Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Locked Up - Forty-Eight Days In. #BB18

I turned on the live feeds this morning and saw Corey wandering around alone in the kitchen, looking confused.  Turns out he was trying to make a pot of coffee.  He stood and stared at the machine for a few minutes.  At one point he opened up the top and apparently there were used coffee grounds inside, so he got a spoon and started removing them, making a little pile on a napkin.  Then he figured out that he could lift out the gold filter and empty the grounds that way.

Paul and his boyfriend Paulie came downstairs, and were surprised that the backyard was locked down.  There is a lot of sawing, drilling and pounding sounds coming from the backyard, so they know something is going on out there.

I'm thinking it is probably some sort of luxury competition, but I guess it's possible that they are locked down a day early for this week's HoH competition.  Corey said that they came over the intercom and asked that all laundry in the backyard be brought inside before the gate came down.

Corey admits that he's never made coffee before, so Paulie had to tell him which button to push to get things going.  It was not clear whether Corey had never made coffee in the BB house, or ever.  I'm thinking Corey might be a Starbucks guy, like many in his generation, wasting tons of disposable cash in search of a caffeine fix.

Corey didn't comment on Paulie's attire, so Paulie brought it up, saying that he was wearing Zakiyah's cropped sweatshirt.  He can't wait to shave his beard off, but is waiting for Production to give him the okay to do it on Thursday, before the live show.  I also heard Victor say he is miserable with his facial hair, but so far Production has not allowed him to shave the beard.  He said he's never had a beard before now, and that they wouldn't even let him shave it after he was evicted, in sequester.

Corey:  You know what's weird?  Day never talks to me, and she came in the room last night to ask me and Nicole if she had our vote.

After some of Zakiyah's comments she's been making after the PoV Ceremony, Paulie says he doesn't plan to tell her any game information anymore, and Corey agreed.  Paulie also reported that despite Zee's protestations, he told her he will never discuss his past relationships in the BB house, and will not answer any questions she has about his promiscuity at home.

Paulie:  I'm not going to tell her how many women I meet out, or what I do with them.  Never.

Meanwhile, Zakiyah is apparently sleeping in her bumper car, trying to get a little privacy.  And if history is our guide, she's probably mad about something under there, most likely something Paulie did, or did not do.

Paulie went in there to sleep, but this time he stayed in the relative safety of his own bumper car.

Let's flash back to last night.  Zakiyah is disgruntled about being a Have  Not, and is very sour as she nibbles on the packaged trail mix that was provided to them this week.

Zakiyah:  I want some CHEX TRAIL MIX.

(I don't think Chex Mix is trail mix, so I hope they don't give in and get it for her. At this point I can't imagine that Zakiyah is a production favorite, but I've been wrong before.)

Michelle always eats like she's about to get arrested for it or something.  She is very furtive, and obviously conflicted about the vast gulf between what she wants to eat, and what she feels she should be eating.

Paulie cuts his eyes over at Zakiyah as she complains about her plight.

He really is a great villain, because he is such a capable leader. Some of these house guests are going to be SHOCKED when they learn the extent of Paulie's machinations in the game.  Paulie is already prepared for what I'm sure he knows will be a massive tide of negativity waiting for him on the internet.  He said that his father sifted through Cody's tweets, and deleted any of them that were negative about him or his cast mates so that Cody didn't see them.

Paulie:  My dad said it's a game, not real life, and some of the viewers really go overboard, and the live feeders, too.

(No shit.)

Paulie:  I'm very confident about the type of person that I am...nothing anybody can say about me after this will change that.

(I'll bet Cody's dad contacted Derrick for advice after seeing some of the tweets from people who threatened to harm Cody.  Derrick got a few of those, too, particularly from the guy who used to do the live feed reports for RHAP during BB16.  But I probably shouldn't talk about that here.)

BB:  Zakiyah, did you wash your hands?

Just kidding, but I wish they would ask that to everyone periodically when they shove their hands into a package of food like this.  Those bumper cars should be removed by a HazMat team after all of this is over.

Note the variety of flavors they have---Peanut Butter, Rocky Road, and Chocolate.

But she's still not happy.

Bridgette joined the group and wondered if anyone else thought they should just not throw the red ball during the PoV competition, so they could avoid having the lowest score and becoming a Have Not. No one else thought about that, apparently.

Nicole is whispering to Corey about her growing irritation with Victor.

Nicoel:  I can't stand him.  I can hear his laugh from a mile away.

So of course Victor comes in the room, bearing an armload of his freshly-cleaned laundry.  Michelle watches him fold everything and wonders how he got so many black and gray clothing items approved by Production.

Victor:  That's what I wear.  Black and gray.

Michelle:  Me too!  But they wouldn't let me bring much of it in.  I had to buy a bunch of pastel V-neck T-s from Target that I never wear.  I'm so jealous.

(Well, now that Frank is gone, she has to find something new to be jealous about.)

I regret to inform you that Victor is now spouting frequent "Paul-isms" like saying "fool" constantly.

There was discussion about the various pairs of shorts that the guys have been given to wear in the competitions.  Victor holds up this pair and says he wore them in one of the first competitions.  He actually hosted one of the first competitions since his team didn't play in it.

Corey is having some sort of problems with his athletic shoes, so Nicole says he can request that Production ask his roommates or family to send him another pair.

Nicole:  That's different from an HoH basket request, because something happened to stuff you need. Last time my mom had to send me my prescription glasses.

Michelle says that she wants her family to send her retainer or mouth guard, because her teeth are hurting her and they might be moving.   She has had a few dreams about going shopping with Nicole. In one dream they traveled to the mall but when they got there, the mall was closed.  And in another, Michelle dreamed that they all got a day break to leave the game, so she went to the mall.  But then "they" said that she was located "too close to another BB player" so she had to go sit in a room to wait.

During this conversation Michelle is furtively nibbling something she has in her hand.  I tried to count, but couldn't get a good bite count total.  At first she told Victor that they were Smartees from Paul's HoH basket, but then she admitted that she's eating "Fiber Tabs" because she just ate "too much sugar".

Michelle:  When you eat too much sugar, fiber can help absorb it.

Nicole, a damn nurse:  Really?  I might eat some then.

(I hope I don't have to tell you that Michelle has some real issues here.  Her diet is absolute crap from what I've seen, and we all know that people with eating disorders frequently abuse laxatives.  Please do not follow Michelle's advice here.)

The  cameras followed Da'Vonne as she went up to the HoH room, opened the door, and came right back out.  She then went downstairs and told the group that Paul was "finally asleep".  I did see her ask Corey and Nicole about their vote, as reported by Corey earlier.

She just went over and abruptly asked Nicole and Corey if she had their votes, and they told her absolutely, that the plan hadn't changed.  And then she walked off, leaving silence in her wake.  It was awkward, but I'm not sure that Da'Vonne knows that.

Bridgette told the group about a time she had to tell a patient that the doctor wanted to give them a tetanus shot.  She said patients don't even know what that is anymore, but once she described the effects of tetanus (bones locked in place) the patient wanted the shot.

Victor:  But now we get that when were born, and that's it, right?

Bridgette:  No, you have to get one every 5 years, I think.

Victor:  Well son of a bitch.  I'm screwed.

(Me too.)

Natalie: They put so many single people in here.  Julie sure knew what she was saying when she told us, 'let the showmances begin'.

Bridgette:  I was single when I was casted.  Then I met my boyfriend a month before we came in here.

Victor:  My mom is my girlfriend.

Da'Vonne:  I got two men in my life...my nephews.

James and Natalie are still in the mood to prank each other, apparently, after the drama earlier in the day with the frozen Crocs and running shoes.  James is pretending to hug her here, but he's really got ulterior motives, with a container of baby powder stashed within arm's reach.

Natalie got a can of something and sprayed it at James.  James said that was out of line, because the spray could hurt him.

James took off his shirt and then the situation shifted into a higher gear.

As you can see.

Natalie kept screaming, "America!  James is a jerk!" and "James Joseph!" and "America this is who you voted America's Favorite Player last year!"

She just took a shower, she says.

(Well, you're gonna take another one, Natalie.)

Victor must have gotten some ideas from watching all of that, because he came in the bedroom saying "BIG MEECH" and then attacked her with tickles.

Nicole got up to help Michelle, but I'm not sure what she planned to do to stop it.  Victor just seemed to stop tickling on his own.

They asked Victor about his FitVic Instagram account.  He said he had about 400 followers before he came in the house.

Nicole thinks that he will have over 10,000 when he goes home in September.  Michelle wonders how Victor gets girls from his IG account, if he only has 400 followers.

Victor:  I use a lot of hashtags, like #gains, and #shoulders.

Victor goes to the gym every day, sometimes twice.  He spends 1.5 to 2 hours lifting weights, with no cardio.  He goes at 9:00 am, and then around 5:00 pm, too, if his schedule allows.  Michelle wonders what he eats on a daily basis, and what he eats when he binges.

Victor:  Every morning it's usually the same thing....4 eggs, oatmeal, and a piece of fruit or a shake.  If I worked out twice, I go to McDonald's at night and get 4 or 5 burgers...

Corey, a Have Not:  Oh, yeah.....

Victor:  And a McFlurry.

Corey:  Yeah..

Bridgette sat out in the hot tub alone, humming a little tune that she made up about missing her sister, and "all of you".  Big Brother told her that "humming is still singing" and that she should stop.

This is something you don't see very often....Da'Vonne smiling and strutting around in her bikini.

Day strutted right out to the hot tub and had a comment for the camera that was literally right on her ass as she removed her towel.

Day:  Camera, get your life.

And after she lowered herself into the hot water, she said "yes...THIS is life".  She said the old hot tub from last year was so hot that it took time to ease into it, but this one feels good.  Da'Vonne told Bridgette that she has 9 tattoos.

Bridgette:  Nine tattoos?  Well, where the hell are they?

They are scattered all over Day's torso.  Bridgette's parents each have two tattoos, all of them on a whim.  Her dad's first tat was a picture of Mickey Mouse holding a balloon that has her mother's name on it (Liza).  For her mom's second tattoo, she got a Pisces symbol with two koi fish on her back--it took two sessions.  But her dad got a koi fish on his shoulder that turned into a partial sleeve.

Victor joins them and says he has 3 tattoos, but he wants to get a sleeve.


Bridgette:  I want to get a sleeve, too, but a cap sleeve.

(NO.  NO.)

Victor has a buddy at the gym who has a sleeve on his arm that looks like a robot arm, with knobs and cables and that it looks sick.  Da'Vonne showed them a huge butterfly tattoo that basically covers the entire lower half of her back.

Day:  It took 27 needles....and I was DONE.

Bridgette told some hiking stories about trying to climb "Half Dome" with her father, sister, and one of his friends from work who got vertigo so they had to turn around and go back when they were almost at the top.  She also said there was a really mean girl at school who was very cruel to Bridgette's sister Jessica.  She's now a background actress on Pretty Little Liars.

Bridgette:  You know you you are.

I switched back to the group in the bedroom and in the middle of the conversation, the cameras closed in on this shot, and held it for a pretty long time.

Nicole hopes her tolerance for Victor is better tomorrow.  She is so annoyed with him regarding a conversation about the calories in a package of cookies.  A little while ago she and Michelle challenged Victor to eat 20 cookies, and he did.  But now she is very irritated regarding him discussing the total calories he ate, based on the simple math per cookie.

Nicole:  Why can't he just be quiet?

(I heard the whole thing, but I have no idea what Nicole is upset about.)

Corey saw Nicole picking at her face and said that is a major pet peeve for him, because it is so bad for your skin.  Bridgette went in the bathroom with her to help Nicole extract a very large, deep zit.

Nicole hopes it doesn't scar.  I really think Bridgette should use Kleenexes over her fingers to do this, but maybe they don't have Kleenex in the house.


  1. This year is an R rated version of Saved By The Bell. Depressing!

  2. Lemon! Micelle eat lemon. Too much sugar, too much grease, half a slice of lemon or lemon in hot water. Lemon is alcaline when you eat it. Sugar is acid. It will balance it out. Workes all the time for me.
    I know a guy who works out like Victor but is vegan lol I'm not vegan but my breakfast consists of a lot more fruit than Victor's, peanut butter (the all natural kind), and no eggs.
    Did Brian Lynch really write threats? He has a synical persona on Twitter and says a lot of stuff as the bad guy, but he's not to be taken too seriously necessarily. He did have issues with BB16 and I think that's why he quit podcasting. He was good. But so are Brent, Alex and Taran.
    Paul and Paulie should be more refferred to as the twins lol and why the heck are they not allowed to shave their beards? Huh?

    1. I have been wondering the same thing about not being able to shave. It's just one of those useless bits of information that is keeping me up at night!

    2. Brian didn't "quit" podcasting, Rob "made a change", but that's all I'm going to say about that.

    3. I THINK it has something to do with editing the show, and the timeline (you wouldn't want Paulie to not have a beard in one scene, and then have one in the next scene) but I'm not sure why they wouldn't let Victor still not shave.
      I listened to the same conversation with Nicole and Michelle about those fiber gummies, it is crazy to me how Nicole is a nurse and doesn't know simple facts. I heard her tell Michelle that fiber causes constipation, and it actually helps with digestion and constipation. Lord help the patients she works with.

    4. Oh wow Ally lol It's one thing to study and try to memorise this and that, another to be informed and have knowledge that you remember. Seems to me, Nicole and Michelle have memorised things but don't really KNOW. They probably know more than any of us, but I'm not going to trust their word any time soon, given the evidence we've had on the feeds of their lack of common knowledge. Heck, Victor seems to know more lol

  3. Nicole should have mentioned that eating too much fiber can cause constipation only if you do not drink enough liquids.Michelle is studying nutrition and should have known this.

    1. My mother always told me that no matter what you eat, how healthy your meals are, if you don't drink enough water, your body won't know what to do with all the nutriants. I drink very little of anything else than water and I know I should still drink more of it.

    2. Thank you (and your mother) for reminding me! I usually drink more coffee than water in a day, but today I drank two extra glasses of water because of this comment.

  4. I think I remember from bb16 that they did not allow Donny to shave off his beard as it was part of his character. It might be the same case with Victor, especially if they want to keep up the Jon Snow comparisons

  5. I think it's all about consistency in editing. I wish BB would make Paulie keep his "Paul" haircut for the rest of his stay, even down to the shaved sides. It would be a deliciously evil lesson in not copying someone else's already horrendous style. Didn't he learn from Cody's BB haircut fiasco?
    I love it when the camera folk don't like a hg. They can be so petty. Ha ha.


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