Thursday, August 4, 2016

Welcome to the Have No Dignity Room. #BB18

So, you should all know by now that Zakiyah's main objective in the Big Brother house this summer seems to be to get attention from Paulie, no matter the cost to her dignity or reputation.

(In fact, we just discussed this yesterday, and also last week, but the casual CBS viewers are just learning about it now, since footage of this situation was finally aired on last night's show.  And yes, Paulie's behavior towards Zakiyah is poor, but she is the one pursuing him, even though he's made it QUITE CLEAR that he is not interested.)

Yesterday was the cast Halfway Party, where they drank and ate pizza and danced to loud music for an hour or two, enjoying a break from the live feeds.  But nearly 3 hours after that party ended, Zakiyah was at it again, draping herself all over Paulie, mumbling to him, fishing for compliments about her "massage" services.

Across the room Nicole kept whining at Corey that his cuddling has really declined lately...he's just not cuddling her as much, or as often as she'd like.  But the teasing was in good fun, and despite the picture below, the NiCorey situation was pretty wholesome and light.  (Because after all, Corey can't get too comfortable in there....he's expected back in his bumper car before he even thinks about falling asleep.)

But across the room, Zakiyah is full of innuendos, as if Paulie isn't getting enough clues from the fact that she is straddling and grinding on him, wearing only panties and a shirt under that blanket.

Zee:, has anybody else ever cracked your back like that?  Cracked it that good?

Paulie:  Um...I'm not really sure if I'm picking up what you're putting down...

Zee:  Then just leave it there then.

Paulie:  If I cracked your back, you wouldn't be walking for days.

Nicole and Corey are apparently writing questions to each other on their skin, and Nicole complains that Corey "never answered back".

Nicole: What was that...a no?

Zakiyah got up to check her look, and I thought it was over.

But....I was wrong.  She went back for another round, this time using her mouth on him.

And Zakiyah is actually thrusting here, putting her hands on either side of Paulie to get some leverage, getting in two or three good pumps.

(Bitch is NASTY.)

The thrusting got no reaction, so she used the old "tongue on the ear" method.

And that didn't work, either.

Oh, now it's time for the sighing....and the frustration.

(One of my Pet Peeves is people who don't know how to pronounce that word, and Zakiyah is one of them.  Hey Zakiyah:  It's FRUSTRATING, not FUSTRATING. Sound it out, dumbass.)

And now the pouting, and probably tears very soon.  But none of that will get any sympathy from Paulie Califiore.

In the London Room next door, Natalie is telling a story about some teacher who was not nice to students, but she got caught stealing the other teachers' credit cards to pay her bills.  Michelle had a female boss that she hated, and apparently the feeling might have been mutual.  Michelle got warned a few times about her attire under her lab coat.

(No hoodies allowed, apparently.)

Da'Vonne had a great female boss when she worked at a women's gym.  They went out to lunch and bonded.

Day:  It's the guy bosses who seem to always want chocolate, and I can't work like that.

Day tells Michelle that some female bosses are going to be intimidated by her, because she is very confident and is very honest and direct, and "some women don't like that".

Natalie:  And older women are very insecure, because they aren't young and cute anymore, and maybe they don't have anyone.

(Says one of the MOST insecure people I've ever seen on Big Brother, always seeking affirmation from men about her looks and body, but in a very passive aggressive manner.  You may not like me saying that, but I have seen this behavior from Natalie constantly over the last 50 days.)

So much for all of that "Girl Power", huh?

Day got a verbal warning her first month working at the casino, for telling a habitual gambler that she should just stop sitting down at the poker table.

Da'Vonne:  I kept seeing that lady in there all of the time, saying she just lost her rent money and this and that.  It bothered me, so I said something, and the floor boss heard it and told me to never do that again.  He said that all I could do is direct them to call 1-800-GAMBLERS, and to just keep taking their money.  And I do that now...I have to.  And some people will tell me that this is their child's college fund that they're gambling with....

Meanwhile, the scene in the HoH room is rather unappetizing.  Bridgette has been popping all of Paul's "bacne" and then did a scrub.  Or maybe she did that in reverse----this isn't something I'm really interested in watching.

You'd think that Production would want them to put towel down, to keep the comforter clean.  The cameras abruptly switched when Paul suddenly said he didn't have herpes, but mentioned another house guest who may or may not have brought medication for that ailment into the house with them.

And look what the cameras showed us....Paulie and Zakiyah in a bumper car.  So she got her way after all....sort of.  She didn't get the attention in a room with all of the lights on, with their friends in the next bed, but she got it in the dark Have Not room, which should be renamed the HAVE NO DIGNITY room.


Hours earlier, the live feeds came back from an extended break for the Halfway Party, just as it was time for BBAD to start.  You could tell from the tone of the loud voices, and the laughter that people were buzzed and feeling good.

I think that's water Day is drinking, in case you're wondering.  But maybe not, since water is relatively plentiful, and easy for Day to get in there.  She is obviously savoring every drop of whatever she's drinking here.

Paul is laying on the dining room table, talking about each of his rings and letting Bridgette try them on.

Paulie decided to make himself more comfortable.

Right after he put his shorts on, somehow he removed his underwear and added them to the top of the stack of clothes (and whatever) that you see on his left side.

I guess he took off his undies the same way that women can take their bra off while they are wearing a shirt...just start with one side, and then the other.

I don't know why Zakiyah's dress was halfway off, but she needed help tying it.  Zakiyah was obviously overserved tonight, as she hummed a song and started grinding up against Paulie while he focused on getting her dress back on.

Zee we get it, hon.  And Paulie does,too.  Maybe you should stop making yourself so available to him every minute, and begging for it.

But from what I heard Paulie singing later, I think they had been dancing to Genuwine's "Pony", which is a straight up nasty song, so Production may have been setting the table for these kids.  I also heard Paulie say later that as a Have Not, he had been hoping to grab a hot shower during the party, since they were allowed to eat, but the water was cut off during the party.

(They have had some severe plumbing problems lately, with the HoH bathroom leaking, and closed for repairs, etc, so maybe that had something to do with it.)

Don't be shocked, but Zakiyah tried to give Paulie the old reach-around, grabbing his buns and pushing back against him.

(Well, I know that's not THE old reach-around, but it's one version.)

Zakiyah:  I hope I'm not embarrassing you because I'm tipsy.

Paulie didn't respond, so she repeated it before saying "oh, I can't embarrass you".

Paulie:  No, you can't.


  1. "Paulie: If I cracked your back, you wouldn't be walking for days."


    (Thank you for recapping all this nonsense so I don't have to actually watch it....)

  2. Believe it or not this recap is tame compared to the depravity of the actual feeds. Z was over the top last night with desperation and may have set the record for thirstiest girl ever to appear on BB. Zero dignity or self respect. Just when you thought Maxi pad gate couldn't be outdone, she takes it down another notch. Now excuse me while I go do another chlorox rinse of my eyeballs....

  3. The other morning on Jokers, it was reported that they were under the covers in a bumer car, making oout, smiling and making souns and breathing heavily. I mean, that sounds to me like they had sex. Why would Paulie give ine and not just say, I'm not interested. I don't care that this is Big Brother, just put her out of her mysery and don't add fuel to the fire.

    1. I'm thinking he doesn't object because what guy, much less one stuck in the BB house for months, would turn down the pleasure of another so he doesn't have to do it himself? The only really difference is she isn't getting paid for it...if this was the situation outside the BB house, she would have been dropped like a hot potato, which he has, inasmuch told anybody who would will listen to him...

  4. Are you talking about Camera 4 around 10:35ish pm? That was pretty bad.
    She was grinding on him with what looked like no pants on. She might have had on a string bikini or something that I couldn't see. But it looked like she was bare from the waist down. The room was also full of people. There were even people on the bed with them. Not like an audience has stopped her from being nasty before.
    Nicole was in the back squeaking, "Corey, Corey, Corey..."
    These girls reek of desperation.

  5. It was gross. I had to turn it off. He was obviously phoning it in

  6. even though I am not a big fan of Paul's overall appearance, I guess I would rather see Paul and Paulie getting to know each other better, or better yet, more of Corey gently stroking Paulie's hair, as has been described. I realize that the hetero thing is the more likely to happen on BB, but any guy on guy stuff , minus Frankie Grande, would be fine by me.

  7. Who died & made Paulie boss? I can't believe anyone, other than Paul, hasn't caught on to his game.
    I know this post is re: Z's slutty ways, but she makes him look worse.
    Dog VS Dog
    Their moms must be proud!

  8. Where did they get these people? I have never been so disgusted of bored with a BB season. Z is a pre-school teacher. She is really doing herself proud and setting a fine example on TV. Does she have any common sense or self dignity at all. I just have to agree with previous posters these children reek of desperation and stupidity.

  9. We are coming for you bitch with your thinly veiled racism...some white bitch getting fingered and massaging dick is wholesome. You're out your fucking racist mind. And to think a site considered reputable supports your bigotry.


    2. Yup, seems everyone of all genders, race and species thinks the same way we do. I'm surprised though you posted this troll's comment. This person could be white as far as we know and just trying to provoke.

    3. There were a bunch of comments from the same IP address last night, too, calling me all sorts of names and making all sorts of threats.

      I thought they might find the Sucks message board interesting. And there's always YouTube, too....not to mention much information, so little time.

  10. You have never just made something up in your blog. There's always the live feeds verifying your posts. So, if someone doesn't like what you write then they should be mad at the one who's doing the deed. Don't kill the messenger, ammirite?
    I remember you posting about Amanda's raunchy antics on BB15. If Nicole was on top of Corey damn near naked, grinding it out while Paul sat next to them, then I have no doubt we would have heard about it, too. Actually, you were kind in what you'd written, because Z has done way worse than what was even posted here.
    It's good that you posted the threat. It's evidence, and threatening someone over the interwebs is a crime. Just ask officer Derrick.

    1. Groucho makes a goos point here. It's a shame such angry people exist. That guy or gal should chill and meditate or something. Just saying ;)


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