Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 8 #BB18TheSaga

Just like the rest of us, Wil is trying to make the best of some rather skimpy CBS episodes.  In this installment of Wil's weekly Saga, we get to see:

*  Julie Chen worrying about her fashions from inside her dressing room.
*  The ladies in Jury, filling Da'Vonne in on all of the latest Paulie information.
*  Bridgette appears to need a vacation, or perhaps a restful stay in some sort of institution.
*  Paulie is injured badly......twice.



  1. I've noticed that he doesn't put the little clip at the end anymore ''Can't enough of the hashtag BB 18 saga?'' lol I think it's because the season has so little for him to work with, that the saga reflects that too much. Although, he could have added some Paul secret service stuff in there, perhaps a CSI twist or a clue like murder mystery, who truly blew up Paulie's game? Was it Brigitte, in the Kitchen with a wrench? Or Big Meech in the Living Room with a speech? lol

  2. This guy sucks, every year, the worst.

  3. and in other news, this guy cracks me up, year after year after year. For just "aint nobody got time for two L's" I love Wil.


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