Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Victor's Revenge: "I Will Never Clean in This House Again." #BB18

There has been a whole lot of nothing going on in that house this week. They've all been locked inside, and I don't see any real excitement on the horizon until the returnee comes back in the game on this week's live show.

That competition is sure to be a crap shoot. And anyone can come back in if it's a crap shoot.  Of course most of us want Victor to return, making him the first house guest to ever be voted out twice and still return to the game.  But if Paulie ends up coming back in, he is sure to team right back up with Corey and Nicole, targeting James and Natalie.

Or would he do something stupid like target Paul and Michelle, who reportedly HATE each other now?

I'm ready for these stupid showmances to break up.  I'm ready for some deception and revenge to take place.  But until then, we have pranks.  And god knows we all love pranks, don't we?.  In this prank someone put Paul's shoe under the Eiffel Tower, just beyond the loaves of bread.

Everyone said "hot" or "cold" as Paul moved about the house, trying to find it.  He found the shoe, stepping on the inside of the fridge to do so.

Isn't that FUN?  I told ya'll back in June that I think showing the pranks on the CBS episodes is really pandering to the lowest level of viewer intelligence.  But in Production's defense, we're here in late August, and this is all that is really happening in the house this week.

This series of FUN pranks involves Corey.  Nicole ran over and threw cold water on Corey while he was in the shower, and they are both looking up here because the water looked like it splashed on a camera.  You'd think the fear of ruining a camera would put the kibosh on the shower attack, but it didn't.  James emptied all of the ice trays into a bowl, and then threw icy water on Corey.

Victor stood by and watched.  He was probably thinking that water was easy to clean up.  But they don't have access to the washer and dryer until sometime after the live show ends, so maybe Victor was already thinking about mildew, mold and bacteria from all of the wet towels wadded up on the floor of every bedroom.

But then the baby powder got involved.  Nicole threw baby powder on Corey.

(Does no one remember that James had to use the fucking PLUNGER in the shower last week?  Or do they just not care?)

Victor is smiling here, but probably not because he thinks it's funny.

Victor has been a Have Not since Saturday, and as predicted he has broken down and eaten a few slices of pie in addition to the slop and protein shakes.  I saw him get a piece of chocolate cream pie and eat it, even though Michelle read the list of horrible ingredients out loud.

This was the beginning of a much bigger problem.

James tossed a load of flour on Corey, and he had good aim, too.

James is effectively making a slurry in the shower, because when you mix flour and hot water, that is what happens. (That's how you make gravy, I think.)  I can't imagine what that is going to do inside the's going to catch on all of the other debris and crap inside the drain and make a big blob of goop.

I feel sorry for the new batch of players who will probably already be in sequester when the BB18 finale airs.  They will be walking into a total disaster.

And Nicole thought it was a good idea to throw coffee grounds on Corey.

Yes, coffee grounds.  You're not even supposed to put coffee grounds in the garbage disposal, because they clog it up......imagine what they do to the shower drain!

James was laughing at how traumatized Corey was...he was afraid to turn around to rinse himself and started shrieking every time James came in the room.

Victor, to Paul:  I'm never cleaning in this house again.  Never.  And because I'm leaving on Thursday, I might even start throwing shit on the floor like everybody else.

Later, a probably-panicked Paul told Nicole that it might be "FUN" for them to all commit to a big Cleaning Day, so they can leave the house exactly like they found it.

Nicole:  Yeah, and everybody can be assigned to a different room.

(Nicole will probably call dibs on the living room or some other cop out like that.  I have heard many people say that the Nairobi Lounge is a pigsty due to Michelle...maybe because she eats in there?)

I don't know if the DR told them to clean up, but suddenly James and Nicole started cleaning.

Meanwhile the two HoH's laid in the HoH bed and ended up having a pretty notable conversation, first railing on Paul and how evil he is.  They both wish that Paul was the one going home on Thursday and hope he doesn't get the Care Package.  Natalie feels that America gave her the Have Not Pass because we all heard her talking about being a Have Not, and gave Michelle her Care Package because she talked about being HoH a lot.

(If that were the case Nicole and James would be the ones who should receive the next Care Package, because they talk about bribing people, right?)

Here are a few tidbits from their conversation:

*  Natalie repeated for the 100th time that Paulie talked about her fake boobs all the time, telling Meech that he said James was obsessed with her boobs.

*  Michelle wanted to talk about what the plan was if various people won HoH.

*  Michelle said she felt fat and ugly and just wanted to stay upstairs until Thursday night, if possible.

*  When Michelle stood up during the live show and called Paulie out Natalie thought it was the moment she had been waiting for.

*  In case we forgot who they're talking about, the cameras reminded us with a tight close up of Paulie's black and white portrait.  The BBAD camera crew is so shady---they often flip between camera views to show two groups talking trash about each other.

*  Natalie feels that people with money like Paul are not deserving of a BB win.  The two girls went through a list of comments Paul has made all summer about how expensive his pets and belongings are, and all of the famous people he knows.

Natalie: He has a real skull in his house.

*  Natalie doesn't think Tiffany should win, either, because "her sister is the #2 poker player in the world".

Natalie:  Is that right?

Michelle:  I know she won millions of dollars.  And who knows what Tiffany first she said she taught elementary school, but later she said she taught high school, and was a college professor.

*  And then talk turned to Bronte.

Michelle:  Bronte's life seemed pretty cool.

Natalie:  No, she's just a mathematician.

Michelle:  Yeah, but doesn't she live in California and all?

Natalie:  No.  She used to. She just lives in Colorado now.  She just said California so you'd think that.  She goes to school in Colorado.

*  Michelle:  Frank's life seemed really cool, though. He has a nice apartment, a girlfriend, a good job in medical sales, and he goes out a lot.

Natalie:  Frank and Paulie were both here to win and nothing else.  They were in it to win it.

*  And then the topic turned to Zakiyah.

Natalie:  She's an NBA dancer.  Or she used to be. And I bet her dad is an NBA player, too, because I remember her saying he had a bunch of different wives and a bunch of different children.

(Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Natalie.  I knew this was who she was when I read her CBS bio in the pre-season.  One of the three words she said to describe herself was "beautiful".  I mean, WHO SAYS THAT?  I actually thought she would be the first eviction---I was wrong about that, but she's just as vapid and shallow as I expected her to be.)

Meanwhile Nicole is on her hands and knees, cleaning.

And let me say a few words about her relationship with Corey, while we're all here.  Nicole is totally SMOTHERING Corey now, and he can barely keep quiet about it.  Nicole has gotten even more moony and possessive about him as their physical contact has ramped up.  Nicole thinks we don't know what's going on under the covers because she tries to make normal conversation while it's happening.

Um, no.

Just last night, after midnight she was on top of him under the covers and kept asking Corey what he wanted to talk about.  Corey was so frustrated with her little act...he didn't want to talk at all so she whined about that, too, while turning around to look and see if the camera's red light was on.

It was.  We see you, Nicole.

And here is the coffee ground mess Nicole made.

Corey and Victor have been talking a lot about the road trip they want to take, visiting college campuses across the Southeast to party and meet girls.  Corey told Victor that he's going to "bumble it up" everywhere they go, but Nicole was no where near them while they discussed their plans.  Last night Nicole whined and whined after hearing Corey mention Bumble in another conversation.  Corey made some lame excuses about using it for business and not hookups, and how one of the girls who founded it is actually from Dallas.

(Bumble is an online dating app that is invite-only, I think.)

And this happened a few days ago....Natalie was upstairs sleeping and Nicole was talking to Corey and James in the kitchen.  Corey was talking about a girl he knows that is somewhat famous on social media.  James asked Corey if he thinks that girl watches Big Brother.

Nicole:  Now Jamesy....just because Natalie is upstairs sleeping, you don't get to talk about other girls.

Corey's eyes got wide when she said that....I mean, that was so indicative of the way Nicole likes to control her relationships.  I'll bet Corey won't even hang around with Nicole at the post-season parties, particularly once he sees Paul and Victor flirting it up and taking numbers.

It's all a big mess, isn't it?

On the live show, do you think Julie will tell them at the top of the hour that an evicted Juror will be returning to the game?  If Julie says that, I wonder if James will change his vote so that Corey is evicted?  Because surely James knows that if Paulie comes back in, he is going to align with NiCorey, and put the target right on his back.

The good news about that is that Victor would be staying in the house for another week, but he might have some cleaning to do....


  1. I just don't like that someone said James and Nicole are very close outside the game because their father's are friends - totally unfair to the others. I do feel production pushes hard for who they want to win. Frank in whatever season he was in I think production went out of their way to help him stay in the house. People have commented it is time for a girl to win. This season I think production wanted Paulie or Nicole to win. I think Paulie should have been removed from the game once he stated that he lied about his psych eval. He needs to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. I used to like Nicole but she has done nothing this season but whine and have sex and lay around with Corey. Her nasal voice is annoying. Michelle is a mean girl and I can't stand to watch her eat. What she said about Paul not believing in God was totally unacceptable. James pranks are awful. He is so immature. Natalie can't think for herself. I had to fast forward through BB After Dark as I couldn't take Natalie and her Jameeees or Nicole with her Coreeeey! Beyond annoying. No one to me is playing the game. Boring season. Would like to see Victor win because it would shock the rest of them. Of course he would have to come back after being evicted tomorrow.

    1. No ones making you watch. I do agree with one comment about Meech she is mean, hateful and a spoiled lil bitch.

    2. I don't think production pushes hard for who they want to win; I think they push hard for who they want to stay longer. Why do they care who goes home with the half mil? They only care about ratings and the houseguests who are talked about most (good or bad) are who they want to stay.

  2. So right a very boring season and boring hg.. You got 2 ppl actually playing this game and production yanks the rug right our from under them for showmances.. Guess this show is about who can have the most sex well i think Nicole has Z bet on this one.. Why to go Nicole call it cuddling all you want america is not that stupid just you are.. And Nat i think everything Paulie said about you, you have proven it to be the truth.. What was BB thinking when they brought back Nicole and James guess they wanted to ruin them for life and if they is what they was after they got it.. James chasing Nat around the house begging for kisses and hugs and Nicole chasing Corey around the house and having sex more than dogs do.. Good Luck rest of the season CBS you gonna need it if u care about ratings..

  3. I could not agree more with the other comments on this. As someone who has watched Big Brother since season 1 I'm amazed that every single year for the past few years-it seems-there has been some sort of (unconscionable) controversy. While this by no means rises to the sh!t show that BB15 was-I cannot believe that James and Nicole are playing this game in this way this season. It is beyond belief that they would be caught bribing each other into the finals. It's ridiculous and they Know Better. Natalie is fake and Michelle-who I actually liked in the beginning-is a self-hating mean girl. None of the girls have any self esteem. Zakiyyya should be on the cover of Vogue or something and she's having sex on live feeds w/Paulie?! It is almost too much to comprehend. I loved Nicole on her original season and she's having sex (!!!) with Corey every chance she can get. Has she no shame? She of all people should know we feedsters have eyes like eagles and should could never outsmart us with that BS. She's in the "sexpot" category as well now...I guess. That is until after the season when Corey dumps her like a hot potato. I also thoroughly enjoyed James on his original season but this season I am disgusted. I actually watched the whole thing when he pranked Corey in the shower (w/Nicole) and I was horrified that he just didn't know when to STOP. Ridiculous. His "showmance" with Natalie where she is clearly friend-zoning him is more cringeworthy than ever! I think this year's winner will be totally random and as stated above-who really even Deserves to win...besides Victor? There's a lot of good you can say about this season but the bad stuff just gets in the way. This could have been quite the spectacular season but the showmances, pranks, and just general messes (literally) make me want to just cancel my feeds and come back when Big Brother can figure out how to cast a season correctly.

    1. I agree with most of your comments, except I think both Victor and Paul are deserving of the win. Agree that it seems everything Paulie said about Nat appears to be true. I disliked her immediately for saying she was beautiful and could get any man, but then she grew on me and I thought she was a good person, but as soon as she got HOH her true colors came out. In her defense, she isn't embarrassing herself sexually on national TV. I readily agree about Z, kept thinking she's SO beautiful and has the lowest self esteem. But anyone who'd trash cookies someone just baked is a loser I'd never want in my life. I wasn't a big Nicole fan before but for weeks I just want to see her cry. "Snake" is a good term for her but "slutty snake" fits better. James is a major disappointment. He is so sure he'll win AFP and is so blatantly trying to play to America, it's pathetic. Wait till he finds out he dropped 8 or 9 spots down in the polls.
      I refuse to pay for feeds any longer because CBS' motto "all day every day" is major BS. They block out comps and a lot more.

    2. Sorry, but why all the slut shaming for the girls? Corey and Paulie are/were having sex as well in there. While I agree Nicole and Z seem to have some self esteem issues, by no means are they doing it alone!

  4. Wow, if someone tried to prank me like that, I'd be upset. It's wasting food. In Polish there is a word for that ''goop'' called ''klusecki'' which mean little noodles. My grandmother always made noodles from scratch with flour, water and eggs. There is a recipe where you add mashed potato to the mix, called ''paluski''. It's my favourite. I'm sure there would be a vegan alternative that you could try. But yeah, mix flour and water and you'Ve got a noddle like goop that it not quite a noodle but kind of like that ooe stuff from, what was it, My Little Pony? I was 3, so it's been 30 years. But there was this purple ooe invading the land. Because of that, at home we started alling that stikcy blue stuff you use to glue posters on walls, ooze lol

    Thank goodness I'm not in that house. It is not OCD safe.

  5. This Big Brother season has me exhausted. I'm no Beast Mode, it's been brutal.

    When you invest emotionally, and are continually dissapointeyd and a little abused, most self-help groups and pretty much every professional that deals with "abuse" will tell you to leave.  I don't have to justify my stalking either,  which I'm pretty sure isn't healthy as well, but I'll deal with that latter too.

    My Gaaaaaawwwwddd, if there is a competition turing one one syllable words into 3 or 4, Nicole would win. DONE!  Never a good idea to actually loose years of maturity if that's even possible, but Nicole has not evolved since she last left the house. How could she be a nurse incapable of learning? She absolutely baffles my mind!  I just have a really hard time with her this go around and those huuuurrrrtttt feeeeelllliiiinnnngggggssss. No game in her at all. Her conversations are just short enough to get her back to that nasty bed she has shared with her mannequin man. Have they EVER washed those sheets? Vic would know. Corey doesn't even appear to be a real living and breathing human on my TV. I bet there are buttons on him somewhere. You always know when his batteries are low, you get that look, all dolls have it in their original box.

    James, James, James . . .? It's a good thing you are finally at a point in the game, and in your relationship with Natalie that you can formulate your own thoughts.  We know, it's  those FT's. Prior to now, it's just been agreeing and pacifying that pesky little Nat. She's been a necessary evil, but even YOU know her receiving the first ACP was not good for you. Just when I kinda sorta liked Nat, I soon realized it was just a slow week on the feeds and I was wrong, I don't really care for her afterall. Whew!

    Paul, Your boy is playing alright.   Paul is a smart kid, his downfall is that he's actually twice as smart as the entire house. It's probably frustrating to have to dumb~it~down with nearly every Houseguest, in every conversation. He has to be exhausted from wanting to self evict 40 times a day and remove himself from middle school. IMO he and Vic are they only two that deserve to win this game.  They are the only two that have played this game PERIOD!  

    Vic is the only houseguest that could win  even if, evicted again. If Production can help EVER in the process, please do so, and let Victor return as many times as necessary. I do worry about tonight's HOH being endurance and Vic being on slop lately.

    If Paulie returns he will mess with Paul's game and that will just piss me off. I hope he self- evicted already so that piece of crap is back in Jersey being beat up by 13 year old Jersey girls. Jersey girls sound pretty bad ass to me.

    Michelle is smart, but not near as smart as she thinks she is. I lost respect for her before the game even started. Her comment about "hating" over weight people has me single handedly wishing for every annoying, chip smacking pound she has put on this summer. I hope she waddles off soon.

    The Jury House girls are already footnotes in my book.  If they return, they'll just get sent packing.  Easy targets!

    1. Highly unlikely tonight's comp will be endurance. I think we have to know who's HOH before we can vote for the Care Package, so it will be something very short, like getting a ball in a hole, something that's not skill-based. That's what worries me that could keep Victor from returning if he's evicted.

    2. Paulie "beat up by 13 yr old Jersey girls". Love it!
      I don't see that Michelle is smart in any way, I think she's only slightly above Corey and that says it all.

  6. Bumble is a dating app kind of like Tinder where you match only if you both like each other, but unlike Tinder, the girl has to make the first move, and in 24 hours or the match disappears forever. I'm sure Corey will be having a BLAST on Bumble on their "college tour" :)

    1. Thanks for the info. It sounds IDEAL for the road trip.

      Nicole also WENT OFF about how "bad" Tinder was, and how it makes her sick to think about it. When they pressed her for info, she admitted she'd never been on Tinder, but had "heard about it'.

      (Maybe Hayden was on Tinder, who knows.)

  7. I want Corey to go now so I don't have to watch that any more and I want Paulie to come back so I can see if Vic shows him the respect he felt he deserved when he faught his way back and I want Vic, Paul, Paulie go to final 3 and Vic to win so we have some good tv to watch and all these numbskulls get what's coming to them!

    1. I want anyone to come back that will help Paul/Victor. Never thought I'd say I want James evicted but he's just continuing to embarrass himself so it would be good for him to go.

  8. We made paste with l/2 cup of flour and l/3 cup of water, add sugar for Paper Mache paste. They should be pouring a lot of boiling water down that drain to unstick the pipes for the distance to the sewer otherwise they are in for a big roter rooter bill.

  9. "... Nicole and James... should receive the next Care Package, because they talk about bribing people, right?"


  10. Feedwatcher,

    What's up with your PP (Prison Penpal)? Any news/updates?

    1. Argh! I was just thinking about him, actually. The new season of 60 Days In just started and it's hard to watch that and not think about the frickin' former pen pal.

      (That is a GREAT show if anybody is interested in prison life...)

      I got another letter from him since I posted about it. It looked like another one-page letter from the feel of it. I didn't open it, but put it in "The Folder" in it's proper place. He has a new address, so maybe he just wanted to be sure I received the last TWO letters with the new address. We have the same birthday (just the day, not the year) and it is coming up very soon, so that makes me nervous. I thought about sending him a B-day card (because I know he'll send me one) but I won't because when I said I'd never write him again, I meant it and need to stick to that.

      What if I opened those letters and he was threatening me? Or saying mean things? I would be so scared....I just googled him and I hope no recent news is good news...surely it would be in the paper if he escaped or something.

      I know he got in a fight and got transferred to another unit -- I'm just hoping its a secure one.

    2. I would love a link to read about this. BB is boring, but I love allll your updated FW! I had back surgery and was out of commission for a few weeks so I used your site to catch up.


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