Saturday, August 27, 2016

One Week Only: Unlimited Disgust and Revulsion. #BB18

Nicole is the HoH this week, and yesterday she frickin' put Paul and Michelle on the block for eviction.  Nicole says Michelle is her actual target, and I believe her because she knows Michelle is after her, and is worried about Michelle's ability to win the mental competitions that are so important late in the game.

Nicole and Corey made an alliance with Paul and Victor after she won HoH with the very boring name "Final Four", and Paul agreed to go on the block as Nicole's frickin' pawn.  Paul didn't offer, but he agreed to this arrangement.  There will be four votes to evict this week, so Nicole will break a tie if necessary.

I know Nicole and Corey like the Final Four idea because they feel they have a better chance to align with strong competitors like Victor and Paul.  But you'd be kidding yourself to think that Nicole won't swing back over to James next week if he or Natalie win HoH.  Nicole even made a big point about not wanting to nominate Natalie this week because she feels Natalie did her a solid by keeping her safe last week.

PoV Players:

Nicole -  HoH
Paul: - Nominated for eviction
Michelle - Nominated for eviction
Victor - Random draw
James - Random draw
Corey - picked by Paul
Natalie - relegated to host

They're hoping that the PoV will be the BB Comics challenge, but I also heard Paul murmuring about the Morphomatic to Nicole.  Paul also told Natalie that he picked Corey for the PoV because Corey never wins PoV, and Paul wants to increase his chances to win.

If Victor wins, and uses the PoV to save Paul, will Nicole put James up?  I'm not even sure Victor would use it, though, because he is so excited to be part of the Final Four, and knows Michelle is Nicole's target.  He won't want to break the deal by pushing the James agenda.

But what if Michelle wins?  Now that will be interesting, and will force Nicole to show her hand by nominating Victor or James.  At this point I have no idea who she would choose, and how the voters would vote.


The house guests were locked up in the HoH first thing this morning, and when they were released they immediately started grossing out on the horrible smell wafting up from the dining table.  They were yelling all the way down the stairs, saying "are you kidding me?"

I guess we should have expected this, due to the sea monster HoH comp and all.  It's squid and seaweed, but from the sound of it, it smells like rotten squid.

Everyone was skeeving out in there, and Corey and Victor were very worried, because they were the first two people to fall during the HoH comp.  Not counting the losing jurors, of course, who are probably enjoying healthy stacks of blueberry pancakes on the Jury House veranda right now.

Paul is swinging a wet piece of squid as everyone else tries to protect themselves from the stench.

Nicole reads the card which does indeed name Corey and Victor as this week's unlucky Have Nots, but they can eat all of the squid and seaweed they want.

Corey:  Are you SERIOUS right now?

Paul dangles a big squid and you can see how slimey and gross it is.

I just heard Victor saying yesterday that he never eats seafood.  Ever.  He was going to try a piece of Nicole's HoH sushi but I don't remember seeing the outcome of his experiment.  I always think people who feel that way just haven't tried the right type of fish, in the right type of places.

I grew up in Florida, and there were always fresh seafood options at all types of price points.  Once I started traveling every week across the US, I realized that was not the case everywhere else.  I can remember driving across Michigan and having tears of joy after seeing a Red Lobster billboard.  (I still say Captain D's is way better than Red Lobster, but whatever.)

And I always love the pictures that show the house guests unintentionally standing next to their pictures on the memory wall.

Corey and Victor are so defeated by this. But when Corey mentioned calamari Victor said that was a really good appetizer, so it sounds like he'll eat that.  I know the freezer will end up being stocked with frozen calamari dishes.  Production doesn't expect them to cook the raw squid...they don't even have a grill.

For example, when eggplant was a Have Not food, the freezer was stocked with frozen trays of Eggplant Parmesan.  Who wouldn't want to get down with that?

Paul feels so relieved, I bet, because if Production chose three Have Nots instead of two, Paul would be a Have Not, too.

Paul: Corey for $5,000 I'd be a Have Not for you.

(I don't think I've mentioned that Corey won the last Care Package with the $5,000 bribe.  I'm actually disgusted by that, and am angry at all of you out there who thought voting for Corey was a good idea.  And you may be saying, 'it wasn't me....I didn't do it!", but someone did.  A whole lot of people did.  Or maybe a whole lot of people didn't vote at all.  I do not believe Production would have wanted Corey to win.  They've been pushing Paul like crazy on the CBS episodes, while consistently portraying Corey like he's a D-D-D-Dope.)

Corey said he'd have to check with Production, but he doesn't think they would allow this.  But I'm sure Corey wants to see who wins the PoV before he can make crazy decisions like that.  You know, without having Nicole's frickin' permission.  But it's in both of their best interests for Corey to sleep in the HoH room instead of the Have Not room.

There is only one bumper car with no "visor" on it, and that would be the bumper car both guys want, so they can drape their legs over the hood of it.

Corey:  Oh my god.  Only one..what are we gonna do?

Victor:  We'll figure something else out.  Maybe we'll alternate...we'll get through it.

Everyone kept complaining about how the whole downstairs stinks now, and Victor announced he would not be cleaning.

Victor:  I've cleaned up every other Have Not set up, but I'm not cleaning up this one, so you guys better get used to the smell.

Michelle went back to bed, so that was her response to that.  Victor had to repeat his declaration again a few minutes later, and finally Natalie and Nicole started breaking down the display.  Paul offered to help as Victor said he felt like crying in the background.

Corey:  I'm not even hungry.  But I had breakfast, so...

Victor has a pounding headache from drinking Michelle's bottle of Pinot Grigio last night, but he's glad he drank it last night before he became a Have Not.  Natalie likes to eat dried seaweed, and says it has zero calories.

Natalie:  Zero.

Nicole:  But zero nutritional value, too.

(That is not true, Nicole. Dried kelp is chock full of nutrients.)

Corey: Fucking James!  With his fucking pies last week!

Nicole: This is SOOOOOO GROOOOOOSSS. I hate anything with a fishy smell.

Paul said they should keep the plastic bubbles, and just stack them up in the storage room

Victor went over to double-check the Have Not card to make sure Nicole read it accurately.

Victor: Yep.  It says Victor and Corey.  Damn.

When they were alone Paul whispered to Nicole that they should keep a couple squid, for pranks.

Corey came in and immediately knew what was going on.

Corey:  That better not touch any part of my body.  I swear Nicole.  It better not touch me.

Victor spent some time bending over to fluff his hair.  Quite a long time, actually.  Then he was showing Paul how fluffy it all was, before pretending to fall and hit his head on the edge of the glass table.

I was scared, but they were laughing the whole time. I'm sure someone will GIF that soon. It was like a funny wrestling move.

Paul was telling the guys about a crazy dream he had, where he was appearing somewhere with Victor and after Victor went onstage Paul saw all of the ladies in the audience were using vibrators.  I paid particular interest to Corey's face during the story of the dream.

Everyone is sitting around now waiting on the PoV comp.  James, Natalie and Michelle are very suspicious now.  James suspects Paul and Victor are working with NiCorey now, and that he might be the backdoor plan.

(Hey James, it's not a backdoor if you play for PoV. And you voted Victor out last week...what do you expect him to do?)

Paul overheard them whispering and gleefully skipped upstairs to tell Victor, Nicole and Corey that everyone was "shitting themselves downstairs".  Corey says he could tell that James was having a lot of trouble up on The Wall and thinks Nicole could have beat him without making a deal.

Corey: He looked like he was hurting, and Natalie saw it too because she said 'Hey James, are you okay?' and James gave her the shush sign, because he didn't want everybody to know.

Nicole:  Did you really see that?  When did he do that?

Corey:  Paul was still up there!  He was hurting!

(I could have sworn I heard James make a few huffs and puffs that sounded like pain up there, but I was sure I had misunderstood because it was so early in the competition and this was supposed to be James' specialty.  But now I might go back and watch to see if I hear it again.  I did know Paulie was shaking and chattering, and Bridgette seemed on the edge of a breakdown, but not James...)

James told Paul that this season isn't his first time at the rodeo, and he's played with some of the best players in BB history.

Paul:  Dude, you were on the lowest rated season in history!

Everyone cringed at what a sick burn that was, and Nicole said to be nice.

Victor:  This is my third time playing, so James doesn't need to tell me anything.

I heard James telling both Natalie and Michelle that he is really banking on winning America's Favorite Player again, and he's excited about the money.

James:  I feel like I have a good shot, and I know I'll be one of the names Julie calls out as being in the top.

(Psssssst....James....Frankie thought that, too!)


Nicole had pageant hair for the nomination ceremony.  She thinks her HoH letter was heavily edited, since it was so short.


  1. I know this is a small consolation, but at least Corey and Nicole won't be receiving the $5000. I don't think it's going to make much difference this week since Nicole is HoH.

  2. Me neither Daniel B.... this whole bribe perk is a joke and should not have been the last ACP. The 'Co-HOH' ACP would of been a better close out in my opinion.. Thanks again LiveFeeder, you rawk!

  3. Why doesn't Am. vote for the have not food this year?

  4. AA, I believe BB wants more control based on who is the HN. How did Corey win the last ACP? Are we to believe the public voted for him in reward for laying in bed the whole game, hardly speaking, sleeping with Nicole and loosing all the time. Then after he wins it they add more time to use it, just unbelievable how much BB controls who gets what in this game. They never figured Victor would win the second time based on the comp they had to perform.

  5. I never vote for any of these "America's Choice" type things, but I agreed with FeedWatcher last year when she pointed out what an inconsequential thing it was for America to choose some silly food choice for the have-nots.

  6. But squid and seaweed, with Victor a HN? None of them really know how to prepare squid which BB knows and with Victor's workouts he needs to eat good protein. It's just so apparent who BB wants to get rid of and who they want to keep and it's not based on what viewers think or on how they played the game but on what BB, or CBS, thinks will bring in more viewers and more money for them. Nicole and James should not be on the same show together, they are too close outside the house it provides a tremendous advantage for those two who already had one shot at the big prize. This supposedly level playing field is very tilted to one side.

  7. Am I the only one that thinks squid and seaweed sound amazing compared to pies? Seaweed salad, baked seaweed snacks, calamari?? Yum

  8. I'd go out on a limb and say "probably" Ally, lol =P



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