Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Don't Underestimate That Califiore Smarm. #BB18

All is quiet in the BB house right now.  It's just about noon BBT, and the house guests have all been locked inside since yesterday morning at 6:00 AM.  Everyone is sleeping, but James just came out of a DR session, strolling through the house with purpose.

And now the room is occupied.

The camera crew gives us a slow tour designed to showcase the clutter and filth strewn all over the floor.

At first I thought those might be marshmallows, which would be gross enough, but now I think they may be used cotton balls, which is even more disgusting, but in a different way.

Who just throws their Q-tip on the floor like that?  And how hard would it be for someone to empty that damn trashcan?  Aren't they all looking for things to do?   Don't they all complain constantly about how bored they are in there?

A little while ago, Michelle ate something out of a plastic container she retrieved from the fridge that may have been a salad.  She picked certain things out of it with her fork that may have been cherry tomatoes, but crunchy ones.  Then I think she said "shit" and put it back in there, and got what she really wanted to eat.

Cereal, Michelle's go-to meal, both inside and outside the house, from what I've heard her say.

Whatever Michelle's best self is, we need her to be that for this week's HoH competition.  We need Michelle to win it, if we want a prayer of overturning the current political system in the house.

Remember when we felt excited for the new season, and we eagerly looked forward to seeing Cody's brother play Big Brother?

It's hard for me to remember, too.  That seems like a LONG time ago.

Suddenly Da'Vonne's posture and folded arms make sense to me.  Mmm hmmmm.

I took this picture yesterday.  I like the way it gives a good feel for the layout of the house.  If you don't know, just off the left-hand side is where the hallway to the Nairobi Lounge and the bathroom are located.

Da'Vonne made her rounds yesterday, abruptly entering into conversations, asking if "the votes are still okay", and then leaving the room, often not even sitting down.  When I took this picture she was talking to James, saying she needed them to win HoH next week to change some things up around there.

Da'Vonne:  I'm never gonna be a pawn again...not for nothin'....

(Unfortunately the pawn doesn't usually get to make that decision, though.)

Let's look at the votes we expect to see on Thursday night:

Votes to Evict Bridgette


Votes to Evict Da'Vonne


Swing Votes?


The power really does rest with James this week.  He and Natalie could tie the vote, forcing Paul to break the tie, but he probably doesn't want to blow up his game yet, and make himself the next target.  James is a target, but he's not the next target....or maybe even the one after that.

In fact, just now James pretty much solved the mystery, by addressing the live feeders as he enjoys a champagne flute of apple juice and what looks like a strawberry yogurt.

James gave his usual "hello's" to his people at home, and then got down to business.

James:  Jason, if you're watching this, I'm sorry if I have to vote Day out this week.  It's not certain, but if I don't vote her out I'm gonna blow my own game up and make myself a target.  It's a tough decision.  We'll see. And all of you Frank fans, I'm sorry for voting him out.  I hope you can forgive me.

James:   I know ya'll are seeing me play a different game this year, but it's a jungle in here.  It's Day 50...last year I was already nominated three times at this point, but this year I haven't been nominated once.  I'm just trying to stay off the block.

Sometimes I tweet out BB news if it seems interesting enough.  I found James' little soliloquy interesting enough, so I tweeted it out.  And I got quite a few comments back, with a common theme.  Here are just a few of them for your enjoyment.

Is it wrong that the last one still makes me actually laugh out loud?  I think I probably posted the other three just so I could slip that one in...

I see you Corey, trying to catch some Zzzz's folded up like a pretzel.

I have to say I know about all of the drama last night in the house, but I'm just not feeling inspired enough to give you all of the details.  Trust me when I say that the details are pointless, and boring. And it all seems so damn stupid, and juvenile.

Basically it seems to me that Paulie is trying to execute his Derrick advice by setting up the next phase of his game.  He feels this week's eviction is a done deal, so he's laying some pipe, so to speak, for next week.  If his "boys" win HoH next week, he wants to see Zee and Michelle on the block, so that seems to be the goal.

Paulie has been trying to shake off Zakiyah for a long time now.  He is just not into her, but now that she is starting to impact his game in a negative way, he is having to step it up.  There are two issues at play here, both very petty.

1.  Zakiyah "talked some game" (yeah, right) in the Have Not room with someone, but when she later told Paulie about it she did not mention that James was asleep in a bumper car.

2.  Michelle made some sort of whispered comment to Zakiyah about how she hates it when Paulie whispers with Nicole and Corey, but Zakiyah told Paulie that Victor said it, rather than Michelle.  (Nicole is the one who first spilled the beans about this to Paulie.)

So.....Zakiyah wanted to get attention for this, and wanted to have a meeting with Paulie in Paris about the situation, but she didn't think he would agree to meet with her. So she dispatched Nicole to talk to Paulie about it, and ask him to join her in Paris.

This is Zakiyah sitting in the tunnel outside Paris, watching a camera view of the hallway outside the HoH room.  This camera view was placed there so that whoever found the secret room could wait to come out until the hallway area was clear.

(Remember when Production thought that the Secret Room would stay secret?)

So creepy. Right?

She's watching Nicole talk to Paulie on the couch outside, but the conversation went on for over 30 minutes.  And the problem with these indoor lockdowns is that everyone in the house has to whisper all of the time. And that is annoying as hell.

Nicole was taking great pleasure in this, though, telling Paulie that Zakiyah was so mad she said she "was gonna have to do this all on her own, like Rachel Reilly".

Paulie also kissed Nicole's ass by saying that he likes Nicole even more than Cody does, and "that's a lot....A LOT....A LOT Nicole".

Nicole: Stop saying that, or I'll get embarrassed.

(By the way that is Michelle's Michigan State sweatshirt we always see Nicole wearing. Michelle was bitching about that yesterday, saying that Nicole never asks to wear her clothes...she just takes them.)

When Paulie finally began his trip to Paris to have the dreaded conversation with Zakiyah, he saw her sitting in the tunnel and was like "what the hell?  why are you sitting here?"

I'm not really sure why Zakiyah felt the need to crawl in the room on her stomach.  Maybe she thought that would look more dramatic.  Or maybe she wanted to make sure her ass was right in Paulie's face.

Paulie had to rehash the fact that James was in a bumper car over, and over, and over, saying that Zakiyah lied to him about that.  Zakiyah doesn't even really understand what the issue is, and says she probably didn't even know James was in the room.

(I don't think it's a lie unless you intend to mislead, right?  But admittedly I don't understand the issue either.  All I know is that Paulie wants to be rid of her and is having to take drastic steps to make that happen.)

Every girl dreams about getting criticized and then dumped in Paris, don't they?

It's so frustrating that she couldn't see that the more she whined and cried about how she felt about him, the colder and more distant he got.  You could just see him seething with irritation at her.  Paulie is so over the outside world she would already be blocked on Facebook, probably by Paulie's dad.

And I know everyone is saying how cruel Paulie is, but Zakiyah's behavior is the straw stirring the drink here.  She has made herself look like an IDIOT over this.  A dignity-free IDIOT with a tenuous grip on reality.  And no grip at all on this reality game show.

This is a pretty picture, but I don't feel sorry for this girl at all.  She doesn't add much to the fabric of the house at all.  The fact that she is actually one of the house guests who watched Big Brother before being cast makes it even worse to watch.

A poster at Jokers took the time to transcribe the entire conversation, so to get the blow-by-blow you might as well read this.


Cody is by far my favorite Califiore, but I have to concede that as a Big Brother player,  Paulie is giving him a run for his money, because he is sinister, and I believe Paulie will stop at nothing to win. You might not like that, at least Paulie is willing to play hard.

Let's remember one of the good times, when Dino Cody got stinking drunk in the BB16 house, and it seemed like everybody wanted a piece of him.

And also Cody's famous punishment, where he had to kick himself in the butt, on demand, for 24 hours.  And Nicole is sipping beer in her Germantard, too.  Bonus.


  1. I'm so glad you too, noticed how wierd it was that Z crawled using her arms only out of the tunnel! So wierd
    And she is so embarrassing blind the he is not into her!
    And Michelle and her over eating!!!
    She's a mess

  2. You described the Paulie / Zach situation perfectly. Perfectly!

  3. Does anyone else find it too coincidental that James is best friends with Derrick's Dad who hires him for his Reality Star Charity? Then Paulie who works BB Casting Calls with Dad's Event Business bragging he knew all HG's including their Calafiore family favs Cody-bud Nicole & James before he showed. Paulie & James are effectively CBS employee insiders with detailed coaching by winner Derrick touting his playbook hitlist to "clip" strategists Tiffany-Van & Da'Vonne with James & Nicole's help was planned prior to arrival. If Paulie didn't use Van & Derrick's & producers names, their charity gigs & showbiz connections constantly, one might forget that the hired model/actors who round out the rest of this cast have no chance in this season rigged with CBS employee HG's & team safety twists ensuring the insiders stay off the block.

    1. That is disturbing. This is not whatnthe game is supposed to be. Say all you like about Canada's ridiculous and useless twists, but they aren't rigged in this way. Otherwise we would not have seen a F2 or Pax bros and blondie. BB in the US is SUPPOSE to be the most vanilla. This season is rigged to redeem the Califiore name. Doing the total opposite for me. I would love to see Day in the F2 and win it Rachel Reilly style.

  4. This girl cannot be that desperate for a man!! But sadly she is. How many times does Paulie have to knock her down before she goes away? Did she come on the show for a man or to win $500,000.00?? This isn't the Bachelor girl, it's Big Brother. "Know what I'm sayin'!" And now Michelle...where is her self esteem? This poor girl fishes for compliments a lot! It's like the Michelle Beatdown show. Come on. Where did they find these girl? Natalie, Davonne and Bridgette at least can hold their own esteem wise. The others are sincerely insecure to the point of vomiting. Thanks for your update and perspective. It's right on!

  5. You nailed the Z & Paulie situation! Thank you because everything I read seems to blame Paulie and portray Z as a victim without holding her accountable for her behavior at all.

    I couldn't figure out why Z was so irritating to me, more so than HG's usually tend to be.......then I realized why. Sometimes when you see certain behavior(s) in someone else that make you feel uncomfortable or annoyed it's because you recognize those same behaviors in yourself. And that's why I can't stand Z.....I've acted the same way and really disliked myself for it. I made my whole existence and a boyfriend's existence all about ME. Everything he said or did, positive or negative, was about me and how it made me feel. Everything I said or did was about attention and how to get it from said boyfriend....from what clothes I wore to what could I do to make him pay attention to me, look at me, LIKE ME. Please Paulie I'll do anything, including hang all over you with very little clothing on and not so much as speak for hrs if you'll just like me, me, me, me.
    I'll stalk you from a tunnel, watching your every move, even tho I can't hear what your saying, waiting, waiting, waiting for u to SEE ME. PLEEEESE PAULIE!! ME! PICK ME!!!......

    The problem is I was 14 when I behaved like that over a boy and hated myself for it enough to learn I deserved to be treated like a grown I started acting like one.

    I don't care for PAULIE but he's playing the game. Maybe he'll look back and regret his behavior and learn something from it, maybe not. I find myself not caring. But Z........wake up, you're not 14, this isn't middle school and he is not into you. You have not played one minute of Big Brother as far as I can tell, and you'll never come close to winning this game so I hope you at least learn that no man is worth every shred of your dignity. You can never buy that back, especially if you don't have snowball's chance in hell of getting anywhere near $500,000.

    But Z isn't the only one, the maturity level of most of this cast is hovering somewhere around the 7th grade complete with the bullies and catty bitches that came with it. The mindblowing thing is that they are all adults.

    Here's hoping #BB19 is better cuz I've about given up on this mess.

  6. Anonymous,
    Your info is very interesting to find out and very disturbing. In an already bad season I now find all this out. How sad. Is corruption so rampant it is ruining a show like this? I guess so. It certainly explains some of James's actions and some of the competitions. Makes me not want to continue watching, it's rigged. Thanks for the info.

  7. It is always rigged. You are fooling yourself if you think otherwise. Rachel made good TV, so she stayed in the house! Every year! I was shocked they let Frank go.


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