Sunday, September 18, 2016

Come And Knock on Our Door. Take a Step on Our Floor. #BB18

At this point, the house guests sleep all day long.  Every time I turn on the live feeds, this is the type of thing I see, so you can understand why I'm not anxious to turn on the live feeds during the day.

When the house guests walk outside to the Real World, they are going to feel overwhelmed by all of the activity, much the same as all of us just over a week from now, when we turn on our feeds and see a dozen (or whatever) new BBOTT schemers swarming the place.  They will apparently move in on Sept 28th, and I think we will be able to see it LIVE for a change.  So that part definitely draws me in...watching in real time as they move in and acclimate themselves.

I don't even know what to expect with the casting.  Or Kassting, as the case may be.

And we know that the rumors of the new house were FALSE, because Hamsterwatch told us so.  And we know if anybody knows, they know.

I watched James point out some sort of issues on the floor near the front door yesterday to Paul, saying that the floor would need to be fixed before next season.  At first I thought he meant there were cracks in the concrete or something, but then Paul brought up the leak problem earlier in the season.  He said that over by the sink and window, the floor was all torn up from the water problems they had, so I think they may be referring to the linoleum, or whatever it is.  And whatever it is, it is surely FILTHY right now.

Obviously this exchange was ironic, since a whole new season starts seven days after they leave the house.  The Haz Mat team alone probably needs at least four days to cleanse and sanitize.  So this helpful tweeter pointed out that RHAP reported that there would be a whole new house for BB OTT. I actually posted about that after I heard Rob report it, but then on the next podcast Rob retracted his statement, saying Hamsterwatch said he was wrong.  So I posted about that, too, after I heard the correction.

I've actually been corrected by readers a number of times when I now imply there will be no new house, which shows you how strong a rumor can be.

So I tweeted back with some helpful information in an attempt to dispel the rumor in some small way.

And Hamsterwatch agreed.  There is no new house.  They will be in the same old house, but hopefully with new people, new energy, and some fresh ideas.  And new linoleum (or whatever).

When BBAD began it's broadcast, James was busy trying to prepare his wardrobe for the live show, I presume.  Personally I haven't ironed anything in a long, long time, and even then I think it was the linen dust ruffle in the guest room, rather than clothing.

And the water for the steam setting dribbled all over the pants...what a bummer.  I do remember ironing in dozens of hotel rooms while on business trips.  Many of the irons were scorched and would stain your clothes with rust.  Business travel is rarely as glamorous as it's built up to be.

James has done this before, I think.

Meanwhile Paul was grooming himself.  I think Nicole was napping on some other camera.

James, taking pride in his work.  You can see all of those towels under the table behind him.  That pile of towels has been there for a long time.  At this point no one wants to  deal wth a big load of laundry, so they just wash what they need and pile up the dirty stuff in storage.  Pretty sure they smell like mildew by now, right?

On second thought, maybe James is packing those freshly folded khakis, rather than wearing them this week.  Supposedly Production goes through everyone's luggage to remove various "contraband", like pilfered house items, etc, before they leave the house with it, but I'm sure plenty of stuff gets through.

I remember Ian had the fried pork rinds that Willie Hantz threw at Janelle before he was expelled in a plastic bag in his room, and Production took those mid-season, so who knows.

I know the house guests usually get a big box delivered to their homes sometime in October that contains memorabilia from the season for them, like costumes they wore, personalized game pieces (eg, OTEV game pieces), their BB Comic, and assorted other goodies.  I'll bet this cast will receive their shipments earlier this season, since no one on the crew has time to procrastinate.  They've got to clear all of that stuff out of there, pronto.

Now James is ironing a checked shirt, as you can see.  I thought this might be his chosen Finale look, but he also ironed his light blue Oxford shirt, so I guess James is putting together options.

This is live TV, people.  There's no script here.  And it is refreshing to watch James just live, without putting on a show for America.  He's just ironing his clothes.  And then leaving the empty room.

Paul did put the shampoo from his head on his beard, too, when he was scrubbing in the shower. I really have no idea how that all works, but I still don't like the beard.  It's just too much for me.

Today Paul was telling Nicole that he heard Frankie Grande had the highest IQ of all house guests.  Nicole said maybe in his season Frankie did, but Vanessa was very smart, too.  Nicole said that Frankie had so many things going for him..he was smart, attractive, funny, and had a famous sister.

Last night Nicole was confiding in Paul about her worries about Hayden.  Now that Corey is gone, Nicole has been thinking about Hayden, and wondering how he feels about her now.

Nicole: I told him I wouldn't get into another showmance.....and I can imagine how I would feel if he did that to me right after we broke up.

Paul says he's been dreaming about his ex-girlfriend, and the cameras immediately changed.

While James was leaving the London Room, Paul was walking in, and the two of them awkwardly met in the little telephone booth as they passed.  They know there is a camera in there, though. Earlier in the season, when the house was packed with people, I watched Corey walk in there alone and say hello to his mom and dad, and friends.  I guess he liked the relative privacy.

Paul trudged over to the hammock, the backyard another bleak ghost town.  They kind of overdid it with the spin bikes, didn't they?  Two of the bikes would have been fine, although I know they wanted to only give them equipment that can be operated quietly.

Unlike that creaky elliptical trainer they've had right next to the couch conversation area for years. The need for change is obvious in retrospect.

I think the Drive By Shouter considered stopping by to "speak" to Paul, by the looks of BBToom's tweets last night.  But he must have been kidding, as there was no shouting to speak of.

May not be appropriate for viewers under fourteen.

When things get slow the camera crew play around with odd angles.  I wonder what the political pecking order is right now behind the scenes at AGP.  You know, for the people still toiling away on the production of BB18, compared to the team getting ready for the advent of BBOTT.

I've got to think they want to be on the team planning the new show, right?  The catering is always plentiful at those type of meetings. Lots of doughnuts, and brownies. Although if they are all gluten free they probably shouldn't bother.

But it's got to be nice for some of the workers to get an extended schedule this year.

Nicole came out and said she'd come hang with Paul as soon as she took a quick shower.  But then Paul got called to storage, and knew they had another present from POP TV. (You can read about their first thrilling delivery here.)   Paul went into the storage room and seemed stunned by what was surely an outlandish gift from the fans.  But no, it was just the means to make sugar cookies.

Paul:  Fucking weirdos.

Paul told Nicole to head to the living room so he could read the card.  Nicole wondered if it was something good and Paul looked at her and shrugged.

Nicole:  Why can't it be a bottle of wine?

Paul:  I know, really. It would be nice to sit on the hammock and chill with a bottle.

Paul told James they had another delivery from Orwell's Night Owls and James needed to come to the living room.

James:  AGAIN?

Nicole came to the living room and BB called her out for not wearing her microphone, and she had to leave the room in search of it.

Paul: Fucking amateur.

(ha ha ha ha)

Paul read the card that announced that Orwell's Night Owls wanted them to enjoy making cookies tonight, holding up an owl-shaped cookie cutter.

Paul:  So let's make some cookies, mother fuckers!

They gathered up everything from storage and went to the kitchen to start the task, grumbling a little here and there.  Nicole also grabbed a banana to eat, and I took this picture to show you how bruised it is on the side there.  She took a big bite but the cameras changed before I could see if she ate the bruises.  But then I saw her holding the bruised section as if to dispose of it, so I guess she caught it in time.

Just providing the facts, here.

James decided to assert himself and grease up the cookie sheet for them.  Unfortunately he used olive oil, which of course is ten kinds of wrong here. If it's some type of savory cookie then maybe olive oil is okay, but you would not want to use it to bake sugar cookies.  Plus I think it burns faster than vegetable oil. I'm not a scientist but I do know how to bake.

Then these geniuses dumped all of the cookie dough on the olive oil cookie sheet rather than using the table to roll it out.  I guess the table is probably dirtier than the cookie sheet, so maybe this was the right choice.  But they seemed to have no idea why Orwell gave them a rolling pin, because they tried to spread the dough out with their fingers on the cookie sheet.

James attitude during this process was a little surprising.  He seemed very irritated with the whole business, being snide about how easy it was to make cookies, and often sitting to the side, as if supervising Paul's work.  Maybe James did think he was "special" for being the first one to retrieve a gift from Orwell from storage.

Paul: Why this?  Why not just give us cookies?  Or some booze?  Orwell's Night Owls are so random.

James: Is Orwell's a bar in LA?

Nicole:  Yeah, what is it?

These clowns don't know that Orwell is the "mascot" of BBAD.  And that the point of the little projects is so they will wake the fuck up and put on some sort of entertainment for the Night Owls.

Dance, monkey dance.

As Paul was poking and prodding, it was as if he read my mind, thousands of miles away.

Paul:  I washed my hands.  Don't worry.

Those little purple vials that Nicole is grasping are filled with sugar cookie ornamental toppings.  Little pastel disks, sprinkles, and hearts.

Paul had some difficulty getting the icing tubes open.  I guess they don't have any kitchen shears.

During BB4, the final two spent a whole week alone in the house, but they hated each other and barely spoke (Jun and Allison).  So production got them a big kit to make beaded jewelry with, and they were so excited to have a project.  They set everything up, put all the beads out, and then discovered that the wire they had been given to use was way too thick for the beads.  But I don't think anyone from Production ever corrected the error.  They just put the bead set away and went back to ignoring each other.

I'm not sure when they started going to Final Two during the Finale...maybe during BB11, with Jordan, Kevin and Natalie. I know during BB10 Dan and Memphis had the house to themselves the last week of the season, and Dan said they had so much fun, which was the direct opposite of his experience on BB14, where he babysat Ian and Danielle the last week of the season.

Nicole read on the icing tube that users were supposed to use Betty Crocker icing tips on the ends of the tube.

Paul:  Fucking Betty Crocker, making money left and right over here.  Buy her tips, buy her icing, buy everything from Betty Crocker.  Fuck her.

The cookies were too thick, so they lost their owl-shape.

Nicole made a blue cookie and a pink cookie.  Paul said he made his dung-colored, and James chose red.

They toasted to themselves, and the Night Owls.  I don't know if we get to vote, but I think for the last night Orwell should give them some Adderall, or maybe a big doobie.  You know, to get some conversation going in one direction or another.

Or why not a bottle of tequila and some dancing girls?  Surely Orwell knows a few people in LA.


  1. Oh great Nicole, just wait till you get out of the house and see what everyone "thinks" of you (Hayden included)...Poor guy had to delete his Twitter account cuz everyone kept sending him video links of you and Corey having sex night after night after night...And not just for live feeders to view but also on "basic cable" as Feed Watcher noted, broadcasted on television for all the POPTV viewers of BBAD to see. And, no I can't believe either these dimwits don't know about POPTV, BBAD, or Orwell!!! Last season the housepets talked alot about it and were always aware when they were on TV (not just on the internet live feeds).

    Hayden has already said it bothered him. I can only IMAGINE what Nicole's FAMILY thinks about it!!! (A day or two ago she was talking to her family saying I hope I didn't do anything to disgrace you). HA!

    Like sex is a natural and healthy thing...But in a house full of people, CBS personnel behind the glass, cameras following your every move, internet watchers 24/7, live broadcast on cable 7 nights a week AND network shows to boot? I think waiting 100 days is not that hard to do (no pun intended). The internet trolls will murder Nicole.

    I read a long interview with Julie Chen a day or 2 ago (link on Jokers) and she mentioned all the slut shaming Nicole is getting online...Also that Julie doesn't like Hayden OR Corey for Nicole. So there's that.

    ...And feed watcher, you are right! I as a mild germophobe would NEVER even step one foot in that house. I cringe and gag just thinking about it. I'd take a season long punishment of a hazmat suit if I were cast.

    Speaking of punishments, I really missed that this season! So what about the dog costumes, the pixel costumes or the Safety Suit, meh. I mean, Paulie wearing the flowerey chefs hat and apron waving the tiny flag while fuming was hilarious! But I long for the days of the punishments (my all time faves):

    AMANDA'S continual SPRAY TAN, hilarious!!!
    CODY'S continual kicking his own butt, TOO FUNNY!

    Feed Watcher, could you post picture of these?

    Also the one where Vanessa was tied to Jackie as her servant, asleep or awake, and had to continually polish Jackie's suit of armor.

    I die laughing just thinking about it.

    There were some GREAT new comps this season tho! I loved the weather forecast competition, that was cool. And this last one, the kitty cats chasing the laser pointer. HAHAHAHAHA! That may be the best one of all (have to wait till Wed to watch the rest cuz I don't have live feeds, just BBAD for me)...Or I really would have NO life!

    Thanks SO MUCH again for your blog posts. I love love LOVE them!!!

    1. Wow you went in on Nicole! I actually love Nicole like a little sister, although I'll bet if I met the Final Three in a bar I would have a blast with the guys, but Nicole probably wouldn't even speak to me. I think I might fake a sudden health emergemcy in front of her to see what she would do. You know, as an ER Nurse and all.

      (Admission: I'm high right now. So there's that. Ha ha ha.)

      Amanda's Spray Tan:


      Cody's Kick in the Butt:

      Enjoy frients. Ha ha ha.

    2. If Nicole want to be on good terms with Hayden again, they will seriously need to do some serious. This is serious stuff. Hence why I repeat the word three times lol. It's normal that Nicole would think of him the minute she wasn't with Corey anymore because Corey was her rebound and she may not realise it but some women get a rebound instantly and think it's true love because they are looking to fill the emptiness left by the previous breakup. If she didn't still love Hayden, she would not have thought of him in that way. The fact that she thinks of him when Corey is not around is a clear indicator. Nicole needs to talk to Hayden an be single for a little bit to understand what she wants and needs. If she jumps from guy to guy, she will only get more heartache and may fall into some bad relationships too. I hope not.

      As fro trolls sending Hayden clips and trolling him, that is not her fault. Yes she is on a show but she does have the right to be on the rebound and it is nowhere her fault that Hayden's been getting trolled so much. It's the fault of the trolls. He did the right thing though, because blocking people everyday is not fun, I presume.

    3. Do you smoke dope every day FW?

    4. I agree with anonymous with their feelings about Nicole. Can she really be that Out of it to not know what she did doesn't come off very well to all those watching. Her parents must be ashamed or perhaps they don't care, perhaps she was brought up a certain way and these are the people who raised her. She is a nurse, oh my, thank goodness I don't live near her. Should I ever have her need to help me I would run. Some of the comments she makes lets me know how poorly educated she seems to be. I don't like James or Nicole so I HOPE Paul wins. The other two don't deserve second place but since they loose their 50 grand stipend if they reach second or first place they will come out even either way. Bad planning on BB's part.

    5. Yes, Julie talked about slut shaming, which is EXACTLY what you just did. Where is all the hate for Corey having sex on the feeds? Men can do it but the women that do it are sluts?

    6. Jackie, I only wrote about Nicole because she is in the final 3. Corey makes me just as disgusted. He used Nicole as I don't think he cares for her as much as she thinks. He stayed in bed most of the game with Nicole and then he started taking his amphetamine pills to win some comps at the end. How proud his family must be of their athletic golden boy son. He would get more comments if he made it to the finals, at least I hope he would. Our society still does let men get away with more than women, but not in my book. Thanks for bringing that up.

  2. HOW do they not know what BBAD and POPtv is?!?! That blows my mind hahaha..."fucking amateurs" is right!! "Dance monkey, dance" really cracked me up as well LOL


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