Monday, August 29, 2016

It's a Have Not's Perogative to Change Their Mind. #BB18

If you take your eyes off the live feeds for a few hours, it turns out that you don't miss much, at this point in the game.  Corey and Victor have been Have Nots since Saturday morning.  Both of them were skeeving, big time, about this week's Have Not foods of Seaweed and Squid, and swore that neither of those items would be eaten at all, banishing the entire display to the garbage can.

The slop only diet is working for Victor, I'll just say. But after another full day of being stubborn, Victor finally broke down after watching Michelle and Natalie crunch their way through several packages of the dried seaweed just after midnight on Monday morning.

They have several different varieties of the seaweed, and are enjoying analyzing the pictures and Japanese writing on each one.  Victor started eating some and making different soy-based sauces to dip them in, and decided the seaweed was not so bad.

I actually bought a huge package of the individually-wrapped seaweed packages earlier this year at Costco.  Even though it tastes very salty, the actual salt content is fairly low.  It's crunchy, and kind of melts in your mouth.  I bought it in hopes that I could eat it instead of eating tortilla or pita chips.

But then I discovered this brand of snacks.  They even have a sriracha good.

Anyway, Victor started trying the seaweed, and was big enough to admit that it wasn't that bad.  The kitchen was full of crunching noises as they all enjoyed this late night snack. One package has a picture of a caveman and two cavewomen on it.  Natalie passed the package over to Victor and wanted to hear his interpretation of what the package and the caveman was trying to tell us.

Michelle:  I don't get why a caveman would be eating seafood.

Victor, after studying the package:  Well, I think the caveman probably boned the two cavewomen.

I don't know about you, but I still have many unanswered questions about the marketing strategy for this product.  The girls say that every variety they've tasted has been good, but they each have a different taste.  Natalie says that these snacks are a "pageant secret" because they are so low-calorie and can fill you up quickly.  Each package has around 20 calories, so it might even be one of those foods like celery that takes more energy to digest than it provides in calories.

Michelle thinks they should stash the packages of seaweed that they like in their luggage, and get the boys to request more in the DR so they can take a bunch of it home.  Natalie shops for these chips and veggies at the Japanese markets in New York, because the prices are lower.

There was some conversation about Mr. Jenkins, and how Bridgette wanted to go in the house and get him before she left.  They wonder what will happen to Mr. Jenkins after the season is over, but hope that someone can take him out for Bridgette.

Corey walked through the room and Victor was excited as he told him the seaweed wasn't that bad, and that he should try it.

Corey:  Dude.  Are you serous?

Victor: Try it, man.  It's not bad if you dip it in the sauce.

Corey wasn't excited about it, but he started crunching away in a steady manner, eventually laying waste to five packages of the seaweed, per his own count.

Victor, really selling it to Corey:  This is something good we can eat between the slop, man.  It's something else we can eat.  And I'm defrosting some squid and we're gonna try to cook some tomorrow.

It's like a Whole New Victor, full of hope and new dining plans.  He later told Nicole that Michelle and Natalie talked him into eating a package of seaweed "with good vibes, eating a whole package like chips".

Corey wonders how much sodium they are getting, but Victor reads the package information and says it really is a tiny amount, but admits that the soy sauce is mostly sodium.

Corey is really getting into it now, dipping and crunching continuously, while Victor looks on like a proud dad who got his son to eat broccoli.

Corey:  Where's the squid?

Victor:  It's defrosting right now.  I don't really want to expedite that process, if you know what I mean.

But then they reconsidered the situation, and also their schedules, which are apparently wide open.

Victor:  Let's just cook up some squid now.  We don't have anything to do tomorrow.  I'm not tired right now.

They have packages of frozen squid and study the directions, wondering what "blanched" means.

Victor:  Does that just mean to boil it for a few minutes?  Let's just do that and then fry it in the wok with some of the sauce.  Maybe we should just perfect the sauce first, so we get that right.

Natalie and Michelle had already gone back to bed by this point, so they weren't available to consult on what the package cooking directions meant.  Not that either one of them would know, though.

Corey: It  says to serve with ginger and lime.  Dude.

Paul walked through the kitchen on his way back from the bathroom and was stunned to find all of this action in the kitchen.

Paul:  What?  You're cooking squid?  What happened?  You're not tired?

(Hey Paul....they are both tall strapping Have Nots who don't exactly fit into the bumper cars.  And they're starving.  It's not like they left their suite at the Ritz Carlton or something.)

Corey went upstairs to wake Nicole up so that she could join them in the Cooking of the Squid. Nicole was SHOCKED to hear that Corey just plowed through five packages of the seaweed.  And Paul was too.

Paul: What happened?  I went to bed and you guys hated seaweed, and now you're eating five packages of it?  What the hell?

Nicole tried one piece, even dipping it in the sauce, and said it wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't good.

Victor got to work mixing up his sauce.  He added honey and whatever was in this bottle that needed squeezing, along with several teaspoons of light brown sugar.  Corey tasted it and said it was perfect.

Corey:  We're about to fuck up some squid, brah.

The two of them were so excited to push forward with this experiment.  Corey was even dancing around in anticipation.  They both had hope about this exciting, yet potentially-gross new protein source.

Corey: Fuck slop, man.

Paul:  Why don't you bread it?

Victor:  We would, but we can't use flour.  If we had some vegetables, man it would be a feast.

Nicole: Are there like, eyeballs in that?

Victor said not in the package they are defrosting, but he showed her a box of squid in the freezer that was a whole squid.

Victor:  We'll try this one tomorrow, after we see how this first one comes out.

Nicole, giving in to the excitement:  I really hope this works out for you guys.

Paul, standing up to join them:  Fuck this.  I'm in on the squid!  I'm slicing and dicing squid tonight.

The frozen package of squid has been sitting in a sink full of water.  Victor thinks it only needs about 10 more minutes of defrosting, so he is draining the water and re-filling the sink with fresh water.

Corey:  I bet it's gonna be fucking bomb.

Victor:  My mom will be so proud.

Nicole:  Yeah, you're not only eating're eating squid.

Paul:  How much squid are you defrosting?

Corey: Enough for me and Vic.

Paul:  DICK!

Corey:  No, I'm just kidding.  You can have some.

Victor and Corey spent a few minutes flexing their pecs for the cameras.  Nicole claims she can't do it, but Victor says girls can do that if they do chest exercises.

About the game, Paul and Michelle are still on the block.  Nicole won the PoV (the "counting" PoV) and is expected to keep the nominations the same later today during the PoV ceremony.  I know we all want her to put James on the block, but I don't think she will do that because not only does she want Michelle out of the house, she doesn't want to burn bridges with James and Natalie.

James has told everybody that this week is another Double Eviction, but according to Production's schedule there will not be another Double Eviction this season.  Paul has been having chest pains, and someone took his blood pressure in the DR.  Nurse Nicole listened to Paul's symptoms and said he's making himself worried over nothing.

(I'd probably get a second opinion, Paul.  I wouldn't rest my medical fate on something that Nicole says.  I'm sure the Saginaw Valley State nursing program is a fine program, but still...)

Corey is chopping up the squid, which appears to be 100% tentacles.  Paul is trying to get bossy about it, telling Victor he should season the oil, and what spices he should use.

Since Corey won the Care Package, there has been much discussion about how the new Final Four is going to use the money to travel together to Cancun, Las Vegas, etc.  Victor often points out that he is going to need to wait for his BB stipend money, and then Rich Boy Paul starts offering up alternatives.

Paul:  You can come stay with me and my family.  And I like to pre-game, to party before I go out.

Corey hopes that his buddy Dylan brings him his Adderall.

Victor:  You didn't bring it out here with you, and just not in the house?

Corey: No, they told me not to bring it.  But Dylan will bring it out here...he's not an idiot.

(I'm guessing Corey doesn't have the "right" type of prescription for Adderall, and that is why he was not allowed to bring it in the house.  Lots and lots of people have "bogus" scripts for the drug, which is actually a form of speed.  A DELICIOUS form of speed, but it's so good it kind of scares me.)

Paul: If he can't bring it, I can get someone to bring some by the house.  I can get it for you, you know?  I know people.


Corey:  And we all might be shitting up the toilet all day tomorrow...we don't know!  And that's the great thing about it!

Everyone laughed.

Corey:  I know where this came from...Bikini Bottom.  We're eating Squidward right now.

Finally the oil was hot enough for Victor, and he dropped the squid into it, the sounds of popping and simmering filled the kitchen.

Paul:  Vic, you need to put the lid on.  You need to put the lid on.  Put the lid on, Vic.

Victor, ignoring him:  You know what I'm not gonna do?  Put the lid on.

Nicole laughed at what an old couple these two guys are, arguing with each other all of the time.

Victor finally put the lid on the pot, but frankly this worried me, since it is full of hot oil.  Surely if the stove were a gas stove Production would have told them to "STOP THAT".

Corey wondered who they would want to be friends with..Patrick or Squidward.

Paul:  Fuck Squidward!

Everyone agreed.

Nicole:  But what about Sponge Bob?  Patrick or Sponge Bob?

Paul:  Patrick.

Corey:  Sponge Bob can be annoying as shit.  But he's funny, too.

Nicole:  But with Patrick you never know what's going on.

Victor:  That's good.

Paul is a big Patrick fan, apparently, recounting the time that Patrick answered the phone at the Crusty Crab.

Paul:  Hello, is this the Crusty Crab?  No, it's Patrick.

Victor acts out slamming the phone down.

Paul:  And another time someone said, "Patrick, don't you have somewhere else to be, Stupid?" and he said "no, not until 4:00...why?".

They agree that Patrick doesn't give a fuck, and just lives under a rock.

Victor:  You know who I really want to hang out with?  Gary.

Paul tells a story about not even starting this thesis until the wee hours the morning it was due (?)  He posted a picture online from Sponge Bob and his professors saw it.

Finally Victor removes the first batch of fried squid and they are amazed by how much it shrunk during the cooking.  Paul immediately started criticizing Victor, saying that there was no way it was cooked enough, but Victor disputed this.

It looks overcooked to me.  Corey tasted a piece and took the bowl over to the table where Nicole tasted a tiny bit.

Corey: It tastes like oil.

Paul:  That's because you cut it up so small.

(It's probably because the oil wasn't hot enough...that makes fried food even greasier.)

Nicole:  It's chewy.  Is that what it's supposed to be like?

Victor: It's squid, Nicole.  It's chewy.

Victor:  I think it tastes good.

Corey:  Me too.  And we haven't even seasoned it yet.

They discussed plans to saute the fried squid and toss it in the sauce they made, while Paul crapped all over this idea, telling Nicole the two of them were fooling themselves, saying it tasted good.

Nicole:  I'm not gonna eat anymore, so that there's enough for the two of you.

Victor:  Well, fuck you.  And thank you for the nice gesture.

Paul:  I was just kidding.  It does taste good and I hope you both enjoy it.

Corey:  Wait 'til tomorrow, brah.

Paul:  What's tomorrow?  You'll both have the shits?

Nicole:  I know what tomorrow is...(i.e. the PoV ceremony)

Victor:  Oh, fool gets power and tries to use it.  Go ahead and send me home, and I'll come back AGAIN!  I'll be out there with Julie and she'll say what if I told you....

Corey, imitating Julie:  What if I told you that you can get vengeance on Nicole?

They're all kidding, of course.  I hope.


Yesterday afternoon, a drone flew over the backyard and dropped a blow up sex doll in the backyard.  You have to wonder what took them so long to try a stunt like this.  I would have thought someone would be dropping bags of Doritos over the wall at least two years ago.

The picture on the left appears to be taken before the doll was attached to the drone.  There is some chatter online about what the message appears to mean...why not make it more clear?   It says this:


Here is a better picture.  If you can call it "better", that is.

Some people think the "JU" refers to "Jokers Updates", but others think it may relate to the Jury, somehow.  Someone online thought the message was "James, you are hated, BB18's #1 pussy".

Who knows, really?  But why go to to all of the trouble, if the message isn't clear?


  1. let the real sex doll owner please stand up and reveal your message so it is clear to the rest of the world please!

  2. Yes, hehe please let us know what it means.

    THe houseguests try to look into everything that is there, from ingredients to the Care Packages, vying to understand what ''America'' is trying to tell them. Maybe the drone flyer decided to be criptic so create drama in the house and some excitement. I would have given them some sort of note that had a rhyme on it, like a clue for some treasure, as though it was someone who hid something in the house before leaving, or maybe a jury member hiding something before the comp last Thursday. Something that would mak the houseguests scramble around the house, physically, rather than sit around and ask themselves ''what does it mean''. If you'Re gonna have them say ''What does it mean'' you need to puta Double Rainbow somewhere! :p

  3. Fool can afford a drone and he can't write a clear message?# idiot.

  4. Jokers Updates rate BB season 18 #1?

    1. Once you point that out, it seems obvious, doesn't it?

      But do you think that's true? Does the website really think this season is #1?

      And would someone from Jokers fly a blowup sex toy with a drone over the backyard? That seems more like a Hamsterwatch prank to me. Maybe someone is trying to frame somebody....

  5. People who can't even be clear with a simple message should not be given controls to a drone. Just saying. I would never want anyone to know I was the one who pulled that stupid stunt...I don't know where the James correlation comes in, either...The person who came up with that theory might be as pathetic as the drone operator...

  6. I see Jokers Updates rates BB Season 18 No. 1 But that's just me. I'm not sure where the connection to James is...

  7. I thought it might be about James saying he expects to be America's favorite player again or at least top 3.

  8. I think the 8 stands for the infinity symbol..
    J (James) ur 8(forever) Big brother season 18
    #1 pussy

    1. If it weren't for the blow-up doll I would go with the JU (Joker's Updates) R-8 (rate) BB season 18 #1.... your interpretation is funnier, but both seem like a waste of an opportunity.

  9. Sarah, I hadn't thought of that. That is so true too, he's playing the scardy cat game this year. It makes perfect sense.

  10. I can't believe we still don't know!

    Maybe someone can drop a box of diapers in the backyard. Or maybe just some Old Bay seasoning for the squid.


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