring, while Corey is somehow boring without opening his mouth".

In that case Nicole was telling Corey a story about the drunkest she's ever been, and it turns out she was out to dinner with her mom and dad.  And it was indeed boring.  Last night Nicole told the guys that she doesn't have any crazy stories because she's never done anything interesting.

Nicole: I've never been clubbing or anything like that.

Victor:  But don't you have stories about being on the farm, and some cows or chickens or something?

Nicole: No.

Nicole pointed out that the guys' crazy stories are all about how they were out trying to get girls.  Victor disputed that by mentioning a story he just told that had nothing to do with that, also mentioning that Paul often tells stories about international travel.

Nicole:  Well, I guess I'm talking about Corey, then.

Corey snickered.  He hangs out with one of baseball's highest paid pitchers (Michael Wacha), and also trainwreck Johnny Manziel, so he couldn't avoid girls if he tried.  Corey actually talked to Victor the other day about Johnny, saying that they would go to the rec center to play basketball, but there were always dozens of people there waiting to see Johnny, and would all want his autograph and to stand and talk to him.

Victor:  Did that ever irritate you?

Corey:  Yes, all the time. It's so frustrating.

Then Corey launched into a story about Johnny begging him to buy some bottle of booze, so Corey did. And then Johnny went on a bender that week getting wasted and everyone blamed Corey because Johnny didn't play well that weekend and Texas A&M lost the football game.

(This story highlights how hard it is to be friends with someone extremely famous, and also how hard it is to befriend an alcoholic.  If you don't know, Johnny Manziel was a highly-recruited quarterback who has since RUINED his NFL career, and probably his LIFE, by his out-of-control partying.)

This is Nicole's makeup basket, in case you're interested.  There isn't much going on in the house as BBAD aired last night, so the crew had to make do with what they had to work with.

But here's something.....when Natalie was trash-talking Corey and Nicole, she asked James about a story that Corey told earlier in the season, wondering if it was really true, and badgering James to re-tell it.

Here goes:  Basically Corey had a girl at his house, and he used his phone to call an Uber for her so she could go home.  But then the girl started blowing him so Corey picked up his phone and saw that the Uber driver was a few blocks away, so he cancelled it.  Then after the girl finished, Corey picked up his phone and re-ordered the Uber for her.  Corey saw that the driver had just stopped, and then watched the same Uber driver start driving again and within minutes Corey told the girl that her ride was in the driveway.

Does anyone really think that story is so horrible?  No one was forcing that girl (presumably) and at least Corey was paying for her ride home.  I went to Florida State, so virtually nothing that Corey talks about is shocking to me.

(Except of course the HORRIBLE goat story.)

I mean, some girl gave Corey a blow job.  Big whoop.  But note that in the story, James said that the girl was "down there, doing stuff" instead of just saying "BJ" or "blow job", or some other handy euphemism.  I actually think Corey told that story when they were all discussing using Uber, rather than telling stories about his sexual exploits.  So I'm not sure why Natalie thinks this story is a Smoking Gun or something.  But the goat story....

Nicole was very absorbed with the back of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch box.  There must have been a game printed on the back, because twice I heard her whispering lists of colors, like " red".

And yet MORE of Natalie berating James about the wrong paths he led her down this summer.

Natalie:  We were aligned with the two strongest people, and we turned on them.  We should never have put Paul and Victor on the block.  If we hadn't done that, we wouldn't be in this spot.

She also made several comments to James about "you can't be sad to lose something you never had".

James:  I say that all of the time at home.

Natalie:  I just said it.

James:  Well, I say it back home too, like if one of my friends likes a girl and she doesn't like him back.

(It's always "one of my friends", right?)

I think this comment of Natalie's definitely qualifies as passive-aggressive.  I'm willing to bet James' stipend on Natalie internally fretting that if her showmance with Victor had been successful, she'd be the queen of the house right now, dating a BB history-making competition beast.

I think there is a chance that Natalie is getting evicted this week instead of James.  That is what Nicole wants to do, but I'm not sure about Corey.  I do think that Natalie is a bigger competition threat than James, but Victor wants James out to get revenge.

Natalie wants to cook dinner, and went in the storage room and was ecstatic to see zucchini.

Natalie:  Zucchini!  Fun!

She started gathering ingredients, but I was confused about the zucchini...where is it?

Then she mentioned to James that she would grab the zucchini, and grabbed the two yellow summer squash that you see in her right hand.

Yellow squash is not zucchini, Natalie.  They may be from the same family, but they are not the same thing.  James did not correct her though, even though I was silently BEGGING him to erupt.

James, in my head only:  Natalie, I TOLD YOU that is squash, not zucchini.  I TOLD YOU SO.

Then the cooking process started.  Corey had until midnight before he was released from being a Have Not, and he wants nachos, or tacos, but I'll bet he'll eat the pasta, too.

I included this picture so you can see yet another BBAD news crawl subtly SLAMMING Nicole.

The BBAD crew never gets the attention and praise they deserve, but they really seem to do their best to entertain us with their constant back-and-forth style of editing, along with these silly yet sassy "news" updates.

Kudos, Team BBAD.  After all of this feed watching and posting, I really enjoy just zoning out and watching BBAD on the couch sometimes, without having to worry about typing or taking pictures. I actually saved four episodes from earlier in the season to watch months from now, when I can appreciate them even more, knowing how the game worked out.


  1. I hope Natalie goes this week. I can't stand her. Also, their biggest mistake was not trusting Nicole and Corey, their biggest mistake was telling Victor that Natalie wants him to stay over Corey IN FRONT of Corey. At that point, Nicole and Corey realized Natalie was not loyal. Had that not happened, I believe Nicole and Corey would have stayed loyal.

    1. I agree with Jackie on all fronts. In addition, I'll say this: There such a thing called owning up to your own mistakes instead of passing the blame to someone else. Natalie needs to take responsibility for her own decisions. She's going to have a hard time in life if she continues to blame others for her own mistakes and won'T understand why they keep repeating. Law of Attraction 101, or kharma, or however you want to call it. Ugh, Nicole is playing smart and is adapting as the game progresses with what she learns each day/week. She made a smart choice to get further in the game. However, I would still prefer a Victor win. Evicted 2 times. Returned 2 times. In Final 2. Just seems fitting, though to get another 2 and have second place would be kinda funny.

  2. I believe Natalie hooked up with James at the beginning of the game because he was, in case you haven't heard, "America's Favorite Player" and although he's a prison guard, basically he's passive non-threatening kind of guy. His game stock was AAA+ and there was every reason to believe he would go far in the game. And, he has but, just like last time, that doesn't mean he's a winner. James has been playing a lazy man's game so it's surprising he made it this far - again! James should've stopped trying to pick up loose change and just played the game. Natalie should be thankful he took her along as his "ride or die". It's worked out pretty well for her. (Is there a bonus for making the jury or lasting a certain number of weeks?)

  3. I have so much contempt for any women who goes into this house and uses their vagina for game play.

    Meaning, they latch onto the nearest guy to do their dirty work - sheer laziness.


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