Friday, September 30, 2016

Season Kick Off - An Infection Sweeps the House. #BBOTT

OK.  I know I'm late but I've been really busy.  And I kind of enjoyed just watching the live feeds like a casual viewer.  I have been tweeting about the season quite a bit as I watch the live feeds, though, so that's something, right?

And I was wrong about the move in date being taped and then re-broadcast.  The move in happened LIVE, but it was excruciatingly SLOW. Julie Chen taped some bogus footage outside the house that was clearly pre-taped.  We never saw the house guests outside, only when they came through the front door.

Scott was the first one in, which is considered the "cursed" spot, since the first player to walk in the door has never won the game.  (Michelle was that person last season.)  He ambled around and talked to himself, until finally Morgan came in. And then it was the two of them alone for what seemed like an ETERNITY.

Anyway, the pace was slow, but this is what the live feeders have been whining about for years, wanting to see more of the action and all.  It was strange to watch the beginning and feel like there was no one in charge around there.

Cornbread was a big hit in the house, right from the get go.  He just seemed to fit right in, because by the time it was his turn to come in everyone was dying for a some new energy.  I've heard him tell the story of his name quite a few times now.  Something about a man at his first job pointing at him and saying "that boy can handle this, he's corn fed".  And then the nickname stuck.

This is Neeley, the girl who works in the Nordstrom accessory department, and who waltzed into the house all made up, wearing an afro.  But this is Neeley getting ready for bed, with no makeup nor wig.  It's important to note that although Neeley's bio says she is "33", she decided to introduce herself as "28", for some reason.

Does this lady look 28 to you?  She doesn't even look 38 to me.  Neeley has a lot of energy and seems extremely confident.  She says she has lost from 70 to 80 pounds, "depending on the day" and seems to be at a good place now.  She said she brought in a lot of wigs, one for every day, but that seems like an exaggeration to me.

I did hear one of the girls (Kryssie, maybe?) talking about how neat and organized her luggage was before Production searched it.  It sounds like they just shoved everything back in there, but I guess that is their job.  If that was my job, there are several people whose luggage I would be extra diligent with...let's just put if that way.

(Fun Fact:  During BB9, Adam (who won the season and later went to prison) was in the backyard talking to Matt (who also went to prison right along with Adam).  Adam told Matt in whispered tones that he brought some "Oxy's" in the house with him, hidden inside a roll of tube socks.  An immediate outdoor lockdown was called, and Production made those pills, and probably the socks, disappear.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Little Over The Top Housekeeping.... #BBOTT

Well, today is the Big Day for Jason Roy.  At least, I hope so.

The inaugural season of Big Brother Over the Top starts tonight at 10 PM EST.  I'm not 100% if that is when we'll see the first episode of the show, but that's what I'm thinking.  I was hoping to see the house guests enter the house live, but I strongly suspect they moved in on Wednesday, before the cast announcement.


This is the BBOTT schedule that CBS shared with us a few weeks ago.  Based on the schedule, it seems like the Big Weekly episode is what we'll see tonight, but it's certainly unclear if we'll see a live eviction or not.  I'll just say right now that this is all happening way too late for me on the East Coast.  I run a business in my home office, so I'm sitting at my computer all day....the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer all night.

I am going to try and watch the premiere live tonight, but I will go ahead and tell you that any reporting of BBOTT that I do is likely going to be delayed until the next day, at least.  I don't want to be a BBOTT Buzzkill, but I'm just trying to set expectations here.  I'll probably also tweet more updates during my work day, since it's quick and easy.  Sometimes some juicy words or actions catch my attention and it's fun to share them immediately through Twitter.  (@FeedWatcher, of course.)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Everybody Wants a Piece of Them. #BB18

Back in the old days, it was rather difficult to find pictures of the post-season parties and festivities.  You couldn't just lurk on Twitter or Instagram for them.  But it's a whole new situation today. I'm still trying to heal and recover from the end of BB18, but as we all know the clock is ticking on that process.

A whole new cast will be revealed on Wednesday for BBOTT, so everyone's 15 minutes as it pertains to BB18 is ticking by quickly....even mine.

So let's go.

Nicole appeared on The Talk the day after she won the season.  I think she did a good job and seemed very relaxed, like she makes these sort of appearances every day.

Nicole says she needs to get a Financial Planner, because she has no idea what to do with all of that money (probably around $365,000 after federal and state taxes are paid).

Nicole: I'm going to take my family on a really nice vacation, because we all deserve it after this summer.  And then I'll save the rest of it for my future.

(That is the correct answer, Nicole.)

The ladies wanted to know if Corey was invited on the vacation.

Nicole:  Oh sure, Corey can go on the vacation.

(That may not be the correct answer, Nicole.)

There was quite a bit of ogling that went on as they all stared at Corey's half-naked body.  Nicole did make it clear that she doesn't necessarily consider Corey to be her boyfriend, but says they are very good friends.  There was also recognition about Nicole being the first female winner in Big Brother history to win over a man in the Finals.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The House Guests Show Up and Get Turnt Up. #BB18

I'm just now getting around to watching the post-show interviews, if you can believe that.  But I've tried to find some fun infotainment for you regarding the BB18 cast who are now free and on-the-loose after such a long season.  

I'll just get going here and see where it all takes us.

We have to start with Paul and Victor, right?  The community at large seems to be treating them as if they won the game.  Which in a way, they did.  They are the guys everyone wants to hear from, and take a picture with. They're Winners, obviously.

Here are the guys getting a touch up before the big cast party at Clifton's on Thursday night.   I really wish Victor had them shave off that scruffy beard, but it looks like he plans to keep it, at least for a while.  He's lucky to be hanging with Paul, because Paul knows where to go and who to see for important stuff like this.

And here's Paul with Nicole, who understandably looks very happy.  That purple shirt she's wearing is a custom T-shirt designed by her family. It features Nicole's iconic bun, of course, along with some words about being "so stressed".  I think this picture was taken in the hotel lobby.

Paul said in an interview that the only people he saw himself interacting with in the future were Victor and Glenn, of all people.  He said everyone else is crazy, neurotic, and immature.  Basically, that he never cared about them.

Glenn was talking some MAD SHIT about Nicole on a recent podcast with Rob Cesternino, so it made me kind of mad that he was standing right next to Nicole on the final shot of the CBS show, where Julie had the entire cast gathered together to close the season.  Glenn looked like he was trying to make eye contact to hug Nicole or talk to her, but she kept looking straight ahead at the camera.  I don't like disingenuous stuff like that....don't trash someone behind their back and then try to cozy up to them on national TV.  Go home and groom a dog, dude.  Or trim Victor's beard for him. 

This guy Phillip Alan has a long tradition of photographing BB house guests after the season ends.  I think he does it for free, probably contributing to some of their "books" or portfolios.  He has sessions already booked for several of them, including Paul.  Paul knows how to pose for the camera, that's for sure.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The End of The End, Which Began A Long Time Ago. #BB18

On Monday, the house guests gathered in the living room as Nicole read a special announcement on a laminated card.  She announced that a new series of Big Brother would be started on September 28th, just days away, and the three of them sat in shock as the very basic BBOTT commercial played on the screen in the living room.

Nicole:  Are you serious?  What is going on right now?

James "joked" that he wanted to go back in to play the new season as they sat stunned, trying to process the information.

(I know I felt the same way when I heard the news.)

I heard Ian Terry talk about this on a podcast soon after the news was announced, saying that a few other former house guests had been grumbling about it, worried that it would dilute the importance of the traditional summer season.  Ian also mentioned that there was concern that the BBOTT players might be considered to be in the same pool for All Star purposes, or in future seasons where returnees are involved.

I also heard Dan Gheesling tell Rob Cesternino that he'd "heard from a few people" who had been approached for BBOTT, but they were hesitant because they weren't sure how successful it would be, and they didn't want to waste an opportunity to play if the new series was a flop.  Rob pushed Dan to tell him who it was, but Dan didn't want to say, and didn't even want to say if it was a returning BB player, or a newbie-type-of-person.  Dan wrote a book about getting cast on Big Brother, and frequently couches people about getting cast, so it's possible he was referring to a newbie.

But I don't think so...I think former players were approached...just a guess.  I heard a rumor at one point that the cast would be filled with former players who did not make the Jury, but I don't know if that is true or not.  I know that the pre-jurors often seem hungrier, with more to prove.  And it would be easier to cast from that pool, since most of the screening and interviewing has already occurred.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Let's Get Drunk and Tweet. #BB18

Last night the Final Three clustered together in the backyard, talking a bunch of frickin' bullcrap, as usual.

Then suddenly Paul appeared in the backyard clutching a bottle of Merlot and three cans of beer.  Those white blobs are related to glare---I took this picture three times and they showed up every time.  Sorry about that.

Perhaps they are "orbs" that some people feel are evidence of ghosts or spirits.  However I feel it is more likely related to glare from the sliding door.  Who knows.

Nicole:  Is there a Coors?  Is there a can of Coors?  YES, there is a can of Coors.

Nicole:  See, Corey and I had the same favorite beer, we have the same favorite pie, and we've both never seen the movie Titanic.

Paul:  Maybe it's meant to be.

This little exchange kind of ties right in to the Mean Tweet displayed at the bottom of the screen.  That's right, last night was the "Orwell Games" on BBAD.  I recognize the name of this tweeter as the "Night Owl" who won a trip to the BB17 finale last year, so I guess getting your tweets published on the show can pay off.

(If I lived in LA and could go to the Finale, I might try to give the Mean Tweeters a run for their money to win that prize.)

Paul wants to get a tattoo on his throat when he's more "established" and can shave off his beard.  He says his friends told him that area doesn't hurt at all when compared to getting a back tattoo.

James:  But then if you grow the beard back you won't see it.

Paul:  Yeah, but I'd know it's there.  And that's what matters to me.

Paul showed them a tattoo he has on the inside of his lip, near the gum line.  "Now THAT one hurt", he tells them.  He also said that tats in this area don't last long if they are near the lips, where more fat is located.  (Or something like that.)

I find it strange that no one discusses the content of tattoos much anymore.  No one asked him what the throat tattoo would be, and there was no discussion about the lip tattoo.  Nicole did say she wants to get one that says "Love Stinks" and put it in a "private" spot.  (on the hip bone, I think)  Paul suggested "Love Sucks" instead, but Nicole doesn't want to use language like that.  James indicated that he wants to get a tattoo on his arm, but Paul told him he might as well get a full sleeve.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Come And Knock on Our Door. Take a Step on Our Floor. #BB18

At this point, the house guests sleep all day long.  Every time I turn on the live feeds, this is the type of thing I see, so you can understand why I'm not anxious to turn on the live feeds during the day.

When the house guests walk outside to the Real World, they are going to feel overwhelmed by all of the activity, much the same as all of us just over a week from now, when we turn on our feeds and see a dozen (or whatever) new BBOTT schemers swarming the place.  They will apparently move in on Sept 28th, and I think we will be able to see it LIVE for a change.  So that part definitely draws me in...watching in real time as they move in and acclimate themselves.

I don't even know what to expect with the casting.  Or Kassting, as the case may be.

And we know that the rumors of the new house were FALSE, because Hamsterwatch told us so.  And we know if anybody knows, they know.

I watched James point out some sort of issues on the floor near the front door yesterday to Paul, saying that the floor would need to be fixed before next season.  At first I thought he meant there were cracks in the concrete or something, but then Paul brought up the leak problem earlier in the season.  He said that over by the sink and window, the floor was all torn up from the water problems they had, so I think they may be referring to the linoleum, or whatever it is.  And whatever it is, it is surely FILTHY right now.

Obviously this exchange was ironic, since a whole new season starts seven days after they leave the house.  The Haz Mat team alone probably needs at least four days to cleanse and sanitize.  So this helpful tweeter pointed out that RHAP reported that there would be a whole new house for BB OTT. I actually posted about that after I heard Rob report it, but then on the next podcast Rob retracted his statement, saying Hamsterwatch said he was wrong.  So I posted about that, too, after I heard the correction.

I've actually been corrected by readers a number of times when I now imply there will be no new house, which shows you how strong a rumor can be.

So I tweeted back with some helpful information in an attempt to dispel the rumor in some small way.

And Hamsterwatch agreed.  There is no new house.  They will be in the same old house, but hopefully with new people, new energy, and some fresh ideas.  And new linoleum (or whatever).

Saturday, September 17, 2016

HoH Part #2 Aftermath: This is Adventure Park? #BB18

In a win that should surprise nobody, Nicole won the HoH Part #2 competition that was played last night.  The competition took place in the "BB Adventure Park", apparently, and sounds like it involved running around and putting pictures in frames, likely related to events in the house this summer.

Nicole:  That was the easiest competition I've ever played.

Paul: I don't even want to figure out how to play that competition.

James:  I just got smoked like a cigarette by Nicole.

So it will be Paul and Nicole facing off "on the scale" in the backyard on the Finale, battling it out to be the final HoH, sending someone straight to the Jury.

There is quiet tension in the house as they mill around, figuring out what to eat, and what to say around whoever happens to be in the room.  James was in the storage room with Nicole picking up items to make a pasta dish with, and he didn't say one thing to her about next steps in the game.  Not even a private congratulations....just a discussion about how much dry pasta he planned to cook.

Nicole announces that as a big fan of this game, to know she is playing in the final HoH competition on the live finale is blowing her mind, giving an ode to Corey with her language.

Nicole:  I'm gonna be up there like what's up motherfrickers!

James was grousing about having America see him get killed by Nicole in the comp, but Paul assured him he shouldn't feel that way.

Paul:  It's not like Jozea beat you...Nicole is one of the smartest players in this game.

(Ha ha ha...The Messiah gets hit with shrapnel left and right.)

I want to point out that the jug of orange juice on the table---it has been there since Thursday morning, I think, when they had mimosas for their special Final Three breakfast.

As soon as Paul and Nicole were alone, they had a celebration in the kitchen by hugging and saying "we won Big Brother", since they are supposedly taking each other to the Final Two.  That may be the case, but it might not be.  Who knows.  I know both of them have been talking about how cocky James has been, obviously not really trying to win competitions, and assuming both Nicole and Paul would drag him along to the end with them.

Nicole:  He really tried to win, I think, because he did it in 19 minutes, and it was a lot harder than the BB Comics...he timed out on that one.  But I'm glad he tried, because I legitimately wanted to beat him.

(Nicole finished in 7 minutes, with James finishing in 19 minutes.)

They both said "Final Two" to each other, and Paul warned her that James would not be leaving them alone together, but he assures her that it's a done deal for him.  Nicole says she might even tell James that she's taking Paul, if he asks.

(That may be a big IF, since James was on the block beside Natalie and never even bothered to talk much with Natalie or Corey, who were the deciding voters.)

Paul chuckles over how he tried to mislead James this week, after James told him the competition might feature a crossword puzzle of the  house guests' names.  James was concerned because he couldn't spell some of the names.

Paul, giggling:  I convinced James that Tiffany only had one F, and that Da'Vonne has two V's.

Paul vows that if he wins the final HoH, his speech to evict James will reference that Paul sat on the block 6 times, and out of all of those times he got two votes, and one of them was from James.  He will also point out that Nicole saved his life in the game, and he is thanking her now with his choice.

Nicole: I haven't even thought that far ahead, because I needed to win this comp.  But now I can.  I want to thank Big Brother for that competition.  It was fun, it was refreshing, and I enjoyed it.

So, the Final Two....that's the big suspense at this point...who will take a seat with the Jury live on the stage Wednesday night.  We really can't be sure, although there are certainly lots of opinions about it in the BB community.  And there is quite a bit of suspense about who will win America's Favorite Player, of course.

I did hear a conversation where the three of them said it would be funny if their Ride or Dies in the game were the ones who made it to the end instead of them.

James:  Well, that would put Natalie in here alone all week with Corey and

Nicole:  Yeah.  Wow.

(ha ha ha)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

HoH Part #1 Aftermath: Tiny Troubles and Big Egos. #BB18

Production gave the live feeders The Finger once again, by not letting us watch a competition that we've ALWAYS been allowed to watch before.  About an hour after last night's live CBS episode ended, the competition series to determine the final HoH started, but the feeds were blocked during the entire competition.

BOOOOO!  We got to watch this comp in BB17, and we got to watch this comp in BB16.  And we also got to watch it in BB15 (even though it was AWFUL), and we got to watch it in BB14.  I'm sure you get the picture...the live feeders got shut out, and we're mad....DAMN MAD about it!

I'm not really that mad....I'm just putting on a big dramatic show like Da'Vonne did last night.  But we'll get to that later.

Paul won the first HoH competition, which is usually an endurance challenge.  He's on a hot streak now, and won't have to compete again until Finale night, where he will face either Nicole or James in the battle for the final HoH of the season.

Maybe all you Paul fans should head over to his website to buy a celebratory T-shirt.  It certainly seems like they have created some special merchandise to commemorate Paul's Big Brother experience.  And while you're there, watch the video at the top of the page to see our friend Paul swig "Jack Daniels" straight from the bottle and give us The Finger while a super cool French pop song plays.  Love that song.

(I say "Jack Daniels" because I think it's really iced tea...I could believe a few good swigs are genuine, but chugging the whole bottle?  That would cause alcohol poisoning for a small guy like Paul.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PoV Aftermath: James Calls For His Script, Forgets His Lines. #BB18

We knew it was going to happen, and it's not like we haven't been here before this season, but Victor was finally evicted for good last night during the "secretly taped" live eviction show. Victor left the game as expected, with class and the attitude of someone who knows this was only a game.  A game he wanted desperately to win, but part of being a good sport is losing gracefully.

And some people in the audience SCREAMED when he came bounding out, tossing his Big Brother duffel bag to the side, but asking Julie only seconds later if he should go back and pick it up.

The voting for America's Favorite Player should start tonight after the live show.  There are a number of notable Big Brother pundits (RHAP, Big Brother Gossip, Miss Cleo) who are endorsing Victor for AFP, and I am right there with them.  If we want him to win, we can't split the vote, and we must remember to vote the maximum every day until the finale.  Just imagine how happy the Puerto Rican Sensation will be when he realizes how much we appreciate his hard work this summer.

A few notes:

*  Victor got off on a bad start with me during the premiere episode.  Nicole was the first veteran to pop out of the blue trunk, and she was very awkward about it, obviously nervous and looking around to see who the other veterans were.  She chose to wander around and look at the bedrooms and immediately after she left the room, Victor told the other newbies that Nicole "already had a chance to win Big fact, she had TWO chances" to win and he wanted her gone immediately.  I thought this was WAY too aggressive to say in a group on the first day, and I didn't like him picking on Nicole. (I actually like Nicole.)  I'm just pointing this out due to the IRONY of Victor having THREE chances to win.  I predict both Victor and Nicole may be horrified but amused when they eventually watch this scene.

*  After Victor came back in the game the first time, he told Paul that he was having a much better time, because previously he felt so uncomfortable in every room, in every group the first time around.  Victor said he felt lonely and out-of-place, but when he returned he was having fun, enjoying himself and making friends.  As a live feed watcher, I think that was obvious.

*  Victor made a number of mistakes in his game, but one thing that can't be mistaken is that he wanted to win, and played that way. And he also wasn't afraid to address people directly with news of his plans, and was always informative without getting personal.  I watched Victor give some very bad news to people several times this summer, but he didn't waiver or blame his decisions on anybody else.  And in all cases the Bad News Recipients walked away feeling respected, some even shaking Victor's hand.

*  I think Victor could have won the season if he got to the Final Two, which is why he became such a big target in the final stages of the game.

*  If you're a Victor fan and you haven't watched him skip rope in the backyard, you missed a good show.  Surely someone captured that on You Tube....

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Is it Still a Secret if Everybody Knows? #BB18

As usual, there are several credible leaks reporting information about the "secret" taping that happened on stage outside the Big Brother house last night.

As expected, Victor was evicted 2-0, which should not be a surprise for anybody, unfortunately.  I think he got one of the best BB Comics that I've seen, though, so at least he can be happy about that. The artist got the face and the tattoos right.  Victor is taking these clowns to Muscle City, apparently.

I heard Victor say he barely recognized himself in his comic, because the guy was so handsome.  We all recognize you, Victor.  We're no dumbells.

Someone on Reddit got tickets to the taping, and reported what she could say about it, trying to stay within the bounds of the CBS Rules and Regulations.  The taped "secret" show is usually filled with CBS employees, in an attempt to prevent spoilers, but I'm hearing that about 30 lucky "civilians" got tickets to the taping.

But some others aren't quite that discreet.  And as usual, lucky for us one of those blabbermouths is Twitter's own Miss Cleo.  And Miss Cleo has been in attendance for many of these secret tapings in past seasons, so he has a proven track record of getting the secret scoop for us.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Beginning and Middle of the End. #BB18

The live feeds went down around 9:00 AM BBT this morning, and will not return until after the special Tuesday night CBS episode.  This is the week of the "secret" eviction, but there's not much "secret" about what will happen.  Victor will be evicted, and there will be a new HoH when the feeds return.  And then we'll have another eviction on Wednesday, but this time it will play out live on CBS.

It's kind of shocking to me that the Final Four are Nicole, Corey, James and Paul, even though we've seen this coming for at least a week now. Nicole won the PoV, which was the BB Comic competition.  She's played that competition before, of course, and implemented Christine's winning strategy from BB16.

But James played the same competition too, just last year.  So I don't know what his excuse was for TIMING OUT on it this time.  That's right, James "timed out" and wasn't allowed to finish, somewhere around the 35 minute mark.  I am tempted to say that James obviously threw the competition, but he has been such a loser in the challenges this season that I'm not sure about that.  I know they were all still sore from all of the slipping and sliding in the HoH competition, so who knows what impact that may have had on their PoV performance..

Victor said he loved his BB Comic, and it was his favorite out of all of the house guests' comics.  I haven't seen any of the actual comics yet, but here is what I heard them say about a few of them:

*  Victor's comic features "El Fit Vic" and Victor said he barely recognized himself, the picture was so handsome.
*  Nicole's comic featured her Safety Cone outfit, and said something about how her "cones would get you every time".  She said she liked her comic this time, but didn't like her BB16 comic.  I wouldn't either...take a look at this:

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Turns Out the Final Five Was the End of the Road for the Final Four. #BB18

On Thursday night, after the HoH competition, all of the competitors were in A LOT of pain, particularly Paul, who took too many hard falls to count on that slippery slope.  Paul did invent a new way to navigate the course, though, by dropping on his butt after filling his scoop of butter and sliding right down to the other end of the lane.

Nicole later said she'd never seen that method before.  And she also said the slope of the hill was much steeper when she played this competition in BB16.

Nicole:  All of us needed to see the medic after that comp.

(You can see evidence of that here, where Cody was the lone house guest who sat on the sidelines and watched everyone else slip and slide around.  And also here, where Caleb needed help getting down the hallway.  I actually thought Caleb would need crutches, but he was tough enough to recover on his own, without the help of Frankie Grande.)

So after the competition Paul took a bubble bath in the HoH room to sooth his aching back and bones.  I can't remember seeing anyone take a bubble bath this season, so Paul may be the first one to try it.  I think the fact that the HoH bathroom no longer has a proper door on it might have had an impact on the bathtub usage.  Just a guess.

At this time, Paul and Victor knew that one of them would go on the block this week, sitting next to James who was the intended target of the Final Four.  But it turns out that Corey, the HoH, had other plans.

On Friday Corey nominated Victor and Paul for eviction.  He and Nicole had this planned even before Corey pulled out the HoH win, and they pulled James in on it, too.  Corey and Nicole started talking about taking James to the final three with them as soon as last week's nominations were locked in after the PoV ceremony.  After the nomination ceremony ended today, Victor and Paul went to the London Room together.

Paul: I knew it.  I knew it.  I should have won that HoH comp, Vic.  I'm sorry about that.

Victor:  Wreak havoc?

Paul:  Nah.

Victor:  Well, I'm not going to be as friendly to them, because I wouldn't have done that to them.  It just sucks that I'm sitting on the block with you.

Friday, September 9, 2016

So Ugly on the Inside. #BB18

Julie Chen shared her thoughts about last night's live show with Entertainment Weekly.  You can read the entire article here, but here is an excerpt for us to all enjoy now.

Couple of comments about Julie's comments:

1.  Unlike Natalie, I hate to say I TOLD YOU SO, but I did describe Natalie repeatedly telling James I TOLD YOU SO earlier this week.

2.  Did you catch Natalie saying she and James "are just alike"?  Because Natalie is cute and bubbly and James is "country and Asian"?  I know Julie Chen heard that loud and clear, but Natalie was oblivious to Julie's ethnicity, apparently.

3.  Elsewhere in the linked article, Julie discusses the question about Natalie throwing James under the bus. On the live show, Natalie emphatically states she didn't throw James under the bus.  I believe Natalie believes that, but I also know that Natalie is always totally self-absorbed in whatever she does, and as usual did not consider anyone else's feelings in the matter.  There are countless examples of Natalie being thoughtless to others throughout the season.  Here are just a few examples:

     *  When she thought James would be the one evicted this week, Natalie went ON and ON and ON whining about how after he left, she'd have no one to work with in the house, oblivious to the fact that James was clearly upset about the prospect being evicted.

     *  When discussing her "friend" Bronte, Michelle said she thought it sounded like Bronte had a pretty cool life. Natalie immediately responded with "No, Bronte is just a mathematician.", not even considering how hurtful that might be for Bronte.

    *  During Natalie's hissy fit yesterday afternoon (more on that below) she kept going ON and ON and ON about how much she has been "bullied" in the house this summer, and how James would never understand.  James replied that he does understand, and mentions the childhood stories he told Natalie this summer about having to run home from the bus stop every day to avoid being beat up. Natalie's response was akin to "yeah, but still".

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Suddenly Everybody Looks Shady. #BB18

It's hard for me to understand how this season is going to go on for two more weeks.  That's going to feel like at least two months in Big Brother time. Even if you like all of the house guests who are still in the game right now, it's still a pretty monotonous stew of players when it's all mixed together.

Production must be struggling, too, because they gave the house guests a pack of cards to play with. Last year they didn't give them cards until they got down to the final three, but that was kind of exciting, to watch Vanessa Rousso shuffle the cards and teach Liz and Steve to play a few basic games, as well as a card trick.

The Final Four has got their shades on and are playing Texas Hold 'Em.  Victor says he actually feels better wearing the shades, since the lights are so bright in the house.

Nicole:  Yeah, that's what Tiffany said about it.

In case you're wondering, James and Natalie were in bed sleeping during the card game.

I did listen to an interesting conversation that happened yesterday, I think.  Nicole was telling the house guests about what it's like to get recognized by fans after the season is over.  She said that it happens quite often in the hospital, while she's at work.

Nicole:  By the time they say something to me about it, they've already got their phone out and want to take a picture.  But I have to tell them to stop, or I can get in a lot of trouble.

(Yeah, I guess taking snaps when there might be life-saving efforts going on in the ER is expressly prohibited.)

Nicole said one guy was in a life-threatening situation, going into cardiac arrest, and as he was getting wheeled away he was trying to talk to Nicole about Big Brother.

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 9 #BB18

Wil is back after skipping a week, and unfortunately he didn't miss much in that week.  Since the season is really dragging at this point, I have a few suggestions for Wil to fill up at least one episode.

*  A jury house segment - I'm sure there is plenty to work with there, particularly since Wil is so skilled at portraying Paulie's arrogance

*  A segment showing the pre-jurors watching from home. -  We can see the likes of Frank and Bronte watching the show, and what about Jozea?  There should be PLENTY of material to work with here.

*  Or even a segment with former BB players watching from home - the possibilities are endless!  What about Rachel and Elissa watching?  Ian Terry?  Or even Janelle or Mike Boogie?

Anyhoo, this week it's really The Nicole Show, and she's out of ideas, too.  And Big Meech has a few things to say, too.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

As Their World Churns. #BB18

And suddenly, out of nowhere, we have things to talk about, developments to discuss.  I'm sure you know that James and Natalie are both on the block for eviction this week, and there has been quite a bit of "frickin' bullcrap" associated with that whole situation.

First Natalie tried to throw James under the bus with Paul and Victor, and then she tried to do the opposite the next day, asking them to keep James in the house this week.  But Paul and Victor have absolutely no power over who is evicted this week.

Houseguests Voting for Eviction This Week


So....Victor and Paul can worry about it until they're blue in the face, but the power rests solely in NiCorey's hands this week. There is a slight possibility that Corey could flip on Nicole, but let's not get too excited about the prospect of that happening.

Being on the block has Natalie and James at each other's throats for the past few days.  Until recently, the whole rollercoaster ride that is "Jatalie" has involved Natalie prancing around putting on a show for the cameras and talking about herself non-stop, with little to no regard to how James is, or how James is feeling about all of this.  Or anything else, for that matter.

Unless asking James his opinions about what Natalie should wear is considered asking about James' feelings, of course.

So the stress is getting to both of them, with Natalie now positive that she's the one who will be evicted, and also blaming James for that, and accusing James of knowing more than he pretends to know about the whole thing.

There was A LOT of drama with these two, with James saying he feels like Natalie has been using him this summer, and also putting pressure on her to tell him whether they are "broken up" or not.

James...if you have to ask that question repeatedly, without getting a satisfactory response, then it's pretty clear that you are indeed broken up.  Unless you look at it from the perspective that you were never really that case nothing has changed.  Needless to say, this "showmance" really highlights the difference between what the casual CBS-only viewers believe, and what the live feeders know from watching the feeds.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's Day 84, Let's Get to Know Each Other. #BB18

It's really just the same-old, same-old in the house right now.  I really question the network's decision to make the season so long....the extended days might be what CBS needed to fill some blanks on their September prime time schedule, but I'm not sure that Production pulled through with enough content to make this longest-ever season work, particularly with the two extra Friday episodes.  The first Friday episode was chock-full of Battle Back excitement, but the second Friday episode was chock-full of cringe-inducing douche chills for me.

Anyway, the house guests are bored, too, and have been working hard to find things to talk about. And it's kind of surprising what they do and don't know about each other.  Nicole, Corey and Paul had a long talk about their suspicions that everyone in the house has "a secret".  They think Michelle's parting words that she is "Dan Gheesling's cousin-in-law" is some sort of important revelation.

But even if Michelle was "cousin-in-laws" with Dan Gheesling, isn't that a Big So What?  (Shout out to BB3's Roddy Mancuso with that expression.)  Nicole says that Dan's influence is surely why Michelle won that Care Package, because Dan must have urged his Twitter followers to support Michelle.

Well, turns out none of that is true.  You can read this article for more information about Michelle's little joke, but here is an interesting snippet from the article.

Dan tweeted that he might swing by the Jury House this week, but then abruptly said his trip was off just two days later.  Maybe Production told Dan to hush it up, so they could "surprise" us all with a special jury segment featuring Dan.  Or maybe they're going to have Dan himself host the Jury deliberation to get some mileage out of Big Meech's crazy comment.  Or maybe none of that will happen. Who knows.  (I'm sounding as suspicious as Nicole here.)

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Power to Do Nothing At All. #BB18

The PoV ceremony will be held later today, but we shouldn't expect anything exciting to happen. Corey is not expected to use the PoV, leaving both James and Natalie on the block for eviction this week.

***UPDATE*** The PoV was not used.  No big shock there.  And once again they had to film the PoV ceremony twice, but Production didn't want us to hear about it.  Nicole thought it had something to do with a face that Natalie made during the ceremony.

And we can forget about EVER being able to enjoy a proper blindside this season.  I am nearly positive that Nicole will give James a heads-up that Natalie is leaving, in order to grease the skids with him for next week, in case he wins HoH.  I was actually one of the dummies who thought Michelle's eviction might have been a blindside, but we all learned on the Sunday night CBS episode that the beans indeed got spilled all over the place.

Natalie came out to the backyard to talk to Paul and Victor, telling them that she was there to campaign to be voted out so James could stay in the game.  She told them that it "sucks being on the block next to your best friend".

(Well DUH and Michelle put Paul AND Victor on the block together less than two weeks ago.)

As soon as Natalie went back in the house, Nicole and Corey joined Paul and Victor on the patio to get the scoop about Natalie's latest plea.  (Note that just the night before, Natalie visited the guys in the HoH room and apologized for stabbing them both in the back, saying that she trusted James' judgement and was very sorry about that.)

Victor:  Take a seat.  We have a fresh batch of B.S. for you, right from the oven.

Paul:  Natalie just sat here and told us that she wanted to campaign for us to evict her so James could stay in the game.

Nicole:  She said WHAT?

Paul:  Yes, and she said it really sucks to be on the block next to your best friend....and that we don't understand, because she and James cuddle all of the time!  What about us though bro?

Victor:  I fuck Paul every night, and we were on the block...

Everyone laughs.  It's funny.  (And a JOKE, obviously.)