Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Jersey Boy Got Got. #BB18

Yesterday was another PoV Saturday, with some big stakes this week.  Victor is the HoH, and he boldly put up Corey and Paulie on the block, causing a seismic shift that continues to ripple and cause cracks in relationships.

The players for the PoV were as follows:

Victor - HoH
Corey - Nominated for eviction
Paulie - Nominated for eviction
Nicole - Random selection?
Paul -  Random selection?
James - Picked by Paulie

There is some speculation that the PoV will entail the Zingbot and perhaps a few of his family members, or the "BB Comics" competition that is so much fun to hear about later.

(Remember when Zach Rance had a tantrum during this comp during BB16?)

Paulie thinks only Victor will win the PoV and keep the nominations the same.  He thinks Corey would save himself, but everyone else would save Paulie.

Wrong.  They all want to evict Paulie this week, but if he does win the PoV they will then make Corey the target.  It is unclear what Corey thinks about much of this, but he can't be thinking anything good.


The house guests came down from the HoH room to find that the Have Not foods this week are Sunflower Seeds and corn on the cob. Paulie immediately starts being loud, saying that he hates corn, because it has no nutritional value.

Paulie:  I hate it.  Never eat it.

Everyone was excited about the sunflower seeds, but corn on the cob's reputation took kind of a hit out today, perhaps even slandered. There was much talk about how corn shouldn't be considered a vegetable, but a common "carb", (Nicole), and that the corn would be going in one end and coming out the other very quickly (almost all the guys).

Victor gathered everyone to read the message, stating they could enjoy all of the corn and seeds they'd like this week, just like a squirrel.  The Have Nots were announced to be the first three house guests eliminated from the HoH competition, a Knock Out competition that will air on the Sunday CBS episode.

Victor:  The Have Nots are Nicole, Michelle and Natalie.  Since Natalie has the Never Not Pass, she will not be a Have Not.

Nicole quickly reacted with surprise and irritation.  She was under the impression she didn't need to worry about this because the Care Package power she got was safety "from everything".

Note that Nicole will be dressed as a Safety Cone this week, sort of like a Day Glo Witch.  You know, with the pointy hat and all.  She said the whole garb is quite a chore to get in and out of, since she has the cape and the vest to deal with in addition to the unitard.

Corey is very angry about this....he thinks Nicole should march right in the DR and ask them to clarify her understanding of the prize she won.  Before Corey suggested that, he told her she should "eat drink and sleep where ever she wants to", because even if she's not supposed to do that, she is safe this week.

Who knew Corey was such a rebel?  He has been in the Have Not room for two weeks, so Nicole having to lengthen that stretch to three weeks apart is a complaint for both of them.

Nicole:  No, I don't want to make them mad.  And I want to follow the rules.

Corey: Just go in there and tell them how you interpreted the card.

They looked at the card and scoffed at what it says now, with just a few words, and no conditions about the meaning.

Victor:  What, you're not happy with being safe Nicole?

(Victor would nominate Nicole in a HEARTBEAT if he could this week.)

They are calling this squirrel Chef Benny -- maybe he has a nametag or something.

Nicole: So now I've got to be in this thing, and eat slop, and take cold showers, and sleep in that bumper car.

In contrast to Nicole, Michelle is  silent, crunching sunflower seeds with gusto.  We later learned that both Michelle and Natalie were both under the impression that you were supposed to eat the shell in addition to the seed, and the guys set them both straight.

(I mean, WHO DOES THAT?  I feel I must note that Michelle also eats kiwi fruit with the FURRY SKIN ON.  I'm sorry, but I'm a vegan and a big fruit eater and that is WRONG.)

This is Michelle's first time as a Have Not, so she says she's excited to cook slop.

Michelle:  I'm scared that I'm going to forget and slip up.....

(She knows we are watching!  We saw you eat that cube of cheese, Enzo, when you were in your penguin costume during BB12!)

Paulie is trying to be Mr. Approachable today, it seems, so he jumps right in and tells Michelle that he thinks "they" can distinguish between somebody who intends to break the rules from someone who just made a mistake.

Victor picked up Benny the Squirrel Chef and I think he joked about taking it, but he carefully put Benny in a new location to make him part of the "permanent display.".  Benny's little hat came off and needed to be adjusted.  Victor points out that there are several different "Bennys" used for the show, since they are in different poses and fashions.

The flowers are beautiful.  That's the best thing about this, I think.  So bright and cheery.

Michelle wondered if Nicole was interested in roasting the corn and then putting olive oil and spices on it.  Nicole said sure, but then had to point out AGAIN that corn had some digestive issues so she didn't want to eat much.

I'm sure she's thinking how hard it's going to be to get in and out of that costume when ever nature calls.  Just a guess.

Corey: I still say you should eat and sleep where ever you want, because you're safe.

Nicole:  Oh I'm gonna have to take a cold shower...

Corey:  Go in the DR and ask.  Just ask.

Nicole: I can't even hug you right because of this hat.  No cuddling for another week!

Paulie sidled over and had a message for Nicole.

Paulie:  You better get your head in the game, in case you compete today.

Nicole said "what?", and made Paulie repeat it.

Nicole: I am competing, trust me.

Nicole was hungry, so she started cooking up a big batch of slop.  Note that later James was heard reporting that someone sure "burned the hell out of the pan" while he tried to scrub it.  He said that more than once, and maybe more than twice.

Nicole caught her reflection in the glass and said what we've all been thinking.

Nicole: I do look like a witch....

Paulie:  Stirring your cauldron.

Nicole started complaining about the sunflower seeds, and the cameras showed us how Chef Benny proudly displayed all of the sunflower seeds he gathered for the Have Nots this week. Another dream shattered.  Another disgruntled crew member.

Corey:  America wants you to break as many rules as possible. America wants you to, Nicole.

Paulie came over and hugged the two of them.  So strange, isn't it? Paulie is a different person every hour on the hour, it seems.

When the cameras close in  like this, you can see how Corey's eye's dart about at different speeds.  Is that like a Cyborg?  He does look like a mannequin here.

I heard him ask Nicole later about Cody.  He wondered what Cody is thinking about the game.  Both of them were tiptoeing around the topic of Paulie's Bad Behavior.

Nicole:  Um...I wonder what's being shown though.  If everything is being shown, then....I don't think James is getting blamed, though.

Corey:  For the vote?

Nicole:  Yeah.  From what I'm asked in there, I don't think he's being blamed.

Production warns the two of them to stop discussing their Diary Room sessions.

Do you think they opened up both of those 2-liter bottles of Coca-Cola at once?  So wasteful of them. Soda is only good if it is crisp and bubbly, and very cold, too.

Corey might be thinking about this, too, but we'll never know.

The maligned plate of corn gets a closeup as Corey makes some critical assessments about how the color of this corn is not the color of the corn that he knows.

Maybe Corey was carefully considering all of the corn that he knows as we watched him.  It must be quite some story.  Nicole chimed in to say that the corn in Michigan is bright yellow.  It was eventually discovered that this corn had already been cooked, and this was a revelation for everyone.

Natalie took some soil from one of the sunflower plants and spooned it into Mr. Jenkins' coffee mug.  Bridgette had asked the DR for potting soil for several weeks, but they never came through.  Natalie pledged to care for Mr. Jenkins for Bridgette, although James has "joked" that they will soon eat Mr. Jenkins.

James is surprised that Natalie knows how to do this, but Natalie insists she learned from watching her grandmother, who had a green thumb.  It might have been her mother, and not the grandmother.

I think it's nice that they have plants this year.  The first season of BB was just awful in my opinion, but the house guests did have a big vegetable garden in the backyard.  I think that would be fun for the right person in there, watching things grow, and having something to care about that won't end up hurting you, potentially scarring you for life.

Paul recognizes the sunflower seeds as coming from a Russian grocery just down the street from the CBS studio.

Victor and Paul had a quick meeting where they celebrated their good fortune.  They have a new alliance called "Sitting Ducks" and they are in a position to shift from side to side depending on who is in power.  But Victor had all the power this week, and he boldly took a shot at Paulie, and also Corey.  I think Nicole would have been on the block if Victor was able to nominate her, sitting right next to Paulie.

Paulie is convinced that Natalie would be the replacement nominee, still trying to cling to hope that his fellow Executives will choose to evict the girl.


Victor won the PoV...sounds like a crapshoot. And Paulie immediately started pledging his allegiance if Victor would please take down either him or Corey.  But Victor won't do that, of course.  Victor politely listens, but he is firm in his responses, and doesn't candy coat the truth.

But before the PoV was played, they only worried that Paulie himself might win.  Paul thinks that Paulie was very upset after Zakiyah left against his wishes, causing him to panic during the first question of the HoH comp, so he's hoping to upset Paulie today, in hopes of throwing him off his game.

Victor has been a Damn Boss since taking office as HoH.  He didn't hesitate to put up the two biggest targets together.   Nicole, Corey, and Paulie all visited Victor to discuss the nominations.  Victor was stern with all of them, friendly but firm about wanting to hear truthful answers to the questions that he asked them.  All three of them knew the deal as they left the meeting, disappointed and frustrated, but all three of them shook hands, or hugged, or both as they left the meeting.  They felt respected, I think.

One particularly great comment to Paulie that Victor made in the kitchen was that at least Victor was giving Paulie the chance to fight for PoV.

Victor:  You didn't give me that chance.  You evicted me without letting me fight to stay.  You and Corey will both have the chance to fight for your lives in this game.  But I'll be competing, too.

You could almost hear soft background music with a Latin flair.  Victor is the boss and if people from Telemundo are watching, I'm sure they are already scouting projects for him.  And not only Telemundo...I just think he brings those language skills to the table for a growing demographic that will be demanding good entertainment.

Downstairs the group was jonesing on Benny's sweet stove set up. Natalie thinks Benny's accessories came from the American Girl store.

Natalie wanted Benny's little metal strainer to take home "forever and ever", but I think I'd call dibs on the stove if I were her.  That might be a cute item to rest your coffee mug on, you know, a desktop-type thing.

Paul meant what he said to Victor about trying to start something with Paulie before the PoV comp.  The whole thing was rather exhausting, and kicked off a Paulie Manic Episode where he ranted and pleaded and filibustered for HOURS.

Basically Paul calmly started a conversation in the kitchen about how he knew that Paulie blamed him as the guy who wanted to start an alliance with all of the guys in the house.

Paul: But you told me that you brought me into that alliance.  It was the other way around. You manipulated me.

Paulie:  I said I manipulated everyone in here except the guys I was aligned with.

Paul:  Like me with the Mama Day thing?

Michelle, James and Natalie gather around to get a front row seat for this action.

Natalie:  Didn't  you say you thought it would be hysterical to get me out?

(She always has to drag her personal issues into the situation....there is PLENTY of game-related ammunition against Paulie.  Accordingly, the guys ignored this comment.)

While this was happening, Victor was scrubbing pots and pans, and making himself some dinner.  He was calm and only spoke when he had something valuable to say.  Victor was professional and as always, does not stoop to personal attacks.  He doesn't need to.  He has concrete facts to share that cannot be denied.  Victor is The Executive, for gods sake.  He has taken control, and Paulie knows it. But he will never admit it, of course.

Victor:  I was all about the guy's alliance, until I felt backstabbed.

Paul:  James and I had distaste for each other, based on what you told both of us about what we said about each other.  But we got together and talked about it.  I trusted you wholeheartedly.

James:  I did too.

Corey and Nicole were in their usual corner of the Tokyo Room, whispering and straining to hear the conversation in the kitchen, which wasn't at the boiling point, but let's call it a strong simmer.

Corey just got put on the block, so he's stunned, I get that.  And Nicole likes to stay out of arguments like this one to try and prevent her name getting thrown around.  She's been on the dirty side of things quite a bit this season, so it's probably smart to do that....just try and stay out of it.  But listen in so you can be informed, too.

James:  I want to know why every damn conversation you have has to be about Natalie's boobs?  And how I'm blinded by boobs...why do you have to say that all of the time?

Paulie argued back with all of them.  He never admits guilt, there is always an excuse, and it really is exhausting to listen to.  Paulie has a short list of talking points, and keeps circling back to them over and over and over.

And one of his topics that is always in hot rotation is His Brother Cody.  And also Derrick.  Paulie always comes back to what Cody did, and how he played the game, and what Derrick told him to do.

I can assure you, neither Cody nor Derrick told Paulie to play like this.  I think Paulie is coming unhinged.  He started out this season STRONG.  He was out of the loop on the first big alliance, probably because he was attached at the hip to Glenn during the first day in the house.  He even went on the block that first week as a pawn.  But then he got a taste of power, and he started to unravel as he embarked on a Power Trip that came to a SCREECHING halt this week.

We saw strong signs of this Power Trip when Paulie won the HoH after Bronte was evicted in Week #3.  That was the week that Paulie started TRASHING Tiffany in a very mean and unnecessary manner.

I'll just say it:  This will not end well for Paulie.  I think he is at risk for some sort of psychotic episode, with all of the stress and constant agitation.  He even had trouble sleeping the night before, and went into the London Room and asked to sleep next to Paul, saying that "I hope you don't think I'm weird, but I have trouble sleeping without a body next to me".  He may have just wanted to hear what was being said in there, but if that's the case, he has lost the ability to express his thoughts in a socially-recommended manner.  And if he was missing Zakiyah so much, he would not be bragging about how many times they had sex in the house (three times in the bumper cars, twice in the bed) in order to put her down. (After Michelle told him that Zee told her she was only snuggling with Paulie for strategy.)

I'm a CPA, not a psychologist, but I think something is very wrong here.  And I hope Production is on top of things so that everyone is safe, especially Paulie.  He is in for a ROUGH RIDE in the real world after this show is over,  and personally I didn't see this coming way back in June.

We should all have sympathy and understanding for Paulie's family. They must be HORRIFIED to see how this is turning out, but it is NOT THEIR FAULT.  Please remember that and try to give them some space.  There is literally nothing they can do to stop what is going on now and that must be a very helpless feeling.

OK.  Back to the action.  Michelle picks her words carefully, and they are aimed to kill.

Michelle:  You'll never be Cody or Derrick, Paulie.


James:  No disrespect  to anybody, but I've actually played this game before.  I was on the block three times last year, and I knew something was wrong.  I could feel it, that our alliance wasn't strong.

Paulie: Derrick took Cody as far as he could...


Paul:  I don't even understand why Derrick and Cody are being brought up here.

Victor: It's a different game.

Paul:  At the end of the day, you had five different Ride Or Die's, but we all figured it out. Why so gung ho about mentioning those guys now?  That was BB16, this is BB18.  Fucking Steve man.......

James, laughing:  Steve?  From my season?

And they chuckled.  It's funny.  Because Steve Moses won BB17, and has not been mentioned once.  All they do is talk about Vanessa, Cody and Derrick.

Victor was very soft as he said that this doesn't change the fact that they'll all be friends after the show.  I think they could all tell that Paulie was very fragile, and it's just a game to Victor.  A game he's winning right need to lord it over everybody every minute. (Like Paulie did.)

Paul:  We'll still hang out after the show, we have my Halloween party, we'll be boys.  Nothing has changed about that.

That's Victor's arm there, reaching out to sooth Paulie.  As mentioned earlier, Paulie embarked on a full day and night of endless rants and pleading, not so much to stay in the game, but what seemed like an ill-conceived attempt to salvage his reputation.  He's more worried about what is shown on the CBS show, then all of this online stuff. Which makes sense, given that there are millions of viewers three times per week.

But in today's world, we Google each other.  And what is out there now for Paulie is something he will have to face down later, even as much as his father will try to shield him from it.  I think Frankie should reach out to him --- he might have some good advice for Paulie, since he faced some extreme hate when he left the BB16 house.

Late Friday night, Paulie talked to Michelle for a long, long time.  He was obviously trying to work her, and Michelle played right along, innocently asking questions about the happenings in the house. She got some great information about things that Nicole and Corey have said, and also James and Natalie.

Paulie fell for it, no matter what he tries to say about it later.  He even made a comment to Michelle about wanting to work with her if he stays in the game this week.

He's already denied it, because Michelle threw that right back in his face during the fight you saw above.

After Paulie finally left the room, probably congratulating himself on a job well done, Michelle vented with Natalie about how delusional Paulie is.

Natalie:  Don't fall for what he tells you.

Michelle:  Believe me, I'm not!

I love Michelle and I hope she's going to win the next Care Package, which will give her Co-HoH powers to nominate one person.  The only thing that would mess that up is if she wins HoH, and will have to share her noms with the 2nd place Care Package winner.

Michelle laid low the first half of the game, and had quite a bit of personal drama, of course.  But I always thought she was entertaining and I was always hoping she would unleash the crazy. But it turns out that Michelle is actually quite sane, comparatively.

Michelle told Nicole later that Bridgette was so kindhearted and accepting towards her.  She is very glad she got to know Bridgette, and was literally shocked to be voted out when sitting next to her on the block.

Nicole: What was the problem you had with Bridgette? I don't remember.

Michelle admitted that she was jealous about Frank.

Michelle:  I always loved Frank, and I wanted to work with him. I had a crush on him.  But he picked her.

Nicole:  That kind of came out of nowhere, didn't it? I didn't see that pair coming...

A few shots from the London Room, where the group is relaxed, knowing that their plans are in motion.

And also Paul checking in with Victor, letting him know that they are in great shape.  Victor said he wanted to take Michelle with them to the Final Three.  They both think they can beat Michelle in physical comps.

And I'll bet they both secretly plan to take her to Final Two, as the goat. What a showdown that would be, but I wouldn't want to be sitting in the chair opposite Victor.  Victor can talk, and has the gift of persuasion.  I like him a lot better on the live feeds than I do on the CBS show...he looks like an idiot in some of those DR sessions.  But it is a different story when it's not scripted...Victor is calm, cool, and collected.

(Not COLLECTIVE, as I see people posting.  You can always tell who doesn't read very often.  I had someone tell me yesterday that they had a "World Win Romance".  It's "Whirlwind Romance", if you don't know...)

And here is a rare shot of Victor in his undies.  Strictly for the record, of course.  I recommend watching Victor jump rope in the backyard, if you haven't seen that yet.  It's quite a sight.

Needless to say, Vic is quite Fit.

I heard Victor tell Michelle that when he came in the house, his Instagram site had about 400 followers.  I think he'll be pleased with his gains in that area when he is released from the game in September.


Jozea is still watching the season. Surely he was THRILLED to hear Big Meech name drop him while she was SHREDDING Nicole in her speech on the live show.

Michelle:  Jozea was right!  Nicole is a snake!

And a few of Jozea's responders must have their own Pet Peeves with Jozea's spelling.  Love his reply, though.

Paulie did cry. Several times.

If your're reading this far down, I consider you a friend, so I apologize for the late update, and for being so behind on such a momentous BB day as yesterday. (The Zingbot came, there are multiple punishments, etc.)

I'll tell you the truth.  I started this post on Saturday afternoon, and was nearly finished, when a friend of mine stopped by to pick up her tax documents that have been sitting on my shelf for months now. She had a pot brownie and offered me half of seemed rude to say no, so I ate it.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so I walked down to the gym to do a weight circuit.  At some point during the workout, I realized that I was stoned. Like, really stoned.  I walked home the long way and had to take it easy for a few hours.  When I tried to finish this post, I just couldn't focus.  Sorry.  But I had a lot of fun, and feel very mentally refreshed today.

I have to disagree with the DEA----marijuana IS medicine.  And we will all enjoy legal cannabis in due time whether they like it or not.

Having said that, I will try to catch up with all of the Big Brother action today.


  1. I hope Vic gets the next cp since he can't be hoh next week. But if not him then Big Meech.
    Paulie is definitely unraveling. He reminds me a lot of my older brother. He's a complete jackass when given a little power and a victim when things aren't going his way. He said he lied on the application about seeing a shrink. I wonder if that's an issue for BB? Cody and Paulie seem pretty certain that he has the rt. I hope he doesn't.
    Did you watch Derrick's Periscope video? It was like an hour long, so I didn't watch all of it. He was saying that he did try to give Paulie some pointers, but he obviously didn't listen. I know he must want to rent the fly-over plane with a banner saying, "Yo, Paulie, Keep my name out of your mouth--D.L."
    I'm glad Paul has to wear the suit. I hated that stupid floatie he wore constantly. I would have popped it by now.
    I like Paul and Vic, I wouldn't mind seeing them with Michelle in the f3.

  2. Good for you! I've been anxiously awaiting your next update but am glad to hear you've been enjoying yourself ;-)

  3. For all intensive purposes (just kidding -- I hate it when people say that instead of "for all intents and purposes"), I don't think we mind if you're delayed with the posts. They are the most informative and grammatically correct.

    [Look up "eggcorn" for the word to describe these phrases.]

    1. lol yes most BB blogs have a lot of grammar errors in them. Naturally, when people blog, they don't write as though they were Tolkien, but it's nice to read a blog that doesn't have me shouting at my screen ''WHOM'' lol

  4. I don't do pot very well, it's a vibration thing, but I do Hemp Oil extremely well. Marijuana is very medicinal and naturopathic medicine has been testing it to cure skin cancer and various illnesses. Some of which have given good results in patients willing to try it out. Some illnesses have been cured. So there hehehe

    I heard that Paulie was talking about leaving the Jury house after a couple of weeks and that he ahd to see a psichiarist before coming on the show to know if he would be ok and he said that he told ''them'' he had not and he lied so he'd be on the show. So what's this all about, do you know? Does Paulie have some mental illness? Depression? Rage blackouts? Anxiety? Hey, I'm the last person who will judge a mental illness, because I have some, but if he does, he should not be in that house. He sounds like he'S about to have an emotional breakdown. I can sympathise with him but I don't agree with how he's been talking about people and insulting an degrating the women in the house. That is not ok and I hope he realises, behind his defensiveness, that some of what he did or said was wrong and that what is happening in the game was brought on by his doings.

    He needs the Bach Flower remedy Vine, which is for people who cannot let go and need to be on control of everything and push everyone and boss to get their way.

    Oh, and this: CORN: Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorous, Vitamin B3 and B6, and Manganese and Fiber.

  5. Thanks for your updates, enjoy reading them! I’m thinking too that Paulie is suffering a psychotic (manic?) episode. Why can’t he just SHUT UP for a few hours, collect his thoughts, give us ALL a break? Its hard to imagine how he can't see he's making it worse on himself, or know for a fact that he's a huge tool + douchebag...Whatever repercussions he suffers and haters he has now inside the BB house AND in the the real world, he DESERVES! Hopefully, it will be the catalyst that will result in a change in him for the better someday. He is a disgrace to the human race!!! Comedic relief with Nicole in her squeaky suit with flashing hazard lights…Plus Corey in the Patriotard with Baldwin the eagle hand puppet & the convention/nomination pole monopolizing both his hands and arms…Then, Paul as the Secret Service Agent clearing checkpoints and frisking housepets. Hilarious!!! Can't WAIT for Paulie to start baking his apple pies on command!!! It may be good therapy for him, OR what finally sets him over the edge…Even though he’s saying today he’ll refuse to bake any pies and take the penalty noms instead…Leaving the others to comment they’ll vote to evict Corey and because of the 87 penalty noms Paulie will have he’ll be evicted anyway (and they can all say to him: “If only you would have baked those pies!”) If only Paulie could see the HUMOR in things (like the rest of us can). Its just a game! P.S. Paulie is crying tears. AGAIN!

  6. I agree with the two post above, I'm glad you had a fun day. It was Saturday, everyone should get the weekend off. With that said, I was anxiously waiting, I think I checked 10 times yesterday!

    1. Thanks. All of my blog posts are automatically posted to my Twitter account, so if you're on Twitter if you follow me you can just click on the link to see new posts.

      Also, I post live feed updates sometimes on Twitter while I'm working (at my real job). I try never to post anything non-BB related, and not to retweet too much...that can be VERY annoying, I know.

  7. been reading your post since 2013, hands down best place for live feed updates! To find out you also partake in the Devils treat is awesome, it's one of the few things that have helped me tolerate this season. I'm starting to think we might be soulmates. To recap I love your recaps, Marijuana,and you! Stay classy <3

  8. Super post, as usual, thanks again for always providing the best updates. You sound like you have yourself together and know what is important in life. Glad you had took time to relax and enjoy yourself, you deserve it. Life is too short not to take time for ourselves more often, it helps us to be better people and friends to others.

    As far a Paulie goes, I don't know how BB can leave him in the house after what has happened, he must be connected via his father or someone to still be there. For his sake and the others he should be removed now. I think he is waiting to see if he is evicted and has the turn around. If he doesn't get to go back in, he will self evict. His ego, personality, mental issues will prevent him for accepting the act of living in the jury house with the women there. If he does go there BB better beef up the security for those women and I am in no way joking here. He is beyond a Back Flower essence to help him at this point, and I do use and agree with there use, but he needs much more right now.

  9. I'm skeptical about Paulie. He'll be "claustrophobic" in a jury house, but isn't in the BB house? And this claustrophobia just surfaced when his game blew up? I'm not buying it. You'll note that in between his pathetic pity parties, he's still scheming to stay in, using the same strategy he used to get himself into the position he's currently in. He literally cannot comprehend how he could have been wrong!

    I do have compassion for him, but I'm not sure this isn't all a carefully crafted drama in an attempt to rewrite history (I failed because I'm depressed, manic-depressive, claustrophobic, etc.) instead of I failed because my game sucks and everyone caught on and now I'm embarrassed--people will pity me if there's a good enough excuse rather than hate me. I truly think he's that devious.

    1. It's like a kid who will sometimes manipulate by crying and other times be genuinely sad about something. As a step parent, sometimes it's hard to tell which is which. But we begin to see patterns because we KNOW the child. I don't know Paulie. I know that sometimes, something surfaces in specific situations, it's called a trigger, we all have them, good and bad ones. Is this a trigger? Or is this manipulation? Or both? I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I think there is some form of BB gaming going on within that, but I think he's not used to being confronted and stood up to and it has shocked him. Maybe it's a wake up to change certain attitudes. A lesson he may learn from and become a better person for it.


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