Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Survival of the Fittest: We're All Part of the Food Chain. #BB18

As usual, this post is going to be a mash up between what happened yesterday, what happened last night, and what is happening now, sprinkled with random helpings of things I remember from the live feeds and also watching BBAD.  There is a lot of BB18 floating around in my head that I try to release in some sort of organized fashion.

About BBAD - on Tuesdays it comes on an hour early, so that is a whopping 4 hours of BBAD coverage.  I actually watched about an hour of the show last night before I went to sleep, so I will be reporting various items from that show as I remember them.

*** BUT FIRST ***

Late yesterday afternoon, there was an exciting development in one of the bedrooms, when Da'Vonne, Michelle and Nicole finally found themselves in a room together.  I think Da'Vonne was the first person to bring up keeping Tiffany this week.

Nicole:  I will if you will.

Michelle: I will, too.

They seemed to think that they had Corey and James' support if they make this decision, which I kind of doubted due to James' newfound devotion to Natalie and the Spy Girls.  But it turns out that Paulie is going to be the problem with this blindside.  He is dead set on evicting Tiffany, and seems to use her potential outbursts as his main reason for wanting her gone.  At first I was celebrating after seeing the girls' meeting about switching up the vote, and I was hoping they wouldn't tell Paulie.

But of course they had to tell Paulie, so they don't blindside him, too.  I don't think they need his vote, though, and from what I'm seeing the discussions have gone back and forth, and forth and back several times. Paulie isn't even considering it....his mind is made up, apparently.

There is still a lot of time for things to change, and then change again.  I just listened to Vanessa's interview with Rob Cesternino that was taped last night.  She said she might not even be able to watch the live feeds this week, because the stress of watching all of the flipping and flopping is too much.

She is at the World Series of Poker this week, trying to rustle up some good luck and good moves of her own.  Pretty sure Mel is watching the live feeds on the sidelines, though, alert for exciting developments.  Watching Tiffany on the live feeds has got to be a piece of cake for Mel, after what she must have gone through last season.

(Unfortunately, while I was typing this post, Vanessa tweeted that she went all in, with an 80% chance to win, and she lost.  She's out.  Hopefully Tiffany will have better luck.)


OK.  Yesterday afternoon the house guests were being lazy and loving it, soaking up some sun.  They all expected for this to be the last afternoon they would be able to enjoy the backyard this week, but it actually turned out that the backyard was locked down kind of early in the afternoon.

That might indicate an elaborate HoH competition set up....maybe the kind with faux rain, lightening, and faux birds pooping on them.  That could signal a big power shift, since the endurance comps would feature someone like James or maybe Paulie. I would say Natalie and Bronte, too, but I don't know if those two girls have it in them to suffer on TV the way you need to suffer on TV to win one of those comps.

And if they're going to evict Frank, let's go ahead and do it next week so he can be the last qualified evictee to play in the Battle Back competition.  Let's go Frank the Tank.

(Yes, that's right.  I'm Team Frank.  I don't desert my friends when times are tough.)

I have a feeling, an intuition, that one of the Battle Back contestants might not be in the game anymore by the time that competition is played.  I know that competition will be airing in on July 22nd, but who knows when the events will really happen for filming.  But it's a long time for them to wait for something that may or may not happen, even if they are still getting paid the weekly stipend.

In BB6, Ashlea was Janelle's "secret" partner, and was voted out first.  By the time the audience voted for one of the evicted house guests to return, Ashley had gone home to Miami for "personal reasons".

Anyway here is Natalie with one of the Big Brother themed items that is sure to be sold on the CBS website.  The cameras closed in with a slow shot that featured Natalie's rear end, but before I could push the button the view changed.  Sorry to all you pervs out there.

On BBAD Tiffany told a story about visiting Phuket, Thailand, and all of the crazy things the dancers do onstage in the strip clubs.  The room was riveted as she briefly mentioned ping pong balls and cigarettes in various orifices.  She kept saying that one of the girls "smoked, and then PUT IT OUT", whatever that means.

I can't even imagine what that was all about, so I won't even try.  Tiffany did say that she tried to film these amazing feats with her cellphone, but someone that worked in the strip club caught her and started shouting at her.

On a much less interesting note, Bronte is a floater.

Nicole was sporting a little Daisy Duke type number.  Eat your heart out Hayden.

On BBAD, I did finally see some behavior out of Frank about food that could be construed as pestering, and assertive interference, but probably not bullying.  Apparently Paul announced he was going to make nachos, because there were two bags of chips in the storage room. Frank thought this was unnecessary, because they already had two other dinner options (forgot what they are, unbelievably) already made, plus deviled eggs  (did not forget this).

I'm not sure if the nachos ever happened or not.  But who doesn't like a messy plate of nachos?

(I'll bet that paprika has been in the BB kitchen cabinet under the counter since at least BB6, when the house was moved to it's own soundstage on the the CBS Radford lot.  Previously, the show was filmed in a little "house" that was reportedly made out of shipping containers.)

Paul got loud with Frank about it, although it was obviously not a real argument, just a spirited disagreement between two VERY LOUD people who curse.  At one point someone supporting Frank (or maybe Frank) made the case that they should save the chips for the Have Nots, when they're able to eat.

Da'Vonne:  Ya'll didn't care about us last week when you were eating the damn food!

Later I heard Zakiyah go on and on about how sick she felt, like she might vomit, because she swears that she "ate 11 of the deviled eggs".  That would be either 5.5 whole eggs, or 22 whole eggs, depending on how Zakiyah is doing that math, though.  Tiffany was sitting right there and did not ask Zakiyah to show her work, however, so I don't know the real story about what Zakiyah ate.

(If she stays in this damn game much longer, I am going to give up and type her name as "Zee", even though I hate to take shortcuts like that, particularly with all of the international readers.)

Tiffany cleaned the kitchen earlier in the day, but this afternoon she got out the heavy artillery --rubber gloves and a variety of  cleaning squirty sprays.  She started cleaning the bathroom, muttering under her breath how filthy the place is.

She gathered up all of the dirty towels and put them on the kitchen counter (Ewww.).  Whenever her hair fell in her face, she would brush it back with one of her gloved hands.  (Ewwww again.) Then she realized that this was not the right strategy, so she took the gloves off and put her hair up and out of the way.

When she saw something nasty on one of the gloves, Tiffany reacted.

Tiffany:  EWWWW!  What is that?

Thankfully she just plucked off whatever it was and put it in the trash can.  Some things should be on a Need to Know basis.  And we don't Need to Know that.  I listened to Jason Roy on a podcast last summer, and he was talking about how rank that bathroom is, with so many people using it who seemed to be oblivious about the situation.  I can't even imagine, and don't want to.

I would rather use the facilities on Survivor than the bathroom in the Big Brother house.  I think a cleaning service might clean the HoH bathroom at the end of every week, but without some insight from former players about that, I'm unable to confirm it.

Tiffany needed a fucking TRASH BAG to pick up shit on the floor of the shower.

And let me point out something I feel the need to point out every year.  Once those people are locked up in that house, they are not setting foot on real grass, nor are they out in the world like we are, getting covered with an invisible coat of grime and god-knows-what.  So where is all of the dirt coming from?  Is there a scientist out there reading this who knows?

I have to conclude that all of that grime is DEAD SKIN CELLS.  Although it looks like Tiffany Rousso is dealing with some other random nastiness in there.

On BBAD I saw a scene where Corey and Paulie were sitting together, murmuring about how awful Tiffany is, and how they can't wait to boot her ass out of the door, even after all of the chatter earlier in the day about booting Bronte instead.  Tiffany walked in the room and asked them what was up, and Paulie couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Tiffany then tried VERY hard to have a conversation with Corey about the type of whiskey he likes, and how he likes to drink it.

Corey acted like she was asking him trick questions, trying to trap him in something.  Shouldn't food and drink habits be one of the easiest topics for strangers to discuss?  For the record Tiffany likes to drink whiskey neat, sipping it to get "toasty" in the quickest way possible.

This is Nicole handling some laundry duties.  On BBAD I saw a scene between Nicole and Zakiyah, where they were all giggly and high while they discussed their infatuations with Corey and Paulie, respectively.  Pretty sure we'll have to see some of this on the CBS show, because the two of them were going on and on about how tingly they both are when their men are around.

Nicole:  He's just so good looking....I get like, camera shy around him and I can't talk sometimes.

Zakiyah: I know...sometimes I'm like.....and then he......and ooh girl it's like......

Paulie walked through the area a few times and spoke with them, or touched Zakiyah's shoulders, and she would react to that and they would both giggle.  I'm sure Paulie thinks Zee is hot, but I can't see him getting into a full-fledged showmance with her.  Frank was saying that the night before he saw Paulie and Zakiyah up against each other in the bed all night long, and that early in the morning Paulie went and got in his own bed so no one would know.

Frank:  That camera was focusing straight down on them all night long....I could see it!

Day  Um, humm.

Frank:  And the camera wouldn't be there if something wasn't going on.

Day: Um humm.

I heard Zakiyah tell Nicole later in the hammock that Paulie kind of broke up with her, telling her that he doesn't want to make her a target by continuing their flirtation.  She was bummed.

I got excited yesterday afternoon when James approached Paulie and had a question for him.

James:  Who do we really need to get out this week?  We were targeting Tiffany because she was after Frank, but....

Paulie argued James down, saying that Tiffany needs to go and what a big threat she is, but I could tell that James is feeling "some sort of way" (to use Paulie's vernacular) and saw this as an exciting development into this week's action.

Paulie may want Frank out, but I think he wants to be the Next Frank in that house, bossing people left and right.  But we'll just have to wait and see what happens this summer.  So many interesting ways this could go.

How great would it be if Natalie or Bronte (if she isn't evicted this week) start hitting on Paulie now that he might be a free man again?

OMG the drama, and the shade, and all of the hurt feelings.

(Obviously I am not a showmance fan....)

And speaking of hurt feelings, and also the 3rd Grade, guess who is cruising for the biggest drama and hurt feelings?  Yes, it's James, who apparently thinks Natalie is his beloved or something.

I wish I had moved the watermark on my BBAD pictures, but I didn't want to endure the extra 15 second task of moving it back when I'm ready to go back to the live feeds.  In this picture Natalie was getting a back rub from James, after telling him that she didn't feel well, and her stomach was hurting her.

Some of you might be saying, "oh, that's so sweet!  what a romantic love story!"

NO IT'S NOT!  Everyone in the house keeps saying that Natalie is using James, and will make a heartbroken chump out of him.  The girls talk about how Natalie tells Corey how sexy he is every day.

Part of the problem is the way James is acting now...he is mooning around and calls Natalie "Babe" and other embarrassing words.  And he told Nicole last night he "wasn't allowed" to give her a neck rub.

***gag gag gag***

Natalie slept in the HoH room with Bridgette and Bronte last night, and first thing this morning I heard her apologize to the girls for being so gassy all night.  So I guess James missed that part.

Bronte said that she hopes one of them win the HoH this week, because she's getting used to the relative luxury and privacy of the HoH Suite.

Michelle looks just like Audrey in this picture.

On BBAD Michelle and Paulie were both saying they wanted their team, Category 4, to be Have Nots next week so that both Frank and Bridgette are miserable. 

Michelle:  I would love that.

Paulie: I'm not worried at all about being a Have Not.

The problem is, no one has been able to predict how the Have Nots will be chosen, or even if it will remain a team issue.  Someone even speculated that one person from each team could become Have Nots.  No one really knows.

The interesting thing is that now Bridgette is being talked about as someone who needs to be targeted for eviction "right after Frank".

WTF?  So now Little Bridget is a big threat to guys like Paulie and Corey?  Well, yes she is. And I think that is hilarious.  Da'Vonne has been calling her "Betty Crocker", and the internet has coined the term "FRIDGE" for the Frank-Bridgette twosome.  I love it.

But Bridgette bakes from scratch, bitches!  I love the way Bridgette curses---she makes the same old profanities sound refreshing and new, because she says them in such a chirpy, wholesome voice.

For example:

*  "I need to win a fucking Road Kill competition!"
*  "At least Natalie can keep a god damned secret!"
*  "Look at this fucker over here!" (a bug in the backyard)

Paul got up early and made breakfast for everyone.  He announced he was making bacon, ham and cheese breakfast sandwiches.  Paulie was in the kitchen, cleaning up last night's mess, and bullied suggested Paul serve the ham on the side instead.

Paul: Okay.  Will do.

There was a lot of sizzling, popping and smoking going on.

Paul, preparing to crack the 1st egg: Well, here goes nothing!

(It's not nothing, Paul.  It's supposed to be a chicken!  It's a chicklet gone wrong!  UGH.)

But now that the chicken has suffered, you might as well treat it with respect.  What the hell has Paul done to that egg?

(And the chickens do suffer, even if they are  raised to be egg layers, rather than  fried sandwiches.)

Hen:  My baby!  My baby!

It looks like a dead fried frog!  And that is an entirely different problem!

Paul had the good sense to cover the crime scene with a piece of white cheese.

Da'Vonne and Zakiyah joined the kitchen group to eat their fried frog sandwiches.  This might be the worst picture of Zakiyah that I take all season.

But then seconds later she is back to looking casual-chic and beautiful.

I have to say this:  Da'Vonne's "hair" is TERRIBLE this year.  Last night on BBAD she had the whole top section of braids piled up on her head and it is a MESS.  That style ages her at least a decade.  Please lose the braids Da'Vonne!

Paulie was busy cleaning this entire time, while his ex-girlfriend nibbled her dead frog sandwich across the room.  Da'Vonne enjoyed her breakfast immensely.

Da'Vonne: As a team, you both win with this one.

Paul:  Yep. I needed this.

They all say they want to go right back to bed, and Da'Vonne says she'll "see them all at 5:00 pm".

Paulie is really on a cleaning tear in there.  Ants have been spotted, and Paulie is on the warpath.

He is even wiping the inside of the cabinets with disinfectant.  That's serious.  I hope he moves that paprika out of the way, so someone on BB28 doesn't get poisoned by it.

There are ants in the trashcan, but rather than just putting the trash bag in the large trash container in the storage room, Paulie wants to kill them in the trash bag.  He isn't having much luck killing them with Fabreeze, though.

Where is that dirt on the floor coming from?  Was is already on their shoes when they came in the house?

(Not Corey's shoes, which are squeaky clean.)

Yesterday Bridgette had a huge roll of aluminum foil in the backyard and was tearing off pieces and working with them. Nobody in the chat room could figure out what she was doing, but apparently she made this thing.

They are using Froot Loops as game pieces for whatever this is....I saw Nicole playing a game with it against somebody on BBAD but I didn't recognize the game. Anyone know?

Paulie tried again to kill the ants.

You can't see it very well here, but there are definitely ants crawling around just under the rim of the trashcan.

Paulie went to get a different cleaning spray, and had better luck using this one.

On BBAD, I think they have a different director, who picks and chooses which camera view to feature on the POP TV show.  They no longer bleep out the Eff Word, but if the topic of conversation is too extreme, they can't change the camera view quick enough.  For example, last night we see this scene:

Paul:  I haven't gone without boning for three months ever..

Paulie:  Dude, I know.  I'm going to be going nuts in here.

The cameras moved as fast as they could to the backyard, which was filled with all sorts of girl chatter.  In this BBAD scene, we see Corey tell Frank how flirty Natalie is with him, and how badly James is getting played.

Corey:  She's always touching my butt....just about every day!  And Bronte was talking about some guy she knew who was really hot, and Natalie said, 'you mean like Corey'?

Frank was just eating this up, urging Corey to tell him more.  A few seconds later the BBAD cameras switched to James fawning all over Natalie, and talking about "their relationship".

You all know that CBS loves to make fun of James, right?  And now POP TV does too, apparently.

This is Frank's big cankle and foot.  There is a HUGE moth on his heel, that Frank let it sit there so all of the girls could see it.

Nicole: Does it hurt?

Frank:  I'm about to throw up!  That's how it feels!


  1. Bridget was making a board game with the foil. For the life of my I can't remember the name, something similar to cribbage or mancala.

  2. That game looks like mancala to me, albeit a super sized version :)

    Great post as always!

    1. Yes, is it Mancala, as confirmed by Bridgette. Frank keeps calling it Maj Jong though, and is pissed because Bridgette keeps beating him.

      Thanks everyone for the info.

  3. Game looks like mancala except that the board she made is longer. Usually it's only 6 slots per side plus one on each end.

  4. She may be part Filipino. If so, then the game is called sungka, which has 7 slots on each long side and 1 large slot on each short side.

  5. *this reply contains some graphic imagery, so you've been warned*

    Even though you are remaining loyal to Frank, I'm glad to hear you still want Tiffany to stay. Shows before bros, FeedWatcher! After watching the last two edits of Frank on CBS, I can't help but wonder if he is still getting the star treatment behind the scenes. I'm not sure what BBAD was censoring, but it could have been along the lines of a Joker's update I read one night where Paul was complaining about being sexually frustrated. Paulie said he was celibate. It might be TMI but maybe you'd want to know that Frank told them he saves it all week and waits until after the POV to wank.
    I never would have wondered about the grime, but it's far from a sterile environment. Those messy competitions leave all kinds of stuff sticking to their clothes. Other than that, I bet there is ant shit everywhere!

    1. Yes, I forgot about the mess from the competitions!

      And Frank is the star of the show this year, just as Production planned it. CBS loves a polarizing player, and once Frank becomes aware that everyone in the house is against him....BOOM! Frank is going to WIG OUT and we are all in for a great show.

  6. I just read on twitter the script is flipped again and Tiff will be staying :) well at least for the moment.

  7. Before they wanted to keep Frank secure by voting Tiff out, now they want him unbalanced for HOH. They are planning to say they tossed her a sympathy vote but didn't know others were too, or say they weren't the vote and just lie to throw him into a tizzy before the HOH.


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