Saturday, July 23, 2016

You Just Keep Me Hanging On. #BB18

It's Saturday, but this is not a day of Rest & Relaxation in the Big Brother house.  The house guests barely digested the major events that have happened since Tiffany was evicted on Thursday night, but today is PoV Day, usually the most dramatic day of the week.


These kids have been locked inside since 5:30 am on Tuesday....they are cooped up like animals rattling around in their cages.

Battle Back Returnee:  Victor

HoH: James

The POV players will be:

James - HoH
Frank - nominated for eviction
Bridgette - nominated for eviction
Da'Vonne - random draw
Nicole - random draw
Michelle - random draw (?)

Natalie is hosting.  We don't know yet who the Have Nots will be, if any this week.  The chatter today is about prizes and punishments.  Nicole has already announced she will be happy to wear the costume.  Frank told Bridgette to take the trip, if there is one, since someone would surely take the PoV away from her and stick her with a horrible punishment.

James met with  Bridgette today, telling her that she had his support and if he wins the PoV, he is likely to save her with it.  He's feeling badly about going against his word by nominating her.  James, Bridgette and Da'Vonne were the last players in the HoH competition.  James apparently promised Bridgette safety if she let go of The Wall.

(Why would James save Bridgette only to have to nominate a 3rd person?  Unless he wants to commit a BRUTAL blindside to big players like Paulie or Da'Vonne...unlikely but exciting to think about anyway.)

So he gives an apology for that now, saying he was trying to follow the house with his nominations.  Bridgette says she understands, and would appreciate his help with the PoV.

Natalie is PILING it on today.

I mean, really.

Bridgette came in munching on something crunchy.  Bridgette knows that either she or Frank will be leaving this week.  Natalie thinks it's time for Bridgette to make some deals with people.

Bridgette:  I can't make deals with people who hate me for no reason.

Natalie looks like she's headed onstage to play the Sugar Plum Fairy or something.  She says she looked like crap in the DR yesterday, so she's trying to make up for it.

Natalie:  I was a Have Not...I hadn't showered in two days, and my face was crusty.

She's teasing her hair, so this is serious.

Bridgette got a few Triscuits out of the box and ate them, deep in thought in the storage room.

She decided to put some make up on today, too.

Bridgette:  I haven't worn mascara in two weeks.

After all of the teasing and combing, Natalie ended up pulling her hair up anyway.  Bridgette told her what James said about how he felt badly about nominating her, but that was what a lot of people wanted.

Bridgette:  James is gonna do what they tell him to do Natalie.

Natalie:  I'm realizing that.

Natalie doesn't think the guys want to take a female to the end.  I've heard her bring that up a few times now.

Frank got in a shave as he prepared for the PoV.

Victor came over and said the PoV draw could have been better, so that the guys could have played to help Frank out, but it's not too bad as it is....Frank should be happy.

(i.e. because Michelle, Da'Vonne and Nicole might not be threats to win)

I don't know yet if Victor is on Frank's side or not, but I'm sure he likes knowing that he's not the target in there.  I also know that Victor has repeated what Tiffany told him about not trusting Da'Vonne and trusting Frank, because I know Da'Vonne knows about that now.

So....not  a good sign for Frank, if Victor is talking about that.  Maybe he chose to go with Paul, since he's on the fringes of Paulie's power.

There were more relationship problems to discuss, of course.  And this issue is just as ridiculous as the other NiCorey relationship crises.  Apparently Victor recalled Corey talking weeks ago about meeting a girl a few days before he was kidnapped for the show.  Corey was wondering if she was watching this, and said he wanted to get in touch with her afterwards. Her name was Shane.

Apparently at some point last night, Victor brought out that information, teasingly asking Corey about "that friend you met with the guy's name".  I guess Victor was shocked to see how demonstrative Corey was with Nicole, and he wanted to throw in some drama.

This apparently led to Nicole getting upset with Corey later, and they had words about it.


(Nicole is in for  a RUDE awakening about what Corey's life will be like in September.)

Nicole:  He said, no matter what happens, we'll always be good friends...what does that mean?

Frank took a shower.  The feeds were down a long time for the PoV player pick...people were thnking that there must have been some clues given to the Secret Room, but I didn't hear anyone talk about it.

In the HoH Paulie visited James and wanted to know if it was just the boys in there right now.  It was, James said.  Victor and Corey were in there too.  They touched base about how Frank or Bridgette need to go this week, but I'm sure they are nervous about the PoV.

Paulie:  Zee was difficult to resist last night.  She was coming at me hard core last night.  I tried to do my best, but we almost made a porno in here.

Corey says he's had blue balls for so long, they're black balls now.

Paulie:  I need a night off after that, to calm things down.

Victor "emptied" the tank before coming back in the house, he tells the guys.  I heard him say that the house is so much easier to live in now, and he didn't expect that.  Nicole said no offense, but things started getting better after Jozea left.


Both Tiffany and Bridgette have sisters who are manning their Twitter accounts while they are playing Big Brother.  And neither one of them have felt the need to drag their sister through the mud.

(Of course I'm referring to Michelle's Twitter drama this week.)

Bridgette's sister Jessica is running an official Twitter account for her this summer.


Here's Paul without that nasty growth on his face.  These pictures probably came from his social media but they have floated around the internet so many times I can't quote the source.

I heard Paul say that he has all sorts of contacts in Russia due to relatives who live there, and his contacts with the Armenian community.  Maybe that's why the number of Russian visitors to the website this summer has now topped the number of Canadian visitors for the first time ever.

(Of course the US has the highest number of visitors, but Canada has always been the #2 country until now.)

I can barely explain Paul's BB exploits in English, so I'm not sure how that translates.  Please feel free to share some Paul stories with us if you know him.

He has a growing fan base but is testing our patience by repeating the same catch phrases over and over.


  1. those older,pre-ink photos of Paul are a revelation. I had no idea. good looking man back then. as long as he has no Putin connections, he is fine by me.

  2. It's fun to hear that you keep track on which nationalities visit the site the most. What about a making a list at some point?


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