Saturday, August 6, 2016

I'm a Fool to Do Your Dirty Work, Again. #BB18

(Yes, that is vintage Steely Dan I am referencing here.)

The PoV will be played later today,and the player's roster is as follows:

Victor - HoH
Zakiyah - nominated for eviction
Michelle - nominated for eviction
Paulie - picked by Zakiyah
Nicole - random pick?
James - random pick?

Paul will be the host, and we can expect him to be very extra about it.  The house guests have been comparing him to Frankie Grande lately, but I'm not sure Paul should feel complimented by those comparisons.

That's a tough PoV draw for those girls.  I don't think either of them can be sure anyone would use the PoV to save them.


Late yesterday, the House Guests learned who won the 2nd America's Care Package. I could hear James thanking America as he started to open the box, but the camera view I was watching seemed to be racing frantically behind the far wall, trying to get a shot of the action.  They focused on Michelle and then zoomed in closely before re-focusing.

Both Victor and Michelle probably have equal concerns at this point.  Michelle doesn't seem to be very hopeful about it.

James holds up a pair of rather sketchy underwear---not sure if they are even new or not.

Note that the house guests still seem to think that America also votes on all of the Care Package items.  James says he will wear this underwear if America wants him to.

James:  And socks, too!  Thanks America.

James also got a pair of aviator sunglasses, and a package of cookies.  Note that this was the only clear camera shot of James opening the box that was available on the live feeds.  I'll bet they try to block out their camera shots better next week, because the prize will be much better, and the winner will be more shocking to everyone, now that James is crossed off the list for future winners.

The house guests should be told to stand in a certain place, to give us a better view of the action.  I don't know about you, but I would have liked to have more views of James' disgruntled cast mates. Jealousy is a real bitch, and is hard to disguise sometimes.

James reads the card, which says he will have to stand up before this week's live vote and choose two house guests who either will not vote, or whose votes will be denied, which can be potentially "game changing".

I heard James doing the math later, saying that they only have 7 votes to evict this week, so it could be significant.  (If the vote is 4 - 3, getting rid of votes so that is is 2-3 would change things.)

James, to Paulie:  But you don't really need that  this week.

(No, you don't.  And I've already heard Paulie say that he will "tell James how to use the votes".)

Your boy and The Executive listen carefully.  I don't think they are very worried, though.

Many of the fans have noticed that James is playing scared this season, afraid to do anything that is not approved in advance by his Supervisor Paulie.  Those fans will not be disappointed that James was heard grumbling that he had no choice but to use his powers this week....use of the power is not optional.

(Once again, the voting fans are kind of screwing up by giving their favorites these prizes, because in addition to making the advantage public knowledge, it fosters A LOT of resentment among the cast.  I did hear Nicole check in with Corey, saying that of course America likes Natalie and James, and this is good for the two of them because James can do their dirty work for them.)

While James gets a fist bump or a hug from each person, Natalie points out to America that James is getting this prize while he is wearing a pair of her pants.

Paul: So James finally did get in Natalie's pants.

(I believe the pants are the ones that drag on the ground, which upset Victor many weeks ago, becoming one of Natalie's chief complaints against him.)


The Have Not foods were revealed this morning, and as soon as he saw the food over the railing, I think James knew exactly what it was, and started rejoicing.

James:  Hell yeah!  Corned beef and hash!  That's comfort food in Texas!

Everyone gathered around to stare at the display of foods.  The Have Nots this week are James, Corey and Bridgette, you know.

James:  Corey is pumped!  

(Apparently Corey and Bridgette were just discussing this yesterday, saying that these would be great Have Not foods for them.  Maybe Production decided to give them a break, particularly Corey, since he's had to fold himself in half to sleep at night in those bumper cars.)

(Much less to sleep next to Zakiyah's bumper car "rides" with Paulie last week.)

James:  This is breakfast!  I eat this every day at home...I go through the drive through and get two hash browns for a dollar, and a damn coffee.  If I was hungry now, I'd eat it.

Zakiyah is either kissing Paulie's neck, or whispering something that took quite a long time.  Note that even though Paulie totally shut her out of last week's vote, and didn't tell her that Da'Vonne was the target, he was still able to weasel out of trouble with her.

I saw her last night asking him if "this was lust", and then saying "maybe we both just want to get in each other's pants".

She didn't bother to whisper I can't imagine what she would have to say now that she feels she needs to whisper.

Bridgette's picture beams in the background, as the only two girls to cast votes to evict her last week experience life on the block.

Victor reads the card provided to him that states that the Have Nots can enjoy all of the corned beef and hashed brown potatoes they'd like this week.

I assume Corey is pleased about this, but I can't be sure.  His eyes dart about a lot in a manner that must be a habit.  We have to give Corey credit for not being a big whiner about his Have Not situation.  He's not happy about it, but you don't hear him bitching about it.

James cheers for Bridgette, saying she is now starting her very first week as a Have Not this season.

Nicole and her Bed Head bite into one of the hash browns.  Bridgette took a bite, too, but she seemed happier about it than Nicole did.

Corey went back to his bumper car with James and folded himself in for a nap.


  1. Last week wasn't the time for James to make a move, now is the time. They can take Paulie or another big target out. All James has to do is go to Victor and tell him about the Double Eviction plan, turn him, and hope Paulie doesn't win Veto.

    1. We need the Drive By Shouter to set Fit Vic straight about this.

    2. Frankie is playing a very good game on CBBUK. He's still very much Mr. Sunshine but isn't trying to hog the camera. He seems to be well liked by the British public. I know. I can't believe I'm saying this either.

    3. James is not even on anyone's radar this season. So he doesn't care.

      Paulie has a bigger target, and James is counting on the larger fish to take each other out before playing.

  2. Responding to someone who posted yesterday.
    Someone having the herpes virus is plain stupid on the part of the studio and production. With a young, stupid group like this it's asking for a lawsuit at worst or trouble at least. A previous commenter said Paulie's father had something to do with picking the house guests and that James and Paulie work for CBS. I had my doubts, but not anymore, Paulie wins the POV how perfect can you write the script. I am very digusted with BB and find it becoming very boring and predictable.

    1. Producers get contestants screened before shooting. They don't recruit people with STI's, and also have severe cases of mental problems(beside narcissism.)

      Evil Dick can't be cast on the show now, because he has HIV. They have a bar set for those who are considered "healthy" enough to do endurance competitions.

  3. Is CBBUK available on-line? Anyone know?

    1. Episodes can be found on YOUTUBE,

    2. it was on youtube, although it may have been taken down? worth looking

    3. I tried watching three different episodes, including the premiere, and couldn't get through any of them.

      No one wants to publish the You Tube account hosting the episodes, because then it will surely be taken down, but it's still out there. Try spelling out what you are looking for, rather than abbreviating it.

      I actually got the info by asking someone in the BBLF chat, and they gave me enough hints to find it.

  4. I have a couple random questions. I read Paulie hid his veto inside the table yesterday. Maybe I'm not remembering correctly but did Vanessa try to do that last year and was told she couldn't? Also, when I read every morning about Cory getting up and feeding the cat and leaving milk out for her "michelle", what are they talking about?
    Random I know, but these are the things that keep me up at night!


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