Sunday, August 14, 2016

PoV Aftermath - Who Says There is No Justice in America? #BB18

This was the "Prizes and Punishments" PoV competition.  It was also the Zingbot PoV, so many iconic Big Brother moments happened yesterday in the house.  We kind of knew it was going to be the Zingbot week, because he was hanging around in the audience for the last live show, holding up a political sign.  Apparently the Zingbot is running for President, and that was the theme of the competition.

They had to get up on a podium to "take shots" using some sort of a catapult and beanbags.  James said he won the comp last season, but I can't remember what that was all about.

And they all got cute Zingbot logo T-shirts and hats that say "Zingbot for President".  I'll bet they can sell some of that merchandise this week, if they advertise it for sale during the CBS episode.  They probably learned their lesson after those "Gronk Party" T-shirts last year.

(After Gronk's people saw the T-shirts on TV, they made Production get all of the T-shirts back from the house guests, because Gronk didn't approve his name being used like that.)


Victor - PoV Winner
Nicole - Won trip for two, "anywhere" in the US
James -  Won $5,000
Paul -    Has to perform security clearances of the houseguests and also sections of the house for one week.
Corey - Has to wear a Patriot Tard for the week
Paulie - Has to bake apple pies on demand for a certain period of time


Here is a summary of the Zingbot's various Zings for the house guests:

Paul:  Paul, you have given us many catchphrases.....your boy...friendship...pissed.  Well I have a catchphrase for you...SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Victor:  Victor I'm trying to think of the perfect Zing, but it's better if I speak in Spanish...then the Zingbot said "Victor, you are a douchebag" in Spanish.

Corey:  Something about how he can't sweep Nicole off her feet, because Hayden already did.  Corey thought it was weak, and afterwards expressed several times that he was surprised that being in a showmance was mentioned twice.  (in his Zing and also Nicole's)

James:  Something about how it must hurt to look at yourself in the mirror, or maybe how Natalie's family won't like him. James said they didn't have much to go on for him, admitting he's short, so what.

Nicole: Something about having no shot to win the game, and throwing it for Corey.  She later said she was happy about it, since it made her sound weak in the game.

Paulie:  Unknown, but might have been about Cody and Derrick.

Michelle:  Something about crying and throwing up.  She said she liked it and wants us to be surprised when we hear it.

Natalie:  Unknown, but she said they knew better than to pick on her appearance, because she would have cried.


When you see a tight camera shot of a closed door, you know something is about to happen.

And here is Corey, wearing his Patriot Tard and exclaiming "God Bless America".  Everyone cheered and came over to get a closer look.

Corey says he has to wear the costume for a full week, and will be getting some sort of complementary swim suit to wear outside.  He has to hold the Zingbot banner and the eagle puppet on his hands at all times.

Corey: Even if I'm in the shower, I have to hold one hand out to hold one of them at all times.

Nicole:  They're gonna get dirty and nasty.

Corey:  Yeah, my hands are already sweating.

It's really funny looking because Corey is so tall.  With that hat he looks like Uncle Sam.

Victor came over to inspect the eagle.  Corey can make it's head move around.

James:  That bird is everything!

(ha ha ha ha)

I think there is velcro on that glove that Corey is wearing under the Zingbot sign.

Nicole:  We have to wear all of these costumes on the live show, and you have to hold those things.

Corey went over to the nomination chair and practiced saying Hi to Julie.  I heard him say later that the costume is really tight on him, particularly in the crotch area.  I'm sure they don't make unitards for giants.

As the group broke up James said that Corey was over it already, and Corey kind of sighed in agreement.  Nicole, always supportive of Corey, said that she couldn't imagine anybody looking any better in a unitard, and that she loves the colors.

Corey wants to work out and eat all week, since those are the only times that he can put down his handheld accessories.  I'm sure Nicole is LOVING the fact that they are in costumes together.  And Production is, too.  It sounds like Victor traded the PoV necklace for the Patriot Tard, sticking Corey with the punishment.


He's said this several times last night.  Big surprise....Paulie is a poor sport.  But we all knew that already.  He is making statements now about how he is claustrophobic, and won't be able to handle being confined in the Jury house.

And he has also repeated several times that once he is sure that there is no jury buyback, he's going to leave and go home.  This doesn't surprise me AT ALL.  Can you imagine him stuck in the Jury House with all of those "female losers"?  I really think there is something seriously wrong with him.

Nicole whispered to Corey that she thinks Paulie might self-evict before Thursday night.  Corey wondered what would happen if Paulie did self-evict, and Nicole said they might go ahead with the game, with Victor putting someone else on the block in Paulie's place.

Corey: That would be Natalie....but I'd still leave, wouldn't I?

Nicole and Corey went into the bedroom to try and pep Paulie up. He's admitting defeat now in the game now, and started the spiel about his claustrophobia, and how he doesn't want to be cooped up in the Jury House.  Nicole has been telling him that Cody and Derrick wouldn't want him to do that, and then Paulie discloses what he is most worried about, which was quite a shock to me.

Paulie:  I'm gonna have to sit out there and get crushed in my good-bye messages, especially Natalie' what she did to Victor.

Corey assured him that he'll leave a great message for America to hear about Paulie.  Paulie later virtually begged Michelle to leave a positive good bye message for him, and to give him at least one sympathy vote.

(Big Meech agreed to do that, but surely he knows she is lying, right?  She told him to his face that she "plays dirty".)

Knowing what we all know, I think the longer that Paulie can stay out of sight, and out of mind, the better things will be for him.  The best thing he can do is go to the Jury and hide out for a month. The camera crew comes around periodically, so he can put on a good face when the cameras roll, and let America forget about him until the Finale.

Remember Jozea?  He feels like a distant memory to the live feeders, and he was an absolute maniac. Someone in the DR needs to tell Paulie this, probably the staff psychiatrist.  Pretty sure she'll be on call this week.

Yesterday Paulie told Michelle that he "lied on his application" where it asked if he'd ever seen a psychiatrist..  We went to FISH right after he said that, but before that he made some other comments.

Paulie:  I asked the psychiatrist what he thought about me coming in here, and he said that I'd be playing with fire if I did that.

We know Paulie likes to embellish almost every story, but I've also heard him say that he got the casting call from Robyn Kass very late in the game, just a week or two before being sequestered.  I hope Production IMMEDIATELY called Paulie's family to get the real story about any mental issues he may have.  He is clearly unable to handle his current situation.  I wouldn't want to be around that, would you?  It feels risky to me, with a few of those girls being trapped in there with him hating them so much.


I haven't watched the big reveal of Paul's punishment, but here is a RED ALERT that occurred around 2:00 AM this morning.  Paul (and the entire London Room) was awoken by a very loud announcement about the alert.  I think the numbers on the Zingbot Presidential seals signify that he needs to "clear" 5 suspects, and 4 areas. Something like that.

James was laughing about it, and said he saw the camera rotate over to Paul's bed with the red light on, so he knew Paul was about to be awakened. Paul was in a deep sleep, and cursed as he put on his sunglasses, which must be worn at all times he is awake.

Paul's costume is a sweet-looking suit.  He makes some adjustments and BB sounded another LOUD alert to get him to move faster.

Paul had trouble adjusting his tie in the dark.

He stepped out into the light to put on his Secret Service earpiece.

This is exactly what the Secret Service earpiece looks like.

I don't want to tell the story here, but I rode in the back of a Secret Service car one time in Washington DC.  My friend I was traveling with was acquainted with one of the President's immediate family members (not President Obama) so when we were in town my friend made a call and yadda yadda yadda there we were visiting the immediate family member ("IFM") in the White House.

I just typed a whole paragraph that I deleted...I really don't want to name names and tell the story here but I've been where most Americans will never go.  And then we rode around town with the Secret Service guys assigned to the IFM to go out to dinner, and then they drove my friend and I back to our hotel at the end of the night.

I flirted with them a little, asking them if they were "packing pieces". They were, they assured me.  I don't know exactly where they were when we were in the restaurant, but the second we walked back out on the street with the IFM one of the agents was right there, guiding us to the idling car.

It's like another life, but it happened.  Long ago and far away.

Back to Paul, and his punishment.  I think this punishment could go very wrong, in the wrong hands, but Paul is the perfect person to receive it.  He is a great sport about it, has plenty of energy, and will be very sensitive when touching people.  Plus, that suit is funny because of his beard.  And I think he looks MUCH better with all of those horrid tattoos covered up.

He's doing a security check on Corey in the picture below.  I think he has to keep count aloud.

Paul:  Suspect 1, cleared.

Then he went in the Have Not room and "cleared" Nicole, who was giggling in her orange Unitard.

Paul:  Suspect 2, cleared.

Michelle:  Oh, you're only on #2?

Michelle proudly stood up tall to be cleared by Paul. I know she is LOVING all of this action as a SuperFan.  I've even heard her saying she hopes everyone trashes her in the DR.

(ha ha ha)

See what I mean about being sensitive about searching people?  They joked about the suspect being uncooperative.

Paul is searching James in the picture below.  Everyone is laughing and having fun with this.  I think it's going to be like last year's Whackstreet Boys...Paul will need to perform on call all week.

Paul went upstairs to find Victor, and visited the HoH room twice, without success.

He even felt the bedspread to see if Victor was wrapped inside, and checked to see if he was in the bathroom.

Finally Paul found Victor coming out of the DR.

Victor, assuming the position: I don't have anything, but you can check.

They're all pretty sure Paul will be doing this during important ceremonies and gatherings, maybe even on the live show.

Then Paul has to go around to the various Zingbot Presidential seals and say that he checked the area, and that it is "clear".

I think this is a great punishment and will be fun for us to watch this week.  But Paulie is saying that he will not bake his apple pies, and will take the penalties instead.

No surprise there, because Paulie is a poor sport and a douchebag.  If fucking Corey can walk around in that Patriot Tard, then Paulie can strap on an apron and bake a few pies.


  1. This was so-oooooo funny. I know it was in the middle of the night but I died watching him search people and announcing "all clear" lol! Luv Paul... That's pretty tight you got to ride with secret service and observe them, that must have felt A-mazing!

    I took what Paulie was doing last night differently. You are dead on, he is a poor sport. Reminds me of high school when people didn't want to lose gracefully, they can dish it but can't take it! I thought he was trying any and everything to get kicked out like Scott (season 4).. Mentioning claustraphobia (how convenient)..and now a psych history (REALLY), plus his comment "I'm about to lose it".. I was waiting for him to start flipping furniture like Scott.. He had his hands on most of those evictions and on some of them he laughed.. Now he doesn't want to suffer the same..He's a punk, it's a freakin game!

  2. I think Paulie was counting on the same experience his brother/derrick had in his season.

    But the made the number one mistake in the big brother game, trying to replicate another house guests success or longevity by playing a prior season's game. Things don't work like that. People are unpredictable and unreliable in situations. What works in one season doesn't in another. You have to vary your approach after awhile to mitigate the unknown.

    Also, rumor has it that Natalie rolls in the same social circle as Paulie's last fiance. I can assume that Paulie is attempting to control his image by tarnishing Natalie's reputation as a "liar" so he can refute any statements later made about his infidelities or issues with women in general.

    Or maybe I'm giving Paulie too much credit, he's the type of douchebag with cognitive dissonance, where he aggressively targets women in "retaliation" and never for his own reason. To admit otherwise would give him some discomfort since he considers himself such a "stand-up" guy who defends women - a fucking pussy.

    He's the type of husband or boyfriend who would say their spouse was cheating without any proof, because they were paranoid about doing it themselves. Paulie sees women as seductive manipulators who cheat, because Paulie is one himself, but cannot accept his basic nature. He has to be one of the "good" guys.

    1. This seems so true now that I think about it, no creativity. It seems weird that he would copy/paste their season, that explains the huge disappointment he feels. He doesn't get it. He wants to self evict because he can't truly problem solve (expected the easy lay up) Could be narcissistic idk

    2. What a disappointment he must be to his family. And an embarrassment to NJ. I hope all the women in NJ realize the horrible label that he put on them AND he has A LOT apologies to give....and promoting fights is just low....what a poor excuse for a BB player....just self evict and one cares..

  3. Paulie is spoiled selfcentered little punk. Mommy and Daddy gave the little bastard everything he wanted in life. What sucks is Big Brother finds people like this and somehow thinks it's entertaining to watch them treat others like they are better than them and pay them on top of that. If I was in that house Mr Paulie would only make that mistake once with me and he would eat teeth but that would never happen because I'm a guy. He only bullies women. Maybe production will bring him and Cory some female goats to burn in jury and they can both have fun with it. Hey Big Brother there are interesting people out there that wasn't raised spoiled and pampered.

    1. I like your energetic response here.

      But I don't think Production knew what they were getting with most of us they probably assumed he would be cut from the same cloth Cody is...but pressure does strange things to people.

      And Paulie himself said he lied on his application about seeking psychiatric help. Maybe he also lied about various mood medications that he needs...and might not have been taking...

      Who knows.

  4. All above comments are true. I am tired of the model/actor/princess bsd they cast more and more of until this year where only 1 normal person! Let's get back to when bb was good and real. No one wants these staged characters!

  5. Did he just ask Victor to save him because his Aunt is dying of cancer?

  6. Paulie has no soul!! He's still lying and trying to cover his lies with more lies!! So sad he's so stupid and he thinks he's smart ! Can dish it out but can't take it!! None of the girls cried as much as him after being put on block!! Big Baby!! Feel sorry for his family watching him self destruct

  7. Next time that fool threatens to self-evict, I wish Natalie would get right in his psychotic face and yell "Bye Felicia!"

  8. I agree. Paulie is a chauvinist, entitled, womanizing, abusive, wanna be pretty boy. He is a hypocrate. He laughed at Tiff and Meech for crying, and says Tiff was playing Vanessa's game, (he's playing Cody/Derreck's game). He says he wants them to stop kicking him when he's down, (that's precisely what he did to people that have been on the block). He said he wanted to put certain females on the block to see how they'll react, (let's evaluate Paulie's reaction to being on the block!) He has the gaul to be upset about Brigette saying she's a feminist, yet, it's quite obvious he has no idea of the definition! Saying it's the same as being a racist! His display of agression/intimidation toward the females in the house as well as, his being irrational, makes me fear for the women, physically. Paulie is a ticking time bomb right now. Time to go, Paulie! Buh-bye! :-)
    (Lovin' Paulie being blindsided!) :-)

  9. It seems Paulie has been trying to replicate Derrick's & Cody's gameplay.

    Derrick was able to read people, work possible scenarios in his head, & be the low key, kindly, confident gentleman and family man with a warm smile. Loyal. His non-threatening demeanor assured that nominating him for eviction would be a waste of an HOH.

    Cody on the other hand was sweet, loveable, flirty, touchy, a guy's guy, kind & gentle, fit & athletic, the gift of gab, and loyal.

    They we're a perfect team. Together they executed Derrick's scenarios.

    Paulie's problem is he thought he could do both. For a while I thought he was trying to use Paul like Derrick used Cody. But that could never work out. Paulie doesn't have Derrick's intelligence nor does he have Cody's classic style. He also fails in loyalty, kindness, and patience.

    If he has any mental health issues, well, apparently they are not much of a problem. CBS, and I'm sure his very protective family would have yanked him out for his own well being. He seems to me to be an overgrown, overly protected, spoiled brat. Someone who is confined in the BB house that stops him from running away to a place or person of comfort. In the BB house he is forced to face the music, reap what he sowed, yada, yada, yada.

    My BB friend, I'm glad you took time for yourself.

    I have breast cancer that's spread to my bones, so one day my son brought home a nice plate of Brownies.

    He gave me a little piece (about 3x4 inches) and told me to eat no more than half of it. I ate barely a quarter of it, and boy...... I was in spinning to no where's land. I could hear the TV, and it came a point where I was being arrested by Lennie Briscoe ---.

    My son came in the room to find me crying. "Mom, Mom, what's wrong?". I answered "Jack McCoy's yelling at me. WAHHHHH"

    He loves to tell the story about the night he poisoned his mother!!! Though he doesn't say poisoned, I do! Ha!

    1. I hope you are well, Giggles.

      With an edible brownie, a 3 x 4 square is HUGE! The brownie I split with my friend was half the size of that!

      Another reason why medical cannabis needs to be licensed -- to ensure accurate and consistent dosage.

      What a time to be alive! This will happen in our lifetime!

      ENTS UNITE! Ha ha ha.

  10. Paulie is an insecure child. If he was so worried about his image, why'd he allow Paul to cut his hair like that? He wants to craft what people say in their goodbye messages! He cannot stand to feel out of control and when he's not in control, he makes everyone around him miserable. He needs to be slapped.

    Paulie continues to harp on his all boys alliance but will not tolerate it if any of the women on the show want to play the game and have an alliance as well. Paulie says NO! Women (girls, especially Jersey girls) are beneath him.

    His waterworks are the worst. The only sympathy he has is sympathy for himself. He mimics what he thinks are human emotions but he only "feels" for himself. Classic sociopath.

  11. Paulie is a total waste of sperm !!

  12. I think it's time to stir up Paul/Vic/James. They seem to think they are the new supreme players. Natalie has turned into a huge pita, too. Let's send Corey next care package. Be fun to see what happens if he shares HOH with any of the others.

    1. Ha ha ha....nope. But nice try, Corey's Mom. :)

  13. This drama saved the season for me.

    I agree with above comments, Paulie is no Derrick. Derrick was wise and stood above the fray and moved pieces like a chess board. He could do this because he not only understands the game and human behavior, but he also understands how to use his words, actions, and demeanor to further his goals. This is what Paulie was lacking. No ability for introspection.

    People like Derrick and Dan stayed awake at night thinking through all scenarios and how they could approach them. They then had the ability to follow through with their plans.

    Paulie was a great villain, and I, for one, hope to see as much drama as possibles this week.

    1. I couldn't agree more. It's the difference of having compassion, empathy, and good listening skills or just being self righteous and egotistical. And I agree, bring on the will be interesting to see how the tone changes in the house after he leaves

  14. I think the above comment was very astute. Paulie does seem like the type to run away and hide when shit hits the fan in his own life. No where to run now.

    The ego is strong with this one.

  15. One thing. Everyone better hope and pray that Paulie doesn't have a round trip ticket!

    1. Are you kidding? That would be epic! Haha what a disaster. Feeds would be golden

    2. If I were in that house and not up for eviction this week, I'd open my ticket envelope in front of everyone else and encourage everyone but Corey and Paulie to do likewise. That way they can be positive of no AG shenanigans.

      I also predict that Paulie will be like Ramsey in Big Brother Canada 4, who got a mysterious telephone call in the middle of night informing him of his father's poor health and left before saying goodbye to anyone, but was still allowed to participate in the finale even though he walked. PS Ramsey's dad had a miracle recovery right afterwards.

    3. Yea he's trippy, but if he has the roundtrip ticket, I may have to miss work..xuch an

  16. Agree, Agree, Agree, with what everyone has been saying about little man Paulie. I hope he takes some time off before coming home to Jersey. Because let me tell you there are a lot of people upset with the way he is making men of the Garden State look. Between this moron and the fist pumping idiots of that other show, will the men of New Jersey ever catch a break.

  17. I agree with the comment wanting "regular" people. I would love to be on this show but I don't fit the stereotype.


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