Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This is What Happens When the Internet Raises the Children. #BB18

Well, there is a lot of drama that went down overnight.  But not in the BB Michigan, and online.   Here's the deal....Michelle sat in the backyard and talked to James about her family a day or so ago.  She has three sisters, one who is 19 (Renee) and one who is a younger teenager.  Michelle made a few very Big Meech-type comments about Renee and Renee's boyfriend, and also "joked" that her parents might be divorced by the time she gets home.

The clip of this conversation is on YouTube, but I won't bother to link it here because it is highly likely that the video will be taken down before you even get a chance to look at it (like the video where James talked about Clay and Audrey...)  I think the title is "Michelle Meyer talks about her family" if you want to scoot over to You Tube and take a peek before continuing here.

Anyhoo....I knew there was a problem when I saw Derrick's tweet this morning.

Michelle's sister Renee apparently has the authority to run Michelle's Twitter account this summer, She started off slow, tweeting out her support for her big sister, but apparently she is no longer on Team Big Meech.

Note that these tweets have all been deleted, but thanks to the fine posters over at Reddit, they will be preserved for all eternity.  Or at least as long as the internet is out there...or certainly long enough for Michelle to see them, likely within 15 minutes of Production giving back her phone in September.

Check it out.  (I originally thought Alex was Renee's boyfriend, but I think it might actually be the youngest sister's name.)

During the tirade, someone asked Renee to prove her identity.  And she did.

I can only hope that the family got involved somehow, and forced Renee to delete the tweets,   But I doubt it....I suspect the internet usage of these girls hasn't been monitored, if ever, for a long, long time.  But admittedly I don't have kids, so I have no idea how you would navigate today's "always online"  mentality when bringing up your kids.  If you keep them off everything, they could be an outcast, but if you let them run riot on the internet, stuff like this happens.  Apologies to the Meyer family if they read this and take offense, but this post is the very least of your worries right now.  (***cough cough***Reddit***cough cough***)

Big Meech told a very funny story a few weeks ago about how she created a fake online boyfriend to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.  The fake online boyfriend's name was "Brody Schiller", and Michelle proudly told the house guests how she set up fake social media accounts to make it look like he lived in a neighboring Michigan town.  She also said she went to Target and found a blank wall space in there to take a selfie with some Valentines flowers and candy, captioning it 'best boyfriend ever".

Michelle:  I didn't have any money...I just took the picture and left.

She told America that she used a guy named Joe Salt's pictures and photoshopped herself into one to provide "evidence" of the relationship.   This is Joe Salt...he's a British gentleman, who apparently is blessed with a great sense of humor.

I like Joe Salt.  He's cool, right?  And he's a nurse, too.

What a crazy time to be alive.  As scary as Twitter can be sometimes, it is really amazing to have the ability to communicate, or at least monitor the communications of anyone, even someone famous.  If we had Twitter back in the days when I was in love with Shaun Cassidy, I would have DIED.

And you know what?  He is a decent human being.  A real nice guy.  A family man.

And I think Michelle's bratty sister has more Twitter followers than he does at the moment.  Crazy world....


OK.  I blabbed on way too long about that stuff, so now let's blow through some of these pictures from the last few days.

These workout pictures are from Monday night, a few hours before the backyard was locked down for the week.  Paul was using these Big Ropes like we've all seen on The Biggest Loser, and he let Big Meech try it.

It's a lot harder than it looks, but at least Michelle is tall enough to get some leverage.  I mentioned these ropes a few weeks ago, and I actually got a chance to try them at the gym I go to.  There was a HUGE guy using them, and when he stopped for a break I told him I just wanted to do it "for 5 seconds" so I could see how hard it is.

I doubt I even got 2 seconds out of it.....but I'm short, so I would have had to hold the ropes up at shoulder level to get them off the ground.  They are so damn heavy, no wonder Michelle had issues with them, too.

Paul gave her good direction, though, and talked her through it.

Across the yard Natalie twisted the knife just a little deeper into James' heart.  I know she is constantly flirting with him, and doing all the baby talk, but I really don't get the sense she is really interested in him romantically.  She's the kind of girl who needs constant attention, and her looks are her main source for that attention.  And she knows James is mesmerized by her, so she really milks that for the cameras.

(You know that one of the three words Natalie used to describe herself on her CBS bio was "beautiful", right?)

Natalie's been talking about her weight and workout routines constantly, of course, but in this conversation she wanted to discuss her boobs with James.

Yes, you heard that correctly.

Natalie:  I want to get a boob job to make them bigger.

James was trying to stay calm during this conversation, and said at one point that he was trying to look in her eyes, but was getting distracted because they were "right there".

James: want to go up another cup size?

Natalie says she is a Double D now, but wants to be bigger.  I'm pretty sure Natalie was looking for the "you're don't need that" sort of affirmation from James, but he was too frazzled for that.  She tried to tell him she was "blessed" and that her chest is natural now, but ended up giggling and giving the truth away.

Across the yard Frank and Nicole were working out, too.  Frank is coaching Nicole on the use of this huge wooden box.  He wanted Nicole to jump up on it.

I was nervous.

But she did it, to lots of cheers and applause.

Frank:  You really committed to it!

Nicole: I had to!

(I am going to try and jump up on a few things today, too.)

Frank said he had an issue doing this recently and barked the front of his shins.

(I will jump up on something much lower than the wooden box.)

Then Frank did the jump quite a few times. That box must be very sturdy, not to tip over with the massive Weight of Frank on the edge like that.

They have those great spin bikes out there, too.  I'm thinking that Production wanted them to have fitness equipment out there this year that isn't loud when operated. That elliptical trainer they had for years made a huge racket when someone used it, but all of the equipment this year is more audio-friendly.

Natalie teased James by deep throating an iced tea pop---I think Da'Vonne made those for the Have Nots.

James has sensitive teeth, but Natalie talked him into eating one, too, so they both stared at each other with giant iced tea pops in their mouths,

In the backyard Frank is walking Michelle through the use of several pieces of equipment.  She seems very happy to have Frank's undivided attention while he is coaching her.  Bridgette is nowhere in sight so Big Meech is thrilled about that.

Frank:  You have pretty long legs Michelle.

Michelle:  Thanks!  No one has ever said that to me...or called me tall either.

She wanted to learn to do this ---I think the movement is called a Back Extension, but she was using the wrong form.  Frank talked to her about it and said she needed to protect her back more.

Once she got the range of motion right, she said she "really felt it".  Natalie popped back up in the picture and told Michelle that the muscles she is working now will help her twerk better.  Natalie also suggested that Big Meech wear a sports bra because she is "blessed".

And Natalie would know, wouldn't she?

Bridgette was in the house, getting ready to get in a work out, too.  I saw her on the spin bikes later.

Zakiyah has a very sore place on her shoulders, maybe in the trapezoid area.  Paul helped her massage it out.  She told Nicole that she and Paulie haven't had a real kiss yet.  She said she went in to kiss Paulie's cheek and he pulled away.


She later got a massage for the same issue from Paulie, in the HoH bed.  She was sitting up and he was sitting behind her, as usual dressed in virtually nothing.  She turned her head to the side a few times, but he didn't take the bait.

These pictures are from last night. Or this morning, really, just after midnight.

It looks like James is eating pizza, but he's a Have Not, so this is really beans on bread, I think.  The guys have been cooking frozen pizza every night, but they add stuff to it, like a drizzle of olive oil, and raw bacon.

Yes, raw bacon.  They put the strips across the pizza before baking it, like a big asterisk, and had to kind of overcook the whole thing to make sure the bacon is cooked through.  In Italy, this may be why they twist the pieces of prosciutto before baking the expose more surface area for cooking.

They discussed which body parts they would eat first, if they had to become cannibals.  Paulie said he would go for the "tenderloin down the back, but not the spine".

Frank:  I'd eat the shit out of James!

No one wanted to eat Paul.

Paul:  No one wants ink poisoning.

I think the PoV might involve someone in a Burger costume, because the guys mentioned the poor PA who had to wear it--they recognized him from other competitions.

Paul:  I love talking shit to those guys.

Frank:  Me too!

Bridgette was cooking up a storm while all of this was going on. Those look like baby carrots simmering in the pan while Bridgette seasons them.

Michelle threw passive-aggressive shade at the meal by holding up the package of Knorr's vegetable boullion cubes Bridgette is using and saying just one of them would provide 2/3 of your recommended daily sodium  intake.

Frank:  I think we should take those cubes, and put numbers on them and have a dice game!

(Pretty sure someone is going to pilfer that entire package of cubes so they can use them to practice for next week's PoV competition, which is rumored to be the "cube" PoV again.  Ha ha  just guessing there.)

They got back into the cannibal discussion again.

Frank:  I would eat the heart, so I could consume all of someone's natural powers.

They all laugh and compare Frank to the "highlander", or something like that.

Bridgette's got a pot of rice cooking over there, too.  Looks like brown rice to me.  Probably stewing in that Knorr vegetable broth, too.

(Disclaimer:  I use that product all the damn time.)

Michelle entertains the group by talking about--- guess what --- social media.

Also, there is A LOT of drama surrounding Nicole and Corey, but I will have to cover that in a separate post.  I need to start doing my real job this week, too, at some point...

Corey is so tall he gets cropped out of the picture.

Bridgette added sliced peppers as the final step.  Unfortunately she is also cooking up four "basted eggs" in that pan in the lower left corner.  I know this is an Asian dish that is popular, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Paul made some very graphic comments about how he runny he likes the yolk of his eggs to be---I would rather talk about cannibalism than that.

She dished up portions for four people.

First the rice.  At this point James said the plates looked like a restaurant, proving how starving he really is.  Or what type of restaurants he likes to visit.

Bridgette added the vegetables.

And the damn eggs, with a little seasoning on top.

Bridgette and Nicole sat together to eat, and had a small conversation about Bridgette's travels, and how she learned to cook.

Bridgette:  You've got an ant crawling on your plate, babe.

I think Corey and maybe Paul were eating the other two plates of this food, over at the counter.  I heard Corey say that it was delicious.  Bridgette really knows how to season her food, which is a big factor in making simple food taste great.

Not Big Meech though.  Hell no.  She sat and ate her watermelon, wearing her Audrey Middleton look.

At some point Da'Vonne must have slipped in to cook her own meal.  There was a lot of noisy chatter, but Da'Vonne didn't appear to want any part of that.

I wonder if Day can see NiCorey hugging each other in the reflection over the stove.  Corey and Nicole both know that Da'Vonne is targeting the showmances, and they want her out BADLY now.

At the beginning of BBAD last night, Frank was in the storage room with Corey and Paulie, and both guys were trying to sell Paulie on evicting Da'Vonne this week.  The main argument was the fact that Tiffany is alone in the house, and cannot influence anybody, but Da'Vonne can, and easily gets in people's ears.

Paulie sounded convinced, but then gave some arguments for evicting Tiffany now, and then waiting until next week to take care of Da'Vonne.

Frank:  What if one of those girls wins HoH next week?  You know that Day is going to be up there, talking shit about us, but Tiffany has no shot at that.  Those girls hate her, and she knows it.

Basically this vote is going back and forth, and forth and back, but I did hear Paulie say he didn't care which one went home this week, which is a BIG change from where he was earlier this week.

This is what Da'Vonne is cooking.  Ironically, I also heard them talking about the meat that Taco Bell uses.  Frank said his brother knows someone who works there, and his friend gave him a huge bag of the Taco Bell meat to take home.

Frank:  That meat was labeled Grade C!  Now what the hell is that?

Tiffany:  That means its got part of other animals in there, and bones and shit.

I'm sure Da'Vonne's meat is higher quality than that, but it looks the same to me.

Michelle talked to everyone about some girl named "_________BBFan", who is apparently a bitch to her on Reddit.  Or maybe Michelle just disagrees with her opinions, and they argue about it.  From what we've seen from her sister's tweets, I can only imagine what Michelle might have said to this poor girl.  I was going to type her name, but then they "joked" about this.

Frank:  _______BBFan is probably an 11-year old girl!

They all laughed at that.

Frank:  And there's news articles out there about BB18 and cyber bullying!  All the headlines are trashin' us!

Paulie "joked" about _______BBFan being the first suicide related to Big Brother, and this shut them all up.  They knew they crossed a line.

Michelle told everyone that "Flipbox" on the Survivor Sucks website is really Ian Terry.  Everyone thought it was rude of Michelle to disclose that, but she says everyone already knows.

(They do.  Ian told us on the BB14 live feeds.)

Michelle:  I just don't want them to find my Reddit profile, and see everything I've said about people.

Paul:  Oh, they already have it.

Michelle:  But how?  There's no picture of me, and the name is different than mine.

Paulie:  They find everything...they already have it Michelle.

(Of course....I even excerpted some of the Reddit chatter in Michelle's intro post.)

The cameras close in on Corey, deep in thought.  I can assume that he's thinking deeply about his own social media accounts, and what they might contain.

But I really think he might be worried about that ex-girlfriend of his, and what trouble she might be stirring up in the outside world.

Or maybe he's just thinking, "I like toast".

Who knows, really...


  1. You might already know this, but the Redditor in question is cool with Michelle's hatred. She's been laughing it up. So no worries about anyone committing suicide.

    1. Thanks for letting me know that. Maybe she can get together with Joe Salt and rub Michelle's face in it.

      (Unless she is really 11 years old....)

  2. I think the Knorr's simmered in the veggies so that would have flavor but it still looked like a lousy dish. Corey would probably say anything is delicious since he and Frank can't seem to cook for themselves so his gratitude makes up for the taste of it. I've been pretty impressed by the cooking skills of the rest of the guys so far, bless their little hearts they do quite well for themselves in the kitchen.

  3. A scne comes to mind from The Grind when Deso meets Ninja and is remembering what everyone said aout a dwarf priest, ''remember we need to find a dwarf priest'', ''something something swarf priest'' and then comes the bubble of Sheil and he just says ''I like ham.'' lol

    Some Knorr products have lactic acid so I can't have them.

  4. I'm enjoying these articles! I know they take a while to put together, but know that you are much appreciated!

  5. great recap thanks! way better than some others .... ;)


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