Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sleeping With The Frenemy. #BB18

Frank Eudy's eviction tonight is a done deal.  I grieved about it on Monday after Big Meech pulled off that surprising  OTEV PoV win, and I've made my peace with it.  I have waited for Frank to return to play Big Brother again for years now, so I'm glad it finally happened, even if he leaves like this, before Jury.  Sure there were some rough spots here and there, but I think last night's CBS episode sent Frank out on a high note, showcasing his humor and charm.

Of course there is a chance that Frank may be holding the Round Trip Ticket envelope that may result in Frank coming right back in the game, but if that happens, I'm pretty sure we'd see the same "Fridge" Hate Extravaganza all over again.  Production can make anybody win the Round Trip, to be brutally honest about it.  They know which numbered envelope each house guest selected, and they know where those envelopes are stashed.  They could easily come in the house during today's HoH lockdown and make a few envelope substitutions.  I'm not saying they would do that, I'm just saying that they could do that.

But this Secret Room twist is a four-week initiative...I'm not sure they would blow their wad on the first week of the time frame, even to Save Frank.  We all know that even if Frank's #6 envelope contains the Round Trip ticket fair and square, everyone will think Production intervened, anyway.  So Production loses either way, and so do all of the Frank Fans, a group that is growing every day.

I'm not even sure Frank will do podcast interviews or any other media other than what he is contractually liable to do for CBS.  Frank likes his privacy, and probably took a tip from Mike Boogie, who has no social media presence at all, and likes it that way.


OK. Let's talk about an even crappier topic: Zakiyah Everette and her thirsty ways.

This is just so ridiculous but Zakiyah is upset because of two primary things:

1.  Zakiyah saw Paulie rest his legs on Nicole while they were in a group talking, and Nicole scratched the strip of hair on the tippy top of  Paulie's head.

2.   Zakiyah saw Natalie groom Paulie's fingernails.  Zakiyah doesn't want anybody touching Paulie Califiore but her, even if it involves cleaning cuticles.

I am going to type this really big, in case that helps Zakiyah hear it:


I really don't want to get into it here, but Zakiyah's mom is on Twitter, and made some sort of nasty comment about Natalie "spreading her legs wide for Paulie".  (Some times I type up some of this shit, and I just laugh and cringe at how stupid it all is.)

As Michelle Meyer knows, Reddit can be a tough place. Big Meech is getting trashed on Reddit right now, but she has her fans, too.  She has plenty of time to recover her image with them this season, and winning that PoV was a good start. And Ian Terry wants to meet her, and maybe have a little date or two with Big Meech.

Michelle did tell Bridgette that Frank never campaigned against her, so that's at least a start in reconciling with her.  She might even like Bridgette once Frank is gone, maybe even enough to work with her.  ("Midgette")

OK, back to Zakiyah.  She is clearly PISSED about her lack of progression with Paulie, and this has been building for quite some time. She's been glaring at Nicole and Corey as they tease and touch each other, muttering comments like "I wish someone would talk to me like that".  She has complained that her communications with Paulie are superficial, and he never asks her the "get to know you" type of questions that a man asks when he wants to actually get to know you.  She has tried, and tried hard, to get something physical going with him, but hasn't even been able to get a proper kiss on the mouth.

And now this...the leg resting, the head scratching and the cuticle's just too much for Zakiyah.  She's mad, and everybody knows it.  Michelle told her that that's just the way Paulie's family is...they are very touchy feely with each other.

Zakiyah:  I've heard that, but let's see if Paulie feels some type of way if I sleep with Victor.  He got mad when Victor was scratching my back.

Michelle:  Victor sleeps in his underwear.

Zakiyah:  He knows I sleep in mine, too.

(Let's not forget that JORDAN is Zakiyah's favorite BB player.  And JORDAN had a rule with Jeff in BOTH OF HER SEASONS that she would not be under the same blanket or sheets with Jeff  at ANY TIME.)

Zakiyah feels she needs to teach Paulie a lesson, because she is territorial and she feels she "already done peed on that tree."  Victor actually discussed Zakiyah's invitation with Paulie and they chuckled about it.

Paulie:  At home, my boys and I run deep, and when a girl tries that shit with us, we shut her down.

Victor:  I figured she was trying to mess up our relationship.

Da'Vonne visited Paul and Paulie in the London Room, as they charted out the path they plan to follow to win the game.  As usual, Paul is being very extra about who he is going to nominate after he wins HoH.  They even think they might want to "let Victor win" the HoH, since they don't think he is coming after them.

(Oh....I think Paulie may be very wrong about that....)

Day interrupted this, saying she needed to put something out there, even though she doesn't want to get involved.  She told Paulie that he needs to squash this thing with Zakiyah, because their relationship may be their business, but Zee is about to blow things up around there and hurt everyone's game because she is so upset right now.


Day:  Blondie is making my ass itch.

(Whatever that means, probably not good though...)

Paulie isn't petty like Zakiyah is, he says, and his whole family is Italian and they are demonstrative, yadda yadda yadda.  We've heard it all before.

Later, in the wee morning hours, Paulie had a chat with Zakiyah to smooth things over.  It might have been a little mean of him to have this talk after she removed her makeup and that clingy taupe dress.

Zakiyah:  So we homies.  We're friends.

Paulie went into a whole story that I've personally never heard before, about how he just got out of a long relationship that hurt him.  He said that she "said no, but kept the ring".  This sounds like a made-up story that guys use when they can't get you to break up with them.  Because there is actual legal precedent for getting the engagement ring back if the one who is wearing it doesn't fulfill the engagement promise.  It's all covered in the "offer and consideration" chapter from your old Business Law textbook.  But I don't think Paulie used the word "engagement".  It could have been any old damn ring, if indeed there was a ring, and a broken relationship.

Fun Fact:  Brendon Villegas sued a former fiance to get his engagement ring back.  CBS did Brendon DIRTY by having that girl appear on a segment on one of the BB12 CBS shows to trash talk him.

I found some notes from an old conversation that I never posted, but will post them now because I am very bored with the Paulie-Zakiyah dynamic.

Paulie knows The Situation's brother from the Jersey Shore.   He talked about living in New Jersey when Jersey Shore was at it's peak.  There were long lines outside of the T-shirt shop where the cast worked, but the MTV cameras never showed that.  When the cast was out in the clubs, word would get out and there would be lines a mile long outside to get in and party with the cast.

Paulie:  You'd be standing in the club having a conversation with someone, and all of a sudden people would start screaming and running over to the dance floor to look at them.

Paulie claimed that the cast ended up earning $100,000 per episode for the show in the later seasons. Natalie knows someone from Mob Wives, but they only make $20,000 per episode.  Glenn told Natalie that she looks like Snookie.

Michelle: The guys from Jersey Shore never got anyone to come back to the house with them, though.

Paulie:  What?  They did that all of the time.  I can name five girls right now that I went to high school with who...

FISH, just when we were getting to the good stuff.

OK, it's time for Frank to go when his hair looks like this.  I hope one of the girls can give him a trim before the live show.  Here is some info from the same old notes about Frank that I never posted, either.

Frank lives in downtown Charlotte, and pays about $1,400 for a one bedroom apartment.  He knows that is a lot of money, but he wanted to be in the happening area so he could go out and make friends easily.  He didn't want to rent or buy in the suburbs when he first moved to town, and just drive home alone every night.  He has a good social circle now and will probably consider moving out to the suburbs soon.  His girlfriend has a studio apartment downtown, too.  They go out to eat most of the time, which should be no surprise to Frank's fans.  Corey wondered if that got expensive, going out so often.

Frank:  My girlfriend only eats meat, cheese, and pasta.  And drinks if we go out I can actually get some vegetables or something.  It's probably better for me.

Zakiyah, also a Charlotte resident:  Me and Ashton gonna be going out to eat...

Both Michelle and Nicole seemed interested in moving to Charlotte, knowing that they would now have friends there.  Frank says there are a lot of young professional guys in downtown Charlotte, and thinks Michelle would really like it.

This set of pictures was taken in the wee, wee hours of the morning.  Frank, Bridgette, Nicole and Corey were in the kitchen, waiting for a DiGourno pizza to come out of the oven. Frank and Bridgette were a little buzzed after drinking Bridgette's bottle of red wine from her HoH room.  She was saving it for a special occasion, and her last night spending time with Frank was the occasion.

They had a fun conversation and Frank was in good spirits.  Frank said that Michelle had asked him to tell her all of Bridgette's secrets.

Frank:  Bridgette doesn't have any secrets!

Bridgette has only had pizza once this summer---the vegan pizza that Production gave them for the July 4th celebration.  This will be her first slice of DiGourno pizza in the BB18 house.

Nicole:  Oh, I'm getting kind of sad now.

Frank:  About July 4th?  About the pizza?  Oh..about me leaving?  Yeah....Day came up to me and gave me a big hug and said it was good playin' the game with me.

Corey was surprised, but Frank swore it was true.  I didn't see it personally, but I believe Frank. I think Da'Vonne actually likes Frank. She just doesn't like playing Big Brother with him.

Frank took the pizza out of the oven and everyone was excited about how crispy the crust turned out.

Mr. Jenkins will still be Bridgette's friend after Frank is gone.  Bridgette has been collecting the letters to spell his name from the items found in the storage room.  When Production leaves something for one of them (like an Ace bandage for Bridgette, etc) they write the name on masking tape and this is the source of the letters here.

Mr. Jenkins was caught up in some drama this week.  One of the girls apparently plucked a few of his leaves to use while cooking and somehow Natalie got blamed for it.  I'm not sure if she was actually involved, but her name got thrown around.

Mr. Jenkins keeps his mouth shut though.  He's not going to blow up anybody's spot.  Plus, his leaves are most likely delicious.

Corey and his abs had a few slices, and Nicole had one slice.

Bridgette had two slices, and had to take some sort of lactose pill before eating each piece, since she is lactose intolerant.

Bridgette:  Cheese is so good.  I've missed it.

Frank:  When I get home, all I want to do is buy a case of vodka, and a big stack of DiGourno pizzas, and not leave my house for a month.

Bridgette:  Will you call my Mom for me every Monday?

Frank: I don't think she'll want to talk to an old vodka drinking guy like me.

Bridgette told a story about trying to call her Mom on a Monday, but she didn't answer.  It turned out that her parents went to a casino on Saturday night and didn't get home until Sunday, so her Mom slept all day on Monday and missed the call.  If Nicole's mother calls her and can't reach her on the phone, she is ready to alert the authorities.

Frank and Brdgette goofed around while they brushed their teeth together.  Frank said that he's been thinking about something he can take from the house to make an impact.  He wanted to put the stuffed giraffe and alligator somewhere near the door, where he could grab them as he's leaving.

(How funny would that be?  He could throw them into the audience for the fans.)

Bridgette put some anti-aging cream on Frank as he protested.

Frank:  Bridge leave my wrinkles alone!

Bridgette:  This is good stuff.  It's expensive.

This makes me sad, ya'll. It's kind of the end of the season for me, if Frank leaves.  Believe me, I've had to cover quite a few Big Brother seasons when I really had no interest in the remaining players winning. I think this season will still be interesting, but it's going to be ugly when all of these backstabbing liars start turning on each other.

Earlier in the evening, Bridgette and Frank made cookies together. Frank is the one who formed the chocolate centers of the cookies on the left to look like Hershey's kisses, and those are Snickerdoodles on the right, along with some peanut butter cookies with M&M's.

So there was a sweet ending to an ugly situation after all.


Jozea has a few things to say about what is going down in the house.

I'm surprised that he doesn't want to type the word "dick", aren't you?  It's pretty tame, considering he walked around on camera for weeks with his own dick barely covered.

Bridgette's sister Jessica had some nice things to say to Tiffany.


  1. Thanks so much for the recap,I really appreciate your hard work. I feel the same as you about Frank as he was my favorite in his season and this one He seems genuinely kind for the most part and I loved how he adopted Bridgette as a sister. She is the only other houseguest I actually like. This cast has been mostly disappointing. I honestly don't think I will continue to even watch,I would rather read your blog.

  2. This is a great post!
    Z needs to wake up & Nicole is simply pitiful.
    I don't personally care for Frank but he makes good TV and live feeds.
    I think it's a pretty good season, so far.

  3. I didn't like Bridgette at first, because her sweetness reminded me of saccharin Shelli, but now she seems more like real sugar, and she doesn't deserve what has happened to her in there. Bridgette has been treated like crap all season, ironically starting with being Frank's Roadkill nomination and then Bronte going home on her HoH. She seemed to leave the Spy Girls first, but I still wish Natalie would have stepped up to defend her from the bullying and "spirit-breaking".

    Bridgette made so many cookies from scratch and the mean girls would throw them away. Instead of showing this cruelty or even showing her baking skills on the CBS show, production gives us homeboy's Muffin Man edit. Wouldn't his muffin baking look really different to viewers if they had more context around that? It's one thing for CBS to trim down the boring stuff, but this was misleading viewers. I think CBS is grooming homeboy to be an Evel Dick/ Frankie mashup. He's playing both sides as much as Nicole is! Anyway, I respect Bridgette as a nurse, and I now can tell that she is stronger, smarter, and more mature than she acts sometimes.

    Meanwhile, I'm really looking forward to Nicole vs. Da'Vonne. I'm also waiting for them all to realize that Paulie actually doesn't have any power anymore. Basically everyone I was rooting for has disappointed me somehow, so I'm ready to watch their retribution!

  4. I laughed when Paul got hoh. Now that Frank is gone I don't care if they tear each other apart in there...except for Bridget, I hope whatever happens she doesn't experience any more emotional abuse. So, I'm glad he's hoh. I hope he gets power happy and threatens to put everyone on the block. Who did that a few seasons back? Do you remember, FW? I'm thinking Devon, but that may be way off. Anyway, I'm actually excited to see it go down since I dislike them all. I hope they play BB the way our forefathers would have wanted it played--dastardly and underhanded.

    1. I didn't exactly laugh, but it is kind of fitting.

      I think we need to manifest a blindside disaster for if he puts up Paulie as the pawn next to Bridgette and Paulie gets the boot.

      That would be GREAT. Very dastardly indeed Groucho.

  5. I am so sad Frank is gone! He was the only person I liked left on the cast as well. I live in Charlotte and I hope to see him out sometime! I think he actually lives in an area called Plaza Midwood though, not Uptown Charlotte (we call it Uptown, not Downtown :)) Although Plaza Midwood is very close to Uptown and a very trendy area of town! I'm going miss him but you are right about one thing: It will be very interesting when all of these people start to turn on each other. Thanks for the updates!!!

    1. Wow, that is some good scoop. I wish I could meet you on Sunday morning to stake out the Sunflour Cafe, where Frank and Ashton go to get their grub to go....

      Although I'm not sure what the point of that stake out would be ....I probably would be as starstruck as Michelle was, meeting him,and would probably just stare like a moron. I would definitely get one of those cinnamon buns, though.

    2. Sunflour is amazing! I think my plan is to hopefully run into him at Pint Central, which seems to be a hangout of his and buy him a drink! A bar and a little liquid courage seem to be the way to go :) If I get a pic I will post haha!

    3. You are so lucky! Please make sure Frank knows how much his real fans love him...

      If I had a buzz on, I would probably walk up to him and say "you can stuff your sorrys in a sack, son!"

    4. Ally- Do you want to "stalk" Pint Central/Sunflour together?? I live in Charlotte too, and I would love to meet Frank! :-)

  6. Thank you , thank you for the Z update. I am watching and CANT BELIEVE how pathetic, needy and ghetto (peeing on his tree, marking her territory) she is acting over Paulie. Girlfriend get a clue!!! To quote Z: "For real?" Paulie at least to his credit called it when he said if she's this way about him in the BB house, can you imagine her on the outside? Geezola! Is life on the outside so hard and men so scarce for Z that she has to THROW herself at Paulie who is clearly there to play the GAME! And to Momma Z who is trashing Natalie: For real? If your Z had at least 1/2 the class Natalie had she'd be so lucky. Natalie is genuinely kind, sweet and a lady. She isn't playing games with James. She is just being herself. She is aware of the cameras at all times and has a filter. Remember Momma Z, that your girl is a reflection of YOU! Nat Nat's mom can hold her head high. Well done Nat Nat's mom. Team Nat Nat!!!

  7. Day is so fake. I can't stand her.

  8. I would love to see an epic Paulie blindside!!!

  9. Me too King Paulie has got to go ! They seem to worship him because he's Cody brother I believe and as for Z hell to the nah disgrace to the race I'm disappointing her .


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