Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What a Whack Snack. #BB18

I know my posts are slowing down, but in my defense so is the action in the house.  And my real job is ramping up due to the Consistent Procrastinators who insist on waiting until the LAST MINUTE to even THINK ABOUT filing their extended 2015 business and personal tax returns.

But I'm getting a bunch of new client referrals, so I really can't complain. People need me, apparently.

Paul and Michelle are still on the block, of course, and all signs point to Michelle getting evicted by Nicole  who is expected to break a 2-2 tie.  I think Michelle has a vague feeling that she might be leaving, but James and Natalie appear to have no idea.

I can't recall ever seeing Michelle cook for herself, so I included a picture of her making an "omelet".

Michelle:  James taught me.

Paul:  What the fuck?

Outside Victor and Corey were havng such a hearty laugh that Paul walked outside and wanted in on the joke.  Basically the two of them were talking about what they would do if Natalie won HoH this Thursday.  Note that everyone thinks that this is a Double Eviction week, due to James' insistence about it.

(It isn't.)

The Joke:  The guys imitated Natalie getting ready to make her nominations.

Natalie: Now, what was that I heard about my F.T.'s?

The Guys: What?  F.T.'s?  I thought those things are real!

Paul: Well, if Natalie wins HoH I'm just going to get up and leave, because....

Corey and Victor are still suffering the Have Not life, but are looking forward to eating as soon and as much as possible.  Victor saw that the storage room has been stocked with three large packages of Chips Ahoy cookies and he and Corey both pledged to sit outside and each eat an entire package of cookies as soon as possible.

(Where is Bridgette when you need her most?  Chips Ahoy are a very low-end cookie if you ask me, but they would be servicable if you made an ice cream sandwich with them.)

It can be fun to watch BBAD because the director really knows what's going on.  The cameras often flash to something relevant yet funny or revealing as it relates to what is happening on the main camera.  And it often seems scripted how there can be groups of house guests in totally different places in the house, having nearly the same conversation.  For example:

1. Everyone was studying last night for the upcoming mental comps.  Victor was shooting Paul "Before or After" questions like "Did Da'Vonne leave before or after OTEV?", and "did the teams break up before or after Victor came back in the game?"  Nicole was drilling Corey about what happened on each day of the season in the hammock, and James was going over the same info with Natalie and Michelle in the London Room.

2.  Last night Nicole and Corey were in the hammock saying that they think America wants them to get to the end of the game, while James and Natalie said the same exact thing in the bedroom.

Mr. Jenkins spent the afternoon outdoors getting some sun, and also a nice drink of water before Victor brought him in for the night, carefully clearing a place for him on the counter.

Natalie:  Mr. Jenkins!

Victor: He looks good.

Both Natalie and Michelle have started trash-talking Victor this week.  Michelle thinks he is getting "back to his old self" and she doesn't like how he said he wasn't cleaning this week.

Natalie:  I'm over Victor.

Michelle:  Me too.

Michelle has even threatened to "call Victor out" on the live show this week, but James cautioned against it in case Victor wins HoH.

I don't think Michelle has any right to be upset with Victor----she was in a great alliance with Victor and Paul where I think both of them would have taken her to the end, and she would've been aligned with guys would would both be targeted before her.  But then she agreed to put BOTH of them on the block!  And that is surely not what AMERICA actually wanted her to do with that Co-HoH!

(Although I think Paul and Victor split the popular vote.  Just a guess.)

After her crappy-looking "omelet" Michelle kept right on snacking, talking to Natalie off and on about such topics as how many calories they've both eaten, why Michelle has an upset stomach, and how thin Michelle's legs look.

In this picture Michelle is eating a pack of peanut butter malt crackers----where did those come from?  Typically those crackers are in the vending machine on the 5th floor of the office building and are not something you would willingly eat on live TV.

Big Meech likes to pull the little cracker sandwiches apart, and dip them in peanut butter.  She also announced that she ate an orange earlier and "left the peel by Victor's bed".

(That will show him, Michelle!)

Michelle thinks that Paul might be staying, because he keeps getting called into the DR and she is rarely asked to go in there. But James says maybe Paul is just talking a lot of crap in there.  Neither Michelle nor James plans to bug Nicole and Corey about the vote.  Michelle pointed out that Nicole might have to break a tie on Thursday night, and James acted like he hadn't considered that.

All the fans are hoping we can finally get a real blindside this week, since James isn't involved in it and therefore can't spill the beans beforehand.  I thought Nicole would tell James who was going home sometime on Wednesday (today) but I don't know if that has happened yet. I did hear Nicole and Corey talk last night and say that if James doesn't bother to ask them about it, they don't feel obligated to tell him. Nicole is also worried about Michelle finding out and starting to say "a lot of bullcrap" about her.

Nicole thinks it's weird that James is being so distant this week.

Corey:  He's been a different person ever since he stepped off that wall.  I tried to have  a conversation today with him but he didn't really want to talk to me or look at me.  He said he was "in trouble with his old lady" and was looking to spend time with her.

Nicole wanted to have a basic conversation with James before Thursday, just to kind of reestablish some sort of rapport, but I didn't get the impression that she or Corey wanted to make any deals or share any valuable information.  They just feel awkward around James now and want to try and squash that if they can.

Do you think Production doesn't want the house guests to display a name brand peanut butter like Jif, Skippy, or Peter Pan?  Or are they just cheap bastards who buy no-name nut spreads?  I'm sure Michelle knows this peanut butter is chock-full of HFCS but of course she eats it anyway.

(Once you start eating natural peanut butter, you can't really go back to the old stuff.  Jif tastes like canned frosting to me now, it's so artificially sweet.)

There is some internet drama about Michelle and a comment she made to Natalie about how she has pilfered items from each house guest and plans to sell them on Ebay.  I don't know what the items are, but talking about them like this is just asking for them to be confiscated. One of the regulations involves some sort of statement about not messing with other people's belongings.

You know, after Shannon used Hardy's electric toothbrush to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl during BB2.  When I think of things like that, I am happy I don't have roommates.

Oh, Michelle also started touching various things in the kitchen with her feet, because she knows Victor was annoyed with her after she apparently touched the trash can with her foot.  To retaliate, Michelle rubber her feet on the handles of the freezer, and also stuck her foot inside for a second. We can't expect Michelle to suddenly be mature, so we should not be surprised by any of this.


Do you listen to Podcasts?  If you don't, you probably should, because I guarantee you there is a podcast you will love about just about any topic that can be discussed.  If you have an iPhone you can use iTunes to download podcasts, but I use an app called Pocket Casts on my Droid Turbo phone.

I'm always listening to a podcast while I walk my dog, or go for a run or visit the gym.  I also listen while I vacuum or clean the house.  Sometimes it's an entertainment podcast, sometimes a comedy or an educational topic.  I also love True Crime and listen to a variety of podcasts on that topic.

One of the podcasts I like is called "Allegedly", hosted by comic and former Road Rules cast member Theo Von and a guy named Matthew Cole Weiss who used to work for TMZ.  I love Theo's sense of humor and southern drawl---also he is very close friends with Dr. Will Kirby after meeting him on Battle of the Reality Stars a thousand years ago.  (This is also where Dr. Will met his future wife Erin Brodie, also a former reality star.)

Here's my point:  Jeff Shroeder filled in for Theo this week as co-host on the Allegedly podcast featuring former N-Sync member Lance Bass as the guest.  I know Jeff is friends with Matt, because I've seen him post pictures at a Dodger game with a group of people that included Matt.

If you listen to this podcast, you will hear a whole new side of Jeff.  Or maybe it's the side of Jeff that is not CBS-ready...the side of Jeff who curses and talks about sex.

Couple of things:

*  This is not a podcast for children, or people who are easily offended.  This podcast is often kind of raunchy, but this episode is extra-raunchy.  Like, super duper raunchy, but that's not Big Jeff's fault.

*  There is a particular format to Allegedly where the hosts compete in rounds of play that are judged by the guest.  The particulars are only important if you plan to listen regularly, but I'm just pointing that out in case you get confused.

*  Matt is gay, and often tells stories with gay themes and details.  But the story he tells in this podcast is so explicitly gay that Lance Bass seemed embarrassed to hear it.  I think Matt told this particular story just to make Jeff uncomfortable, after just dropping a "Dumbledore reference".

(I don't think any sort of explicit stories about sex are appropriate, for the record, but I'm sure there are dozens of podcasts out there for the listening that do.)

*  Before the explicit story, Matt asks Jeff some Big Brother questions, and Jeff talked FREELY about Paulie Califiore, so that's worth a listen right there.  I will also note that Lance Bass is a HUGE Big Brother fan from way back, and already knows Jeff and Jordan pretty well, too.

*  Lance talked about N'Sync and Lou Pearlman's recent death...I learned some things about that particular situation that I never heard before, so that was interesting to me.  And Justin Timberlake does hang out with the rest of them, despite what we all might have heard, and just attended JC's birthday party.

Note that I was in Times Square the day that TRL taped the episode when the No Strings Attached record was released.  Remember the "Bye Bye Bye" video?  Well, that was the big story that day, and thousands of girls SCREAMED whenever one of the band members came over to the window to look out.  I had a friend visiting me in New York that week, and I knew being in Times Square that day would be an experience neither one of us would ever forget.  That day N'Sync felt like The Beatles to us.

It was a different world, but it happened.

Lance has a bunch of new shows coming out, one of which is a gay dating show called Prince Charming (or something like that) on LOGO where Lance is the host.  All of the guys look really hot and Lance says we're going to love it.  I think it premieres this week after RuPaul's All Star Drag Race, so that's a pretty good lead in.


  1. The "prince charming" in that logo dating show is a gay hooker. BTW. So I can imagine some of the guys trying to get away from him, rather than competing for his attention.

  2. FeedWatcher, you know who else needs your number crunching skills? Natalie! She and James were talking about taxes and how to file their BB $$ (especially if they win) at the hot tub Monday night. She has to pay state taxes in both New York and New Jersey because she has earned income in both states. When she said she needed an accountant, I immediately thought of you. Maybe you'd have to get licensed in a few more states to help her, but how cool would that be? You'd get all kinds of BB related referrals after that!

    1. I have bad news for all of the contestants----they will all need to file a state tax return for California since they earned their BB money there this summer. Basically your federal tax return is like a pizza, and for the state return each slice of the income is allocated to the state where it was earned. This became a big issue in the media when they went after professional athletes---for example each state that Shaq played in during an NBA season got a piece of his earnings. The NBA schedule is public information, so it was easy for every state to figure out who owed what.

      I am licensed to practice here in GA, but am able to file tax returns in every state. (My biggest client filed in 43 states last year.)

      Amanda was actually looking for an accountant online recently....I thought about responding but decided not to so I wouldn't blow my cover.

      I did some work for someone in television production last year (lots of that here in the ATL now) and it was kind of a nightmare because this guy wanted me to bend a lot of rules, and I don't play like that.

      I do it right and keep myself and my clients out of trouble. It's harder than it sounds like sometimes...

  3. Nicole seems like she's in a good spot right now and can easily gravitate to whomever wins HoH next (assuming it's not Corey). So this next HoH is crucial, IMO, for whoever it is that eventually wins the game. Game is wide open right now, I'm hoping for some drama.

  4. Hehe I remember being all into the Backstreet Boys back in high school early years, before I discovered the Offspring with their Ixnay album and Blind Guardian. I do have autographs from all N-sync members thoug from when they came to Montreal and weren't really known yet. They were doing an autograph session and a friend of mine dragged me along cu she didn't want to go alone. I was 15 I think. That was almost 20 years ago. Yikes!

  5. Holy hell. Thanks for that link to the podcast. It combined my love of nsync with my love of big brother!

    1. I know, right? I love Lance and think he's really a class act.

      There is another old podcast that you need to listen to then...not sure if it's even still active but there was a guy who was in the movie production business who loved Big Brother and he was BFFs with Lance and Jamie Lynn Sigler (Meadow on The Sopranos). They hired a company to come to the house and put on a Big Brother-type competition for their group of friends. They actually invited Dan Gheesling and his wife Chelsea, and I think Dan got evicted before she did. Jeff was part of the "hired help" that weekend, I think, and Jordan might have appeared to host a comp, too.

      I just tried to find the link, but I don't even think it's out there anymore. The guys name is Brett Gurski or Gorski but I can't remember the name of the podcast.

  6. Thank you for the podcast link! That was awesome!!!!

  7. awesome! i'm always looking for new podcasts! thanks :)


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