Thursday, August 11, 2016

Big Meech Unleashed - It's a Revenge-Type-Thing. #BB18  We've been waiting and waiting for some people to start playing the game in the BB18 house, and it's finally happening.  It's a little messy, but it's happening.

Here's what you need to know before we continue:

1.  Zakiyah was expected to stay this week, but the tables turned on Paulie this week, and now the peasants have organized a real Coup d'Etat against King Paulie.

2.  Unable to just sit back and let the drama unfold, Natalie has unfortunately decided to insert herself in a big way, making her alleged claims of Paulie hitting on her all summer the focal point of the house.

3.  Natalie sat down with Zakiyah and told her tale of Paulie's suggestive comments towards her, etc.  She made Zakiyah cry, but surely this news was not New News for Zee...she has heard Paulie call Natalie "F.T." for weeks now and never stepped in to say it is inappropriate.  (I'm not sure Natalie even knows about that part, though.)

4.  Natalie then chose to confront Paulie about this, and things got ugly, with him berating her and overtalking her in front of a group of his minions (both real and fake at this point), then RAILING about it for HOURS.

Note that Natalie didn't need to do all of this....she likes to be the center of attention and of course is very proud to be instrumental in her role of bringing Paulie down this week, but once she accomplished that she should have "Known her Role and Shut Her Hole", in my opinion.  Because now Zakiyah has gone back and told Paulie everything Natalie said, and it's coming back on James, creating a bigger target on him as well.

And now, on with the show.  You won't be disappointed with this one.

When this scene opens, around 4:00 AM BBT, Paulie is obviously still agitated by Natalie's remarks against him, and even after going on, and on, and on about it, he's still discussing the aftermath.

Bridgette tried to defend Natalie during Paulie's HoH room tirade, and found herself on the receiving end of Paulie's wrath.  So now Paulie wants to address her, with a shitty passive-aggressive semi-apology about it..

Paulie:  Hey Bridge, the only reason why I said that stuff up there is that Frank was literally slapping Da'Vonne's ass, and calling them all sluts and whores.

Victor gulps his beverage, watching his friend Bridgette stare Paulie down.

(And that IS NOT an accurate representation of Frank's actions in the house, but Paulie's certainly not going to let the truth get in the way of his objectives.  Paulie better keep Frank's name out of his mouth as far as I'm concerned.)

Bridgette:  I don't want to talk about Frank, Paulie.

Paulie:  So when the word 'uncomfortable' starts getting thrown around.....

Bridgette:  You don't have to convince me of anything, Paulie.

Paul comes over to observe this action up close and personal.  Note that Bridgette knows that both Victor and Paul are working with her now, so I'm sure having both of them there, even being silent, helped make her feel stronger.

(Bridgette is not alone in this game anymore.)

Bridgette:  But I'm a feminist at heart, so I'm always going to defend someone who is being treated that way...she couldn't even get a word in with you.

Paulie:  Look, when the words 'uncomfortable' and 'disrespect' get thrown around really loosely in this house, and that's just my thing...

Bridgette:  When I see a woman get shit on, I'm gonna come to her defense every time, because I'm a feminist at heart.  You have a perspective, and that's valid, but she has a perspective too.  She needed an extra voice because she couldn't get a word in edgewise up there.  That's my thing.

Paulie:  I just want to have a logical conversation...we need to use facts here.

Bridgette: I was being logical, but I got laughed at up there.  You know what, I'm just going to go to bed and get a good night's sleep and have a new day tomorrow.

Victor watches silently.  He really likes Bridgette and respects the way she lives and also acknowledges how intelligent she is...this display will surely continue to turn him against Paulie.

And then here comes Big Meech, who knew she was going to be a key player in the action last night.  She got all gussied up and curled her hair for us, ya'll.

Michelle, as she stomps through the kitchen:  I'm so glad America won't see someone win 500K and then pick up some random girls at a bar to spend $800 on and then leave them in Vegas.

(This was a story-type-thing that Paulie told them earlier in the season.)

Paulie:  You're right!  They'll see a Super Fan who sucks at playing this game.

Michelle:  Hey, I blew up your game, and that's all that matters to me.

Paulie: You blew up nothing!

Michelle, stomping past the Memory Wall:  You're not winning, and that's all that matters in my heart.

Paulie:  Oh, you think so?

Michelle:  You wanna bet?

Paulie:  What about 500K?

Michelle, yelling from down the hall:  You won't have it.

Paulie:  You won't have it either.

Paulie: Somebody's upset...Ian will never like her now.

Paulie looks demonic here as he tries to show "his boys" that he is not concerned about Michelle, because her game is over, and he's the King, of course.  It's a pride-type-thing, I'm sure.

Paulie goes back to the bedroom, where Corey and Nicole are parked in their usual corner, and starts going through the "getting ready for bed" motions.  Michelle is in the London bedroom, just on the other side of the door, and they can both hear each other.  But they both start YELLING anyway.

Paulie: Oh, are you crying in there?

Michelle:  I'm not crying!  I'm laughing!  You don't scare me!  This is the best night ever!

Paulie: If you have the Round Trip ticket I'll turn around and evict your ass AGAIN!


Paulie:  Don't worry....I'm not counting your Jury vote!

Paulie:  Meech just told me that she was going to blow up my game tomorrow, but I did it already tonight.  And Bridgette told me she was a feminist!

Corey:  She admitted she was a feminist?  (like that's something bad or unexpected?)

Paulie:  How is Michelle blowing up my game?  I just want to know how I became the focal point for everybody's aggression.

Nicole and Corey laugh as Michelle continues to yell through the wall.

Michelle: He doesn't scare me...he's only 5'7", or 5'8"!

(ha ha ha ha ha)

Nicole said this tirade of Michelle's is the worst she's ever seen, even in her first season.  Paulie says that Michelle is trying to make good TV on her last night in the house.

I want to point out that Zakiyah, who will get the boot tomorrow, but is already IRRELEVANT at this point, is in the bed that Paulie is settling down on, and finally speaks.

Paulie:  Zakiyah, you gotta calm me down.

Zakiyah:  Just go to sleep.

But of course Paulie and Zakiyah did not go to sleep immediately.  You can watch the feeds yourself to see all of the action, but trust that whatever happened tonight did not turn Zakyah away from Paulie.

Tonight should be DELICIOUS, ya'll.


  1. Paulie told Natalie she was "as fake as the things on her chest." It was around 1AM. That's when all the drama started and everyone got involved.

  2. Paulie IS shaking in his trunks. That's why he ranted and raved all night telling the story over and over and over. I do love how Brig is walking around cool as a cucumber lol. That's the best way to get someone's goat...keep your cool, say less. I have not been a fan of Z who hasn't been playing the game. She should have signed up for The Bachlor which clearly is her goal. No sympathy for her. She's proven she's a willing "doormat". Michelle is a crack up. She gives us the comedy BB needs. Hope James doesn't fall for Paulie's lies. Feel sorry for Cory who always looks like a deer in the headlights. All this happening around him and he still seems lost.

    1. Someone said on Facebook that Corey told Nicole he had ADD/ADHD and he didn't bring his meds. If true, it would explain his spacing out at times.

    2. I take naturopathic stuff to help with that sometimes when I really need to focus. I've found tricks to be able to use my ADD to benefit me as opposed to having it be a disorder, but some days I feel stoned. I don'T smoke, haven'T in like 8 years now. But some days I feel ''out of focus'' and ''soft'' like Woody Allen and I space out and I get lost in my head. I've found tricks to snap myself out of it at times, but other times I just run with it since I'm a writer and once I'm out, I'm writing for hours. It's one source of inspiration. In the BB house, if you're used to having meds, and even me with my Bach Flower remedies, without them, I'd be lost like Corey, because I wouldn'T have them to help me focus when I NEED to focus. If Corey takes his meds all the time and not just on a need to take basis, then hs mind must be all over the place in there. ADD and ADHD are funy things sometimes and can help bring out a peron's talents, but other times, man oh man. I feel for the guy, but I still want him out, but let'S get Paulie out first, provided this game is not rigged and he doesn't have the round trip ticket.

    3. The founder of ADD/ADHD came out years ago saying its a made up disorder. It's fake. No such thing.

    4. It's a label, yes, but there is for real something in our brains that is different than in Neurotypical brains.

    5. I read somewhere (maybe here) that Corey takes the meds normally, but production told him it would give him an advantage. He said he doesn't really need it and declined to take it. Which would explain A LOT about him being a space cadet.

  3. Cody made a short video defending Paulie, basically "F*** yous who don't like Paulie. None of yous cockroaches are getting any Chicken Parm." Meanwhile, Derek seems to be trying to distance himself.
    I really hope you're right about Z going tonight and I hope Paulie follows her out. I love that Bridget has backup. She's my favorite now that Frank is gone.
    If Paul lets this flip happen without ratting he can be my homeboy...temporarily.

    1. OH, I soo hope Paulie gets the boot tonight after Z!! He will be stuck in jury with her!! Hahahaa!!

    2. Fingers crossed, although I'm a little upset about not getting any chicken parm. Guess I'll have the veal marsala instead.

    3. Huh, Derrick distancing himself? More like he is promoting his own show on the discovery channel. Fuck him.

      The seasons suck when the guys get into a "brigade" type alliance. The only reason that season with the "brigade" didn't suck is you had people like Regan and Rachel....who I don't like at all, that made it entertaining.

      You know what is a double standard? People thinking the brigade was such a great alliance, meanwhile trashing friendship. The only reason people hated that group was that they were targeting Janelle(who I loathe). Season six was a good season because they had a mix of people to make it entertaining outside of the game. This last couple of seasons? Not so much.

  4. Guys, Paulie doesn't like schemers except when HE'S scheming. No one can scheme but Paulie! It's his rule!

    I am loving watching the Paulie meltdown. His comebacks are lame (Natalie's a "Jersey" girl). All the rest of his comebacks are ugly, misogynistic putdowns of women (he calls "girls.") You can tell by his facial expression that he is seething with rage that his game has been figured out by mere GIRLS. The horror!

    Long story short: Paulie's no Derrick!


  5. Zakiyah can't understand a sister being this naive (dumb).

  6. Just imagine Paulies rage and embarrassment, if he gets booted by a girl.

  7. That's funny, langtra, -- Paulie stuck with Zee in jury, ha! but they'll probably get a little friendly there.

    I'm so looking forward to tonight's episode. I sure hope they do save Michelle.

    I like Meech, Bridget & Natalie. I was sorry to see Bronte go, & wish she was still there.

    I like Vic, & his principles. Didn't like him at first, but he's grown on me since his return. I didn't like Paul at first either. He acted like an ass in the beginning. I think he, like Vic, is a good guy. James, too. Each in their own different ways.

    I liked Paulie at first, but he's a self-centered chauvinist. Good on Bridget for calling him out.

    If things work out tonight by saving Meech, and by doing it in a mystery vote to lay the blame on Nichole --- oh, boy, while Paulie frets, there will be Nichole whining & crying, as well as a very confused Cory.

    Stephany, Frank & Day will be cheering from home! Me, too.

  8. I hope Nicole and Cory get married after the show and have a bunch of homeless people hating goat burning babies. That would be cute.

  9. Well that was great until it wasn't! I wish james, vic and Paul would at least wait till the hoh Como is over to start kissing Paulies ass. Did paulie actually try to convince people he really cared for Z and then a few minutes later let the entire world know they had sex last night?? Real class act there!
    If you go by popularity polls on multiple sites, I think nicole will get the next care pkg. Michelles ranking will rise this evening but I don't think she will catch up. Just a guess there. I've wasted votes all week on bridgette. Hate this twist! Natalie is the only person who won't try to go with Paulie I think...not like she has the option anyway. Michelle is already laying the groundwork with him and nicole somewhat.

  10. I hope Victor does put Paulie and Corey up and Paulie goes home. If Paulie has the turn around pass this game IS RIGGED. Cory winning HOH seemed a bit unusual too and then he wins POV, all to help do Paulie's bidding. Something smells fishy here. I did love the look on Paulie's face all night. It was like a changed person, somone possessed and a bit frightening. He looked like he was about to explode. I can't wait till he goes and hopefully stays gone I hope production stays out of it.

  11. Paulie is threatened by "girls" who dare talk back or disagree with him. His brother just uses them as sex or cuddle toys. I think we see a family trait pretty, sexy, affectionate and get lost otherwise. Spoil me because I'm the King Boy child. These relationship skills are not going to fly in the real world unless they keep finding doormat types like Zakiya but then you have to put up with the territorial jealous behaviors also because doormats by definition are horribly dependent. As in Bunny Boiler possessive dependence. These guys don't have happy futures ahead of them and the sad part is they won't change because their view of their masculinity is dominance over women.


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