Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pies, and Cries, and Outright Lies. #BB18

I'm just going to pretend that today didn't happen.  I am excited to see the Zingbot tonight on the CBS episode, kicking off his Presidential campaign with a few good zings.

There wasn't much going on on the live feeds today. They have all started sleeping most of the day, and last night wasn't very exciting, either.

When the house guests hear Zingbot sing "Oh Say Can You Zing", then Paulie knows it's time to make the pies.  They're going pretty easy on him though.  He was in the kitchen messing around and got the call to make a's not like they're getting him out of bed to bake or anything.

They only have two of the glass pie pans, so Paulie keeps throwing away a pie as soon as he is ready to make a new one.  Just so everyone knows, it's okay to store a pie in a different's still going to taste good.  Maybe even better, depending on your circumstances.

Paulie's bad haircut is just a memory at this point.  Except for being documented in all of the pictures on the internet, and on the two TV shows and all.  His hair grew back quickly, is my point.

And here is a close up of the Zingbot-brand apple pie filling. The Zingbot is going to need to disclose those earnings, though, or at least make his business tax returns public for campaign purposes. And he needs to be sure that the product is produced in a clean and ethical manner.  A Presidential candidate just can't slap their name on any old product and expect no ramifications.

Is CBS going to sell this, too?  They do have the nutritional information on the side of the can, and the bar code, too.  They really went the extra mile here with the props, so I'm glad Paulie finally decided to cooperate.  There may have been a stern discussion of Paulie's contractual issues and obligations in the DR, of course, but Paulie is indeed cooperating now.

You probably know about the plan that was hatched to rattle Nicole and Corey.  Paul, Victor, Michelle, James and Natalie wanted Paulie to campaign a little, so that Nicole and Corey would start sweating this week.

At the Ziggy Marley County Fair (or whatever it is that we will watch on the Special Friday Episode) they played a game that determined who will be the Have Nots next week.  I think they may have had to choose pies with either "Have" or "Have Not" printed on the pan or something.

The house guests with the Have Not Pies were Paulie, James, Michelle, and Victor.  Note that it will be Victor's first time in the bumper cars....he almost made it through the season unscathed.

Anyway, last night there was a group discussion about how in the beginning of the season, they were all fighting for a place to sleep, and a bed to share, but now that there are only eight of them, they can all sleep where ever they want.  (Except Paulie, who is too insecure to sleep by himself...he's been sleeping in Nicole's spot next to Corey.)

James made a comment about next week, saying wait until next week, because "they're loading up the Have Not Room with four people", leaving only two people sleeping in the rest of the house (besides the HoH).  Nicole picked right up on that, and had a whisperfest with Corey about it, because it did seem that James was indicating that Paulie would stay in the game, sleeping in the Have Not room.

And James famously had a slip of the tongue in front of Da'Vonne the week she was evicted, so Nicole was right to be concerned.  She was stressing.

These are the three apples that Paulie chopped up.  Martha Stewart would probably prefer that Paulie peel those applies before chopping them, but that is probably asking too much.

Paulie made a pie yesterday while he was nude under his apron.  I don't have a picture of that, but I saw it, so it's out there somewhere.  I think we've already seen Paulie make an ass out of himself enough this summer.

Paulie does keep his pie-making basket neat and tidy.  He washes dishes as he uses them, and puts everything right back in that basket.  I've watched him fold his apron and he is painstaking in his quest for perfect folds.  He's not afraid to start over with his folding, he just wants to get it right.  The chef hat is hard to fold, but I've seen him put it in the basket, and then come back over and touch it a few times to make sure the placement is perfect.

In the Tokyo Room, Paulie has an area on top of one of the bureaus that he keeps carefully covered with a taupe-colored towel.  I've seen him reach under the towel to pull out his deodorant, and then he has to fiddle with the towel to make sure it's placed just so, covering up everything.

The Zingbot pie filling just needs a few shakes to come out in a big can-shaped blob of pie filling.  Using this replaces adding the usual apple pie spices, I guess, keeping things simple in there.

If you don't use canned pie filling, then you not only have to consider adding spices, but you might have an apple texture issue.  Raw apples might be too stiff after cooking if you don't precook the apple slices.  And texture is important with any fruit-filled pie.

Right about now, Paulie got called to the DR, but he kept right on assembling his pie.  I thought maybe he was going to get chewed out for not using the template to make the faux-lattice top for the pie.  I'm not gonna lie, I was excited to see him come back in the kitchen and re-do this pie.

He sets the little timer for 40 minutes.  I waiting around for him to get out of the DR, but he didn't get in any Pie Trouble, apparently.

Corey:  What was that for?

Paulie:  I got dinged for using Production as strategy.


(That usually means that he's blaming his actions on something he was told in the DR, but I don't know what exactly it means in this context.)

James can't seem to carry out a blindside or scheme without spilling the beans. While Paulie was in the DR  I watched James tell Corey that everyone wanted Nicole and Corey to get nervous, but Paulie will still be evicted on Thursday.

Such a bitch move on James' part, but I understand it.  If Nicole or Corey win HoH, he wants to be as low as possible on their Hit List.  I'm pretty sure that James is going to jump ship over to their side, anyway, as soon as he can.  I have to laugh when I hear the house guests say that James is a trustworthy straight shooter....he might be that in his everyday life, but not in Big Brother.  He made promises on The Wall and immediately broke them TWO SEASONS IN A ROW!

Corey scampered right into the Have Not room to share this news with Nicole.

Nicole:  But what about what he said about four people being Have Nots next week?

Corey indicated that he's not worried about that.  And luckily for him, he probably doesn't need to worry.

Michelle spent much of the afternoon in the Nairobi Room with Victor. Paulie came in while his pie was in the oven, accusing them of scheming because the door was closed.  You can see him waving his little Zingbot presidential flag---one of the rules of his punishment.

Michelle talked about watching the live feeds at home, and how it is so relaxing that she goes to sleep, "but in a good way".  Victor wondered if people watching the feeds feel like they know them.

Michelle: Oh yeah, they do.  But I want that.

Paulie said that people will walk right up to them and say they think they can be best friends, because they have the same sense of humor, and stuff like that.

Victor:  I want to meet people, too, but it will be strange to have people know me, but I will know nothing about them.

Victor wants to host viewing parties in New Orleans next year.

Paulie:  I can guarantee that Cody, Derrick, and probably Zach have been behind the walls here.....guaranteed.  Cody was out here for acting, and Derrick was going to be in LA for all of July filming his new show.  I'm sure they stopped by to shoot the breeze with people and probably went backstage to watch.

Michelle is kind of freaked out about that, but Paulie is probably correct.  About Derrick, anyway.  The other night Nicole and Corey were in bed and she thought she smelled someone smoking weed behind the walls.  Corey sniffed and said he could smell it, too.  I'm not pointing fingers at Derrick, though...although he could probably use a few tokes now and then.

Paulie told Michelle that he wants to start campaigning...he thinks it's a good idea.

Michelle:  Good.  Yeah, you should do that.

Michelle didn't waste much time sharing that information with Nicole and Corey, who weren't very worried.  I've heard Michelle practice her speech to put NiCorey on the block by saying it will be fun to watch them try to fight it out, because one of them is going home.

This is all that is going on in there today.....super boring stuff as the season starts to slow down.

I think Natalie was in bed all day.  Supposedly her neck injury started when her Care Package box landed on her head...that's what someone told me in the comments section.  Last night she was still going on and on about feeling bad, and I watched her eat an entire sleeve of Saltine crackers in bed while talking to James, who was in the next bed trying to be supportive.

Here's the thing...she would take each cracker and tap it over the side of the bed before taking a bite, and between bites, like she was ashing a cigarette.  Right there on the floor.  The floor that James had to sweep a few days ago because they don't have a vacuum cleaner.  WHO DOES THAT?

Natalie does that.

Natalie was asking James question after question, demanding answers.  (What time is it?  What time did I eat crackers last time?)  At one point she asked James what she should say when she nominates Nicole and Corey,  When he told her a suggested response, he had his hand outstretched, waiting for a  response.  But Natalie stared straight ahead, without any sort of response, crunching Saltine after Saltine, leaving James with his hand outstretched as BBAD went to commercial.  It was amazing, really. James seems rather unhappy, but Natalie is too self-absorbed to notice.

And Paulie came in and was trying to be nice, so he said he would ask Nicole and Corey to come in for "friendship time" so Natalie wouldn't have to move.  Natalie then started talking about throwing up a bunch of times, for emphasis.

Paulie:  Oh, you've been vomiting again?

Natalie:  No.  But I did last night (i.e. Monday night).  But then I got my period in the middle of the night.

(Ugh.  TMI Natalie.)

Paulie  made a few rather shady comments about Natalie's injury, but I don't think she understood what he was trying to say, or if she did, she didn't let on in front of him.  For example:

Paulie:  If your neck is hurt, why didn't they send a Medic in to look at it?  They sent a Medic when Michelle passed out..

(Before the feeds went live, I think, and the genesis for the famous "shaved eyebrows" comment.)

Natalie:  I don't know.  I told them it's happened before.

Paulie: Well I saw you turn your head when you were walking to the bathroom, so it's good that it's healing up.

Natalie:  Um hmm.

Paulie:  What did they tell you "in there" about it?

Natalie: Oh, to take Advil, and stuff like that.


I know some of you aren't on Twitter, so here are two things I saw today that really made me laugh.

Who can live like this?  In that filth?  I guess their mommies and daddies clean up after them, because most of them still live at home with their folks.  (Paul, Paulie, Nicole, Victor, Michelle).

How can you just throw your wadded up Kleenex on the pile and walk away?  Probably the same way you tap your flakey cracker on the bedroom carpet.  I don't think we can blame this mess on Zakiyah, like we did last time, but I'm assuming that they've emptied this trashcan since last Thursday when she left the house. But maybe not, though.

Paulie tried to rally Victor to clean the bathroom with him this week, but Victor said he keeps the kitchen clean instead.  I even saw him mop the kitchen floor, so that must count for something.  Plus he's the HoH..he should be exempt from cleaning up this nasty room.

And this is hilarious.  Because you know this thought has already occurred to Paulie.  Having Bridgette in there won't help much, either. CBS is being really coy about whether we'll see a Jury Buyback on Friday night, likely to keep us guessing about Paulie having the Round Trip ticket.


  1. Last year, when things slowed down, it was still interesting. Steve was doing funny inadvertant things, like poking Vanessa's butt under the hammock, Austim still forgot to wash his hands, Vanessa was calculating with candy constantly, the Twiiiins-uh were aways taaaaalking-uh. I remember thinking, well this is boring, I want finale here now, because of the anticipation of the wait if Steve would win the Final HoH, but like a week or two before the end of the season. Not at this stage. Let's just thrown this season under the rug, pretend it never happened.

  2. How bout vic's puppet show. That was hilarious. Lol

    1. Vic did a puppet show? I'm gonna have to google that now *-* lol

    2. I agree. Victors puppet show was very entertaining. He was hilarious.

      However, best puppet show performance ever on BB had to be Brian's performance of Renny on Season 10.

      Best lines from that performance:

      I know I'M goin home!

      I'd like to give a shoutout to all my sistas at Walgreens.

      I LOVED Renny!

  3. Did you notice last night that CBS did not air the two nominees' speeches to the Veto Winner (telling them why they should use the Veto on them)? CBS is REALLY going the extra mile to make sure TV viewers do not see what a complete and utter mess/asshole Paulie actually is. In my opinion, THAT is complete & utter BULL$#!T.

    1. I found that strange too. It was just completely cut out. Apparently something went down where he was insulting towards Vic? If so, Vic kept it classy. I would have liked to see the speeches.

  4. I haven't had a chance to watch last night's episode, but from what I hear, Paulie got the golden-boy edit. That pisses me off. He was such an egotistical, chauvinistic bastard that threw a fit when things weren't going his way. But now we are supposed yo feel sorry for him?
    Victor mentioned that the DR didn't even want him to put Paulie up. What gives, CBS? Is Paulie a long lost Grande??
    The other day Paulie wanted everyone to open their envelopes--which would have voided them, but now he's so sure he has the rt? I'm actually dreading tonight. I hope production hasn't fixed it for him to come back. Remember how they thought everyone loved Frankie and the B.O.Bs? It's like they have no idea what the fans really want.
    Btw...I'm watching season 8 right now. I didn't start watching BB until 14, so this is the first time I get to see ED in the house. His strategy was....interesting.

    1. They sort of alluded to it in the edit but I wanted to see Vic outright tell Paulie that he backdoored him and instead of revenge Vic is giving him the chance to fight for Veto. THey touched on it briefly, but I know there was so much more to it and the edit made VIc seem to pick up momentum and temper for nothing, whilst making Paulie look calmer than Vic. I much prefer seeing someone real and raw.

  5. What kind of power does Paulie and his family have on this show? If I was the average person who only watched the TV shows I would have a totally different perspective of Paulie and that is just wrong. BB edited this season to make Paulie look like the wronged person not the complete wacko nut case he is. I am so digusted with production there are no words for it.

    1. I agree. Don't ask someone back if they feel so entitled that they require special treatment. They did so much for Paulie, it gives the impression that they begged him to be on the show, like plplzplz we'll give you an awesome edit, we,ll put twist that will help you stay in the game, we'll do what you want, plz be on the show. Ridiculus. He can't make the excuse that Aaryn did and say that that's how they talk at home, because we know that that it not true. Ppl actually researched about Aaryn and that IS how they talk at home. Doesn'T make what she was saying right, but she had a more legitimate excuse, altho minimal, whereas Paulie has none and we know that this behaviour is all him. Not sure ppl will forget about him as quickly too. I'm sure he's going to get GRILLED by Cody when he gets home, what we won'T see and never know, I'm sure his family is going to have a good long chat with him. Oh, also, Aaryn was young and had not seen much of the world, so was, in a way ''sheltered'', so as an viewer, I told myself, she will mature and hopefully learn things. Paulie is not that young as she was, he can't blame his behaviour on being naive or sheltered or not knowing anything about the world. Btw, HAS Aaryn changed? lol


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