Friday, August 5, 2016

Live Show Aftermath: The Executive Takes Office. #BB18

Well, it was quite a night, wasn't it?  Like many fans, I truly believed that Da'Vonne's #8 envelope would be sending her back into the house, setting the stage for revenge and drama.  But that didn't happen, of course.  Since CBS hasn't mentioned the numbers on the envelopes at all, I don't think they are significant to the game, after all.  I think they just used those numbers so that they would know who has it, so they can prepare the HoH competition for an extra player, if necessary.

At least Da'Vonne made it to the Jury this time, earning the second guaranteed payment per her contract.  And I like how she dropped some information on Victor on her way out, about how "they" plan to evict him during the Double Eviction.

I'm not sure who Da'Vonne was referring to as "they", but I have heard Paul, Paulie and Corey talk about targeting Victor after August 18th, when the Secret Room envelopes expire.  They don't want to take a chance on Victor coming back into the house twice.

So who has the Round Trip ticket?  It could be anybody, now.  I feel like I don't have anybody to root for anymore, a realistic candidate to win the game.  But maybe that will change.  I always have hope.

And we have a new HoH, of course, after a grueling battle that lasted nearly two hours.

To celebrate, Victor has enjoyed an entire six-pack of Stella Artois, which seems like a strange choice of beer for Victor, but whatever.  Here he is chugging the sixth bottle, amid halfhearted cheers from his cast mates.  I heard him say that taking a shower after the competition was excruciating for his hands.  He was the only player who used only his hands to grip the rope, rather than using his arms to hold on.

Victor:  That's why I was was the most painful shower.......and when I picked up the soap...ah it hurt so much.  I couldn't shampoo my hair.  I just got out of there.

It sounds like he either got treated in the DR, or was given some sort of antiseptic spray and Neosporin to use for treatment.  He has a number of cuts or blisters forming, and says that Nicole helped him treat the wounds.

And what a difference a day makes, doesn't it?  Zakiyah and Michelle were apparently totally blindsided by the 8-2 vote against Da'Vonne.  Michelle has been kind of a lone wolf in the game this season, but surely Zakiyah is able to do the math, and realize that Paulie deliberately left her out of the loop.

And I don't think there was any encouragement from Paulie during the HoH competition.  Zakiyah was looking very strong up there, for about 45 minutes.  She hung in there in silence, and it really did look like she might take home the win.  Do you think she realized that the fact that Paulie fell off just seconds after she did might mean something?

Maybe the fact that tonight Zakiyah is dressed for a camping trip might indicate some sort of acknowledgement that she realizes Paulie is not on her side.  She is wearing jeans, a long-sleeved plaid shirt, and a beanie.  Quite a contrast to last night....

Meanwhile Bridgette, the girl who Michelle and Zakiyah cast the sole votes to evict tonight, seems light and happy, laughing and joking with everyone in the room.  She's sleeping in Frank's corner bed now.  Bridgette will be a Have Not next week, probably starting on Sunday.  She was one of the first to drop in last night's competition, which was a smart move, if indeed she planned it.  I haven't heard anybody mention her potential to win competitions for some time now.

Victor was making up rhymes about each house guest, and they were pretty funny, but even if they weren't, everyone in danger has to humor him now.  Because The Executive has the power this week.

I think these two are in jeopardy this week.....usually the male half of a couple is the one to go first, but in this case Nicole would be the eviction target.  Corey hasn't shown much prowess in any of the competitions, and the guys would like to get Corey on their side, without him being distracted by Nicole.

In fact, just a few days ago Victor was going on and on about how when he wins HoH, he would nominate Nicole and Natalie "with zero fucks given".

Michelle and Zakiyah chatted about their surprise at the vote tonight.  Apparently Nicole tried to tell them both later that she didn't know about the vote, or something like that.  They both know that Nicole knew exactly what was going on, and think that Day saying Corey needed to go had something to do with Nicole's motivation.

Zakiyah:  One thing for sure, if she's at the end of this game, I'm voting in the opposite direction.

Michelle thinks they should keep their distance from Nicole, but Zakiyah plans to keep her enemies close.

And what about Natalie's situation?  She was certainly impressive tonight, hanging on way after everyone else gave up and dropped off.  The problem was, she kept begging Victor to "let her win", because "she can't ever win anything".  That rubbed a few people the wrong way, with Paulie saying that they can't let "another Victoria' get to the end of this game.

(But....if His Brother Cody had actually let Victoria "get to the end of the game", then Cody would have won $500,000, so.....maybe not such a bad idea, Paulie.)

Victor promised Natalie that he wouldn't put her on the block, but will he keep that promise?  He's been complaining all week about her comments to him in his good-bye message, but he also said that he would be targeting Paulie for backdooring him out of the game.

And Michelle put up a good fight up there on the ropes last night.  You probably know that she got dizzy, and nauseous, and then she blew chunks, but she kept holding on as long as she could.  That takes courage, people.  Did Production send someone out there with a mop to clean it up?  Because Nicole narrowly missed falling in it, and I think Paulie was telling Production they should stop the competition to clear the mat.

Big Meech is really down now.  Not only did she lose the HoH competition, she knows she's in the minority in the game.  And that's not where you want to be, going into a double eviction.

And what happened to Paulie Califiore?  He looks like he's aged a few decades in the last four weeks. I can't co-sign those sideburns, either.

Why was he harassing Natalie during the competition?  He kept saying that she was going on the block....what is the point of that?  Do you think CBS will show that on the Sunday night episode?  At some point, they will have to showcase Paulie as the villain of the season, right?

Michelle is imitating one of the anime pictures on the wall of the Tokyo Room in this pose, I think.  She is making a lot of comments about being on the block this week, saying that at least she will get to play for PoV.

Michelle:  Well, I guess I'll miss the Zingbot this season.

(OMG...the Zingbot is going to SHRED these people this year. Maybe everyone will get two zings this year, instead of one, so he can cover more ground.)

Michelle and Nicole discussed the 3AM alliance of Big Brother 15.  Michelle even remembers that Nicole had a pink T-shirt with "3AM" on it---this was mentioned in Nicole's BB16 pre-season community discussions.  Nicole made that T-shirt herself, she told Michelle.

(This whole thing is so meta, and strange....Michelle on BB18 talking to Nicole from BB16 about who Nicole rooted for during BB15.)

James made a batch of cookies from a packaged mix, and Bridgette consulted on whether they were ready.  James didn't think so, but Bridgette got a spoon and scooped up part of one of the partially-raw cookies, and ran around the room laughing with Natalie.

I don't know about you, but I have a different insight into Paul from watching his family segment on CBS last night.  I knew he came from a privileged background, but I didn't expect the house to be that big.  Paul lives there, you know, and has told us that his parents don't want him to move out, so they let him live his life under their roof, bringing dates home and the whole nine.

They certainly seem very progressive, and accepting of Paul and his quirky ways.  So, good for him.  It's not easy to get a solo family segment on Big earlier seasons we would have already gotten a "Jeff and Jordan" type of segment on each of the showmances, but it doesn't seem like CBS wants to bring the families in on that discussion, do they?

And here is an important update to yesterday's post about Bridgette treating Paul's "bacne".  She is pointing out his various blemishes to Natalie, showing her where the healing is taking place.

I know this is gross, but I'm just documenting the action here.  As usual.


I turned on the live feeds on Thursday afternoon and found that the weekly pre-live show HoH room lockdown had just ended, and Paul was in the process of getting his bags downstairs.  That lockdown serves as a technical rehearsal for Production, as they set up camera shots, test the sound, and also make the occasional repairs in the house.

The cameras were on FISH, but something was off.  There was a guy standing over on the right who looked like he was either cleaning the fish tank, or maybe adding or removing fish.  I tried to get him in the shot, but he was too fast for me.

This is what we usually see when the live feeds show FISH, so as you can see the camera had been moved, probably to allow access to the fish tank.  As in every year, not all of the fish make it the entire season.  Some of the fish don't even make it through a few weeks.

There have been a number of occasions this season where the larger fish were attacking, chasing, and eating the smaller fish.  I remember Paulie was the HoH and he was trying to tap on the glass to help the small fish, but BB kept telling him to "Stop That".

We had FISH again a few minutes later, due to Michelle "rapping", perhaps, and this was a view that was surely a taboo view, right?  We can see that someone has already stripped the sheets off the bed, as they begin the process of cleaning the room and getting everything ready for the new HoH, who will get access to the room just after midnight, if past weeks are to be relied on.

In the house people are cleaning, too.  Victor walked in the storage room and was disgusted to see that someone (or someones) had left two crinkled up, soiled napkins on top of the ironing board.  Victor gestured towards them and then addressed the camera, saying, "can you believe that?".  He marched out of the room, but then came right back to throw them away and put away the ironing board.

Paul was making coffee, and Victor was putting things away in the kitchen, saying that Bridgette had already cleaned tons of dishes without making a big deal out of it.  They both nodded at each other, silently acknowledging Bridgette's efforts.

Meanwhile Bridgette bravely put on the yellow rubber gloves and started collecting the trash in the bathroom.  Apparently someone either knocked the bin over, or dumped it out.

(I showed you the overflowing garbage yesterday, actually.)

I previously wondered who would throw their used Q-Tip on the floor in there.  I have since been informed that Zakiyah is a potential culprit of this crime, as she frequently flosses her teeth in the bedroom, and then throws the used floss on the floor.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Paul doesn't think Natalie's picture on the memory wall looks like her in real life, and neither does Michelle's picture.

The camera gives Victor a close up, as he scrubs the dishes and tidies the kitchen.  I have heard Paulie talk about Victor's cleaning skills, saying that Victor may eat a lot, but he cleans up his mess and is vigorous about it.

And the following pictures showcase more of the tipsy aftermath of Wednesday night's Halfway Party.  They had quite a bit of leftover pizza, and also salad, but I haven't seen the cake yet.  Usually the house guests get a cake with their pictures on it, printed on fondant.  Last year they peeled off Audrey's face and stored it in the freezer, later daring each other to eat it, and risk being cursed by her.

Victor and Corey have kind of an unspoken irritation with each other, but that doesn't stop Victor from sitting on Corey's neck.  Victor asked Corey if this was hurting his neck, but unbelievably Corey said no.

And now a Corey-Paulie sandwich.

With James getting in on the action.  The group had a conversation at some point about Natalie.  If you recall, when Natalie introduced herself to the others on premiere night, she said she "also dances at bar mitzvahs".  This set off warning bells in my head, because that is exactly what Paulie and Cody used to do in New York.  Paulie actually hosted the parties, and danced on stage and also with the crowd.  Natalie works for the same company that Paulie used to work for.

Nicole:  I wonder what she's like when she drinks...she says she dances on the tables.

Paulie:  She's a wild child...I know some of her close friends.  She's a party girl.

James said Amber from BB16 was "smoking".

James:  She came up to me last year at my finale and gave me her number  but I pushed the wrong button and it didn't save....I was like damn.

Paulie:  I loved Amber.  I would marry Amber.

Nicole:  Amber and Zee remind me of each other.....

Paulie:  Really?  Hmmmm.

James:  Amber was partying with Frankie Grande that night.

Paulie:  Does Amber have kids?

(He obviously is getting her confused with Brittany Martiniz.)

Nicole:  No...Amber was stunning, though.  But living with her was like living with Zee.

(How so, Nicole?  Was used dental floss strewn all over the floor?)

Meanwhile, in the London Room, everyone was teasing Michelle about Victor liking her, but Michelle doesn't seem to buy in on it.  Michelle and Natalie discussed moving to Texas and being roommates so they could all keep hanging out.

Natalie:  We could get a bunch of wiener dogs!  They are so cute!

I think this hair and makeup is some of Natalie's best of the season.  Simple, but elegant.

There is some rap song that mentions "eating booty like groceries" because Michelle brings that up and there is much discussion over it.  James came right out and mentioned that he "eats the booty like groceries" and they heard the crew laughing behind the walls.

Michelle asked if the guys like to have a finger up their rear end.

Victor: Hell to the no on that.  What about you Michelle?

Michelle:  No...not even in the other place.

Victor:  What? What?

Michelle:  No, it freaks me out.


I hate to tell you this, but you would probably find out anyway, later today.

Victor had a meeting with Paul and Paulie soon after taking office in the HoH room.  I don't think there is much chance the house will be flipping this week, after this.

In fact, Zakiyah might actually be the target this week.  Or Big Meech.  Just like Paulie wanted.


And Paulie is making statements about how this alliance could go down in history, if they pull this off.

Paul is encouraging Victor to toss Mardi Gras beads after his nomination speech.  Victor loves that idea, and immediately wants to practice it.

He untangled two strands of beads, hiding them in the top of his jester hat.

And then he will take out the strands, and toss each one to the girls, saying "please put these on for me".

Paulie: Zakiyah will straight up punch you in the face.

Paul:  Good.  Self evict.

Paul suggests that he also comment that showing their tits will be optional.  They giggle over that.

Victor:  And I'll tell them that Fang will be outside my door, to take their complaints.....and I'll tell Bridgette to get busy making beignets in here this week...just like Mardi Gras.

Victor also showed us the damage to his left hand.

And also the right hand.

Paul and Paulie celebrated later in the bathroom, saying they are just talking everybody into doing what they want, and also doing stupid things.

Paul:  If we can keep this up.....ha ha ha ha ha ha.

And then Paul went into the bedroom and told everybody that Victor was drunk, and making crazy statements.

Paul:  I really think Fool has lost his mind.

And Paulie went into the Have Not room and made similar statements.

Paulie:  Victor said he told everybody that he was going to be mean and ruthless if he came back in this house, and Paul and I just said, enjoy your Drake CD and we'll see you later.


  1. /Facepalm

    I just pray that Victor is humouring them so that they don't catch on to his game and hoping that the DR will reveal to us that Victor does have a mind of his own.

    But I suppose that's too much to ask.

    1. OMG!!! I Swear!! I really hope Victor surprises everyone that he does have a mind of his own and some balls and actually has a BD plan to get one of the boys up there!! No way he can let those same guys that back doored him run his HOH and send out two girls who haven't won crap! He got a second chance in the house... hopefully it doesn't turn into a bore and he actually makes some moves!

    2. Tonight's episode will reveal all. I am so hoping. It would be Victor' saving grace.

  2. The possibility of Da'Vonne having the right envelope sounded real good to me, and I was not really a big fan of her. But anything that surprises those who think they are running and owning the game and it is not mid-September, well, I like those contestants/houseguests who achieve such surprises.

  3. I love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday! You are on point and love the details you observe!
    With that being said, I think Paulie is taking to heart what Z told him about Paul being able to win the whole thing and that (among looking like a using douchebag) motivated him to realize he might want to keep Z over Meech. Smart move on her part, maybe. Smart play on his part, I think he should send her out and use his "charms" on the rest of these, the jury members. Also I think he's starting to worry about how production is portraying him, maybe a heads up from them?
    It's a shame Meech isn't playing the "Vanessa" and using these emotional outbursts to her advantage, she is a trooper to have made it in this house by herself for this long. Sad to see her lack of self esteem, she really is our last and only hope for this season. Shame on Victor for not putting up Corey and James, they have his rightful spot, they are his competition on the totem pole. But his huge ego clouds his judgement, it's a shame. Maybe this double eviction will take out Big Don Paulie and these little fish will realize they have power in numbers.

  4. Did Bridgette realize her way to Victor's heart was through a clean house or did her life working in clean hospitals finally kick in? Did she realize the disease in this house, especially with the rumor of someone with the herpes virus living there? Thoughts?


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