Sunday, August 7, 2016

PoV Aftermath - A Big Mess for the Damsels in Distress. #BB18

Well, the PoV results were pretty predictable, since the winner was "bred for this".  As expected by the fans, the PoV competition was the "Go Find a Veto", because the backyard was open on Friday night, indicating that the competition set up  on Saturday would be minimal.

Basically, the competition entails each player entering the house alone, while everyone else waits in the backyard. (I think the non-players waited in the HoH suite, where Corey slept for hours.)  The players would hide a "veto" under the competition rules, which included staying on the first floor of the house, and not putting it behind bedroom furniture.  The hiding place also had to be accessible within 15 seconds, or something like that.  After all "vetos" were hidden, the house guests each got a specific period of time to run through the house alone to "find the vetos".

The house got TORE UP during this process, as it usually does.  And as usual, some people had feelings about it.  And it took HOURS, as they had to go through many, many rounds of play.  No one ever found where Paulie hid his "veto".

All of the house guests are all busy picking up the clutter, and letting people know they found their stuff.  Except Paulie...maybe he did that, but I didn't see it.  I just saw him PAINSTAKINGLY folding his belongings, including spending nearly 30 seconds smoothing and folding one damn red bandanna.  I've heard Paulie say that he has OCD a number of times, but I think Paulie was stalling here, making his cleanup efforts an individual project, rather than a group project.

Can you see Paul wearing a pool floatie around his waist, and a Lifeguard shirt?  The theme must have been a beach or pool theme, since he was the host.

Paul:  It's all in good fun.  If I had been playing, I would have fucked more shit up....maybe poured milk all over the floor.  But thank god my leather jacket is hanging up in the storage room....if someone had fucked that up I'd be livid.

The girls got to wear really cute vintage-looking swimwear.  That is Michelle in the picture below---her suit has a white top and pink-and-white high-waisted bottoms.

I heard Natalie tell Michelle later that her new swimsuit was "everything", and she was lucky to get the white top.

This is what the kitchen and dining area looks like.  Apparently James was the main culprit here, creating a lot of unnecessary destruction and claiming that America loves him for doing that, and that is why he was cast on back-to-back seasons.  It sounds like he opened up a bag of flour and threw that everywhere, along with the other foods.

I hope America doesn't love all of James' antics as much as he thinks they do.  I know I don't, but I didn't last year, either.  But at least he tried to play the game last year.  He's playing some other game this year, apparently.

You can see a bed flipped over on the far side...they were allowed to hide things under the beds, but they couldn't slide anything along the back wall, behind the furniture.  Apparently Paulie hid his "veto" in the dining table somehow, and he even got called back into the house to prove to Production that it could be found within the "15 second rule".

Paul:  I scratched myself up trying to do that, but I did it.

Victor:  It's worth it, man.

Victor is glad that he took his duffel bag of clothes up to the HoH room yesterday, to spare much of his belongings.  At this time, Victor's laundry had actually been delivered to the storage room and was neatly folded in a brown paper parcel for him.  I'm not sure the other HoH's have taken advantage of this service yet this season, based on how Victor was talking about it.

Bridgette found some of Natalie's clothes in the Tokyo bedroom, even though she stays in the London bedroom.

Natalie was very upset that her Ziploc bag of undergarments had been opened and strewn about the room.  She feels violated and betrayed by this, but it seems like James may have been the one to do it.  I heard Victor tell Corey that he saw that only James' bag was untouched in the bedroom, perfectly pristine, so he dumped it out to make himself feel better.  I also heard Zakiyah say separately that she saw James' clothing hanging up nicely, so she threw it all down on the floor.

(That is all evidence making the case that James was the one to cause the most destruction....)

Victor said he tried to be careful and not step all over everyone's stuff during the game, but sometimes he had to, and Corey agrees.

Victor:  We know who did all of this....

Zakiyah got an antique-looking floral swimsuit that is also very flattering on her.

Here is Natalie holding up the Ziploc bag, pointing out that the bottom of the bag was ripped out.

Michelle:  Your boyfriend was probably the one behind all of this.

Natalie:  It's...whatever.  I just have no underwear now.

Zakiyah:  What do you mean you don't have any underwear now?

Natlie:  It's all dirty.

The London bedroom is a WRECK.

Nicole:  For Girl Code, can we just pick up any girls' underwear that we see laying around to help each other?

Zakiyah mentions she is having to "sniff things" to see if they are dirty.  Victor hid his veto in Bridgette's duffel bag, under the bottom panel.  Nicole hid her veto in the back of the Have Not room popcorn machine.  Nicole found two different vetos during the comp, but Paulie didn't find any...but that didn't stop him from winning since no one found his veto.

(I'll bet Paulie spent some, if not all of his time every round making sure his veto hiding place was covered up with stuff.)

They need to vacuum the Nairobi room now, since James threw Cheerios all over everything.

(That part is totally unnecessary.)

Michelle takes the time to smell the roses.

Michelle:  I've lost weight!  I don't know how I did it, but I've lost weight!

Zakiyah:  Your boobs just look bigger.

Michelle:  Do you think I have big boobs?

Zakiyah:  They're bigger than mine.  I'm bird chested.

(Because all measurements begin with Zakiyah, apparently.)

Zakiyah:  Didn't you say you wanted to get an augmentation?

Michelle:  Yeah.  I do.

(Girl Power!  NOT.)

Zakiyah made up a few of the beds, before Paulie pointed out that she already made her own bed, and should let everyone else take care of their's.

(Teamwork!  NOT.)

They were alone for a moment and Zakiyah ran over to hug Paulie and smooch his neck.  They did not speak, that I could hear.

(Paulie is going to use the PoV to save his showmance!  NOT.)

I later heard Paulie tell Paul that Zakiyah is "going to murder him when he doesn't use it to save her, but he doesn't care".  I actually don't agree with that, unless grinding all over Paulie is a form of attempted manslaughter.  I know Zakiyah is going to be SHOCKED that Paulie doesn't use the PoV.  I heard her later say "thank god for Houseguest's Choice" because she was the one who picked Paulie to play PoV for her.

This week's vote might actually reveal a few things, but we shouldn't get too excited about it.  Basically Paul and Victor want Zakiyah out, but Paulie doesn't want this to happen, so he's going to try and get James to cancel any votes that might have supported Michelle.

So once again, James has a chance to flip the game, but this season so far he's only made game moves that are pre-approved by Paulie Califirore.

These next pictures are of Paulie holding a quick staff meeting with James and Corey to announce that he will not be using the PoV, even though Zakiyah will be LIVID about that.  He hopes the guys help him deal with her.

He also said that Paul and Victor want to keep Michelle, but all three of them know that keeping Zakiyah is better for their games, since she is the closest with all of them.

(Or, with just him.  I heard him tell Paul later that the only thing Zakiyah had going for her in the game is her association with a strong player....him.)

Then Paul came in and Paulie changed the tone of the conversation away from that.  I'm sure he'll set Paul straight later, like he always does. Paulie is like a cult leader, or a politician.  Not much difference between the two, sometimes.


These pictures of Nicole are from Friday morning, or early afternoon.  Nicole was the only one awake for quite some time, so she had a chat with the live feeders.  She said hi first to her family and friends.  She knows her mom watches the live feeds.

Nicole:  At first I thought I'd be one of the first gone, because Jozea kept talking bullcrap about me.  But now....I secretly think I can win this.

Nicole:  Anybody who wants to do this, don't frickin give up.  Just apply and do it.

I think Nicole is due for a comp win soon. She actually played competitive sports in school, and is fairly athletic.  I think Nicole can win a comp whenever she wants to try and win a comp.  But she hasn't needed to do that yet.  I have heard Paulie, who is in charge in there, say he wants Nicole to be the last girl standing.

Somewhat like Britney Haynes, right?

On Saturday morning, after the PoV player pick ceremony, Michelle talked to the live feeders.  She knew her life in the game was in jeopardy, but she said she didn't feel like crying about it anymore.

Michelle:  That was a really crappy PoV draw for me, but I have to win, because I think I'm the target this week.  I've been through the stages of grief already. I know my problem in this game was being too emotional, and saying what's on my mind too much.

(James, Paulie and Nicole were selected to play along with Michelle, Bridgette and Victor.)

Michelle: I think it's the Hide the PoV competition, but I have nowhere to hide it right now.  Under the carpet, maybe?  I'm really nervous about it.

(I heard Paulie say later that the carpet was glued down and they weren't able to hide it there.  Last year the winner put the veto under the area rug in the living room, and it was never found.)

Michelle:  I don't want to go back to sleep now, because they could come on the intercom any second and say it's time to play.  I learned that lesson with the Road Kill comps---I was groggy for all of them since I just woke up.

(Note that Michelle later said she was tired, so she went back to bed anyway.)

Michelle:  This could be the last competition I ever play on Big Brother....dreams crushed.  If so I only made it 8 weeks...what a chump.


Michelle:  This season must be really horrible to watch, since all of the showmances are still in the game.  The only one who left is Frank, and he was paired with Bridgette.  If I stay and win HoH, I'm gonna break shit up.

Paul told Michelle later that he buys most of his clothing at Urban Outfitters and Top Man.  Michelle said the red dress she wore for the Halfway Party came from the sale rack at Urban, and she complained again about Production not letting her bring her black and gray wardrobe into the house.

Michelle:  Instead I had to buy neon tanks...shoot me.  You got lucky with all of your black clothing.

Paul:  Well, you don't have a big black beard and huge tattoos.  Imagine me having to wear neon colors.


Paul:  One of you fucks is going to win a half million dollars.  I can't believe that.

(Me neither.)


I didn't think we'd get to watch it play out live, so unfortunately while I was able to watch it, I wasn't in a situation where I could take pictures for you.  I went back and took a few in case you want to see them.

James and Bridgette actually dropped off before the feeds came back, I think, because I don't remember seeing them fall.  James threw the competition, that was apparently very obvious, but I'm not sure about Bridgette.  She does have a bum ankle and knee though, so there's that.

Those are Victor's star-spangled socks.

Corey started spinning fast, and was verbalizing about not being able to hold on too much longer.  Nicole called out to him to hold on, or else he'd be a Have Not again, but that may have worked against her, as everyone else likely gripped even tighter in an effort to avoid that horrible fate.

Michelle was a bad ass for most of her time spinning around.  She later said that if she hadn't become nauseous, she would have had a great chance at winning.  The fact that Ian Terry won this comp in BB14 really made her want to win, too.

There was some chatter about the "#Grossmance" hashtag, with all of the couples thinking that it might apply to them.

Corey fell, and was promptly "beaten" by the internet trolls.

Michelle:  I wonder if they had to go to acting class for that.

(Ha ha ha.)

Michelle vomited while she spun, and Paul yelled for her to "get it all out".  The guys cheered for her as she hung on, even after being so ill.

I have to show it.

Sorry Michelle.

After she vomited, Michelle started spinning really fast and had to step off, ending her hopes of winning HoH.  Nurse Bridgette immediately went into action, asking Michelle what she could get her, sprinting off to get water.

James got the bucket for her.

Michelle: What is this bucket supposed to be for?

James: For this....for us to throw up in.

A few minutes later James peered in the bucket and said he saw Michelle's pizza that she ate, which was rather unnecessary, in my opinion.

I think I have that same shiny silver bucket, from Target.  I do not use mine for vomiting, however. I use it for ice and beer or wine bottles when entertaining.

Natalie hopes that the "#ConsiderSalad" hashtag does not apply to her.  Michelle was pretty sure that the "#Crybaby" hashtag was meant for her.

Michelle, sobbing:  I just feel so bad for whoever has to clean it up.  I'm a Vomit Crybaby.

Paul:  No, don't feel bad.  They WANTED someone to vomit.  That's the game!

Paul was actually very sweet to Michelle, and held an ice pack on the back of her neck while she watched the competition play out.  Paul is much easier to like when he's not putting a show on for the cameras, using all of his catch phrases in such a loud manner.

Paulie made it look easy, proclaiming that Production hates them for staying up there so long.

James pointed out that this competition lasted for about 5 minutes during his season, but says not only was it spinning faster, but the cast this year is full of comp beasts.

(And it was super shocking last year because this was the comp where the Jury competed alongside the players first for the chance to come back in the game, and then to win HoH.  But the jurors didn't even seem to want to win...)

After Michelle had recovered, the Internet trolls came for her.  The guys tried to tell them to leave Big Meech alone, but Michelle welcomed the attack, and even stood up straight to give them a better shot at her with their #USuck foam bats.

Michelle: You're right...I suck!  This is Big Brother. You're making me feel better!

When Nicole eventually fell and got her beating, she wasn't as excited as Michelle was to receive the Internet Troll Beating.

Nicole:  Staaaahhhhhp.  What are you doing?

James and Paul actually built a rapport with the Trolls, making one-sided conversation with them as they came out to perform their assault duties.


  1. Did Corey really call James and/or Nicole a f**got ( on 8/7 at 2:00am) after a prank? It's funny how Nicole uses wholesome words like frickin and bullcrap, but hate speech doesn't seem to bother her at all.

    When Victor won HoH, he said to Paulie "oh, how the turn tables!" and I thought he was going to make a big move. That didn't happen, but at least I won't miss whoever gets evicted next.

  2. The deeper we get into this game, the more Paulie is beginning to resemble Austin Powers' Fat Bastard. Maybe that's what he'll look like in 10 years (praying).

  3. Yeah, Paul surprised me on the show when Nathalie fell off and felt bad that she didn't win and seemed in pain, the trolls came to beat her and Paul wrapped his arms around her to protect her because she was on the ground and he was on top, letting the trolls hit him instead. Why wasn't James protecting his showmance woman? And when did Paul because such a gentle being? I want to see more of this Paul. This gentler Paul is more frienship than pissed Paul. Ooooh!

    Anway, bummer about Vic not having a backdoor plan. The Executives, more like the drone-like followers, PP is Master, and Apprentice who thinks he's master. Taran on RHAP was saying that a Nathalie i F3 and potential win could be this season's saving grace. Bridgette if she could get a bit of passion. Maybe Paul will get pissed at Paulie about manipulating things to get his way and PP will break up, but I doubt it. My fingers are swollen and it might be due to too much gaming in the past hours. Because even if I'm just running around leveling an alt in swtor, I'm doing more game than most of the players inside the BB house. We need an All Stars season.

  4. Victor did that, rather than Paul.

  5. Yes! We need another All-Star season of BB. I know a lot of people get upset when no new players are in the game [the same goes for Survivor], but when the new players are so BORING it is a good argument for bringing back players we at least know are interesting to watch.

    1. Everyone is either a. too old and has kids to look after, or b. don't want to spend the 100 days in the house(their season was shorter).

      All stars isn't going to happen - it's too expensive and the most prominent players aren't interested since the game no longer resembles the show they started on.

      not going to happen. Also, when you have the likes of Nichole and Frank as your best option "returnees" you're better off not bothering.

  6. This cast is so boring! If there is not another All-Star season then at least cast players that are a little older/wiser/mature. The way the BOYS treat the GIRLS is dis-respectful ( I emphasize that because they all act like they are still in middle school ) and the girls can't seem to think for themselves. There is too much bullying/paranoia/stupidity going on and everyone is too afraid to make a big move because of it.

  7. Is Paulie and his frat boys still 12 years old? Girls bad we have to get them out and have an all boys final 5. He even says boys and girls not men and women like their ages should indicate. Oh and lord forbid 2 or more women are caught talking without a man present, they are scheming and plotting and have to go. It's ok though for the guys to huddle up its all innocent and stuff. My last rant is James . He is 32 years old and following a 20 something like a lost puppy. If he thinks he will ever do better than Natalie I now understand why he is 32 and single. Poor Nat will be heartbroken when she learns just how much he ran to PP and told them everything she told him in confidence. Plus the panties incident he lied through his teeth to her about. I'm sure her friend Lorne will have a few choice words for him. Highly disappointed in James he was my fav going in.


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