Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 6 #BB18 #BB18Saga

Wil is back with a new episode this week, and it's safe to say that Wil is not liking the way the season is shaping up.  As usual, Wil is not digging Julie Chen's sartorial choices, but we do get to see a few house guests that have not received much attention from Wil this summer.

*  Michelle  - Big Meech melts down
*  Natalie - Wil captures her chatter quite accurately.
*  Corey - uh.....yeah.

I know I never did post last week's episode of The Saga---I saw it, but I didn't like it.  I just watched it again, and disliked it even more, but here it is if you want to see for yourself.  Instead of telling you what I liked, I will tell you what I didn't like.

*  Frank was made to be boring as fuck while sitting with Julie.
*  Why feature Frankie Grande if you're not going to make fun of him?
*  Why no mention of Frankie on Celebrity BBUK?  There is SO MUCH for Wil to work with regarding that topic.
*  The Bridgette-Michelle "smackdown" bored me.
*  Why Meg?  Why not Mike Boogie, if he was trying to tie it in with Frank?

Sorry to be a semi-hater.  Perhaps I should lower my expectations.

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  1. When Wil did sason 15 parodies, it was so on point, and his Alissa was superb. I get the impression that he's doing these to do them ut not because we wants to, not with a season like this one. He could do them more sporadically and wait for there to be something more interesting to talk about, rather than do it every week. He might enjoy doing it a bit more. But I get the feeling he wants it to be better but he hasn't got good material to work with, with a boring season like this year's. That's why I appreciate this episode of the saga, he talks about how boring it is. The Corey bit is funny, the eyes lol But he could do an army theme marching band song with Paulie as that dude from Malcolm in the Middle, the cadet bootcamp coach, and then have everyone be like ''Yes sir, yes master, yes dad.'' lol


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