Monday, August 22, 2016

Head Trips and Road Trips. #BB18

The PoV ceremony just ended and as expected, Paul used his PoV to take himself off the block.  Michelle then had to nominate someone in Paul's place...earlier today it sounded like Nicole would be the nominee, but in the end it was Corey.

Before we move on, I have to point out Corey's sweater.  Doesn't it look suspiciously like Amber's sweater?  The one that Zach Rance kept after she was evicted, and wore for several days straight?

Here is a reminder for Corey wearing a ladies sweater? What the hell?

Vic and Paul were relieved, but tried to keep it in check.  They've both been making the case that Corey needs to go, because if he's still here next week, he could win the next Care Package and that could screw up everyone's game.

But that line of argument indicates that the Care Package would then be guaranteed to go to either Paul or Victor, which isn't reassuring any of the other house guests.  They know these two guys are a major threat to dominate the end game if left together in the game.

(But what they don't know is that if Paulie comes back, he is going right back to Corey and Nicole, and then all of the whiners will say, "damn, we should have kept Victor instead of Corey, because he would target Paulie and Paulie would target him".)

Nicole's boyfriend is on the block now, but she's smirking anyway. Nicole probably can't believe she's not on the block now, but even if she was, she would likely still feel very safe.  Because James is the swing vote this week, and clearly the two of them have a bond stronger than most of the others realize.

I have to mention the statements that both Nicole and James made to each other about giving out $10,000 gifts to their "friends" in the house if they win BB18.  Production called them both in the DR and reprimanded them, and then they both had to retract those statements in front of the other house guests, and say they got in in trouble for making them.

And after that happened, Nicole STILL didn't get nominated.  But I think James would be more likely to evict Corey than Nicole, so there is still a shred of hope to save Victor.  But even if that is what Natalie wants, I still don't think James will do it.

But they don't know what we know.  That someone is coming back in the game this Thursday.

Also, Victor and Paul mocked Nicole for curling her hair today, to get ready for the PoV Ceremony.  I just wanted to be prepared, she said, because she didn't know what would happen this morning.

Victor changed into his swim trunks using this towel.  I tried to get a going away present for all of us, but I was unsuccessful.  And the cameras weren't cooperating with me, either.

Paul wonders why Nicole thought she was going on the block.

Paul: Something is super sketch.

Victor:  I'm going to have a deep heart-to-heart conversation with James on Wednesday.

Paul:  Maybe not too deep though....

Victor:  I just want to know if I'm staying or not.  I'll tell him that I won't erupt if I'm going, but I don't want to get blindsided on the live show.  I'm not about playing like that.

I actually heard James say he planned to give Victor the bad news on Wednesday, but we all know that all season James has spilled the beans in advance to the person who was supposed to be blindsided. I've heard Natalie go back and forth several times saying she wants Victor to stay this week, but as discussed earlier it's all up to James on Thursday.  And getting Victor out is a good move for James.  James actually thinks America wants them to evict Victor, but I think James is sorely mistaken this season about what America wants.

(James would have been my LAST choice (or close to it) for AFP last year, so you can't blame me for that vote.)

Corey is doing a lot of lunges out there this afternoon, but it just seems so boring somehow.  I heard Natalie and Michelle talking about how Corey told them he was scouted by Stanford University to be on their football team, letting them know that Corey is indeed an athlete who can compete in all types of sports at an elite level.

And Natalie mentioned AGAIN that both she and Corey chose Big Brother over appearing on either the Bachelor or Bachelorette this season as a contestant vying to win the Bachelor or the Bachelorette's heart.  Michelle mentioned that she was "approached" to be on a show where you document your life yourself with a camera.  She thought it might be a joke, but Natalie said she heard of that show, too.

(That doesn't mean that it wasn't a joke, though.)

Nicole watched Corey work out, but told him that he might be working too hard.

Nicole:  Dude, your booty is huge!  And it's all muscle, too.  You might want to loosen that thing up so I can grab it.  It's not bad to have something to grab back there.

Between sets Corey stands and recharges in the shade, without expression or conversation.  At first I thought he was upset about being nominated, but as usual Corey is pretty confident he's fine this week.

Note that when he was on the block against Paulie last week, he didn't campaign to ANYBODY, nor ask for ANYBODY'S vote.  Everyone knew that Paulie had to be the one to leave, but Victor and Paul still noted that Corey was a cocky S.O.B. for not even discussing it with anybody.

I don't think Corey is cocky though.  He just seems oblivious.  With all of the advantages Corey has in life, I actually expected him to be more arrogant, at least on Clay's level of cockiness. Corey is surprisingly humble, given the circumstances.

Corey told some stories last night about the life of a college baseball player.  It sounded really hectic, actually, since they played games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and had to practice a lot during the week.  The team had a private jet to fly in his first baseball season, so that was cool, but after that they had to ride a bus for hours, or catch a puddle-jumper flight out of the tiny local airport.  I can't imagine having to do all of that and still keeping up my coursework.  Corey had to have some stern conversations with at least one of his professors, telling them he didn't have time to do all of the homework.

Paul talked about Pepperdine, and how the international students had to prove every year that they had at least $60,000 in the bank for each remaining year until graduation, to provide evidence that they can afford all of the tuition.  Pepperdine expects students to graduate, and they required all Freshman to live on campus. Paul knew a few really rich kids, one girl whose father owned a bunch of Chinese factories.

Paul: She had an apartment off campus, but still paid for a dorm. And she didn't give a fuck about school.  She straight out told us that her dad was so loaded, that none of "this" mattered at all.

Paul also said that Pepperdine was a dry campus, with no alcohol allowed. Several times each year each dorm room was searched thoroughly for contraband.  Paul said of course the R.A.'s would tip them off though, because they didn't want anyone to get kicked out.

Victor is doing his ab exercises in the pool, or maybe this is a lower back exercise.  Whatever.  It's working.

He and Corey are talking big about taking a road trip to visit college campuses.  They smirk about taking I-10 to LSU, and then Victor starts rejoicing about how FSU is only 10 minutes off I-10.


Victor: FSU!  Hell yeah!  We'll Snapchat it up so people know we're coming!

Is Nicole listening to this?  Because clearly Victor and Corey are planning to get as many college girls as they can.  I can only assume that she went in the house, and didn't hear the following conversation.

Corey:  If we're at Florida State, I'll just leave my car there and we can fly out to Vegas, or wherever.  I don't give a fuck man.  And I'll be bumbling it up everywhere we go.

(Apparently Bumble is a dating app.)

Victor:  Hell yeah!  That would be so much fun!

They want to take their talents to Nashville, too, and Corey mentions visiting Vanderbilt.  Victor is up for that, too.  Victor loves the college girls.

(I am an FSU grad, and the party reputation is legit.  Everything Victor heard is true, and I don't even have any idea what he heard. But I'm sure it's true.)

As it turns out, Nicole was in the kitchen making some lunch for Corey...a sandwich and an apple.  Once she came back outside, the exciting conversation between Corey and Victor about traveling the country to bang college girls was over, obviously.  Instead, Nicole began badgering Corey with questions about his lunch.

Nicole:  Did you just eat the nuts?  You can tell me the truth.  And what kind of apples do you like?  Probably the green ones, instead of the one I brought you.

Nicole: Tell me how you feel about that apple.  I know why you like apples.  You like to use your fangs to eat them.  I know you do.

Here's a Thought:  Maybe Corey wouldn't be so Borey if he wasn't attached to Nicole all season.  We'll never know, but he might have been more fun, at least.  I would LOVE to hear stories about baseball groupies on the road games. Or even just life as a college athlete. But this apple interrogation...not so much.

Meanwhile Victor has moved over the couch area, where he and Paul are watching the Nicole-Corey show and murmuring about their suspicions and fears.  Victor says if they blindside him without letting him know, he will not hug anybody...just Paul and then he'll leave.

Victor:  And then the Wrap Party....oh yay. (a little sarcastically) We'll both have to show up with dime pieces.

Paul:  What kind of girls do you like again?

Victor:  Um, just really beautiful ones.  Tall is fine, but I prefer chest-level height.  And I love dark hair and light eyes...that's my thing.

Paul:  Light skin?

Victor:  Dark hair and light eyes...but a really sexy blonde with light skin would be hot, too.  You know, kind of a Victoria's Secret type?

Paul:  Can you picture Paulie with a redhead?

Victor:  What?  You mean his ex?

Paul:  That's what he said, but I can't imagine that.... HEY GUYS, DID PAULIE'S EX... ***FISH***

That girl doesn't even want her damn hair color mentioned on the live feeds.  She's probably super-embarrassed, right?  She probably caught shit from everyone she knows about Paulie's behavior after every episode.  From the whole Zakiyah-humiliation situation to the horrible haircut, to Paulie's crazy misogynist breakdown in the last half of his game, there was something for her to be embarrassed about in just about every episode.

And unfortunately it may not be over yet, for all of us.


Some of these posts from BB16 are much more interesting than anything we've seen in the BB18 house lately, if you're feeling nostalgic.

1.  While doing research on Amber's sweater, I found this post from BB16 that might be of interest to you, as it contains:

*  Preparation for a competition that sounds nearly identical to the PoV competition they just had---where they had to memorize fake news reports.
*  Cody "goes halfway" to kiss Nicole,  but she leaves him hanging.
*  Derrick discusses his troubled childhood and his truancy...he claims to have missed 83 school days one year.
*  Zach is Zach, and we all loved him for it.  Back then, anyway.

2.  The BB16 post where I found the picture posted above of Amber's sweater is a good one.  Derrick was investigating a recent incident in the house and took everyone involved into the HoH room to interrogate them.  Those BB16 kids must have felt like idiots watching the series at home once they realized Derrick was a police officer.  It was right under their noses the entire time.  The entire incident was Zach's fault, but when it was his turn to give his testimony, not only did he confess, but he started getting turnt up and yelling at everyone.  This was Zach at the peak of his powers and I loved it.

Some of the SuperFans felt that BB16 was a boring season, but I invite you to reconsider that feeling now, in light of this whole BB18 disaster.  And I haven't even mentioned Devin -- Devin was TV Gold, and even better on the live feeds.


  1. Did you know that Devin has a daughter?

    1. This is one of those times that I really miss a 'like' button.

  2. Did you hear Nicole say that she and James are friends outside the game? Seems to me that's a power couple too. Take out Nicole and you weaken two other players. I really dislike her this season. I love your blogs! So happy to have discovered you.

  3. Nicole helped me today, unwittingly, and so did Rob Cesternino. Rob's been playing audio clips of Nicole a lot lately. Today, I had a severe misunderstanding with my husband and I began to feel angry and spiral into an unhealthy thought pattern. To get myself out of that state, I thought of...


    My husband was wondering why I was laughing all of a sudden. We quickly resolved things after that lol Thank you, Nicole.


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