Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thirteen House Guests and No One's Home. #BB18

I'm not sure if some of this happened last night, or this morning, because I've had Big Brother in my ear in so many ways, for so many days.

I tuned in to see a very long, calm, civil conversation between Bridgette and Michelle.  They seem to be the only people up, and are just sitting in the living room, getting to know one another. Bridgette described how she uses to make friends because she has moved so much.

Bridgette goes to beach yoga meetups, and says she's dated one or two of the guys there.  She listed some other groups she liked, too, but I don't remember what they were.  Sorry.

Michelle looks like she might be crying here, but I can assure you she was not.  She is eating a kiwi fruit out of hand, furry rind and all. I was mesmerized watching her because the kiwi still had the produce sticker on it, and as Michelle's mouth got closer and closer with each bite, it really looked like she was about to eat it.

But she didn't.  She took the sticker off and plowed through the rest of the kiwi as you see below.  I have personally eaten thousands of kiwis in my lifetime, and I have never once been tempted to eat the furry rind, nor have I seen it served with the rind, except on display.

Michelle wants to move somewhere for the next stage of her life.  She wants to give Florida, Texas, or California a try, since those are the warmest places to live.  I think she likes the sound of Bridget's beach yoga, so that might rule out Texas.  Bridgette says it is scary to move but you just get out there and do it and it's awesome.

I didn't hear them talk any game at all, just a nice slow conversation about things they might actually be interested in.  The only game stuff I remember is they did discuss different competitions that they liked.  Michelle likes the one where they "stay or fold", but Bridgette thinks that there is usually only one person who knows how to really play that, so they always win.

Bridgette says that if they have to eat meat in a competition, she's probably not going to do it.  Michelle took that calmly, even though they are currently on the same team. They are excited about their Outback Dinner in the backyard tonight.  Bridgette says that she will eat the Blooming Onion and the side dishes, and might ask if they can cook her HoH package of tofu for her while they are at it.

This is Tiffany and Nicole in their Have Not Room.  You can see how TIffany is curled over on one side like a shrimp.

It's harder for Corey to do.  That is him under that yellow blanket.  Both his hips and knees are in what look like painful positions to hold for any length of time.  I heard Frank say that Corey's legs were numb this morning.

He's trying to be a good sport about it, saying that this is part of the game, but Nicole is angry about it.  She thinks Production needs to do something about it, because he could really hurt himself like this.  I think you are allowed to sit in the john for up to 15 minutes, so Corey has been going in there and sleeping for a few minutes.

(Pretty sure they'll let him sleep in the floor, right?  They have to....)

This morning, or afternoon really, Frank appears to be the only one up and moving.  He made himself an egg dish, taking time to chop up tomato and avocado to make a salsa.  There is lunch meat in there, too.

And hot sauce.

The camera guys didn't give me many of the overhead shots of food that I like.  What the hell camera guys?

Frank dished up his food but then went over and spent what felt like 15 minutes washing all of the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

At one point the cameras zoomed back, and then zoomed back in on Frank's meal, waiting to be devoured.  I guess the camera crew finally came back from their 420 break.

Frank really took forever to get over there and eat.  I would think a foodie like Frank would want to eat hot food warm, but I guess he'd rather eat it cold in a clean kitchen.

You don't see that very often on the live feeds.

There was a long prayer.

Frank actually ate a few bites, and then got up and messed around at the kitchen sink AGAIN.  I think he started a pot of coffee but he did some more dishwashing, too.

I think there are jalapenos in there, too.

A crunchy bite of toast.

Then Frank went into the Nairobi Lounge and talked to the live feeders.  He gave his usual greetings to his mother, Nana, and his girlfriend.  He greets his girlfriend with her full name. (Ashton Bonnie, something or other)  He urged us to visit Mike Boogie's new restaurant in the Las Vegas area. (Soulfish Poke in Henderson NV.)

Frank also made some game comments, telling us that it was a lot easier now that it was the last time he played, when everybody wanted him out.

He said he was tempted to leave Tiffany in the game this week, and do a sneak attack on Corey, but it sounds like he doesn't think Bridgette would do that.

(Oh yes she would.)

Frank is considering throwing the HoH to Michelle, so she can do the dirty work, and then he will win the Road Kill comp again and put up Da'Vonne or Paulie.  

Paul came in to sit with Frank and was immediately called to the DR. I guess Production wanted Frank to continue.

Paul:  OH FUCK ME!


  1. Thanks for your update... great read

  2. Oh how I hope a sneak attack on Corrie happens. He's boring, good looking but boring. Hehe there I go talking like Garrus. I think if they ever bring in someone who's into cosplay and walks around wearing elf ears, I'll go crazy in a good way. A sport's athlete just doesn't do it for me and I've not seen Corey do anything interesting yet. Hee can go, the house won't miss him. At worst, he comes back.

    1. You must have the good stuff up there, girl.

      ha ha ha

  3. I just found your site this year and your feed recaps are awesome! You put so much time and effort into them... It's really appreciated! I also love how you include related pictures... Good job!


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