Monday, August 8, 2016

Her Knight in Shining Harm(s) Her. #BB18

(I know that title is a stretch, but I'm tired of trying to make it work.)

As expected, Paulie did not use the PoV, leaving both Zakiyah and Michelle on the block for eviction. Paulie hugged Paul when it was over, but maybe we missed Paulie giving Zakiyah a hug before the live feeds came back.

But I think this is Zakiyah waiting for that hug, or even some sort of acknowledgment from her alleged "showmance".

But once Paulie made his way to the kitchen, she must have realized that no hug was coming, so she went back to the bathroom where Michelle was waiting to chat about what just happened.

(What in the hell is Natalie wearing?)

Michelle:  Do you think you're gonna talk to him about it? (i.e. Paulie not saving her)

Zakiyah: I don't know.

Michelle:  Do you think I was too sassy?  I wanted to point out that he keeps winning everything.

Zakiyah is wearing Natalie's extensions and asked permission to wear them the rest of the day.

Michelle:  If I have that Round Trip ticket, I'm coming back in here and busting some shit up.

Zakiyah: Mmm hmmm.

Michelle:  I am so skinny now!  This skirt is a size zero!

Natalie confirms that Michelle "is a rail".

I wonder why Zakiyah insists on changing clothes in front of the mirror?  Surely she knows that there are cameras behind the glass, right?

She put this bra on over her romper and then pulled the romper down, leaving the bra in place.  (Lucky for her.)

Michelle had the good sense to put her bikini on in the W.C. and blocked Zakiyah's camera shot to check her look before heading out to the backyard.

Paul came to talk to her, and Michelle said she plans to fight, but has nothing negative to say about Zakiyah.

Michelle:  Do you know who Victor wants to leave?

Paul recommends that she talk to him, and also to Bridgette.  Michelle says she really likes Bridgette now that Frank is gone, and mentions her speech comments about Paulie winning 50% of the competitions.

Michelle:  I only need 4 votes, and I already have two.

(But she is forgetting that James has to nullify two votes, and will probably use that power exactly as directed by his boss Paulie.)

Paul wished her luck, and then immediately went to Paulie to report what Michelle said, except he didn't tell him that Michelle named Paulie as the mysterious competition winner she referred to in her speech.

Paulie wants to know who the two people are that Michelle thinks will vote for her, and asks his minion Paul to keep his ears open, to find out who they are.

Clearly Paulie suspects Corey and Nicole.  Corey's name got dragged a little as Paulie says that he spends way too much time talking to Nicole, without reporting back what they talk about.

(Note that Corey and Nicole actually discuss life outside of the house most of the time, but Paulie would probably never believe that.)


I've been noticing these two cans of Campbell's Chunky Soup on the nightstand in the London room for some time now, but have not commented on them.  This seems like a strange thing to keep on a bedside table, doesn't it?  But the usual items that would be stored there are irrelevant for the house guests right now.  You know, like books, or TV remotes.

Nicole has said some things recently that let me know that she is indeed playing the game, but hasn't felt the need to assert herself yet.  For example, she told Corey last night that she had a hard time pretending that she wanted to win the OTEV PoV, along with a few other comps.  And she's putting on a show in front of Zakiyah about not knowing Paulie's plan for his PoV, and agreeing with her that Zakiyah has her vote, and Corey and Paul's vote, too.

Zakiyah:  And Paulie.

Nicole:  Oh yeah...Paulie too.

But not a moment after she got up off the hammock she was sharing with Zakiyah, Nicole went in the storage room with Paul to tell him what Zakiyah said about her suspicions regarding Paulie not using the PoV.  I think Nicole was worried that the guys would think she told Zee about the PoV not being used, and she was trying to defend herself.  But Zakiyah walked in the storage room right when they were talking, and Nicole couldn't even come up with a decoy conversation.  It was super awkward, but that didn't stop Nicole for meeting with Paul in the bedroom to have the conversation five minutes later.

Nicole and Corey clearly want Zakiyah to go, primarily because it will weaken Paulie.  They both know that Paulie's power is an issue that needs to be addressed, but this may not be the right week to take a swing.

But Nicole is also annoyed by Natalie, who still calls Corey "sexy" nearly every day.  She was also upset last night because Natalie brought up Corey's ex-girlfriend in conversation.  Personally I would have a whole new respect for Natalie's game if she revealed some evil objectives about this in her DR sessions.  It would give her some much-needed depth if we learned she was trying to anger Nicole and Zakiyah on purpose.

Because Zakiyah isn't feeling Natalie, either.  Look at this picture below....Natalie was having a very animated conversation with Paulie, and also Corey, who was in the pool.  Zakiyah sat right there slinging the side-eye, but did not participate in the conversation.  She never does.  She just sidles up and sits and stares, usually at Paulie if he is nearby.  If Zakiyah showed some personality sparks, and had outside interests or goals to talk about, she might be taken more seriously by Paulie.

Before the PoV, Michelle was in the HoH room having a conversation with Victor, letting him know that she was trying not to take his nominations personally.  Victor volunteered the information that he is uncomfortable with Zakiyah, and that he's never had any sort of rapport with her.  Just then, Zakiyah opened the door (This cast NEVER knocks.) and when she saw Michelle sitting talking to Victor, her jaw dropped and she mumbled something that sounded like this.

Zakiyah:  Oh, I guess it's gonna be my turn now.

And then she came in and sat like a barnacle, clinging to the bed while Victor had a conversation with Michelle where he gave her general life advice about finding herself, and pursuing a career.  Zakiyah literally didn't say one word the entire time, and she left the room when Michelle did, not even trying to have her own conversation with Victor.

Michelle had another heart-to-heart talk with the live feeders yesterday She considers Zakiyah to be a friend of hers, and doesn't want to hurt her or throw her under the bus, but being on Big Brother was her dream, and she is going to fight to stay in the house this week.

Michelle:  And if I do think I'm going home, the minute I think that I'm gonna start blowing up people's games.

Michelle actually seems to think that Paulie will use the PoV to save Zakiyah.  She is actually looking forward to this, because it will allow her to "campaign hard" against the replacement nominee.  She's been hoping that another blindside is being planned, but of course the live feeders know that this is not the case.

Michelle: I wish Victor would put up somebody like James.

Michelle can't wait to find out what the fans think about her game. She thinks she is one of the worst Super Fans to play the game, because she will not be experiencing the Zingbot and other iconic game elements.

As you can see, Michelle keeps picking at her cuticles. and now announces that her finger is bleeding.

She took her time sorting through the first aid box to find items she needed to treat her self-induced finger injury.

She returned to her live feed broadcast, saying she's glad she at least made Jury so she can have a say about who wins the game.

Michelle:  I'm happy that at least I got to play the game.  But I know I suck at it.  I wish I could stay because I want to blow some shit up. I kind of want to open my plane ticket envelope now, so I don't have to sit and be tortured on live TV, getting my hopes up.  I know I'm gonna be crying...but maybe I have the Round Ticket.

(That's why you don't want to open the envelope.  Duh.)

Michelle: I didn't want to play with any vets, And I feel like the teams really messed things up.  And I wish we had the Road Kill still, because that was a great way to get people out of here.

(Um...Michelle is the last person who should complain about the team format---she was safe from nominations and from being a Have Not for over half of the time she's been in the house, due to both Paulie and Bridgette's HoH wins for the Category 4 team.  And while Michelle is being honest, she ought to cop to the fact that hating on Bridgette all of the time put her on the radar for being petty, and bringing personal issues into the game inappropriately.)

Michelle:  I really wish I had used the PoV to save Frank.  I think he may have been telling me the truth, and everyone else was lying.

(Coulda, shoulda, woulda Big Meech.)

Paulie has been trying to act like he's okay with Zakiyah leaving this week, if that's what the group wants to do.  But he always circles back around to Michelle being unpredictable, and also unreliable.

I think what this is really all about is Michelle having a mini-meltdown and shrieking at Victor that Paulie is the one who backdoored him out of the game earlier in the season.  This is true, of course, and Paulie's face dropped when she said that.

Michelle should have approached Victor to remind him about that when they were alone, along with a pledge to start trying to build interest for evicting Paulie to cover Victor's butt.  Once again, Michelle's emotions got the best of her, sending her game into a tailspin.

I hate to burst everyone's balloon here, but I think Paulie is going to get his way AGAIN.  And then we're all at the mercy of whatever Production has planned for the Double Eviction HoH competition.  It is likely to be a Q & A format, which should give everyone a chance to win.

But we can expect the DE PoV to be a real heart-pounder.  Maybe the old "Clown Shoe" competition, or maybe one of those large maze puzzles that make it hard to really see which competitor is on the right track.  The difference really seems to be that Paulie EXPECTS to win, which probably gives him a big edge in the confidence department.

Paul has been wearing this stupid pelican pool floatie all day, and also frequently tells us that he is wearing it, in case we are partially blind.

Did you see Da'Vonne's interview with Big Jeff?  She said she thinks James is headed for another heart break, and that Natalie is playing her game with him.

If that's true, I wish Natalie would share that info with us, so we could understand her strategy.  But she's barely watched BB before, saying that she tried to watch BB16 but it was "too long" for her.  So she probably doesn't even understand how you can use your DR's to explain your actions, or to appeal to the fans.

(God knows Derrick wasn't very candid in his BB16 DR sessions...)

But then again, why would Natalie feel the need to change anything, since she won the 1st America's Care Package, and for some reason continues to be ranked the favorite player on the Jokers daily house guest rankings.  And check out who's at the bottom of the rankings while you're there, too.

Note that Frank is beating James in the poll now, which I find hilarious.  And Glenn is beating both Michelle and Nicole.  As ridiculous as the results are, I do believe that this poll is the best leading indicator of who will win the next America's Care Package, which is the prize of safety for the week, wrapped in what will surely be a ridiculous costume to wear all week.

So it looks like Bridgette is a lock to get the next Care Package.  I heard Bridgette tell Corey on BBAD that she didn't want one of the Care Packages, since it seemed to cause so much resentment with certain people in the house.  I agree with her, but before it's all said and done there will be three more Care Package winners.  And they can't resent everyone, can they?


I refuse to watch the "You Now" former house guest broadcasts because they require you to register and log in.  And I refuse to do that, even though it might be interesting to hear what Cody has to say, as a frequent You Now broadcaster.  If you have watched any of Cody's little shows, please share any interesting tidbits with us.  I've heard that he mainly answers questions that scroll by from fans, rather than a prepared statement, so who knows what sort of content that entails.

But if you enjoy watching live feeds, you might enjoy McCrae Olson's occasional Periscope broadcasts.  I like Periscope because you can just click to watch it, without having to participate, but the broadcasts "expire" after 24 hours, or until deleted by the Periscoper, if sooner.

McCrae works at a busy gas station and convenience store in the Minneapolis area, and I find it surreal to watch him work.  He interacts with customers, plays music and sings along, and also mixes it up with the fans when he can.  Last weekend his gas station had an event where there were a bunch of cars on display, and a band PLAYED ON THE ROOF.  Yes, they did.  And McCrae and his co-workers all drank Bud cans and seemed to have a great time.

McCrae climbed up on the roof so we could see the band.  They were rocking, and it was a beautiful day in Minnesota.

And here is the view of the car display from the roof.

I've watched a few of McCrae's broadcasts from the gas station before, usually when he was trying to raise money for something, but they were always at night, and he was always working alone at the station.  So this is a very different situation, seeing daylight and also McCrae's co-workers and boss.  They all seem to think that broadcasting live is super cool, and ask McCrae how many viewers are watching periodically.

He says people recognize him pretty often, saying "oh my god....that's that guy from Big Brother!". He also said that when people tell him that James is their favorite player, it makes him crazy, because he thinks all James does is play up to the camera with his pranks.

In high school one of my friends dated a college guy who worked at a local "Magic Mart".  We would stop by to see him late at night and he would let us sit behind the counter with him.  He would give us a full one-hitter and we would go in the bathroom with it and get high.  We would also get free beer from him, but he would leave it out somewhere we could find it so he wasn't "selling to minors" or actually "giving it to us".

I was actually very highly-ranked in my high school class for academics, and had a good part-time job and a boyfriend my parents approved of.  But I know they would have died if they knew I was hanging around in a seedy convenience store, smoking and drinking after dark.  It's so dangerous, too, with the threat of robberies and all.

So, my point is, watching McCrae's broadcasts takes me right back to those old good times.  And Russell C_____, where ever you may be, thank you for contributing to my delinquency in such a convenient and cost-effective manner.


I have very little interest in the Olympics, sadly, but I found this item from TMZ too funny to resist.


  1. If you multiply Butt and Fuchs numbers you get 69... Coincidence? I think not!

    1. Oh my god! I think not, too!

      I'm not willing to actually watch the Olympics to see if these are real guys, though.

  2. I do not understand why Natalie has been at the top of Jokers' list for so long. I figured her family and friends have to be voting for her. I do get that picking a favorite out of this train wreck (sorry, Becky) of a cast is slim pickings, but come on....she does nothing. I do love that Frank is so highly rated and that Paulie and Josea are battling for the bottom feeder position. Didn't Paulie say that he'd rather be hated and win?
    I saw a meme the other day that said "What you expect when you order online" and it had a picture of Cody. "Vs What you actually get" and it had a pic of Paulie struggling with that "haircut". It was hilarious and made me miss Cody's face in the BB house.

    1. Where can I find this meme?!

    2. It's because she gets 3s and the others all get zeros. She's not getting 5s probably lol I only give Frank, Bridgette and Tiffany 5s, they have haters that cancel out my 5s, but I bet sweet Nat gets average scores and it propels her up there. JMHO. I need to go look at her average score.

  3. I just want to add that Fuchs means fox in English.

    1. OK, thanks.

      But "Butt Fox" just isn't as much fun as "Butt Fuchs".

  4. Last year, while I did not have any money to pay for feeds, I was all over them any way I could them: this blog, BBDaily, RHAP, I was OCD about checking Jokers ALL THE TIME. I loved Vanessa but my pick to win was the adorable Steve. It was so exciting and fuuunnnyyyyy-uh as everyone wrote how the twins-uh taaaalked-uh. I loved to despise Austin that sometimes I thought I liked him. I was doing the unhealthy thing of always checking updates but it was worth it.

    This year, still no money for feeds but I'm checking in a much more healthy manner. This blog, RHAP with Rhappy Hour of course, and occasionally I'll check Jokers to see who won something. But that is a lot more tame and much less and I'm not reading updates all day long anymore. I just think they could have brought in someone else's brother. Does Dan have siblings? Does Boogie? Janelle? I don't know. I just, can't this season. If the F5 are all guys, I'm stopping to watch this season. Probably not, but hey, I'll be able to whine about what I should've and could've done like Big Meech.

  5. Your blog is great! You are working way harder then these houseguests this year!
    Thanks for the laughs!


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