Thursday, August 25, 2016

Victor's Last Stand: An Uphill Battle. #BB18

It looks like the HoH competition will kick off just as the live show ends here on the East Coast, and right now they're saying that it's going to be an endurance comp.  This looks similar to the "Graduation" HoH comp that was held in BB11, except instead of sitting on the round disks, the house guests will be hanging on those "popsicles".  That big tongue that will be "licking" them is similar to the big diploma that whacked the house guests during BB11.

***UPDATE***  The tweet pictured below was a total ruse!  The HoH comp is "The Wall".

Who does this competition favor?  I think it favors someone strong, with long legs.  James is good at endurance, of course, but his legs and arms might be too short to get enough leverage when his grip is slipping.  I think both James and Paul will be determined enough to go the distance, though, but I'm not sure if Corey has the gumption to stick it out for hours.

If Paulie or Da'Vonne come back in, I think they can both be strong contenders here.  They both want to win and have been getting lots of rest and nutrition in preparation for competing.  But Victor might be at a disadvantage, due to being a Have Not all week.  But the will is there, certainly.


If you watch the live feeds, you might have felt confused by some of the action in the past few days. Since Paul won the PoV, he and Victor have gradually realized that Victor is indeed the target, and Corey is not the pawn that he was rumored to be when Michelle put him on the block in Paul's place.

So...Victor and Paul are taking steps to make it appear that there is now a rift between them, so that the house guests think that Victor and Paul will not be working together if Victor stays in the game.  In fact, Victor is now making noise about being so offended by Paul's recent actions that he is going to target him if he stays and wins HoH.

Part of this plan involves Paul getting really chummy with Nicole and Corey, running his mouth about James and Natalie.  Paul is taking a risk by doing this, but it's a measured risk, because he's safe this week and he already knows that Natalie and James wanted to evict him this week.  Paul told Nicole and Corey that Natalie trashes them constantly, but he doesn't want to focus on personal issues.

Corey: Yeah, I like to think strategically.

(Oh really?)

Victor and Paul had a short meeting in the bathroom, sitting awkwardly so that they would have a chance to jump up and separate if someone comes strolling down the hallway.

Victor:  I'm going to make one last pitch to James tonight.

Paul:  But don't be too aggressive.

Victor:  I won't be aggressive....just direct.  I don't even want to talk to Natalie anymore.  But if I go home I'm going to give props to Nicole and Corey, and shit on James and Natalie.

Paul:  Props?

Victor:  Yeah.  They were the target and if I go home they should get props.

Paul feels like he can stay longer in the game after Victor leaves if Victor just shits on James and Natalie.   Later the two of them crossed each other outside the bathroom door and had a brief update on the execution of the plan.

Paul: Okay...we can't talk after this.  We're not talking anymore.

(I love a devious plan.)

I hope Production lets Victor shave off that scrub for tonight.  Victor used to talk about wanting to shave weeks ago, but hasn't mentioned it recently.  I just think it would give him a fresh look on his way out of the door, and maybe back in the game.

But Victor, PLEASE don't do that crazy accent in your speech like you did the first time you were evicted.  I think it would be hot if he made some simple statements in Spanish, to target that Telemundo coin, but please no crazy accents.  Go out strong, Victor.

Victor is feeling hungry, and wondered if Production restocked the selection of Have Not pies.  He and Michelle ransacked the fridge in search of new food and they were both confused by what they found.

Michelle:  Look, they gave you little pies!

They also see piecrusts and what looks like various pie fillings.

Victor:  But are these little pies for us?  There's two of them....can we eat them though?

He read aloud from a package of what must have been a graham cracker crust, sounding confused by the sight of it.

(OH. MY. GOD.  I LOVE a graham cracker crust...I am SALIVATING now just hearing those words, like Pavlov's dog.  Victor might want to check the rules, but I would make a pie by melting peanut butter with some confectioner's sugar and maybe cream cheese and then pouring it in that crust.  YUM.)

Victor holds a mini pie up for analysis.

Victor:  Can we eat these?  Is it okay for me to eat one?  Just say yes if I can.

Trust that I did not hear a response, or I would certainly report it here.  I do not know the outcome of this Mini Pie Conundrum, but I wish I did.  That doesn't look like a Hostess mini pie though, although that would surely be too sweet, tender and delicious for El Fit Vic to put into his cuerpo.

Let's all learn something today, for a damn change.

Natalie did some cheer-type motions in the kitchen and as usual, addressed America to ask if we recognized the movements.  I think it was from some movie or video because we got FISH for a few moments.

Natalie:  I always got air time when I was cheering!  The cameras were always focused on my face during every game!  I know because my family told me!

Mr. Jenkins is looking good, with his new soil and all.

James listened carefully to Victor as he complained in a subtle manner about Paul not spending much time with him this week.

Victor: Paul hasn't spent much time with me at all.  I thought he'd want to hang with me, since he was my Ride or Die, but he has been hanging around Nicole and Corey since he won the PoV.    I thought he'd be trying to get a vote for me, too, but it doesn't sound like he's done that.

James:  Paul hasn't said a word to me about wanting to keep you in the game this week.

Victor:  That hurts.  I thought we were buds. I guess he's trying to play both sides now.

Natalie has been pointing out (over and over and over) that she was the HoH, but Paul kept her up all night studying for the PoV comp.

Natalie: I'm HoH!  And he made me study! And I'm the HoH!

James:  And he was wanting to sabotage Nicole and Corey then, to keep them from studying for the PoV, and now he's their best friend.

Natalie:  He's so sneaky, and it's hurting your game, too.

Victor:  What you need to think about is that you can't play for HoH this week, and neither can Michelle.  If they win HoH, you're both going on the block, and one of you is going home, because he's working with them now.

Michelle:  I just want to call him out right now...they don't call me the "justice keeper" for nothing.

Victor:  I wouldn't do anything like that yet, because he might win HoH.  Why couldn't we stick to the plan?  I just want Nicole out...that's it.

Natalie, James and Michelle discussed the situation in the HoH room. Victor is starting to get to the girls, and they keep making statements about wanting to keep him.  James has been keeping quiet when he hears this, but he always seems to end up putting information out there to make his point indirectly, so the girls think they came up with it.

(I'd like to see James take credit for this in the DR, because right now I'm just guessing that he's doing this.  But I do know that James is voting Victor out...I think the only thing that might make him reconsider is if Julie tells the house guests at the beginning of the live show that someone is leaving, but someone is coming back, too.  Because the threat of Paulie returning should make James stop in his tracks and give Corey the boot.)

Victor came upstairs and seemed down about the situation, as they discussed The Many Crimes of Paul again.

James:  Paul has been prepping for you to leave this week ever since the day you both got put up on the block.

Victor:  That makes me feel great.  He's too worried about covering his own butt to care about his friend.

Michelle:  Paul's family is well-off.  It would be nice to see some people who need the money win this game.

Natalie:  And he lied about the fries...what else is he lying about?

(Apparently Paul "swore" that he's never cooked in the house, but people saw him make some damn french fries.)

Michelle:  He lies about french fries, his student loans, and his father's profession.  First he does this, and then it's real estate...what is it, really?

Natalie:  And Paul talked about F.T's all the time in front of me, but I didn't know what that meant!

Natalie:  I can't see you going against him though, Victor, if you're both in the game.

Victor:  I don't think you're giving my game enough credit Natalie.  Paulie was my Ride or Die, and then some things came to light and I put him on the block that week.  I'll do that again.

Natalie is chomping on some beef jerky in this picture.  I really wanted some pictures to demonstrate how she chews with her mouth open, but this was the best I could do.  It's a chronic situation.

James and Paulie left, and the girls really ramped up the snacking situation.  Both of them have been complaining NON-STOP about how "fat" they are.

Natalie:  I just think that your normal body will be your normal weight when you get out of here.

Michelle: Do you think so?  Do you think we'll lose the weight when we get out of here?

Natalie:  I think it will just melt off.

Michelle often eats like this, putting small bits of food in her mouth.  The only time in recent memory that I've seen her eat with utensils is when she eats cereal with milk.

But if you eat with your hands, the food still counts, Michelle.  It's hard to know how much you've eaten when you just shovel handfuls in, even if you do it in tiny pinches that the cameras can't see clearly.

And wearing that robe all the time isn't helping, either.  It's like wearing sweatpants or yoga pants all of the time...when it's time to zip up your jeans, you might get an unpleasant surprise.

She finished eating whatever she was eating in the last few pictures, and then got to work on a jumbo box of Froot Loops, clutching it tight like a baby doll.

(I have never even tasted Froot Loops. I am one of those weirdos who likes Grape Nuts.  But only with a banana and soy milk.)

The crunching is very loud with Michelle now, since her microphone is right there in the middle of the action.

Michelle later used lollipops to represent the house guests, and demonstrated for Natalie that in every scenario, keeping Victor was better for their game.  But unfortunately neither one of them can do a damn thing about the vote.  They showed James this analysis, but instead of disputing it, James suggested that he bring Nicole and Corey up to the HoH to grill them about their plans.

James:  We'll just ask them a bunch of questions, and if they hesitate, or seem like they're lying, then we'll vote Corey out.

So James went down to get them out of bed (of course) and they both trudged upstairs and listened to James tell them that Victor is acting all down in the dumps about Paul turning his back on them, and hanging out with them all of the time.

Nicole:  I can see what they're doing....they're trying to make it look like they're not working together.

So...James has support for his decision, even though he doesn't really need it.  Natalie changes her mind as often as Michelle shovels handfuls of cereal in her mouth, so I think James can easily keep her in line, even if he doesn't vote the way she'd like him to vote.

James is Michelle and Natalie's only hope for an HoH on their side tonight, although I guess that could change depending on who comes back in the game.  I like James' chances to hang on the popsicle, but it surely won't be easy going against the likes of Corey, who should be able to lock his knees together around the popsicle, not just his ankles.

I think this means we might see Cody in the audience tonight.  I think Derrick is in LA right now, too, so maybe a Hit Men reunion will happen on the live show.  God knows Production needs the content, because they've been showing footage on the CBS shows that happened WEEKS ago.  (Like Nicole spilling the nail polish, and James putting salt in Paul's water bottle.)

They won't let Paulie talk to him though, so don't worry about that.

This is Fun:  When Hayden Voss was voted out on BB16, he apparently saw Ariana Grande backstage and she sassed him.  Nicole heard about this when she joined Hayden in the Jury, and then talked about it when she came back in the game.  Production didn't want us to hear it, of course, but I was able to put the pieces together like a skilled FeedWatcher.

It's fun to imagine Cody coming to blows backstage tonight with Victor about Victor nominating Paulie, but of course neither one of those guys has the temperament to do that, no matter how hot a show that would be....


  1. The top pic showing us tonight's how set-up, who are all those people on the popcicles?

    1. They have to test out the equipment, so those are likely Production employees or interns.

      Survivor has a group called the Dream Team that travels to test the challenges on site. Now that would be a cool job...

    2. FYI I think that's the first endurance comp of BB15 (when McCrae won). Thanks for the updates! I love reading them.

  2. Oh ok, I figured it was probably production, thanks for the reply! I LOVE THIS UPDATE SITE!!! :)

    *Rick in Indianapolis*

  3. And yes.... a saweeeeeet gig it would be indeed!

  4. ...and the up hill battle is won! Our boy Victor is baaaack!!! Amazing feat (2x battled back), locking him in forever in a spot of BB history.

    1. ikr Victor just made BB history and beat some records. He is a first timer on this. He can certainly be among some of the better BB players. If he can be among the greats depends on the next few weeks, and then if he can be among the legends, depends on both the next few weeks and if he wins the game. But I think it's safe to say his gameplay will get him categorised among the greats, somewhere in there. Perhaps not at the top, but definitely in the mix. That guy showed how he plays when he returned the first time. Let's see how he wins now.

  5. Nicole won HOH. This is going to be a miserable week to watch. I feel it's going to be a repeat of last week. Yuck.


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