Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Karma Just Might be a Big Bitch This Week. #BB18

There is so much going on right now that I don't even know where to start.  So I'll just begin, and try to cover the main things we all need to know.

Natalie and Bridgette admitted to each other yesterday that they both want to keep Michelle, rather than Zakiyah, and Natalie has always been suspicious of Paulie.  Natalie has been trying to plant seeds with James for a few days now, saying that Paulie is running the house and everyone is just going to let him win. I turn on my live feeds this morning on the East Coast, and there is a London Bedroom meeting in full swing, and there is a rather joyous mood in the room, as this group plans to flip the vote to save Michelle, but more importantly, to SCREW PAULIE over.

Natalie talked about her financial situation, and how she took such a huge risk to go on this show.

Natalie: My finances are bad....and my bills were getting paid late...and all I've been saying is that I need to make the Jury, and then I'll start blowing stuff up in here.  I've been working really hard to save you and Bridgette both have...I've been working on James for days now.

Michelle:  Oh me too!  I'm so grateful to you both.  I"ll never forget it.

Michelle pointed out that Paulie told people to watch what they said to Paul, because he had a tendency to blab info to everyone, and how Paulie compared Paul to a puppy who just needed a pat on the head to keep him happy.

Paul:  Well, we've all been dee-hayed, and me the most, learning all of this.

Natalie:  And you all thought I was an idiot.  There's no going back after this Paul.  You were down and out and all alone in here, and he scooped you up and made you trust him.  I grew up with nothing...I don't know anything about this game, but I know what's going on in here.

Michelle:  That's what we need in the game sometimes...someone with a different perspective.  America's gonna love a power shift.

Natalie also shared the following information:

*  When they were all playing hide and seek, she and Paulie were hiding somewhere in a bed with the covers over him. Paulie said "if we make out right now, Zee and James would kill us".

*  After Victor was evicted, Corey and Paulie told her that "finally they can flirt with her, because Victor never let them do that'.  Natalie said that she thought they were both with Nicole and Zee, but they both denied it.

*  Corey told Natalie that she 'had a butt he'd like to take a bite of".

*  Natalie was laying out with Nicole this week and Paulie came over and said "put that thing away Natalie".  When Natalie asked him what he meant by that, he said "that Brazilian butt", so Natalie turned over immediately to prevent Nicole from getting upset, but it seemed like Nicole didn't hear Paulie's comment. (Note that I originally reported this as Corey making the comment, but have since learned that Paulie said that to Natalie.)

Michelle:  Nicole always says that you are the one always flirting with Corey.

Natalie wondered what was wrong with James, and he said he was just so tired, but he wanted to go to bed after everything calmed down.  Natalie plans to sleep all day on Wednesday.   (I think the backyard is already locked down to build the competition sets for Thursday night ---two HoH comps and one PoV comp.)

James:  Natalie everyone in here has been saying that you're gonna hurt me.

Natalie:  I flirted with every guy in this house, to see who I really liked.  Me and Victor never had a real conversation.

(She can't have it both ways, though. It's best if she leaves all of the flirting out of her arguments about why Paulie needs to be challenged.)

Paul wants to talk about the logistics of the vote.  Bridgette says that when the vote against Bronte was mixed, it drove her crazy until she realized that it was done that way on purpose, to confuse Bronte's supporters.

Bridgette:  Maybe we should do that this time, to confuse them.  There are seven votes, so we can make it 5-2 to evict Zakiyah, but after James eliminates two votes, it will be 3-2, so they won't know.

Paul:  But we all have to commit to it...if one person pulls out then we all will just be standing there with our dicks in our hands.

Let's look at this:

Potential Votes to Evict Michelle, After Tonight


Potential Votes to Evict Zakiyah, After Tonight


So if James eliminates two of the Pro-Zakiyah votes, the results would be 4-1, making it clear that everyone is against Paulie, Corey and Nicole.   But if one of the Pro-Michelle voters votes the other way on purpose, it would be 3-2, and everyone can deny their true vote.  Bridgette wants to try and blame the hinky vote on Nicole.

James finally goes to bed. Note that as of 1:30 PM the next day, everyone in the house was still in bed, or in a bumper car.

Note that Paul had to get stern with Michelle, telling her that she has a tendency to blurt out information, and she needs to keep her cool for the next few days.  Michelle plans to mope around and act sad, and Bridgette recommended that she start planning her outfit to meet Julie, and that sort of thing.

James:  Michelle you gotta keep hanging out with Nicole.

Michelle:'s so painful...but I will.  I know..

Paul:  I've been boned.  I'm a dee-hay (dickhead).  I've been boned.  I'm a dee-hay.  I've been boned.  I'm a dee-hay.  I've been boned.  I'm a dee-hay.  I've been boned.  I'm a dee-hay.

(I'ts better than "friendship", people.)

Paul also kept saying that he doesn't want to get boned again, and he wants to roll forward with this arrangement.

(I'm sure everyone feels the same exact way that he does, but about him.)

I couldn't hear Paul say that he's "been boned" again, so thank god he finally went to sleep.  I started flashing back to get caught up on the important events that threaten to flip this week's vote, and change the course of this season.

So I flashed back, and found this romantic and tender-looking scene between this season's Romeo and Juliet.  As usual, Paulie is turned toward someone else (James and Natalie) while Zakiyah plays the role of a Real Girlfriend, rubbing his back.

The two couples laughed and had light conversation about this week's live show.  Natalie thinks that during Zakiyah's speech on the live show, she should throw the Mardi Gras beads and they all laugh about that.  Natalie left the room and then the room fell silent.

Paulie DOES NOT like to converse with Zakiyah, and he said earlier this week that he would not be sharing any game info with her anymore.  So when you do that math on their relationship, there is nothing for the two of them to talk about.

But that doesn't stop Zakiyah from pretending otherwise, and trying to have a conversation with him. As a young adult, Zakiyah has a lot to learn, just like everybody else.  But her inability to realize when she is being treated like a piece of crap really astounds me.  And of course she has stories to tell about men who have abused her in the past, that she stayed with FOR YEARS. She seems to think that if she gets attention from men through her sexuality, then they must like her.

And you know what's really sad?  The hundreds of tweets out there this week saying things like "Zakiyah is Paulie's queen".  What show are they watching?  Maybe they're just watching the CBS show, and they think all of the live feeders are making this shit up.

I wish I was that creative, actually.  I would just post these pictures and fabricate captions like "Paulie told Zakiyah his biggest fear is that they may be separated for weeks if one of them goes to Jury". But of course I wouldn't do that.

Back to reality...after Natalie left Zakiyah started asking Paulie what was on his mind, which he did not answer, of course.  James was still in the room and told them that he had a bad day, and heard some things that upset him.  Paulie asked Zakiyah to leave the room to give him a chance to speak with James, so she did.  Because Paulie told her to...

James told Paulie that Natalie has been telling him that Paulie has been flirting with her, but James seems to be unsure who he should be angry at....Paulie or Natalie.  I'm not sure what James really believed at this point, but in his conversation with Paulie he took the tone that he thought Natalie was trying to cause drama, or get attention.

James:  My first thought was that I'm in too deep with this girl, if I can get this upset about her saying that.

Paulie, very calmly:  Me and my boys don't play like that.  Cody and I cut people who do that with our girls.  I'm friendly to every girl in this house, and I do flirt with them in a friendly way.  Like I always tell Nicole that she's wifey material, but she's Corey's girl.  And to be honest, I would never go out with Nicole, anyway.

James mentioned the old "Hide and Seek" issue weeks ago where Paulie and Natalie were hiding together under a blanket.  Natalie told him that Paulie said it would be the perfect place to make out, or something like that, which Paulie denied, of course.

Paulie:  I told you to watch out, because she's a Jersey Girl, and I know Jersey Girls like the back of my hand.  They can eat up Southern boys like you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Cody and I have a code that we live fucking way would we ever cross that line.  My girl can get wasted, and lay down in a room with my friends, and nobody would ever touch her. I know that.  I wouldn't even think about that.

James:  Yeah, you said those type of girls were like 'me, me, me, me', and are always worried about what they can get.

Paulie: Exactly.

Natalie met James in the storage room, where Natalie made some really good points with James about the situation, but I have to say that she's confusing the threat of Paulie in this game with her personal issues with him.   It dilutes her message, and makes her seem vindictive.  She's asking everyone to join her in taking the huge risk of going against Paulie this week, but also continually talking about her personal issues with him, such as how Paulie hits on her, and he was certain she was stupid.  This operation can't be all about Natalie if this plan is to succeed.  Don't get me wrong...I like what she's doing here, but I think she has enough "business" ammunition without using the "personal" stuff.

Natalie:  We have people in here who were trained by Derrick, and also a house full of bitches who are scared to do anything.

Natalie: Do you know what he does?  He was in the EmCee business, and that business is all about lying!  That's what my boss does...he lies every day!  And my boss hits on me, too, just like he does!

**FISH** (An example of how Natalie clouds what could be a very clear message with crap.  Juicy crap, but not needed to make her point.)

Natalie is crunching those Baked Lays chips like it's her job, as she unloads all of her info on James.

Natalie:  On Intro Day, we all were just freshman before the vets came in.  We went around in a circle and introduced ourselves.  But then you guys came in, and when we sat down with you, that's when Paulie told everybody he was Cody's brother.

James:  Because we already knew....

Natalie:  Obviously!  But he was gonna play us all summer, and not tell us before the vets came in.

James, letting this sink in: Man, oh man.

Natalie:  Paulie has been telling the couples to go after the singles, and the singles to go after the couples.

Natalie keeps pointing out that everybody thinks she is so stupid, but that was part of her strategy, to be ditzy. James said she needs to stop acting stupid, because this is serious, and people need to feel good about listening to her.

Natalie:  I'd rather Jozea be here, and he's an IDIOT, rather than him being here.

She tried to put a chip in James' mouth, but he stopped her.

James:  I'm a Have Not.  Big Brother, I didn't put any chips in my mouth!

Bridgette came in and was surprised to see the two of them still up, because everyone else was in bed.  Natalie told her that she's been working on James, and they're ready to take action.  Bridgette was very excited.

Bridgette:  I might have a vote in my back packet...I might

James:  Who?

Bridgette:  We have to win it this week though.

Natalie:  The Double Eviction HoH!

Bridgette:  We need to win ALL of it this week, to make this happen.

James:  You have Vic.

Bridgette, smiling:  Oh yeah, I have Vic.

James, clearly nervous:  They'll know what's going on as soon as I "X" out certain votes.

The girls started dancing around gleefully, saying they were ready to break some shit up in there.

James:  America probably wants me to do this.

Natalie also tried to feed Bridgette a chip, too, but she's also a Have Not.  When James was just talking to Paulie, Paulie told him that Bridgette told Paul that if she wins HoH, she is going to put James and Zakiyah on the block.  Bridgette made an outright denial of that, and said they should talk to Paul about it to get the truth from him.

Bridgette went in the London Room and joyously told Michelle that shit is going down, and Paulie's lies are catching up to him.  Paul came in and Bridgette started giving him some overall hints at what is going on, but cautiously didn't want to name names.

Bridgette, to Natalie: How should we tell him?

Paul:  What am I, pregnant?

Bridgette: You're part of the 4, right?  And when did that start, about two weeks ago?

Paul seemed reluctant to answer, but finally admitted he was. Bridgette said she just found out that there is a group of 3 "on the other side".  Paul was confused, so she repeated it, pointing out that all of them are "getting boned".

James came in and started sharing his information, saying he's been "storing it up for weeks".  He told Paul that Paulie told him that Paul was the next target, and that got Paul's attention.

James:  There's one Final Four, and another Final Three.  And Bridgette told you (Paul) that I was supposed to go up this week.

Paul said "hold on" and he and Bridgette both confirmed that they've never had that conversation.

James: Well, he (Paulie) just told me that an hour ago, that you said that to him.

Paul, his world of Friendship crumbling around him: But he and I are boys....why would he say that?

James, shrugging:  And Paulie said he wants to get the girls to put you up, with Victor, depending on who wins HoH.

Bridgette, whispering: So you were next...they're just going to pick everybody off.

Paul:  So we're getting boned.

Bridgette:  Yes.  That's what I've been trying to say to you with my little innuendos.

Bridgette:  And I told James that Paulie's been pitching me for weeks about me, you (Paul), Victor, and him in a Final Four.

James:  And then Paulie's been pitching to me about me, him and Corey in a Final Three.

Paul:  SssssKETCH.

Natalie:  He's been working with the singles to target the couples, and the couples to target the singles.

Bridgette, to Paul:  I want to hear what you have to say about all of this.

Paul, to Bridgette:  Well, we know that Vic has the same thoughts about this (the vote) that we have (i.e. wanting to keep Michelle), and you (James) have that power.

James: I just feel like America gave me that power for a reason.

(No James, the voters didn't think that deeply about it, unfortunately.)

James reiterates that Paulie told him that one of the girls would win HoH this week and put up Paul and Victor.  Then Bridgette indicated that Paulie told her that the plan was to nominate Natalie and James.

James:  He knows that all of you trust him.

Natalie:  And this house is full of a bunch of bitches...sorry....who don't want to do anything.

James, trying to get back on topic:  There's a lot of information going around in this house...we have another Frank in here.

Michelle:  But before Frank left, he told me that Paulie is running this house.

Paul brings up how Paulie was on board to evict Frank, but then got all teary before Frank left.

(Frank actually mentioned that to Big Jeff in his exit interview, saying that made him feel Paulie was on his side, after all.)

Natalie tells Bridgette that Paulie wanted her out because he thought she was spreading lies (?), and then Paul says Paulie has always told him that Bridgette hates him.

Bridgette:  I never said that.  I did say that you were overwhelming, but I say that to your face, too.

Michelle:  I say that too, sometimes.

Paul:  Oh, I know.  And I even tried to be MORE overwhelming after he told me that, to piss you off.

Natalie: I know I'm going to be his biggest target now, after this.

James and Paul: Oh....I don't know about that.....

(They are correct, because THEY will likely become Paulie's big targets, once he knows they crossed him.)

We're pretty much back where we started now, and the circle is complete.  Can everyone keep their stories straight and their lips zipped until Thursday night's vote?


  1. Wow! Well isnt this a turn of events. Thursday still seems a week off tho. I'm curious to see how this will go down tomorrow! Great recap

  2. Yeah this is all pretty interesting. My biggest question is if Paul is really concerned about Paulie or he is just playing along with the group. Maybe he trusts Paulie so much that he sees that what everyone is saying he is doing as a way to get PP to final two. I'm interested to see how much Paul tells Paulie or what about the whole convo.
    Also, the whole thing with this weeks eviction is that Paulie wouldn't be terribly upset. I don't think he would feel like he was betrayed or crossed because almost all week they were debating who to go after. I know Paulie wants Meech out more but wouldn't be super upset if Z was out. Idk it'll be interesting how it plays out.
    Maybe we can just be grateful there is actually something to be interested in and looking forward to this season.

  3. I honestly gave up.... But,(fingers crossed) we'll see on Thurs.

  4. Awesome recap as always! Love it!!

    Did you catch Z on all fours, draped over Paulie in the bumper car, while Paulie declares to James & Natalie Z was a cat in her previous life.

    If this flip doesn't go through I'm going to have to get Dramamine to stomach much more of this P & Z farce.

  5. Oh, my GAWD!

    I have been waiting for this for soooooo long. I couldn't take the "Bro Show" any longer. Finally someone is setting their sights on Paulie!

    First time commenting on the blog but longtime reader. You do a great job! Thanks for keeping us all up to date.

  6. I really hope the five of them can pull this off. It will make the season much more enjoyable. It won't be the Paulie Show anymore.

  7. Incredible! So happy for the turn of events...Glad my Jersey girl is gonna lead in the clipping of the dysfunctional couple known as Zaulie! Gonna be fun! Thanks for the play by play!

  8. Do you know if Paulie and Corey really said/did that stuff to Natalie or is she just making it up?

  9. I also like your recaps, keep them coming.
    I used to read JU minute by minute updates, but it got to be too much.
    Reading your updates, I know that I won't miss anything, and I don't have to spend so much time on the PC...thanks!!

  10. Let this flip be true and let the games begin. It will be great to see Paulie out of control. He thinks he is so slick and he has been thus far but his HUGE ego will be his downfall. Natalie, Bridgette and Michelle figured it all out. I hope they clean house and win!

  11. Okay, she is a dummy (Z)!!! She just told Nicorey and Paulie everything they warned her about!!! I wish they hadn't told her....Why Why Why

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  14. Great recaps...thank you so much. I really hope this all works out and they can pull off the flip. So tired of seeing Paulie pulling all the strings.

  15. Paulie is a vile pig...he needs to leave the house. He peed in the whirlpool. Lazy disgusting fuck.

  16. Great recap, thanks. I just hope production doesn't have a hand in this and somehow help Paulie. I know this isn't supposed to happen, but I believe production does do this at times, I hope I'm wrong. Would LOVE to see Paulie go, he is so smug. Paulie needs help and so does Z, in real life. He treats women like dirt and she's the perfect one to accept it, that's so sad.

  17. Watch Paulie have the round trip ticket... I want him gone, but I'm worried that will happen. If Z goes this week, and they get out Paulie in the double eviction, will the round trip ticket still be in play? They are only doing 5, right?

    1. I'm thinking that the round trip ticket was only good for 4 evictions, which means after tonight's double eviction, it will no longer be in play...

    2. It was already announced that the Round Ticket initiative would run through August 18th, so the next three evictions have potential to be impacted.

      (Two tonight and one next Thursday)

  18. I have had to pull for James in this wasteland of a season, but after sitting there and spilling everything, I hope he goes home tomorrow. He's an idiot. Go Bridge! Survive the DE! Maybe u can get it done sans Miche. JAmes sucks!

  19. Excellent recap. I couldn't figure out why James, Paul and Michelle wanted Natalie to "out" Paulie to Zakia so bad. In the real world, the girl always shoots the messenger and as much as Z says she appreciates the info and believes what was said, the reality is she wants to believe in Paulie so bad that she will block all logic to still believe in him. I don't think they recognize the lost cause and I feel bad for Z when she gets out and sees that Nat, Bridge and James were honest while she was "sleeping with the enemy." I wasn't aNicole fan to begin with but have lost all respect for her because she aids and abets Paulie by defending him to Z and encouraging Z in this toxic relationship for game advancement. I get the impression that Z may have been a bit fragile. What's this going to do for her? Anyway, so glad to see the power shift to those in the house who play with more dignity and respect. I was a Paulie fan to begin with I'm so over it. Who would have thought Natalie would have been the one to turn the house on its head? Wow!

  20. Can't wait for the flip, for Paulie to leave, but what Natalie did to Z was uncalled for and nothing to do with game. She isn't and has never been Z's friend. That group, Paul, Bridget, Natalie, James and Michelle planned, laughed and joked about the attack on Z and purposely and maliciously hurt her. I'm all about the game but in my book this attack by Natalie makes her just as bad as Paulie especially when she is always proclaiming to be such a nice person.

    1. I agree 1000%. Everyone was in an uproar when Paul did this to Bridgette and cried emotional abuse. This is the same exact thing. She didn't do this because she was her friend looking out for her, she did it as strategy and laughed the entire time. I can't stand Natalie. Her "america's sweetheart" card is so phony. She says she is such a nice girl and never talks bad about anyone but I've seen her talking crap multiple times. They all talk about each other but don't play the innocent victim role.

  21. I totally disagree about the Nat personal stuff. It's the perfect cover for what's going on in the house. Gives a reason for everyone getting upset/happy/etc. Otherwise Paul would really know something was going on. He's such a loser on all counts, I haven't disliked a contestant this much in a decade.

  22. I applaud Natalie for using whatever works to wake everyone up and turn the tides

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    Wow, this post has like the most comments of all your posts. At least for this year. Out of curiosity, what was the post that had the most comments and how many comments had been posted?


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