Friday, August 12, 2016

Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead. #BB18

What a rollercoaster last night's Double Eviction was.....the fans really went on a ride.  A few of the notable happenings for me:

1.  I was extremely disappointed that the house guests were obviously informed in advance that Zakiyah would be the one leaving.  Nicole said as much when she begrudgingly voted to evict Michelle, anyway, even though she knew her vote wouldn't count.  I heard Paulie say later that James told him what the eviction results would be.  So, James ruined what could have been ANOTHER great blindside.  Damn him. (Keep reading...more info about this is to come.)

2.  I can't wait to see some of the footage of the pre-show interactions on the Sunday night CBS episode.  Michelle said something directed at Paulie about not being interrupted "this time", so I hope that means we can expect more of Big Meech Unleashed on Sunday night.

Julie did an interview where she spilled some of the information about what happened behind the scenes.  We're in for a treat on Sunday, even if they have to bleep half of the conversation.  There were quite a few expletives blurted out on the live show, too, involving Paulie.  I've heard him say he's already been spoken to in the DR about saying the Eff Word around the house, in normal conversation.

3.  I CAN'T with that ridiculous pelican pool floatie that Paul insisted on wearing last fact he made sure to PUT IT BACK ON after he played for PoV.  And he wore it all night after the live show.  And all of the bouncing Paul feels compelled to do on the couch, straining to get all of the attention he can.  Even Frankie Grande wouldn't have taken it that far....remember how Frankie used to suddenly sit up straight, flex his leg muscles, and put on a fake "surprise" face whenever Julie addressed the group?

On second thought, maybe Paul's conduct is tied with Frankie for the biggest TryHard of the series.

4.  Zakiyah's interview with Julie was PAINFUL.  The audience was nearly silent as she said that she'd still be into "dating" Paulie, but didn't know "where his head is at."  As excruciating as this segment of the show was, it was pretty representative of her time in the house.  She had very little to say all summer, unless she was mumbling about Paulie Califiore.  I just don't get it.  I'm sure she could attract ANYONE she wants in the real world, but without a basic level of self-esteem she will continue to make the same choices over, and over, and over again. I'm not trying to be amusing here.....I think she needs counseling and a long, long break from attaching herself to men.

And what Natalie said to her was extremely hurtful, I'm sure.  Natalie went way beyond her reporting of the overblown comments Paulie has made about her rump. Natalie told Zakiyah that people she considered friends had been clowning her all summer.  There was little that was helpful about the conversation -- it was all meant to humiliate Zee, thinly disguised as "strategy".  If you watch footage of it online make sure you don't miss Natalie high-fiving with James about it afterward and congratulating herself on what a great job she did tearing Zakiyah down.  Girl Power, ya'll!

In the picture below, Michelle is celebrating when Paulie was knocked out of the first round of the HoH competition.  We all celebrated, but our joy was quickly dashed, less than 60 seconds later.

5.  And THIS....we all said, "WHOA" when Corey won HoH. And what a change from last year's strange Double Eviction episode, where Steve Moses won HoH, but did not take ONE meeting with anybody....he just said he knew what he wanted to do, and everyone sat and squirmed in silence.  As HoH Steve could have at least gotten some information, or made a few safety deals, but no, he just stood in silence and waited for Julie to tell him what to do next.

Steve won the season, of course, so he certainly didn't need my crappy advice to get the job done.  But what a contrast to Corey Brooks, who frantically tried to find one of the guys, any of the guys, to tell him how to proceed.  I remember hearing Corey tell Nicole in the second week of the game that he experienced a "black out" when he went into the DR to vote on the first live show.  He said he didn't remember what he said to Julie, or walking down the hallway to vote.  I think about that now every time Corey is featured on the live show, and I wonder if he is blacked out or not.  I'm still wondering about last night.

I think the most high-pressure position in baseball is the pitcher, right?  Everyone is staring at the pitcher and all of the offensive plays start with his I was surprised to hear him say he was so nervous.

Julie, to the audience:  Let's listen in to the last minute strategy sessions as we prepare for nominations.


Corey:  What are we doing guys?  Anyone?  Anything?

Paulie: I don't want to say anything, so I don't appear too forceful.  (See #2 above....ha ha ha ha)

Corey:  Well, are we doing this?  Are we doing this?


Victor:  Fool won't even get the HoH room, or a big bed.  Watch Fool go from winning HoH to sleeping in the Have Not room again!

6.  So we had a big Double Eviction, and the Big Move was to evict Bridgette Dunning.... Corey is such a dumbass.  Any Big Brother fan who has watched even a handful of seasons knows that the Double Eviction is the time to knock out a big target.   One of Corey's reasons for targeting Bridgette was apparently her recent admission that she was a "feminist".  Quelle horreur---a feminist!  No wonder Corey was so terrified of Bridgette.

I think America fell in love with Bridgette and I'm sure we'll see her play again, if she's interested. We should all be so lucky to meet someone like Bridgette if  we ever find ourselves in an Emergency Room.  Or to have a friend who is unafraid to come to your defense in a time of need.  Bridgette's last words in the house were to tell Paulie that what he said to Natalie "wasn't right".  (Bridgette is right, Paulie was wrong.)

Bridgette was candid, and thoughtful in her interview with Julie Chen. She left the game with class, with her head held high.  I'm proud of you, Bridgette.

7.  And finally, Julie dropped kind of a bomb on us as the show closed, telling us only that a "special episode" will be airing this Friday night at 8:00 PM EST.  I think the content of that "special episode" will depend on whether or not this week's evictee has the Round Trip Ticket or not, because that twist ends with next week's eviction.

If the Round Trip Ticket does not appear by then, I expect to see some sort of Battle Back competition between the first 4 jurors. They might even be sequestered now, waiting to be reunited at the actual Jury House after the outcome of this week's action.  But if whoever goes out this week has the Round Trip ticket (***cringe***) then I'm sure they can find something to fill the hour.  Maybe "highlights".  Or maybe a 'Very Special Episode" about Sociopathic Tendencies.  Who knows.


Just after the live shoe ended, Nicole, Paulie and Corey gathered in the Nairobi Lounge, and were joined by Victor and Paul.  Nicole seems very drained, and is still processing Zakiyah's eviction, as well as Michelle's dramatic speech shredding her and her boss Paulie.

Nicole:  I need to confront her about what she said.  Why am I a snake?  You don't think I'm a snake, do you?

Paul:  Don't worry.  That fell on deaf ears.  I hope you wear a snake costume at my Halloween party, though.

Nicole:  I am!  I'm already planning it.

Paul:  And Corey can be Adam, and walk around holding an apple!

Corey nodded like he understood, but he appeared very confused about the concept, but maybe he's just hungry, after two weeks of being a Have Not.

Corey left the room, saying that he is ready to eat now, and plans to eat continuously all week.

Paulie is apparently very angry about what Bridgette said on her way to the door tonight, telling him that what he said to Natalie wasn't right.

Paulie:  Great.  So my family and friends all had to hear that.


After Nicole left to join Corey, Paulie took off the gloves and shared his real feelings with James, Victor, and Paul.

Paulie:  My brother and his boys will tear that girl apart.

Someone, Paul I think, gasped.

Paulie: Socially...they'll tear her apart socially.

(That's Our Girl Bridgette he's talking about.)

Paulie:  You don't go after your own where I come from.

(How is Bridgette "his own"?  And wouldn't the oft-disparaged Jersey Girls be "his own"?)

Paulie:  My girl cousins will beat the shit out of those two girls.

(That's Bridgette and Big Meech he's talking about now.  But he's a gentleman, so he has his female cousins performing the actual violence on them, which is nice.)

Paul, trying to change the topic, maybe:  Sicilians?  They are terrifying.  Armenians just kill people, but Russians will poison you. Putin never cared.

Paulie:  Well, the Mafia techniques were really perfected by the Asians.

I'm willing to bet that The Family has already reached out to a publicist, because I think Paulie is making Aaryn Gries look like Cindy Brady.  And I'm positive that Derrick has already discussed with them what he plans to say (or NOT say) about Paulie's behavior on the RHAP Sunday night show.

I had to switch cameras on this crap.  But I think we have enough evidence of threats, should we need them later.

Nicole is with Corey in the kitchen, and is troubled by the evening's events.

Nicole:  Michelle purposely tried to make me look like crap before she left the house.

And Paul still had on the damn pool floatie.  What is wrong with him?

I was a little worried about Paul and Victor, watching them sit and talk with Paulie and act like they had no idea Zakiyah was getting evicted.  But Paul is acting here.  I don't think there is any way he would ever believe Paulie again...he was just keeping his options open in case Paulie wins the next HoH competition.


Victor won the HoH, and is expected to announce nominations any minute now.  He is expected to nominate Paulie and Corey.  Nicole won the America's Care Package and is safe this week, dressed as a construction traffic cone, with blinking safety lights. (The Super Safety Pass.)

Some people are calling bullshit on Nicole's win, but I think Bridgette probably had the most votes, after several days of open polls.  Last night's frantic voting for Michelle couldn't make up for Nicole's head start, in my opinion.  Nicole's mom is active online with the fans, and I'm sure she campaigned hard for votes.  It's plausible that Nicole could have been in 2nd Place, with a last minute push after being called a Snake on live TV.

James is going to end up taking a lot of the heat for the flip last week.  Nicole, Paulie and Corey feel very betrayed by him.  And Natalie's actions towards Paulie and Zakiyah didn't help, either.

Nicole later told Corey that all James cares about is what America thinks about him, and they can't rely on him at all.

Nicole:  He keeps mentioning Derrick, and what Derrick would do.  But I played with Derrick, and he would NEVER backstab his alliance like this!

(Not in such an obvious, messy manner, anyway.)

Michelle came in the dining area and Nicole asked her if she wanted to speak privately in the Have Not room.

Nicole:  How am I a snake?  And I never told Bridgette that you threw her cookies away.  I watched you do it every day and I didn't tell her.  Because that's not who I am.  And I won't tell Natalie how you imitate her, because I'm not that type of person.

Michelle:  I was so excited to work with you guys.  But you did stuff like not tell me about the vote to evict Day and I could tell you treated me differently.

Nicole:  Day told me that you and Zakiyah were talking crap about me.

Michelle: Well, why didn't you tell me?

And so on.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'll bet Les Moonves LOVED Michelle's sassy speech tonight.  That's the kind of live show action that will be remembered forever.  And they didn't even have to bleep her.

Paulie ended up coming in the room, and was rather calm, given the circumstances.  Nobody wanted Michelle to be alone in that room with Nicole and Paulie, so people started trickling in...Victor..then Paul...and Corey...nobody wanted to be left out.

 Michelle started telling Paulie some things that Zakiyah was saying in the last 24 hours or so.

Michelle:  She said that her relationship with you was strategy only, and that was why she was hanging around with you.

Paulie:  She said that?  Well, WE BONED LAST NIGHT.

The room was shocked.

Corey:  Boneless?

Paulie:  NO!  We....well, let's just leave it at that.

What a class act this Piece of Shit is....a real loser.  I don't see how people close to him can defend this behavior.  And I understand why Nicole and Corey are both so nervous now...I just heard Nicole say that they are worried that Paulie will get upset and lose his temper, blowing up their games.

After watching Paulie blurt out his activities with Zakiyah like that, in front of a crowd, I think their concerns are valid.


Here are some pictures of Nicole in her costume. It looks cute on her, as usual.  Her dad works road construction, so she thinks he will love this costume.  It is one piece, and is difficult to get in and out of, so prepare to hear some whining about that.

Nicole thinks she, Corey and Paulie are safe this week.  But she's wrong.  Nicole is the only one who is safe, thank's to Bridgette's eviction.

The Safety Vest has blinking lights on it, a special Costume Bonus.

And someone on Reddit posted this picture of Corey and Nicole.  I would laugh but the snake actually scares me.  Corey seems cool with it though.  He probably doesn't even know it's there.


  1. LOL F-R-A-N-K-I-EEEEEE!...xoxo, love him!!
    Awww I like Paul, he's so adaptable and funny but very astute!

    Seems Nat was looking to humiliate her afterward, you're right, (didn't need help tho, that whole showmance almost appeared abusive idk).. Did you see James acknowledging that he knew why Nat's plan didn't work on Z? I bet before they switched cams he was going to say sex, which Paulie blasted last night (disrespectful)!!!!! Z really does need some kind of help (shrug).. .and, Yes me too, I walked away when Paulie started spewing threats.. Does he hate women or something? I'm sleep. Now that he's on the block I hope he doesn't win veto, and, if he gets evicted I hope he doesn't come back (roundtrip, jury comp, hurricane, flood, tornado, just stay away!!)

    I know this is old, but on last season's DE did someone really tell Steve that Jackie was coming after him, because all I could see was the whispering to Johnny Mac not to use the veto.. That was the most shocking one to me!

  2. Paulie is such a villain and you can tell it comes naturally, so that's scary. He comes across as someone who was given everything he wants all his life so he can't cope when things don't go his way. He completely rewrites history in his conversations with the other house guests, making himself try to appear selfless with all his game moves when we (and they) all know he had a hand in the majority of evictions when each of the evicted house guests clued in on him being the mastermind. As soon as Paulie felt even the least bit threatened by someone, they were shown the door. He especially hates feeling threatened by women. You can feel his rage through the screen.

    I was watching him last night during his "chat" with Natalie and I couldn't help but think of him as a slimy used car salesman, working relentlessly to grind out the sale (it did not work). Then, he went to James and started the whole spiel with him and I had to turn it off. Lots of "honor and integrity" being thrown around when he doesn't appear to know the meaning of those words. Very tragic!

    1. For Paulie, I think this week will be a Serious Honor and Integrity Time. In other words a S.H.I.T.

  3. I think another reason Nicole may have won the care package is that America loves seeing her dressed up in all the costumes.

    1. Nichole was number 2 in the poll.

  4. I'm going to take Bridgette to task: where was her feminist beliefs when Frank was in the house acting similarly? She's tactically and methodically going after Paulie. It worked.

    While James is an attention whore and is playing to cameras, I could argue the same for the entire cast with the exception of Day who was there to get the money.

  5. This recap is great. Totally agree on Z. Pretty girl really needs some relationship therapy. And paulie! At first I was laughing watching him play the BB godfather. Obviously entitled, used to getting his own way, regard for no one but himself. But, he is seriously starting to look like a potentially dangerous person. The tide has turned and the anger he is showing ..scary. really hope they get him out and he stays.the level of his anger gets hard to watch.has the be uncomfortable (potential dangerous??) To others in the house.

  6. I watched Saturday night's live feeds. Paulie never laughed or smiled. He had dead eyes and a look on his face that was downright seriously sinister. He looks like he could explode with the slightest provocation. I hope the show's production can see this, he looks dangerous. I pray he leaves but how about the jury house how will he act there with all women? The show should get him OUT. Since he will, of course, want to say he left on his own terms, the show should make him go and prevent something bad from happening. I don't think this is show worthy, cute, funny or anything entertaining anymore. The boy needs help and could hurt someone. JMHO

    1. Yep. He made statements about lying on application about seeing a Psychologist. He has claustrophobia, and when asked about it to his psychologist, they said he was playing with fire.

      Also, I think Paulie had it out for Nichole since she rolls in the same group of friends of his ex-fiancee. Paulie's tactic is to call her out as fake is a lame ass attempt to discredit her before she would potentially bring up that stuff.

    2. Where did you hear about Paulie making those statements? He has openly discussed his OCD, but only recently mentioned claustrophobia, and only in terms of not wanting to to to the Jury house. But I have not heard about lying on the application....

      That is Natalie you are talking about in the second paragraph, not Nicole. They both work performing at Bar Mitzvahs and birthday parties, and know the same people.

    3. Saturday Night 7:45 BBT Paulie says he lied to psychiatrist

    4. Thanks. I just listened to it and WOW. Paulie admitted that he lied on his application, saying he'd never visited a psychiatrist. That must mean he's on medication of some sort....because that's who you see if you need a prescription.

      The feeds immediately went to FISH after he said that. Then we saw the cameras on the bedroo, but could hear Paulie talking to Paul about the way people leave the house, some peacefully, and some on tranquilizers "like dogs".

      WOW. I hope Production calls his family to get the scoop. And they better give the scoop to Production, because if something really bad does happen, Paulie is on record admitting he lied to get on the show.

  7. What is the RHAP Sunday night show?

    1. RHAP is Rob Has a Podcast---if you are a BB and/or Survivor fan you should be listening to Rob. Derrick is his guest Sunday night, but he had Brendon and Rachel on the Wednesday night show.

      Rob was the star of Survivor Amazon, so he has reality show chops.


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