Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We'll Take the Sloppy Seconds. #BB18

We're going to be moving back and forth from today to last night, and back again in this post, but I'm up for it if you are.

Tiffany was the first one up this morning, making coffee and other basic morning routines.

Every day the house guests need to switch out their mic pack batteries.  Most of the time Big Brother makes them go in and make the switch themselves, without an assist from another house guest.  I think each battery is specific to each house guest, but I'm not sure about that.

Tiffany braided her side pony in the storage room, looking at her reflection.

Frank made an appearance in the kitchen, and asked Tiffany if he could have some coffee.  Of course, Tiffany said, the coffee is for everybody.

Frank poured some of his coffee in a shaker cup, partially filling it up and putting it in the freezer.  He explained that his "buddy from last time" (Mike Boogie) showed him how to make an iced coffee drink with protein powder.  Shortly after this, though, the backyard was unexpectedly locked down and I heard Frank complaining that he planned to enjoy his iced coffee protein drink outside, but his plans were dashed when they were stuck inside.

Tiffany spent quite some time cleaning the kitchen.  Frank also made a crack about that later, saying that the effort by Tiffany was very nice, but it was "a little too late".

(Boy do I hope Frank is wrong about that...)

I did not see any hint of Tiffany having any sort of game discussion with Frank, or even a mention by either one of them that they need to talk, so I don't think appealing to Frank is part of Tiffany's plan of action this week.  If she has a plan of action, that is....I'm not sure she knows she needs one yet.

I did see a conversation a few days ago where Nicole told Corey and Paulie that she wanted to let Tiffany know she is leaving, at least by Wednesday night, but I think Paulie ended up talking her out of it after voicing concerns that Tiffany might wig out after hearing that news.

But the point of me posting this picture is to show you how the house guests have still managed to cram a bunch of cereal boxes on top of the fridge, right there at the base of the Eiffel Tower.  That is just like the ugly Americans, isn't it?

Now we're flipping the time switch, and toggling back to last night.  Natalie and James are sitting at the counter chatting and swinging their feet around. I wonder what they're talking about?

James' pranks, and how they will be featured heavily on the CBS show.  Yep, that was the topic of conversation.  Natalie can't believe that James sat and watched her put the mayonnaise suntan lotion on her skin and didn't say anything to her about it.

James:  The texture didn't feel different?

At one point in the conversation, James said "that's what love will do to you".

Yeah.  Corey was sitting right there and he was disgusted, too.  You can tell he's like "what the fuck?" while he's listening to all of this.

Michelle actually tried to warn James a few days ago about Natalie, saying that James was getting played and setting himself up for disappointment.  But James didn't believe her.  He seems to think this is real.

It is real.  Real shallow.

But I am reminded of what a rude caller said to Howard Stern one time on his Sirius radio show.  The caller mentioned Howard's beautiful, blonde, model wife Beth, and said that Beth would never have gone out with Howard if he wasn't rich and famous.  Howard simply said, "that's okay..maybe I just went out with her because she was young and hot."

The camera flashed over to show us what Paul is up to, and he's napping in the HoH Suite.  He must feel like he's living in the Taj Mahal after being stuck in those bumper cars last week.

And the cameras show us Corey's shoes again.  They were showing us Corey's gray Nikes last night, over and over and over.  I think the connection there is that all of Corey's shoes look super clean and new.  Brand spanking new.

Have you ever seen any guys in the BB house wear driving moccasins?  And are these actually the real thing...Tod's Driving Mocs?

They might be. But I can't certify that...I can only ask the question.

And Corey can't answer us.  He's certainly not talking about his shoes right now.  His time in the Have Not room is really wearing on him.  His legs still get numb from being crammed in those bumper cars, and he says he's even tried to sleep sitting upright.

He's super tired, he says.

But at least he can eat peanuts and popcorn.  He's eating peanuts in this picture, raw from the shell.  They should try making some boiled peanuts, or request them from the DR.  I'm not sure people in California would even know what boiled peanuts are, but they are a real treat.

Zakiyah did Nicole's makeup last night, and apparently she used really dark lipstick and everyone is talking about it.  I immediately wanted to switch camera views so I could see it, but the live feeds have been so messed up that I can't do that.  Whenever I flashback to any camera view besides camera #1, my camera view kept getting defaulted back to midnight.

So unfortunately I had to sit and watch Corey crack open peanuts and not drive anywhere in his fancy suede driving loafers.

I heard Zakiyah say Nicole washed it all off, and that Zaiyah was apologetic about "being a bad friend".  This happened before BBAD even started, so unfortunately we'll just have to imagine what it looked like.

Corey: It looked fine.  It was just another way to do it.

Tiffany had a great conversation with Michelle, where Tiffany wanted to fill her in on some things that are going on in the house that she might not know about.  I think the first big thing that Tiffany shared was information about the new alliance that formed recently.  I don't know the name of it, but it is that alliance that Da'Vonne hates, that includes Day, Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey and Nicole.  It might have even been a different alliance, because there are so many sub-agreements percolating in there now.

Tiffany:  Don't cry...don't be upset.  I just think you need to know this stuff....I trust you.


Tiffany:  They're still in the alliance with us...this is just a smaller group within the group.

I think she said Zakiyah told Da'Vonne about it,and Da'Vonne told her, because Da'Vonne trusts her so much.  With good reason, because Tiffany has always been supportive of both Da'Vonne and Nicole.

Michelle:  I'm just upset that no one trusts me enough to tell me all of this.

Tiffany says please don't get paranoid---she has heard all of the guys say that Michelle has an amazing social game.

Michelle:  That probably means they want to get rid of me.  It's too bad I'm not super hot and nobody wants to get in a showmance with me.

Tiffany said it is good to have showmances in the house sometimes, because being aligned with them can help your game.  Michelle mentions that she tried to warn James about getting involved with Natalie, but he won't listen and he's oblivious.

Michelle:  All he does is chase after Natalie.  There is stuff I could tell him about her, but Corey needs to tell him that, because he's the one that knows it.

Tiffany:  Just flirting and stuff?  Saying Corey is so hot and all?

Michelle:  Yeah...Corey needs to tell him though.

Tiffany thinks they can use James to get out some of the stronger guys n the game.  Last year he proved that he's not afraid to go after big targets.

Tiffany:  And after those guys are gone, we can attract the girls over to us.

Michelle:  I hate those girls....I don't want to attract them.

Tiffany:  No, not those girls.  Nicole, and Zakiyah, if their showmance guys are gone.  Sloppy seconds!  We'll take their sloppy seconds!

Michelle wondered what happened with Tiffany and Paulie's relationship----they used to spend so much time together.

Tiffany:  I know!  We were really close!  I don't know what happened!  That mother fucker got in all of these groups and never thought of my name!

She thinks Zakiyah didn't want Paulie spending time with anyone else, even if she and Paulie are not a threat to Zakiyah's relationship with Paulie.

Michelle is thankful for all of this information, but she is obviously spinning from all of the new information.

Tiffany:  Look this isn't a popularity contest.  If it was, you would win.  You can't take it personally.

Michelle wanted to know what else Da'Vonne told her. Tiffany said Da'Vonne told her she thinks that Nicole and Corey have been kissing, and Michelle reacts to that.  Tiffany suggests that she start watching Nicole closely, because she and Corey have been taking pains to avoid sitting together in the house when they're in big groups.  They've really started to play it down, she says.

Tiffany: It's not like Corey can protect her....he sucks at comps!

They both laugh at that.  Tiffany is very annoyed that the two couples are so safe now, in the center of the game.

(Nicole & Corey, Zakiyah & Paulie)

Michelle:  I never thought I'd be this naive in this game.  What else do you know?

Tiffany:  Do you have a Final Two with Frank?

Michelle:  No.

Tiffany:  He made a Final Two deal with Nicole on day two in the storage room!  She didn't believe him for a second, but he made one with her.

Michelle:  What the hell.

Tiffany:  Frank also made Final Two deals with Zakiyah and Corey.

Michelle:  I hate everyone!  What a shitty cast!  I can't believe they put me in here with these people!

Tiffany tells her to calm down and be positive.  They discussed that thread on Reddit where someone saw the production assistant casting call for the newbie cast kidnappings.

Tiffany:  The list of the cast was fake, but all of the locations were right!

And back to today...Bridgette got her HoH camera but there were only five people up and moving around to participate.

As you might guess, that didn't keep Bridgette down.  This is her recreating her intro pose for Frank.

Bridgette:  Where else can we go Frank, if we can't go outside?

Frank: Let's go take pictures with the sleeping house guests.

So they did, starting in the Have Not room. This is a shot from behind of Frank and Bridgette crammed into Corey's bumper car.

And from the front, reviewing it.  Corey has been living on slop and peanuts, and sleeping in a fucking bumper car, and still looks like this.

Nicole didn't want to participate, and pulled the blanket over her head, but Frank went over and got the shot.

Maybe we'll have a segment about this on the CBS show this week.

Just kidding.    Not really.

Bronte got in a shot with the sleeping Paul.

And Zakiyah was up for it and happily posed with the girls before going back to sleep.

Frank posed for one with Tiffany, who participated by making a mopey face.  I did not see anybody try to take a picture with Da'Vonne, but maybe I missed it.

Natalie wanted to participate, and posed like a.....well, like a cheerleader with Frank here.

I can't believe this ugly stack of luggage is still sitting there.  I thought for sure that after the four veterans popped out of that blue trunk in the front that they would clear all that mess away.

I'll bet that means that someone else will be popping out of that trunk before the season is over.

Yep.  On Celebrity BBUK Emma Willis (the Julie Chen of Great Britain) actually went into the house through a grandfather clock and took a house guest by the hand to be evicted the same way she came in.  Or something like that.  I do not think Julie Chen would do something like that, though.

But this guy would be happy to pop up from that trunk, I'll bet.

Austin would be fun, too, since he is a villain everyone hated.  Too bad he was such a dick to production at every turn last season.  He lives right down the street, too.  So close yet so far.

I'll bet the Battle Back person appears in the house through that blue trunk.  Maybe everybody will be sitting in the living room and then Julie shows up on the screen and says "HOUSEGUESTS", and then the Messiah himself rises from the blue trunk.

(No way Jozea.)

The Spy Girls  sat on the luggage for a picture without being told to "STOP THAT".

Because they're not allowed to climb on that luggage.


This is proof that Natalie looks great right out of bed and does not need all of that makeup.

Paulie made some sort of breakfast dish for himself and Frank.  He was going to cook all of the components separately, but Frank suggested he cook up the bacon and sausage, and then add the eggs to the same pan.

This was an eye-opening idea for Paulie. He'd never thought of that before.

Maybe later Paulie will say Frank was bullying him about that damn omelet.  Or scramble.  Whatever.

(The word scramble is so GROSS to me.)

I actually didn't recognize Corey for a minute. I was like, "who the hell is that?".


  1. Thank you for all of your awesome highlights!! You always have important info, written with humour!! I read them as soon as you post them. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Totally agree! I just discovered this blog and am very happy about it! Thanks!

  2. I barely know which person Michelle is, but this quote from her, replicating what so many BB fans have said, season after season, year after year..."What a shitty cast!" I have never said it because I am at peace with loving this show. It is, other than Top Chef, the only reality show that I watch. And Top Chef ain't quite what it used to be, but ahhh..... Big Brother always ends up delivering and keeping my attention. Perhaps, the take back from my ramblings is to embrace a shitty cast.

  3. Thanks for the laugh and good scoop - I really enjoy your writing!

  4. Paulie and Tiffany actually did start to have a nice relationship but then she pulled one of her meltdowns and he realized she's an unreliable partner. It was too sad to see her tell Michelle she just doesn't know what happened but thinks it was Frank. Nope, it was only because she's a mental case she did it to herself. It's also why no one is telling her she's leaving out of kindness, they're afraid she'll blow up uncomfortably. She is treated badly because she's a drama queen, that's it.

  5. Ack ... Mr. PecTacular ... the modest guy who seems to just eat and sleep!

    You are so wicked!

    (I woke Jack the dog laughing!) :)

  6. Sorry, but I think Tiffany is being badly tainted by the Vanessa stigma. It seems so unfair that she was sent into that house so son after Vanessa's season. She never had a chance. I don't see her being all that emotional. She has her moments...as do MOST people. I disliked Vanessa, but I do not dislike Tiffany. She and Vanessa are definitely genetic sisters, but they are not the same person.

    1. I agree, Deb, about Tiffany. I did not like Vanessa. I felt she went overboard psyching people out, and overplaying the tears when people tried to challenge her. Seems everyone was walking on eggshells for fear of Vanessa's wrath and/or tears.

      Tiffany, while similar, is not Vanessa. Personally I think Tiffany is more settled, kinder, and far less frazzled. Tiffany my resemble Vanessa, she is prettier with softer features. Wearing sunglasses in the house all the time is off-putting. She should show her pretty face and eyes.

      Also, bossy Frank hasn't helped matters, either. He just doesn't like being around strong women.

      I've watched all seasons, and this is the first season where I like just about everybody. I didn't care for Josea, but I think he would have caused the turmoil us feedsters enjoy so much.

      I didn't care for Paul at first. Thought he was too gruff and negative, but he's turned out to be one of many favorites. I have a love/hate feeling with his beard. I'm not into that kind of beard but I'm fascinated at how it glistens and perfectly groomed. Wonder what he treats it with. My son has a beard, I think he could use some tips from Paul.

      OK, sorry to rattle on, I truly love this blog. I love the analysis, humor, and side bars.

      (Yea, I put my hair under my cap to hide the smell from mom. Oh, naughty me!)

  7. I was thinking that Production is leaving all the luggage there is so they don't have to change out three sets every week. They remain to remind that anyone could be going home any week.


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