Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Honor. Integrity. Total Bullshit. #BB18

Before we get started here, I want to make sure that you know that Paulie frequently recites this credo when he's meeting with "his boys".


And this is frequently followed by a fist bump among the dudes in attendance.  Never females...always the guys in the house.  Yes, this is going to be another post detailing Paulie Califiore's bad behavior, but frankly, that is the main story of the last 24 hours.  I'm not happy about it, and I'm not looking forward to it, but here we go.

Before we begin though, I want to remind everyone about what Paulie told Big Jeff during their pre-season interview.  I lot of house guests say stuff like this, but Paulie literally meant it.  And it makes even more sense given the comments Paulie has made this season about how his dad monitor's Cody's fan mail, and also his social media accounts to protect him from the smacktalking and also the threats.

(If sweet little Cody got threats, I can't even imagine what Paulie's situation is going to be.  Maybe Mr. Califiore should hire an intern or something to assist him this year.)

Yesterday evening, Paulie, Paul and Zakiyah were having a conversation about modeling while they sat in the shade of the backyard.

Zakiyah reported that before coming in the house this summer, she had interest from "a few agencies". Paul then started talking about Wilhelmina Models, saying that he can see Zee fitting in with their stable of models with exotic-looking features.

Paulie, with a tone in his voice: I don't model anymore.

He then mentioned seeing an article on "some website" about him and his brother earlier this summer, but he did not elaborate on the situation beyond that.

Paul:  I'm not working with modeling agencies anymore....I can make just as much on my own.

He mentioned some print campaign he was in for a leather goods company in Europe.  They sent him two really nice leather jackets and what I think was either $250 or $2,500.  Paul also mentioned some sort of Buzzfeed article that mentioned him, causing his friends to "go wild".

(I'm betting that without the beard, Paul would not be mentioned on Buzzfeed. Just a guess.)

Zakiyah - I want to cut all my hair off.  Because when a girl cuts her hair, she changes her life.  I want a pixie cut, or something like that.

Paul says he could see that, and that Zee could carry it off with her facial structure.  Zee also said she wants to dye her hair jet black, with some gray streaks.

Paul mentioned his friend "Josh Mario" and we immediately went to FISH.  I guess "Josh Mario" is this guy....perhaps he is Paul's "style inspiration".

Zakiyah said that she frequently sees Confederate Flags in North Carolina, and also mentions Myrtle Beach, saying that she saw people ride bikes with the flags waving behind them.  She said her mother "tried to drive over real close to them" when she saw that.  She also has a neighbor with three Confederate flags in their yard.

Zakiyah:  It's just normal down there.

Paul:  I'm from L.A.  If I did that I'd get my ass kicked.

Paulie came out with a plate of food, and offered Paul a bite.

I was trying to catch the girls running behind Paul as he spoke, but I only got Nicole's legs.  They were running like the wind, it seems.

Zakiyah went over to the weight area to workout with Nicole, and Paulie started low talking about the PoV ceremony earlier today, and how angry he was about Michelle trying to throw shade on him with her speech.

Paulie:  When it was my turn to speak, I wanted to say that I had been planning to use it to save her, but after that speech, I'm going to save Zakiyah instead.

Paul laughed about that, but Paulie said he decided not to joke about that because then Zee might believe it and then she would keep asking him about it for the rest of the week.

Paul made a series of bragging comments about vacation properties owned by members of his extended family, including one in a mountain area with a hot tub.  Paulie then let everybody know that his aunt "provides spa services in the Poconos", if anyone is "interested in that".

Paulie:  You know, if you're interested in some Fantasy Suite action, with a bathtub shaped like a champagne glass.

I think Paulie was actually talking to Paul here, trying to top his story about the mountain-top cabin, but that didn't stop Zakiyah commenting on it.

Zakiyah: I'm about that life.  All about it.

FYI - The Poconos are renowned for this sort of super-cheesy hotel room rental.  Why would Paulie invite Paul to have spa services with him in a place like this?

Paulie got Nicole started on some weight routines, and Zakiyah joined in.

Paulie started talking about "F.T", which of course is code for Natalie and her "fake titties".

Paulie:  You missed it Paul...she told everybody that she has fake tits.  She admitted it to everybody but you Paul!

Zakiyah: She admitted it to me early in the game, but I already knew.

Paul:  We all knew!  But it's the denial that got me.  I've been making backhanded comments about her FT's all summer.  Like she was telling me that something was going to be hard, and I said 'not as hard as your nips'.  And I guarantee you that everyone behind that wall was cracking up.

Paulie:  Headlights all day.

Zakiyah sat and listened to this conversation, but then she went into the house and the following conversation took place.

Paul:  She's a cool ass girl, but it's getting to be crunch time.

Paulie:  She's....a piece.

Paul: What?  I don't get it.

Paulie:  Boned.....Flopped.....Never worried.

Paul seemed kind of shocked about this, but didn't ask any follow up questions about the matter.

Paul: I'm not sure where "Midget's" head is at right now.

Paulie:  Midget?  FT?

Paul:  No!  Bridgette!

I have also heard that Paulie told Corey that he and Zakiyah had sex in a bumper car, but I didn't hear Paulie say that with my own ears.  I did see the action Paulie is referring to (two separate occasions, at least), and information about where to find it is widely available if you look for it.  I will say it was fast and lacked any appearance of caring or affection.

Hours later, Paulie was pretty upfront with Victor about his feelings about the women in the house. He pointed out that Michelle and Da'Vonne were the ones who tried to start the All Girl's Alliance.

Paulie:  And we got Tiff out, and Day, and now Michelle.  And she tried to recruit Bridgette, too.  Zee is lucky this week....it might not be her week to go this week, but it's coming soon.

Paulie then started railing on Zakiyah, and the fact that she kept hanging around the backyard while Paulie was playing pool "with his boys".

Paulie:  At least when Nicole gets sleepy, she goes inside and goes to bed, and lets Corey stay out and talk.  But Zee just stayed out there...

Victor:  She was laying down on that couch while were playing pool!  It looked like she was sleeping!

Paulie:  And then she asked me if I wanted her to go inside....what am I gonna say?  Am I supposed to be a dick about it and say yes?

Victor:  Fool has a girlfriend, and didn't even want one.

Paulie:  I don't know why she would even think it's like that.....

Victor: I'm happy to not have that problem in here.

(Which is ironic, given that Victor's preseason conversation was all about how he wanted to charm the ladies.)

Paulie:  Trust me, I'm not trying to have a girlfriend when I get out of here.  I'm going to be busy as soon as I leave here.

They discussed how the "showmance girls" need to leave the house, and in what order.

Paulie:  I have no problem with mine being the first to go. Corey's really should be the first to go, strategically, but....

Paulie said that after the PoV Ceremony, where Michelle told the group that "someone" has won over 50% of all of the competitions, Bridgette told Zee that Michelle "had a good point".

Paulie mentioned again how irritated he was by Zakiyah hanging around out there when he was playing pool.

Paulie:  I'm always happy as fuck when she's sleeping...oh my god, you don't know.....and I'm so pissed that Michelle fucking did that in her speech, because she could have stayed.

(I believe everything Paulie is saying here but that last part...even though he wants to bounce Zee as quickly as possible, he is using Michelle's speech as an excuse for keeping her this week when speaking with "his boys".)

Paulie:  I basically have two options with Michelle this week...either try and provoke her, or be nice and hope she keeps her opinions to herself.

(We need to all PRAY that Big Meech has the Round Trip ticket in her Secret Envelope. )

Victor mentions how Zakiyah was bragging about how when she goes to a club, she and her friends get free admission and a table.  Paulie scoffed at that, saying that the club promoters always want pretty girls hanging around for atmosphere.

Paulie:  I have to really hold back sometimes...I was like, do you actually KNOW what my life is like outside of here?  And what my life is like when I go out with my friends, or with my brother?  Because when a guy gets in a club for free and gets a table, it's about who you are, and what you've DONE with your life,

(Or what fucking CODY has done with his life, not Paulie.)

I tried to flash back to the time frame they were discussing, when Zakiyah was lurking and making them all mad, but I found this scene instead, which I could only tolerate for a very short period of time.

Paulie's body language should tell Zakiyah that he is not interested in the conversation.  He didn't look at her, and kept his hands folded like you see here.  But we can't expect Zakiyah to get the hint now, after all of the hundreds of direct and indirect signs Paulie has given her all summer.

Paulie was venting about a number of things, but I think most of his irritation was the fact that she was sitting there, being a doormat.

Zakiyah:  What is it?  You can choke me...you can slap me....

Paulie:  ***snorts***  I only do those things in a sexual way.

Zakiyah: Okay.

And with that, I'm out.

Oh, except for this...Paulie peed in the hot tub with "his boy" watching, who would probably still be interested in getting in the champagne hot tub with "Fool".


  1. I heard the show is being renamed. They're trying to decide if it will be called 'Derrick's Disciples' or "Paulie and His Little Bros'.

  2. Paulie is the worst. Awful. A true villain.

  3. I believe Paulie may be a sociopath.

    1. I find someone who can do what he does rather frightening.

      It seems so easy for him.

    2. I think you may be right about that.

    3. He definatly needs help if daddy I d at home erasing negative stuff so he doesn't see it I think he is old enough to take care of himself but, how did he pass psych test or did he not take one since this is a sham and he's only there because of h I s brother. I hope he gets some help be c cause from what he says he didn't respect women at all and thinks they are all trash and he has his little ankle biter Paul who is just as, bad!

  4. Zee has been acting way too thirsty for some time. But Paulie...he is a pig. He full on disgusts me with what he says behind her back. And BB shows seem so far to ONLY show his "efforts" to keep her and completely leaves/edits out his deception. Which is BS.

  5. Just out of curiosity, FW, what has been the hardest season to stay motivated enough to write about? *Insert Nicole's "I don't even like these people" DR clip.*
    Which was the most exciting for you to write about?

    1. I've found something to like about every season, I guess, even if I don't like the people very much.

      I don't get all upset when we see players who are horrible people, because they really are keeping it real. (i.e. BB12, BB15) I find it fascinating that people can lack self-awareness to the point that they come out of the house shocked at the public's reaction.

      Derrick was my pick to win BB16 from the very beginning, the cast introductions. So I found it exciting for him to pull off his big secrets. And I loved the drama of the Twin Twist.

      And I love it when we have a player who is demented and not shy about showing that...(i.e. Devin, Amanda)

  6. I've heard people talk like Zee before, people who have, in the past, been in an abusive relationship. Sometimes the PTSD, which is hwere you start to rebel against all abuse that was once done to you, kicks in way later and you talk to people as though you are still being abused. Some people hate it, some find themselves treating you badly in return. This is nothing bad about Zakiyah. I say this because I know first hand. There are days when it still hits me and I speak to my husband in such a manner and he's like wtf but in the gentle way. It happens, I fall into old patterns of thinking and feeling. When I do that, others around me might feel as though I'm trying ot victimie myself, which I am not, it's subconscious, though much less now so it rarely happens, and others might feel as though suddenly they are the aggressor. Triangle of melodrama 101. I could be completely wrong, but it's possible Zee talks like that because of some form of abuse she's had done to her. It's a shame because it's controlling her and getting the better of her. It doesn't bother me, because I've been there. I want to go in there and pep talk that girl into game mode. And if I'm wrong, then I have no clue why she would be that way. It's just sad and a shame. I had such high hopes for her and Day in like week one and two. Oh well, Nat, take it home from these boys because you're our only hope now. Maybe Michelle.

  7. Since Z obviously CHOOSES to ignore his bad treatment, she is clearly just desperate for a showmance and doesn't care what she has to do/ignore in order to be in one. It's pretty pathetic to watch actually. I'd be shocked if momma Z is proud of her. Shocked and appalled.

  8. Lets just hope karma gets P/P in a big way. I do wonder if his mom is proud of her son(Paulie)! We already know Pauls mom is.

  9. Pauline is the worst guy (boy) ever to be on the show! What does he think he is part of a mafia ? Just because his brother was on the last show acc! He is suck for how he treats women and I am sorry but I will call him out as being in the closet! When he was both and you had the two shoelaces in bed Cory was rubbing his hair and he didn't mind at all! So that could be a reason he is so evil. The whole dam house stands behind him somebody o dying said something bad about me so they have to leave WTF really! If one of those girls wins both on DE they better put Pauline and Paul up or this wretched game is over. I thought we already had the worst cast the year Dan came back but this has to be the all time worst. After it claimed thAt Derric coached paulie James and Nicole you obviously new the fix was on how else did they get on. Same show! Sorry for long post I haven't got to watch past 2 seAsons due raising my grandson and now I still read the feeds hoping it will change but I don't see it we should be, paid for time loss!

    1. You are a homophobe.

      "I am sorry but I will call him out as being in the closet! When he was both and you had the two shoelaces in bed Cory was rubbing his hair and he didn't mind at all! So that could be a reason he is so evil."

  10. I couldn't agree more with Paulie being a sociopath and downright frightening. I don't feel it's just his game play, I think he is like this in real life. His family shouldn't be proud of this but try to do something to help him. He ruined this season for the players and for us watching. Just my opinion, but I don't think I am alone in this conclusion. I can't stand the sight of him anymore.

    1. Insert Sherlock clip: ''I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high functioning sociopath.'' And Paulie is, but not high functioning like Sherlock is, and he doesn't solve crime in the process. People don't always recognise these types of people, I'm glad I'm not the only one to see this trait in him.

  11. Paulie said tht Derrick coached him for the show and Derrick also helped Cody play the Big Brother. I would say that Derrick did a good job of bringing out the already disgusting, degrading, attitude towards Women that they were raised with. It's a shame that their Father will go thru life covering for them instead of telling them how wrong they are. And their Mother will give the standard line, well, their not really like that. They're good respectful boys. Paulies pre show interview only proves what kind of a person he is. The terrible thing about it is that he doesn't care who he hurts as long as he comes out on top with the Fame, Money, & Beauriful Girl. Apparently Z isn't beautiful enough or doesn't have the right credentials, & as for fame, watch out Cody and Derrick, Paulie intends to make you disappear.

    1. Yeah, their father filtering things for them is giving them the impression that they are adored by the public. Some people will like them, but it's normal to get criticism and even if someone write constructive and genuine polite criticism, it will get filetered. Please, these boys' egos are already big eough as it is. It's a kind of sheltered life. Yes, there are trolls, yes people can be harsh, and yes, maybe filter out cyber bullying or death threats, but if you can't handle the negative feedback and want just the positive feedback, then don't do Big Brother. There are videos about how to deal with trolls and how to recognise constructive feedback written poorly as opposed to someone who's trying to intentionally insult you. Glen should teach those boys a few lessons from the school of hard knocks, I'm sure they might fit through the door better after that.

  12. Yes Paulie, true success is measured by who can get into a club and get free bottle service...what a douche.

    1. Someone once told me that success is not what media says it is, but it'S measured by how you treat people and what you've accomplished for yourself, as in to achieve happiness and elevate your vibration. Everyting else are details that help you get there, but true success is a spiritual accomplishment. And there are many successes for every person's stage in life. Getting into a club, just walking into one, can be a success for someone who's socially anxious and goes out without having a panic attack. But it's not getting in for free when you have no anxiety and just want free booz and you do nothing but sit nd get drunk.

      The house needs for someone to start talking about the third eye lol new twist, bring in Annick from BBcan2. Suddenly the season become more interesting. Wake up America! (wait lol no pun intented, but yeah hehehe)

  13. This is a game, not the real world.

    If players in the house are too stupid to play the game and would rather just be on vacation, then I don't feel the slightest bit of sympathy for them when they go. I say this because there have been numerous opportunities to turn the tables on Paulie and his goons, but Meech and Zak can't even bring themselves to speak to Victor before the noms... Paulie sent victor packing, he also threw his name out there for double eviction. Too easy to turn Victor on him! I thought Meech was a super fan... Smh. When has the ignoring-the-HoH-strategy ever worked? You can't just lay around and expect to win.

    As for all you folks hating on Paulie, it's a game and he's one of the maybe two people in the house that actually grasps this. The other is his buddy Paul who severely lacks experience, having never seen the show, but is obviously intelligent and quickly learning. Paulie is a wolf amongst sheep. You can thank terrible casting for this. The producers keep going to modeling and acting agencies for their casts lately and it's terrible for the game, they should stick with people who apply directly for more intelligence and drama (not worried about their non-existent careers).

    Now to get preachy: None of you knows Paulie in real life, it's shameful to cast such judgement on him for playing a diabolical game diabolically... Talking mess about his parents and needed help, geez get a grip. You people are the same types that get run over in Big Brother! It's a game, not a popularity contest. He not trying to make friends and be a good person, he want to win!

    Mad props if he does win, like Derrick, but that season was honestly boring and this one looks to be going down the same path... Ugh. We need casting love for real or my favorite summer guilty pleasure will be gone forever!

  14. Big Brother was originally set up as a social expairament to see how people reacted in certain situations. These people that are appearing on the show now, either do not have the ability to think for themselves (voting w/house) or feel they have the right to say the nastiest things about others.Even if you think of this as a game,they do not play it as a game of adults. They act as a bunch of 12 year olds.I'm jealous vote her out, he was mean to me vote him out and since when is any form of sexual harassment a joke? It's hard not to bring the family in to this when you see in interviews where their explaining away the bad behavior. In Paulies case his behavior goes beyond bad it's plain cruel or borderline $#@%$. I think that is the real him. That's the problem I think we have now learned that people don't care what we see them do or how they treat others as long as they get the prize.


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