Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Little Over The Top Housekeeping.... #BBOTT

Well, today is the Big Day for Jason Roy.  At least, I hope so.

The inaugural season of Big Brother Over the Top starts tonight at 10 PM EST.  I'm not 100% if that is when we'll see the first episode of the show, but that's what I'm thinking.  I was hoping to see the house guests enter the house live, but I strongly suspect they moved in on Wednesday, before the cast announcement.


This is the BBOTT schedule that CBS shared with us a few weeks ago.  Based on the schedule, it seems like the Big Weekly episode is what we'll see tonight, but it's certainly unclear if we'll see a live eviction or not.  I'll just say right now that this is all happening way too late for me on the East Coast.  I run a business in my home office, so I'm sitting at my computer all day....the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer all night.

I am going to try and watch the premiere live tonight, but I will go ahead and tell you that any reporting of BBOTT that I do is likely going to be delayed until the next day, at least.  I don't want to be a BBOTT Buzzkill, but I'm just trying to set expectations here.  I'll probably also tweet more updates during my work day, since it's quick and easy.  Sometimes some juicy words or actions catch my attention and it's fun to share them immediately through Twitter.  (@FeedWatcher, of course.)

I don't even know where to put the cast list and season updates in the sidebar yet..  I'm not going to go through each person like I normally do---that takes DAYS to prepare, and it's only been DAYS since BB18 ended.  And I hate to just delete all of the BB18 stuff so soon....I do get international visitors throughout the year who read along as they watch the season.  But maybe they won't care about BB18, though, since it will be Old News by then.  I started to write another post-season BB18 entry on the day that the BBOTT cast was announced, and I didn't care about finishing it.  So I'm sure that feeling is somewhat mutual throughout the community.


Here's something, though:

This is I see when I try to watch the BBOTT live feeds.....BUT it's also what I see when I visit the live feed section for the BB18 part of the CBS website.

So...the BB18 live feeds are gone, people.  That is part of the support for my hypothesis that BBOTT already started filming when the cast was announced.  That live stream placeholder (or whatever...I'm not a techie) is already being used elsewhere.

I think that stinks for the BB18 house guests who are at home decompressing, and might want to log on and see if what they've heard is true about what happened on August 4th at 3:00 am.  (I just made that example up, out of thin air, but I can't even go back and look to be sure.)   Live feeders like Michelle are getting shortchanged, big time.

But maybe some of the house guests who aren't so proud of their behavior last summer are jumping up and down with joy.  CBS has been pretty aggressive about targeting people who post footage from the live feeds....some old standbys that produced interesting clips of the live feeds have been shut down.

So...that part stinks.  I do understand however, that CBS wanted to hurry up and start the new season so they can finish it before the big holiday season.  And I think they are brave for trying something new.


CBS shared some pictures of the house with ET again.  I won't spoil the suspense...THE RIBS ARE STILL THERE!  I knew that they would be too big and stupendous to get rid of in just a few days.  They've painted them a purple-ish hue.  I have to say that I hate the color purple.  The movie was good, but the color itself is not one I would EVER choose for ANYTHING.  But the color is toned down by the rest of the decor.

Nothing over the top about this living room.  It looks pretty normal to me.

And here's the view of The Ribs from the loft upstairs.  They kept the same white coffee table, and maybe those orange chairs, too.  And we see some of the ceiling lights here that aren't normally visible for aesthetic purposes.  During high school I had a summer job at the Department of Revenue, in the File Room, and we had lighting that looked just like this.

Let's take one last look at my favorite part of the BB18 house.  I liked the Departures sign, but I loved the white ribs.  Maybe the ribs are now a permanent feature of the house that will be re-painted every season.

Because can you imagine trying to chop those monsters up to get them out of there?

I did reach out to both Frank and Tiffany on Twitter to ask them what those ribs were made of, but I did not receive a response.  I didn't expect to, but would have thrilled to know.  It's not to late to thrill me, if you know the answer and are reading this.

They left the "transportation panels" in place upstairs, too, along with those yellow runway lights.  Derrick will surely be perturbed about that, because he already called dibs on a few of those way back in June.

(You can see that here, near the bottom of the post.  Interestingly enough, I discussed my love for The Ribs in this post, and also the first time I saw Michelle cry on the live feeds.)

And there is a fresh batch of ugly wallpaper in the kitchen, but the new appliances and cabinets look SWEET.  A new refrigerator with French doors, and lots of shiny stainless steel everywhere.

I hope they are furnishing ample spray-on stainless steel cleaner for the house guests.  Because, slobs.

Here's the hallway to the bathroom, and you can see that the Nairobi lounge has now been changed ot a workout area.  You know, since it's going to be freezing cold in Southern California this fall.  God knows you can't work out in the backyard if it's not 90 degrees out there.

And here's a close up.  I'm not impressed.  This looks like someone "decorated" the room to make themselves feel healthy.  I have a spare bedroom that kind of resembles that remark.  I use the treadmill and the TV quite frequently, and my dog likes to lay on my yoga mat to keep an eye on me while I run. But my exercise ball and my mini-trampoline just sit there, collecting dust.  But it all looks cute, though, just like this colorful collection of basic stuff.

(The mini trampoline was fun the first two times I used it....)

This is the other side of the New Lounge.  I'm guessing there will be a lot of asses in these seats this season, watching the exercise equipment collect dust.  Just a guess.

And finally, the new Have Not room.  I'll bet Production is going WILD, thinking about how Halloween will happen right in the middle of this season.  So many opportunities for competition and costume themes, right?

The "spider web" beds look suspiciously like my unused mini-trampoline, but I think they're just tables.  Not the comfiest situation, for sure.  And yet another view of the lights in the ceiling that we're not supposed to see.

They kept those metal credenzas, though, or whatever we're calling them.  I wish they had used different carpet, though.  Maybe with a print of an old, rotting hardwood floor or something more in keeping with a haunted house.

I won't say I'm excited about all of this, but I'm cautiously optimistic.  I've seen people saying they have no money and can't afford to buy live feeds.  It's only $5.99 per month for the basic set up, so I encourage you to rethink that expense if you want to watch and know everything that will happen in the BBOTT house this fall.

(Cutting out one fast food meal or highly-caloric Starbucks drink could raise the cash for you. And make you healthier, too.)

And no matter what anyone says, I have NEVER had a problem cancelling the CBS live feeds.  They always do it at the end of the period you've just paid for, at your online request.   I wish I had an affiliate link for you here, but I don't.  I recommend subscribing through the links at Jokers Updates so they can wet their beaks a little bit from all of this stuff.  The first week is free, so the price is right on that.


I saw this today and was reminded of a certain organization that wants to obliterate bullies. Apparently Colorado has so match cash laying around in their own Department of Revenue that they are going to use it somehow to prevent bullying.

Are they planning to smoke out the bullies to calm them down?  Put them in a detention center where they can bully each other?  Who knows, but news like this has to worry the folks over at Bullies Reality.

They don't look that worried, though.  The lady in this picture is Rachel Ako, who was the first person voted off the island on the new season of Survivor that started last week.  And the gentleman fanning himself with cash is Rodney Lavoie from Survivor 30, who is now the Director of Bullies Reality, of course.  I don't know who the gentlemen in the back of the picture is, though. someone who practices in Atlanta, one of the major hubs of the rap music industry, I can tell you that posting pictures like these has brought a hole heap of trouble to a few of Atlanta's rap stars who liked to post pictures of jewelry, cars and cash.  A whole heap of attention from folks that want to know where the money came from, and how it was or wasn't reported for official purposes.

Just some free advice for anyone reading this.  I hear Rodney usually contains this sort of thing to Snapchat, which might be more private than Twitter.  (But a few rappers might disagree......)

I think this picture is from another day, another trip, featuring Rodney on the private plane with James Huling and Tim Levassur.

They are holding a big event in the town where James lives sometime in October, so if anyone attends that I'd be open to featuring a guest post with first hand news of the festivities.

Because people are interested in this story.  Very interested.


  1. Justin ran his hand along one of those big ribs last night and I totally thought of you!

  2. Jason was talking with Scott about watching BB18, specifically the incident involving Frank slapping Da'Vonne's ass (9/29, 9:40pm BBT) He talked about how he felt like he should say something because he is a sexual abuse survivor and how a lot of people on Twitter were pissing him off. Then Shelby joins them and the conversation gets less personal.

  3. Well, I love purple. Green comes first, always. Purple for me is the third eye chakra. I like a more blue-ish purple. It offsets will in that room but the hue of it is a bit odd. I might have gone a bit less golden with it. In another room perhaps, a subtle lilac tone, perhaps in the kitchen instead of that weird thingy they put.

    A friend of mine lives in Brazil. He says 20 Celcius is cold. I told him to visit me in January, when it's MINUS 20 Celcius. Autumn weather is actually fun for working out outside. The light wind keeps you cool while working out. Evenings can be chilly and rainy, but in the day, while the Sun shines, it's quite nice.

    I will probably be reading these posts, but I won't be watching BBOTT. I think with the conversion it would be $10CAD but still, it's not because I'm cheap or stingy, it's because I have no job. Freelancing while recovering from a burnout doesn't bring in much cash and my husband is tight on our household budget due to the big move. I know that if I get a contract with enough to set aside and have some extra, you can bet I'll be subscribing for sure.

    But then, that's why you're here FeedWatcher :D For people just like me. I'm sure, just by the way you describe the people and events, I'll be able to get an accurate picture of the house guests. It will simply be more like reading a book rather than watching a show.

    Oh, btw, I hope those Ribs stay as well. I'd love to see what tey look like in a regal type of green.

    1. I hope the ribs stay as well. They remind me of the vaulted ceiling of the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter at Exeter in Devon, England.

    2. OOh, I have to look that Cathedral up now.


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