Friday, August 19, 2016

All That Hard Work Right Down the Drain. #BB18

I'm not sure what I think about the live show last night.  There certainly was a lot of filler, wasn't there?  Most of it was good filler, don't get me wrong. Like that great Jury House segment, and seeing the Brenchel baby.  That segment went a little long for my tastes, but it was better than watching more pie-baking.  The editors had their work cut out for them this week, trying to cut an edit that made it look like Paulie had a chance to stay.

While I was watching cute little Adora Villegas, I was thinking: Paulie doesn't have the Round Trip ticket, because if he did we'd be seeing some footage of more bad behavior last week, to really set up the "Paulie vs. Victor and Paul" story line.  I was relieved to see his one-way ticket, but was appalled by Paulie's behavior during the live show.  I think there's a pun in there somewhere.


*  That filibuster speech he recited went on....and on....and on.  I can't believe Julie didn't shut him down, or play him out with some music.  It was CRINGEWORTHY how he addressed every person, putting on some lame, cheesy Mr. Nice Guy show.  I heard the house guests say later that they can't believe Paulie wasn't interrupted by Julie, either.

*  And when he dipped Michelle I was actually concerned for her.  The view was very nearly pornographic....what would have happened if the worst happened there?  Would the network cut the live broadcast?  Was anybody going to step in and help Michelle?  I think Michelle handled it really well, because I was ALARMED.  She kind of laughed later and said no, they didn't rehearse that, but Natalie and Paul said it looked like they really kissed.  (They didn't.)

*  And the tone was "poor Michelle couldn't get a showmance, so I'll cut her a break here and slobber on her on my way out".  I was expecting Michelle to punch him as soon as she was right-side-up again.

*  Calling Julie "JULIE BABY", and PICKING HER UP OFF THE GROUND?  Paulie is so fucking weird...what made him think it was okay for him to do either of those things?  She is married to the CBS HEAD HONCHO for god's sake.

*  His whole persona just seemed so fake to me last night.  Maybe he had to put on some sort of veneer so he could get through it.  Clearly he was trying to act like it was his choice to leave somehow, that he was making the sacrifice himself or something.  Or maybe Paulie was trying to act the way he thinks a "normal" person would act.

*  Zakiyah is going to look even worse after she gets with him again in the Jury.  Because you know that is going to happen---she's not aware that Julie Chen just announced to America that the relationship has no chance of succeeding.

The Battle Back competition next week better be fair, and not just a cakewalk for the most physical competitor. Unless Victor is evicted this week, then by all means make it a brutal showdown.


Julie just left the audience hanging last night, but not even mentioning the HoH competition. Although she might have mentioned at the very end that we'd get to see the competition start on the special Friday night episode tonight.

Spoiler alert---be prepared to see Paulie win some prizes...

In the storage room only minutes after going off the air, the house guests knew that the HoH comp would be happening soon.  I really don't know what I can say about Natalie's ensemble, except it looks like a Halloween costume or something, maybe a bordello worker costume.  She's a cute girl and all, but I don't understand her fashion choices.  She brought that outfit for a special dressy occasion, and wore it on live TV, so it's like the two of us come from different planets.

Natalie is very upset about Paulie calling her a "Venezuelan Princess" in her speech.  She's offended, she says, because that makes her sound spoiled, and she's had to work hard for everything on her own.  Natalie is very upset.  Paul keeps repeating for her to calm down, settle down.

Paulie left a little gift on his way out of the house...paranoia and mistrust.  It seems that his goal was to pit Paul and Victor against James and Natalie, so that his friends Corey and Nicole will be safe this week.  One of the problems is that Paulie told Paul that Natalie told him about everyone's plans to evict him this week.  Natalie denies this, but the seeds were planted.  Natalie proceeded to disparage Paul and his lies all night.

Michelle knows she will be a Have Not again tomorrow, thanks to her "prize" at the County Fair.  I think they may be released for the current Have Not week at midnight, so Michelle went into storage to grab what was left of Paulie's pie-making kits.  She wants to make and eat an apple pie as soon as she can, before her Have Not Famine begins again.

Surely Production will slide in some protein-filled goodies into the Have Not diet this week, since Victor will be a Have Not for the first time.  I don't know what the theme of the HoH competition was, so I can't even venture a guess about these additional foods.

Victor likes tacos, and McDonald's.  I know that.

Has another house guest ever gone shirtless on the live show?  Ever?  Note that Victor was also shirtless for the PoV Ceremony, which seemed cheeky enough to me.  But the live show?

I'm not saying Victor doesn't look good.  Because he looks great.  I really like the jeans and bare chest look, too.  It's hot.  It just seems so bold for the live show.  

Howie might have appeared shirtless in BB6 or BB7, but Howie was nuts.  And Mr. Pectacular barely wore shirts, if you can count those strappy tank tops that would be tight on my Mini Schnauzer.

But Victor didn't even seem to be flexing like those two yoyos.  Victor is setting his next step up in life with all of this shirtless action, I'll bet. Maybe he'll be the shirtless gardener at Jabot Cosmetics or something.  Or the stock boy, delivering a special package to the Jabot President.

Right now El Fit Vic has some food to eat, in this case he's plowing through a pepperoni pizza.   Michelle is nibbling something in her customary way...probably sunflower seeds if she's still a Have Not.

Natalie has changed to get ready for the HoH competition, but she's still talking about the Venezuelan Princess comment.  And I'm sure she will be, for the rest of the season.

Unless Paulie wins the chance to come back into the game and says some other new offensive comment to add to the list, of course.  If he does come back in the game, it will be a new house, for sure.  Both sides will try to scoop up whoever comes back into the game, to get an edge in the numbers.  They'll probably say they'll all band together to evict the returning juror, but it's easier said than done when you've got single-digit players left in the game.

Natalie is upset here about the lip gloss that James lost of hers somehow.  I know she lost one weeks ago in the cushions of a couch upstairs that got moved, but this sounds like a fresh loss for Natalie.

Natalie:  It was Burberry lip gloss James...very expensive.  It was my first name brand lip gloss.

James:  I'll get you another one when we get out of here.

Natalie, remembering that she's not a Princess:  I had a coupon for it.


Natalie: Just because I can afford nice clothes, and wear nice clothes, that doesn't mean I'm a Princess.

She wondered what it was about her that made Paulie hate her so much.  James thinks it was because Natalie knows Paulie's ex-girlfriend.

Natalie:  I like his ex!  ***FISH***  I like her! We have a professional relationship---I hire her for my special events..she's a Knicks City Dancer....

They are quick on that button when Paulie's ex is brought up.....she isn't having any of this nonsense. Apparently Paulie coming on BB was "the last straw" for any chance of Paulie reconciling with her, contributing to Paulie's recent depression in the house.  You know, his "depression performance", because he told Julie Chen that it was all an act to make the house guests pity him.

Sure it was, Paulie.  Sure it was.


The feeds were down for over five hours.  I think the BBAD episode was a rerun or something, I haven't watched yet.

It sounds sort of like the "black box" competition, where they had to look for things in a challenging environment, but there was an element of endurance, also, because they had to "push a button" while they looked.

SPOILER ALERT:  Natalie won.  Yes, Natalie.

And things got DIRTY out there.  The house guests are covered with gooey looking paint.

(I personally hate the Black Box competition and I don't like watching it.)

Nicole and Natalie are showering, with cold and hot water, respectively.

My first thought was, "why is Paul being so EXTRA about the competition?"

Because Natalie won, of course, and Paul must be freaking out.  He was just so enthusiastic and chatty about every little detail, saying it was fun out there. I guess some of the "bombs" that blew up really smelled, but talking about it doesn't bother Paul now, apparently. He's clutching that Cheetos bag like his life depends on it.

James got dirty, but will have a safe week.  The thing is, I think he and Natalie would be better off letting NiCory and Paul and Victor fight it out this week, and sit on the sidelines, watching.  Now Natalie is going to have to pick a side and James will get dragged along with her.

He's staying in the HoH room tonight, but will be back down in the bumper cars this weekend.

Michelle said that if she might have done better without the endurance part of the competition, because that was the hard part for her. I think she was eliminated early in the competition.

Nicole said that holding the button down was the easy part for her.

Paul said later that he didn't want to go all out and "mess up his beard".  I hope that isn't true, because he's going on the block this week one way or another.

There is a quite a bit of chatter about how difficult it is to get the bright-colored smudge off their bodies.  And a lot of complaining about the shower situation.

This is gross, so some viewers may need to look away.  The shower drain completely clogged and water was gathering into a dirty, cloudy lake.

James had to get the plunger and the sound of him trying to unclog the drain was a little sickening.  He had to get a little rough....just look at all of that disgusting yellow goo.

Natalie:  I can't believe I'm HoH.  Is this real?  I can't believe I'm HoH.

Later, Natalie would repeat several times how unhappy she is with her HoH pictures.  She says she spent HOURS sorting through all of her pictures with her mom, yet her mom sent the ugliest ones to Production.  (I think Production pulls them from social media, actually.)

Natalie: I don't have any boobs in any of the pictures....that one is so gross.

I think everyone was just like 'WHAT THE HELL' about Natalie winning, but they reassure her gamely when she asks if they threw it to her, and did she really win.

Meanwhile James kept plunging.  Corey stated that the HoH shower sucks, too, frequently getting clogged and leaking.

Maybe Production should require use of the outdoor shower when they get this covered in goop.  Just a suggestion.

Natalie:  Oh I want to request makeup...I don't need snacks...I just want makeup in my HoH basket.

James: Go ask.  Go in the DR and ask.

Natalie:  I just want makeup in my HoH basket.  Do you think I can ask?

Corey:  You can ask. Go in the DR and ask.

Natalie:  But  I just want makeup in my HoH basket.  Do you think I can ask?

And so on.

James finally pulled something out of there that he said made him very nauseous.  It smelled bad, too.

But only seconds later someone was back in the shower.  James wasn't wearing you think he left whatever it was still in there?  Or did he throw it on top of the Mound of Nastiness in the bathroom waste can?

Michelle is having a hard time getting the goop off her legs.


Big Meech pulled off the Care Package win!  That is actually a BIG surprise, but I'm glad that America appreciated her being BIG SPEECH in last week's live show, calling out her enemies and then wailing in surprise that she survived two live votes in a Double Eviction episode.


  1. I just had to write a quick note to say "Thank you!" For doing this blog. I discovered you through a link on Jokers BB Update page about a week ago, and I have been enjoying reading your updates since then. You really are a talented writer. You are concise yet detailed, humorous (at times laugh-out-loud hilarious) yet respectful, personable, relatable, entertaining as heck and, most importantly, you're someone who knows their Big Brother (pardon the expression) shit. Again, thanks for a FANTASTIC live feed update blog.

    P.S. I used to be a devoted BBDish reader (miss you Carolyn wherever you are) and was not really enjoying BB this year without having a live feed update blog to enjoy along with the TV show. Thanks to you, I can now thoroughly enjoy Big Brother again!!!

    FYI: After last season Carolyn decided to stop doing her BBDish blog so she could focus more time on herself, her health and he life in general.

    P.S.S. I have a really stupid question and I will preface it by saying that your answer does not matter in the slightest (I'm just curious.) Are you male or female? I honestly can't tell just from reading your blog, and, to be honest, I think that is so cool.

    1. I just wanted to add that I agree 100%

      I look forward to these updates sooooo much!

    2. I'm a former BBDisher, too, and have found myself here. I wish the whole group was here :)

    3. Another BBDisher :) I have another blog that I read, but this one is much more detailed and I love the commentary!

  2. Paulie...ugh. I legitimately think something is wrong with him. He was so creepy on last night's show.
    The whole pep talk from Corey felt super scripted. We haven't seen Corey string along more than two consecutive, coherent sentences, but now he's suddenly Dr. Phil?
    I hate to see Natalie side with Nicole & Corey. I get it, though. Victor and Paul are going to be tougher to beat.
    What was the point in axing Glen right away if they are going to do so many battle-backs?
    I really hoped Victor would get the cp. Maybe next week will be his chance to win.

  3. Michele should threaten to put up James if Natalie puts up Paul or Victor. That way they put up Nicole and Corey. One of them goes home and the three I like stay in the house (Michele, Victor, and Paul). It could happen.

  4. Never mind my other post. I'm on the west coast. Always last to the party.

  5. I am not a Natalie fan, I find her a bit fake at times and annoying. There are no words to explain Paulie's exit speech or actions other than he needs help. I actually turned off Friday nights After Dark I just have had enough of stupidity from this group of women. Do they want Cory to win, or Nicole? All they did was lay in bed all summer. This show will go the way of Idol if things aren't changed soon. I feel sorry for Victor he deserved the package and I kind of feel BB was going to give it to Michele no matter what the vote.

  6. If this POV iis the ''How Bad Do You Want IT'', do you think Paul will shave it all off in order to stay safe this week? I've been waiting for this moment. I hope it'S that one. For him to do it, he has to be otb in order to be THAT willing to shave it all off. Oh, I hope I hope I hope lol


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