Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wil Heuser Presents - The Saga Episode 7 #BB18 #BB18Sag

Wil is back this week with another entertaining episode of The Saga.  Some of my personal highlights from this episode include:

*  Wil's legs...wow does he have a nice pair of stems.  I used to watch him running in the BB14 backyard and they look just as great now as they did then.

*  The PP Alliance looks just as stupid here as it does on the CBS show.

*  Paulie insults Natalie, and then clearly DGAF about it.

*  Michelle cries.  I'll bet she will LOVE her portrayal on Wil's Saga series.

*  Corey's darting Cyborg eyes.

*  And Bridgette gets a reprise from her Cabbage Patch Kid song.

Wil was a guest on RHAP during BB16, and Rob asked him why he hadn't been featuring Nicole, since she seemed so easy to poke fun at.  Wil said he couldn't figure out how to "do" her, and then finally he used Scotch tape on his nose and it all fell into place for him.  And it does here, too.



  1. The Psulir smug face is the BEST in this episode and the best PART of the episode. It was so funny, I rewound to watch again. (Do ppl still use that term, rewind? lol makes me think of cassette tapes we used to rewind with a pencil to save on battery power on our walkmans)

    1. I just watched it again to see Paulie being smug again and it is really laugh out loud funny.


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