Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Please Pass the Vomit Bag. #BB18

Late yesterday afternoon, Victor called everyone to the living for a special announcement.  They had been locked down in the house for most of the day, with the distinctive sound of building echoing from the backyard.  When the feeds came back a few minutes later, there was a flurry of energy and excitement.

And Michelle was curling her hair, getting all gussied up for something.

I think Natalie was the one who mentioned Ziggy Marley's name first, repeating several times that she just worked with him last year on one of her non-profit events in New York.  But Production told them several times not to talk about Ziggy Marley.

Natalie asked Paul if he knew who Ziggy Marley was, and he joked that he didn't know.  So Natalie said she can't believe that Paul doesn't know who Ziggy Marley was, and Production had to tell her not to talk about Ziggy Marley.

So, apparently Ziggy Marley was in the backyard last night. From the snippets of information I heard, there was to be some sort of carnival or fair in the backyard, with the opportunity to win prizes.  They did not think that the event was game related, so they looked forward to relaxing, and maybe getting a break from Paulie's frantic actions for a few hours.

And then trouble struck Natalie.  She somehow hurt her neck while she was just in the shower.  The Have Nots used to run the hot side of the shower while they were bathing on the cold side, but Production doesn't allow that anymore.  To help Nicole out, Natalie took a long hot shower so Nicole's cold shower would not be totally unbearable.  And that's how she hurt her neck.  I know she was in pain, but she was whining and crying about wanting to see her mom.  I'm sure it was A LOT for James to handle.

Natalie ended up taking FOUR Advils, and then another FOUR Advils a short time later, on top of whatever else was ingested in the backyard during the special event.  Of course she got very ill overnight and vomited while she was in bed.  With James helping her, of course.  So Natalie probably ruined the pain reliever situation for all current and future Big Brother house guests.  Any idiot knows you only take one Advil, or maybe two if you are a giant like Corey.

The night before, I watched Natalie throw a tantrum in bed with the covers over her head, pitching a fit at James because she is "so fat, can't lose weight and is trapped in this ugly body".  I hope James remembers this in October when he is brokenhearted over Natalie.

Sometimes the juice just isn't worth the squeeze, James.

From what I can tell, Paulie won some prizes last night---possibly a TV set, a tablet, and also a new phone.  Perhaps he can sell these items to pay for the pressing medical or funeral bills he has been talking about all week.

Supposedly Paul won a Ziggy Marley "guitar pick", and perhaps some sort of advantage to be used in the next HoH comp.  Some people think that what Paul might really have won is a trip to see Ziggy Marley's concert in LA tonight (Tuesday).  That would explain why Production wants it hushed up...I can't even imagine how they would be able to disguise Paul due to his beard.

To me this is such a non-event that I'm having a hard time caring about it. I did hear Corey say today that "the numbers from last night" might give them all some sort of advantage in the next HoH comp. There is a huge container of candy in the kitchen now....big lollipops and sour gummy worms, and even chewing gum.  It looked like carnival candy, I guess.

The picture below is Nicole and Michelle sleeping in the Have Not room. Speaking of bumper cars, the first few scenes of BBAD last night included Paul, Natalie and James openly discussing Paulie's claims of having sex with Zakiyah both in the Have Not room, and also the Tokyo Room.  I kept thinking that the cameras were going to shift any second, but they didn't.  It's obvious that Production is totally over Paulie, but you'd think they would at least try to shield what's left of Zakiyah's reputation.  But they must be over her, too.

Paulie gave a lot more information about these fabulously-romantic trysts, a clip of which was shared today by this BB tweeter.  If you can stomach it, it's worth a trip to BBToom's Twitter account.

The hottest ticket on finale night might be a seat in the Green Room, where the families of the non-finalists sit and watch the final show.  I think that room will be chock-full of tension this year, right?   Maybe even cursing, pushing and shoving, too.  That action might even be more interesting than the Finale itself.

There is also drama today about Evel Dick engaging Papa Califiore in a vicious Twitter  battle, accusing Cody of secretly recording himself getting a BJ.  I actually saw the video Dick is talking about  before BB16 started, after a reader sent me a link  to it.  The guy's tattoo resembled the cross on Cody's arm, and there were some other similarities, but it was NOT CODY.  I'm really just mentioning this here because I know someone will mention it in the comments and I don't want everybody to get it twisted.

That's all I want to say about that, except that the woman in the video was a much older Hispanic woman, who may or may not have had a rough ride in life.  I recall her looking a little like Zoila, Jeff's maid on Flipping Out, but it's been a few years, so maybe I'm remembering it all wrong.

I'll bet Zoila would be all over that, because Cody is a hot ticket. Gonna be a movie star too, apparently.

This morning Michelle went outside to "lay out", but clearly she wanted to catch a few Zzz's out there after being trapped in that bumper car.

I think this was her first time being outside when Production asked them to put the awnings up.  Victor came outside to help her, but Michelle grumbled about it.

Michelle:  Why can't they do this?

Victor:  Because they aren't in the backyard.

Michelle: What if no one is out here?

Victor:  Then they wait until somebody wakes up and comes out here. Someone has to do this every day, Michelle.

I never watch the Quad Cam, but here is what it would look like if I did.

Corey got a swimsuit to wear during his Patriot Tard week.  James said he looks like Micheal Phelps.  I may be wrong, but that comparison is complimentary to Micheal Phelps, at least from the neck up.

(Remember when TMZ caught Mike Boogie partying poolside with Michael Phelps?)

How great would it be if Michael Phelps came in the backyard to swim a few laps?

That would be much more exciting than Ziggy Marley.  I'll bet they didn't even let the house guests spark up a spliff with Ziggy.  I just heard them talking about "Z", saying that they can't say the name anymore without getting in big trouble.

I tried to get a money shot for ya'll, but Corey had that towel ready to deflect.  Corey may be dumb, but he's not stupid.

Victor did what looked like back exercises on the side of the pool.

Michelle is looking really good out there.  She lost a few pounds and is very happy about it.

They were locked down outside for about 45 minutes, and knew something big was going on because of the way the cameras were focused on them, waiting for the gate to go up.

And of course they have the small dining table now.  At one point, the live feeds flashed to three guys in the house trying to set up the new table, which was part of the big table.  I tried 4 times to take a picture of that for you, but the view literally lasted only a second and I couldn't capture it in time.

It happened at 1:27 PM today on Camera 1, if you want to see it. Victor is talking about something, and BOOM, we saw a flash of the action inside.

They think nominations will be extra uncomfortable now, sitting so close to each other.  I didn't mention it last Friday, but Paule was so sure that Victor was putting Michelle on the block that he prepared a little speech of his own, and planned to interrupt Victor's ceremony to make his nasty comments to Big Meech. No one would have LOVED that more than Michelle....but oh, the irony.  Pride really does come before a fall.  Sometimes a HUGE fall.

I watched Paulie make an apple pie today while I prepared a corporate tax return (deadline for extended returns is Sept 15th, so I'm getting really busy...).  He didn't make the fake lattice top, but instead put a regular pie crust on top and vented it with a fork in the customary pie-making manner.

Paulie is very OCD about the cooked pies though.  I've watched him throw away two pies just because they hadn't been eaten before he had to bake the next ones.  I suppose if no one eats apple pie that is okay, but Nicole says apple pie is her favorite.  Maybe he'll save one for her to eat when the Have Not week is over.

Natalie is still having neck pain.  And stomach pain after OD'ing on Advil.  It's almost like there is no nurse in the house though....no one really seems to rely on Nicole for medical advice, and I can't say I blame them.

On Sunday night Paul found a bag of "cocaine" (planted by him) in Natalie's bed while he was "searching and clearing" her and it was hilarious.  Sometimes everyone runs from Paul when he is trying to pat them down, and they make him chase them all over the house.  It is very fun to watch. Paul is having a great time with the "punishment", and so are we.

Victor is cooking his lunch now, and James just made himself a big omelet.

I know this update is boring, but hey, the feeds are kind of boring at this point in the week.  My dog threw up on the white carpet four times while I was typing this up, so I had to run and clean it up and comfort her, etc.  So I feel like everything is a Big Mess but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. You make even boring days better!
    Doggie feel better!

  2. Not really about Big Brother, but I hope your dog is okay. I am dealing with a sickly kitty right now, it has me worried.

    Thank you, as always.

    P.S. I have to agree about Ziggy Marley.

  3. Great updates as usual! We love it

  4. For most adults up to 600mg of ibuprofen would be fine, every 8 hours. Natalie definitely over did it but it's safe to take more than one in most cases. But hopefully as many people are visiting your website for medical advice as are asking Nicole...

    I agree with everyone who has expressed the sentiment about not really having a favorite anymore. I would love a girl to win but our options aren't great anymore. I wish Bridgette had stayed. I didn't dislike her as much, she was a BB fan, and was actually trying to play the game. Meech and the loud sobbing I just can't handle, Natalie wines like a 15 year old whose mom took her cell phone away, and Nicole is too focused on Corey to be deserving. Ugh. I guess Victor by default...

  5. I watched the exchange between E.D. and Papa C. It was messy. E.D. is notoriously ruthless when riled up. Anyone familiar with BB should know not to poke that bear. Although, I understand Paulie's dad wanting to defend his son...especially when it wasn't even Cody in the picture. The tattoo was wrong.
    The woman in the picture was younger, about 18-23 IMO, with blondish hair in a ponytail. I wonder what video you saw with the Zoila lookalike? Maybe Cody's doppelganger has made a few videos.

    Did you catch Victor taking his hoh pics alone? It was pretty funny from what I gathered.
    I have read on Jokers about the hgs tossing used floss and kleenex in the floor. Who raised these Philistines? Just gross.

    I heard Paulie bragging about banging Z. I hope they used protection. Can you imagine if they had a kid? It'd be beautiful, but geez...it would know it was conceived in a bumper car in front of millions of lookie-loos.

    1. I believe Paulie told one of the girls he didn't use protection; maybe Z did.

  6. 200mg advil can be taken 4 at a time making it 800MG total but that is once every 8 hours. You can't do a double dosage like that without becoming ill. Also she may have been fine taking 600mg and then 2 hours later taking 2 Tylenol you can rotate Tylenol and advil (ibprofen) in a 2 hour rotation. Aleve is one pill every 12 hours with a max dose of 2in a 12 hour period.

  7. I'm a Ziggy Marley fan! I saw him live back in 93, best concert I've ever attended!

  8. When I hurt myself and have pain like that, I usually take Rescue and Arnica. I get sick from chemical stuff, so I go naturopathic and homeopathic. Arnica Montana i the name, it takes a while for the pain to reduce significantly, but man does it heal FAST.

    Anyway, I do the apple pie recipe my mom always did which calls or 10 apples fro 2 pies, and she makes a crumble out of cinamon and brown sugar with melted vegan butter or margarine for the top of the pie. She sprinkles lemon rind and cinamon and sultana raisins on her apples before putting the crumble on. It's so good. I sometimes make little tartelettes as well, so that when the two pies are eaten, there is still little tartelettes for me to eat. We are two here, but sometimes four when the kids are with us, and I usually bake when they're here so it gets eaten quite fast.

  9. 1600mg dose of ibuprofen for years without an issue

  10. Lots of pill poppers around here!

    In response to your nice comments about my dog, I think she is okay, but she is almost 11 and is on a prescription diet for chronic pancreatitis. She is the pill popper in this family, trust me. Always something with that furry little drama queen. (So spoiled...)

    There are two separate Doggy Drug areas in my kitchen, one with "current" pills that she takes, and another with her "occasional" selection of pills.

  11. Natalie got hit by the parachute box in the neck and now has neck pain. For that kind of trauma Aspirin is best.

    I'd still like to know if anyone has asked the Dad if cancer Aunt actually exists. I really think it's a lie like practically everything else he's been spewing.

    Paulie acts like weaponized narcissism where everything is imaginary and aggressive.

  12. Ibuprofen is safe for large doses, but on an empty stomach it can lead to ulcer issues. So take it with food! Natalie probably just irritated the lining of her stomach. She will be fine.

    The ibuprofen they hand out in the army are 750mg tablets. I usually take 600 mg for a headache, but lately I've been taking aleve which you do only take one of.

  13. Pauline sometimes said his grandma, then corrected to say aunt. Proving its a lie. Also dying aunt would be entitled to Medicaid, write offs if deceased, and Medicare, and someone should ? Why Paulie would be responsible for her debt and not his Dad. I believe. He is a lying asshole. His parents must be proud to raise a liar.....it's just a game.....liar or not.

    1. Paulie talked about his aunt in one of his HOH blogs so I do believe it's true. He is also refering to her as his Godmother, not grandmother. His aunt is his Godmother.

  14. Wonderful update! Guess yo wrote it before the nude baking of pies and Paulie stripping naked for his "search" by Paul. A money shot of Corey would be fantastic but he seems very modest. Keep up the good work!

  15. Paulie threw out the pies because he needed the pie pan to bake another. No one wants to eat a pie with a canned apple filling, ugh.

  16. I always take 4 ibuprofin/Advil at a time, that's just a prescription dosage. Ask any nurse, you nip it in the bud right away and you won't need to take more.

  17. Actually 4 Advil is the prescription dosage, so that's ok. But not 8.

  18. Ibuprofen (generic for Advil) dose should be based upon body weight. Doses should be between 4-10mg/kg every 6-8 hours. Single dosrs shouldn't exceed 400mg at a time. I weighy 120lbs., which is equivalent to 54.54kg; so my typical dose should be between 218-400mg every 6-8 hours. I'm not sure how much Natalie weighs, but it's probably not too far off from my weight.
    Source: I am a registered nurse and also pulled this information from my pharmacology app. :)


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