Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wil Heuser Presents The Saga - Episode 2 #BB18

Wil has released Episode #2, and still has some things to say about the departed Messiah Jozea.

I like the song, and the pixelated back up dancing by Frank and Paulie.

I had to turn down the volume on Bronte's voice, but what else is new......


  1. It won't let me watch this and I can't find it online. *sigh*

    1. On youtube, his channel is either WilHeuser or just type the saga BB18 wil.

      If you're on a phone or tablet it could be buggy. I had to enable java and stuff on my tablet to watch it.

    2. I am on my work computer. I looked at his page and searched for it. I am going to heat up my lunch and try again. Wish me luck.

    3. I figured it out. I am good, I loved the song!

    4. I just tried re-uploading the video--maybe that will make life easier.

      I know Wil is doing something different this year, with some sort of app with additional Saga footage---maybe that is putting a wrench in the normal viewing procedures.


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