Monday, August 29, 2016

Tarts and Muffins on a Monday. #BB18

Nicole was up bright and early, getting ready to conduct her first-ever PoV meeting.  I'm not sure why she doesn't get ready in her HoH suite, but maybe she's trying to keep tabs on what is going on with the Common Folk this week.  (Or maybe because Cooooorreeeey is in the Have Not room.)

Just from looking at the picture, I think it's pretty obvious who is more excited about the upcoming PoV meeing.

(Because duh....Michelle is on the block and Nicole put her there, and is not expected to save her today.)

Big Meech is talking again about all of the weight she's gained this summer.  Nicole says she doesn't understand why Michelle keeps saying that, because she looks great to her.  But then Nicole started pointing out spots on her own body, saying this or that area is "chubby".  She thinks she weighs 110 right now, but Michelle thinks that is a drastic overstatement.  Michelle also mentioned the good old days, when she weighed 110 pounds herself.

What do you guys think about Nicole's top?  I think it's rather tarty for a Monday morning PoV ceremony, but what do I know.

There is a poll on Jokers right now that was likely posted by someone who is not fond of Nicole's couture.  There are only 28 votes so far, so I don't think we can draw any conclusions yet, but I'm thinking this black lace garb is the "$170 stripper top" referred to in the poll.

I know Frank wasn't a fan of those "white toddler sandals".

As the PoV ceremony was over, the live feeds returned and we saw a close up of James and Natalie. The cameras were trolling us, showing us this, because nobody got surprised today...Nicole did not use the PoV.  James has been suspicious after seeing both Paul and Victor spend so much time up in the HoH suite this week, but I think he might be relieved now that Nicole kept her word about not nominating him or Natalie.

(And James certainly knows about lies told up on The Wall, doesn't he?)

From what I've heard them say, the meeting went well, with no notable emotional outbursts or cursing.  That might be a little surprising, considering the house guests currently on the block.  I later heard Paul tell Natalie that the house would have "one less asshole" after Thursday.

Paul: It's either me or Meech.

Natalie giggled about that, because she thinks Paul is going.  Because James told her that.

Victor was brushing his teeth afterwards and Nicole razzed him about it.

Nicole:  Victor, were you nervous?  Did you think I was gonna put you up?  Do you trust me now?

Victor gave her a hug to thank her, his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth.

Here's a question:  When is the last time Victor has been seen wearing a shirt, other than the gray pullover that he wore for The Wall comp last Thursday?  He's been wearing this jacket every now and then, but I haven't seen a shirt on El Fit Vic in a long, long time.

Maybe Production confiscated them.  Because ratings.

James is POSITIVE that this Thursday night will be a Double Eviction, and is openly discussing the risks.  You'd think his blunder virtually guaranteeing that there would be no Jury Buy Back would make him think twice, but apparently it didn't.

Note that if there was going to be a DE, Julie would have told us on last week's live show, to get us all pumped up.  James is forgetting about the "secret eviction" that will take place off the live feeds, in front of a fake audience.  Or maybe Derrick forgot to tell him about that.

Later James stood in front of the Memory Wall with Paul, staring at the pictures.

James:  You'll probably get to the Jury House 15 minutes before I do on Friday.

(Um no, James.  No and no. Neither of those things will happen.)

Note that I also heard James tell Natalie and Michelle that he's not going to memorize all of the days information for the upcoming comps, because he "knows they know it".

(Um no, James.  Michelle knows it.  Natalie might know some of it, but that's not the same as having Michelle there to beast the mental comps.)

Michelle didn't put on any sunscreen, but without Frank there to badger her, it probably wasn't very fun for her to announce this fact later, way after she's probably already Medium Rare.

This is funny, James is putting sunscreen on Corey.

But it's the spray-on kind, so no real touching is involved.  James is about two inches taller than me, and, I dated two different guys who are Corey's height for years.  I guess we looked ridiculous together, but I didn't see it that way then.

Sorry tall girls.  I know I was dipping in your pool.

Corey is still trying to figure out what to do with his $5,000 bribe.  Nicole is trying to keep James from knowing that they have a new Final Four deal, so that limits what she wants him to do with the bribe.  Corey is considering offering Victor the $5,000 to vote out Michelle.

Nicole:  Do you think that would look funny though?  That he needed the bribe to vote out his best friend?

(They may be forgetting that the bribe can be a secret.  Corey doesn't have to tell anybody anything, except the person who accepts the deal.  That's what I understood from hearing Corey read his Care Package card, anyway.)

Victor hiked up his shorts to get the maximum sun exposure.

And he flipped his hair around a few times, maybe to dry it a little.  I heard him say the other day that he hasn't cut his hair in years.  I wonder how long he's going to let it grow?  I don't think it needs to be much longer....he doesn't need to cross over into hippie territory.

And I'd love to see that beard shaved off.

Victor's not good at just laying around though, so he got in the pool after just a few minutes.

You've probably seen Victor do his ab exercises at the edge of the pool.  He says he does a little bit each day, and it all adds up.  James came over there to give it a try, and Victor told him to go in the shallow water, so that his butt would be right up against the edge of the pool.

James tried it a few times and said he was already shaking.  It's apparently very difficult to do, even though Victor makes it look easy.

Paul was very bored, and decided to bake muffins.  He hadn't made them in a long time, but tried to remember Bridgette's teachings.  He melted a bunch of mini candy bars, and also added mashed banana, too.

Victor:  Did you use pancake mix?

Paul:  Yeah, I had to.

Victor:  I knew that.

Paul:  You don't know what I use, man.

(They don't have baking soda or powder, so Bridgette figured out that the pancake mix already had some built in.)

Paul proudly presented the muffins, and Nicole said maybe he's a secret baker.

Victor:  Maybe he's my secret wife.

Everyone got a good laugh out of that.  Nicole put ice cream on her muffin but then abruptly stopped eating when she was halfway through and gave her plate to James.

(Do you think she found a beard hair in there?  GROSS.  She didn't say it if she did, but she certainly lost her appetite quickly.)


Rob Cesternino had Glenn Garcia on his podcast last night.  I guess Glenn has wanted to appear on the show for weeks, but it took time for Production to approve the media request.  Glenn has a lot of definite opinions about the season, so if you'd like to hear about that, by all means tune in at the link.

Glenn is not a Nicole and Corey fan, though, so be prepared for that.  Glenn is bitter, too, so that's always entertaining to hear.  For example, Glenn wasn't allowed to take his Big Brother water mug with him, nor his toothbrush.


Right now I'm watching Cody's interview with Big Jeff.  Cody wants us all to see his movie "What Happened Last Night" when it comes to theaters in November.  Paulie said on the live feeds that the Producers were trying to sell it as a TV movie, but it sounds like Paulie was wrong.

I watched the trailer for the movie...and they should have chosen a better scene to lead things off.  The two actresses in the first scene of the trailer needed some more training.  Just saying.  But Cody was believable in his trailer scenes.  The link is pinned at the top of Cody's twitter account, if you'd like to see it.

Cody is also shooting a TV pilot called "New Dogs Old Tricks" and he's hoping it gets picked up for more episodes.

I really needed to see this to remember how much I really liked my Boo Cody.  He is everything that Paulie is not, and he is definitely not making excuses for his Big Brother's behavior.  Apparently Paulie told Big Jeff in his interview that all of the tears were fake in the house.

Cody doesn't believe that, and says it's okay to get emotional in there, and he and Jeff both understand that.

Jeff:  Yeah, I tried to tell him that, but it wasn't reaching him because he was too caught up in his story.  And I wanted to say, if the tears were all fake, why were you crying in the Diary Room?

(I haven't watched Paulie's interview with Jeff, but I plan to do so very soon.  I didn't want to watch it when I thought Paulie might be coming back in the house, but now that we're all safe I might be able to watch it without throwing up.)

Cody has been frustrated with watching the show, saying that he doesn't understand why Paulie's ego got so involved with everything.  He wanted Paulie to be more undercover, and not have to point out that he's running things in there.

Cody:  I mean, Frank did that, and he left. And Day did that, and she left.  So why didn't he learn that wasn't the way to be?

Cody understood why Zakiyah was so mad at Paulie in the Jury House, but it seems like he didn't get why Bridgette had to get so involved in it, and take so much credit for blowing up Paulie's game.  Cody thought Natalie worked for weeks to blow up Paulie's game.

Jeff:  And when he was at a low point Natalie just went in for the kill.

Jeff wondered if Cody was surprised Nicole got in another showmance.

Cody:  Surprised?  I was STUNNED. I was like, Nicole, what are you doing?

Cody thinks the thing that saved Nicole so far this year is that everyone in there seemed to be after a showmance, or in a duo.


  1. That Cody is hella smarter than big bro brah!

  2. I would LOVE to weigh 110 right now. Due to anxiety and panic attacks, I haven't been able to maintain my weight. It comes and disappears right away. Getting better now and regaining energy (burnout), in 5 months, I gained 3 pounds and KEPT them. I'm suppoed to be 125lbs-130lbs. I've been scintillating around 100 for a few years. I'm glad I'm gaining for real now, even though it's slow. Those girls are far from overweight and being underweight is no fun. I looked like a stick figure and my immune system was shot. Those girls need to eat healthy to stay healthy, NOT to lose weight.

  3. I feel vice cops are so grimy and have a world view that is quite dark. I wouldn't want a guy like that on a show, and the first out.

  4. kittens and socks

  5. Does anyone know where Nicole got that black lace shirt? I've been looking for it for days


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